Reaper Twins: Chapter 7

rt chpt 7

“You kids be careful,” Charlie said to Marco and Bella as they came down the stairs ready to go to the ball.

“Dad, we’re always careful,” Bella answered.

Charlie looked at Bella and then turned to Marco, “Marc, since I’m not going to be there, I need you to make sure Bella stays safe. I don’t want any boys near her.”

Bella tried to look serious but was amused at Charlie’s protectiveness, “Dad, we’ll be back in no time.”

“I promise she’ll stay safe Charlie,” Marco said, “I wouldn’t let anything happen to my twin.”

Bella sighed, “We’re going to be late dad we’ll see you when we get back.”

“Come on Izzy,” Marco said, “We’re going to be fashionably late.”

Bella smiled and let her brother lead her to the car, Bella go into the passenger seat making sure she didn’t wrinkly her gown.

“Are you okay?” Marco asked as they drove.

“I’m fine Marc,” Bella said looking out the window, she wouldn’t admit it, but she was anxious to having to go the ball.

“If you want to leave early, I’ll understand,” Marco said, “I won’t force you to stay there, I can do the snooping just fine by myself.”

“I’ll keep that in mind,” Bella said, “I think I’ll leave after we get some info on Esther.”

“Alright, whatever you choose Izzy,” Marco said.

They arrived at the Mikaelson home Marco helped Bella out of the car and walked in beside her. They were happily greeted by Rebekah.

“Isa! Marco! I’m glad you made it, I thought you weren’t going to come,” Rebekah said.

Marco smiled, “Sorry, Izzy took longer to get ready than I thought.”

Bella hit Marco’s arm, “He was the one that decided to get ready 15 minutes ago.”

Rebekah laughed, “Come, I want you to meet my other brothers.” Rebekah pulled Marco and Bella along with her to meet the rest of her family.

“Elijah, Kol Finn,” Rebekah said walking up to her brothers.

“Hello Rebekah, who are your guests,” Elijah asked.

“This is Isabella Aitkin, and this is her twin brother Marco Aitkin,” Rebekah said.

Bella smiled, “It’s nice to meet the three of you, and you can call me Bella.”

“You’re Bella?” Kol asked.

“Our two siblings have told us about you,” Elijah said.

“I would hope only good things, but I highly doubt it,” Bella said with a smile.

“Only good things Bella, but neither mentioned you had a twin,” Elijah said.

“I’m not usually mentioned,” Marco said with a smirk.

“Not many people know about Marco being my twin,” Bella said with a shrug.

“Are you trying to hide something?” Kol asked looking between the twins.

“No, we just like to keep our personal matters to ourselves,” Marco answered.

“Come Isa, let’s go get something to drink,” Rebekah said taking Bella with her to the bar.

Marco stayed with the original brothers talking casually. He turned to see Caroline walk in.

“Ahh, our brother’s guest just arrived,” Kol said with a smirk.

“Klaus invited her?” Marco asked.

“Yes, he also sent her that dress, along with the jewelry she’s wearing,” Elijah answered.

Marco turned to look were Bella had gone, this must’ve been what’s been bothering her. Marco watched as Klaus greeted Caroline, and let her walk back to her friends. Klaus walked over to where Marco was standing beside the other originals.

“Hello Marco,” Klaus said.

“Klaus,” Marco said, “Lovely ball.”

“It is, where is Bella?” Klaus asked looking around quickly to see if he could spot her.

“She’s around with Rebekah,” Marco said.

“We just had the pleasure of meeting her,” Elijah said.

“You never mentioned she had a twin Nik,” Kol said.

“You never asked,” Klaus said to his brother.

“I’m going to go find my sister,” Marco said as he retreated in the direction in which Bella left with Rebekah. Marco found them at the bar with Jeremy.

“Hey Marco,” Jeremy said.

Marco smiled, “Hello Jeremy.” Marco ordered a drink.

“This is a lovely ball,” Bella commented.

“I hope so, I’ve been planning it since mother announced it,” Rebekah said with a gleam of pride in her eyes.

“It looks great Rebekah,” Jeremy said, “So Bella, are you ready for that dance you owe me?”

Marco laughed, “You’re managing to get her to dance with you?”

Bella groaned, “There was no way out of it, but yes Jeremy I guess I am ready.”

Rebekah laughed, “Oh don’t look so disappointed Isa, it won’t be that bad of a dance.”

“It won’t be so bad until she trips,” Marco said with a chuckle.

Bella smiled, “I thought brothers were supposed to be supportive?”

“Okay okay, I’ll be supportive,” Marco trying to contain a laugh.

Bella laughed, “Let’s go join the rest of the guests and not hang around the bar.”

“You’re right, come on Jeremy, let’s go make sure your sister sees you with me,” Rebekah said.

Jeremy laughed and walked off with Rebekah. Bella was about to follow when Marco stopped her.

“You can leave if you get uncomfortable, I won’t hold it against you,” Marco said to Bella.

Bella sighed, “You saw?”

Marco nodded, “I understand if you leave Izzy.”

“We came for a reason,” Bella said, “Once we’re done, I’ll leave.”

“Alright,” Marco said as he gave his sister a look of concern. Bella put her arms out.

“I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve, if he wants to be with her then he should be with her” Bella said with a smile, “I’m going to be just fine, nothing to worry about Marc.”

Marco nodded and walked with his sister to where Rebekah and Jeremy headed off to. They found Jeremy standing next to Rebekah it seemed to them that Elijah was beginning to give a speech. They all listened, but Bella kept her mind on Esther not really paying any attention to what was happening around her.

Bella was brought out of her thoughts when she felt someone grab her hand. She turned to look at Jeremy. “Rebekah is dancing with your brother, I decided to get my dance early.”

Bella laughed, “Alright Jeremy let’s go, but remember if I fall you fall with me.”

Jeremy chuckled, “I remember, I’ll even make it extra dramatic to take the attention off of you.”

“Alright, let’s go, but if I make you look back, I did warn you,” Bella said with a smile.

Jeremy laughed, and began to dance with Bella. Surprisingly to her, she was doing a good job in keeping her balance, and Jeremy was a good dancer. Bella walked off the dance floor with Jeremy as soon as the song ended.

“Glad to see you made it without falling,” Marco said to Bella.

“Okay, come on Jeremy, as my date I deserve a dance with you,” Rebekah said.

“Let’s go then,” Jeremy said holding his hand out to Rebekah. Rebekah took his hand and let Jeremy lead her to the dance floor. Bella sighed and looked at her brother.

“I need a drink,” Bella said.

“Let’s go get something to drink then,” Marco said. Bella and Marco walked off to go back to the bar. Bella ordered a glass of wine.

“Are you enjoying the ball?” Bella asked Marco as she finished off her drink.

“I am,” Marco said, “Been reading through some minds to try and figure out some information.”

“It’s bad too snoop,” Bella reprimanded.

“I have to get information out of them somehow,” Marco said.

Bella sighed, “Let’s go before we miss anything we can use.”

They headed back to the ballroom. Bella was watching the dance when she felt someone watching her. She turned her head and from the corner of her eye she spotted her father, he gave a nod asking for her to follow him and she nodded in return.

“I’m going to get going, stay here and figure some stuff out please,” Bella whispered to Marco.

Marco nodded, “I’ll see you at home then, you can take the car if you like.”

“No, I’ll be fine, I’ll see you later,” Bella said as she sneaked away from the party and headed out the front door were she saw her father go. She saw him faintly go into her the forest, picking up the end of her dress she followed in super speed after him.

-Page Break-

Marco watched as Bella left, and sighed. He continued to read through people’s mind as he picked up Elena’s. She was coming back down the stairs, and she was thinking about her recent meeting with Esther. Marco listened into her thoughts and caught everything about the meeting, he tuned out when she began to think about the Salvatore’s. Without thinking he peeped into Klaus’s thoughts and was startled by what he found there. He sighed in frustration and annoyance from what he read in his thoughts.

“Where’s Isa?” Rebekah asked approaching Marco.

“Oh, she wasn’t feeling well, so she decided to head home early,” Marco said, “She said to apologize for her leaving, but she just couldn’t take staying any longer.”

“Will she be okay?” Jeremy asked.

Marco nodded, “She’ll be fine I’ll make sure of it.”

“Are you going to stay much longer?” Rebekah asked.

“Yes, just a bit longer I guess,” Marco said with a smile. He saw the waiter begin to hand out the wine glasses out. He watched as Esther gave her family unity speech, and asked everyone to drink. Marco watched as the originals became linked together as one. He got the information that he needed from Esther, and felt proud of his work tonight. Most people headed back to the ball room, but he stayed behind as he was ready to go back home.

“Where is your sister, I haven’t seen her since her dance with baby gilbert,” Klaus said stopping Marco from stepping out.

“She wasn’t feeling well, so she left,” Marco said as he continued to walk, he felt Klaus follow him.

“Is something wrong with her?” Klaus asked trying hard to hide the worry from his voice.

“No,” Marco turned around to face Klaus once they were outside, “What you’re doing, it’s not going to work.”

“What am I doing?” Klaus asked calmly.

“I have the same mind reading gift as Bella,” Marco said, “And I just happened to read your mind tonight, your plan isn’t going to work with her. Inviting Caroline, and sending her that dress with Jewels, all to make it seem like you like her just to see if you could make Bella jealous isn’t working. Bella isn’t the jealous type, she never was. She’s more of the type to believe that if you are in love with someone else, she’ll stuff her feelings away and make sure you stay happy. Bella is a strong person, and due to past events, she hides her emotions from everyone around her, being her twin, she can’t hide anything from me. I know how Bella feels, and I’m just warning you, that if you don’t put a stop to your little game with Caroline, that Bella will never be yours.”

“Why are you warning me about this?” Klaus asked.

“Because all a brother ever wants for their sister is to see them happy,” Marco said as she walked to his car and got in. He drove back to his house going over all the information with Esther.

-Page Break-

Bella stopped running when she saw her father in the middle of a clearing.

“You look stunning Isabella, a spitting image of your mother,” Bella’s father said as he looked at her.

“Thank you, is there a reason you came Dad?” Bella asked giving her dad a small hug.

“I wanted to make sure you and Marco have been working on what we last talked about,” He answered.

Bella nodded, “We have, and we came to the conclusion to the fact that it was Esther Mikaelson behind everything.”

“Yes, I heard she was back,” He said, “Will you and Marco be okay handling this?”

Bella nodded, “We’ll have this under control, Marco stayed at the Mikaelson home, he’s getting more information, we want to have as much detail on the plans of Esther as we can get.”

“You will not kill Esther,” He said, “Marco will be the one to kill her, do you understand me Isabella?”

Bella nodded in confusion, “Why Marco?”

“Because you will let your anger get the best of you,” he said, “Marco will make it simple, one touch and she’s dead, you will draw it out.”

Bella sighed he had a point she did have a point, “Alright, I’ll tell Marco when I get home.”

“Isabella, make sure none of the originals die,” Death said, “If any of them manage to get killed, I want you to bring them back immediately.”

Bella nodded, “Okay, anything else?”

“It’s only a matter of time before your identities are revealed, and I want you to be careful of what you do,” he said.

Bella nodded, “I’m always careful dad, well, most of the time I’m careful.”

He laughed slightly, “Did you enjoy your Christmas?”

“I did,” Bella said, “I enjoy having Marco with me.”

He pulled out two small boxes and handed them to Bella, “The blue one is yours and the black one is Marco’s, open them together.” He kissed Bella’s forehead and disappeared. Bella held the boxes tightly in her hands and she took off flying back home.

Bella arrived in front of the house at the same time Marco was pulling in.

“Hey, did you just get here?” Marco asked

Bella nodded, “I had a little talk with dad. Here he gave me this for you.” Bella handed him the black box, “He said to open it together.”

“Alright, come one let’s go inside, you can explain your talk with dad, and I’ll tell you what I picked up form Esther.” Marco said.

Bella nodded, “Sounds like a plan, just let me change first, I don’t want to talk while in this dress.” Marco nodded and went inside with Bella. Charlie was sleeping, so they headed straight for their rooms. They both changed out of their clothes and into their pajamas. They headed outside, they both sat down on the roof.

Marco explained to Bella what he read from Esther’s mind. She had linked her children together as one, and planned to kill them during the full moon. Esther was planning on using the Bennett witches to help her with her plan.

Bella grinned, “I get to kill a Bennett!”

Marco smiled, the strange things that make his sister happy. “What did dad tell you?” Marco asked.

“Just wanted an update, and he said that you had to be the one to kill Esther since you would make it quick and easy,” Bella said, “He also said to make sure none of the originals die, if any of them die, we have to bring them back immediately.”

“I guess I’ll take care of Esther while you get the Bennett witch to unlink the originals,” Marco said.

“Why did you let them become linked in the first place?” Bella asked.

“Because this way Esther didn’t know we were on to her, if I warned them Esther would’ve run in fear,” Marco said, “I had to let her think her plan was going to work.”

“Alright, so are we going to open the boxes?” Bella asked Marco as she toyed with the blue box in her hand.

“Yes, on the count of three,” Marco said beginning to count. At the count of three they each opened the boxes. Inside each box were rings.

“They’re linked,” Bella said to Marco as she read the lid on the box, “They’re linked together, you’ll be able to know if I need you, and I’ll be able to know if you need me. They’re sort of a way for us to always be able to help each other.”

Marco placed his ring on and Bella did the same, “I guess dad just wanted to make sure we would always know if we are needed.”

“I guess so I’m going to get some rest, we can talk more about everything tomorrow, the full moon is in a couple days,” Bella said as she hopped down the rough and walked inside the house to her room. Marco did the same as Bella and headed to his room, tomorrow was going to be a day of planning and strategizing for the both of them.

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