Reaper Twins: Chapter 16

rt chpt 16

“Zac,” Bella said shaking her brother awake, “Zac, come on I need you to wake up.”

“What do you want,” Marco groaned as began to wake up.

“It’s time we keep watch,” Bella said with an irritated voice, she couldn’t wait until all of this was over “I’ll be out on the roof waiting for you, don’t keep me waiting for too long, Alec will come and it’s getting harder to not want to just get his death over with already.”

Marco nodded and sat up, “I’ll take a quick shower and then I’ll meet you outside.” Bella nodded and walked out of the room she headed straight to the roof. She sat on the ledge of the roof her feet swinging as she looked over the city. Bella looked at the city and took out her phone, she pulled up a picture she had of her and Klaus. It’d only been three days, but she did miss him a lot.

“A few more days and we’ll be home,” Marco said to his sister as he arrived on the rood, he took the seat beside her on the ledge.

“I know, I was just thinking,” Bella said, “When do you think they’ll come?”

“My guess, tomorrow, or the day after that,” Marco said, “They wouldn’t wait much longer to attack. Are you ready for a fight?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” Bella said, “Tell me dear twin of mine, how are you liking Italy?”

“Under better circumstances, I’d say it was a beautiful city,” Marco answered, “You?”

“It would be better with the correct company,” Bella said.

Marco smiled, “My Company isn’t good enough for you anymore?”

Bella smiled in return, “You know what I mean.”

Have you talked to him recently? – Marco

A few messages here and there –Bella said with a sigh.

Have you talked to Rebekah? –Marco asked.

The same, Alec and Jane are with us constantly, I never have a chance to talk to them. Alec is practically glued to my side the only time I’m away from him I’m with you. I’m beginning to hate the entire cold one species, I might hate them more than witches – Bella

Now that is hard to believe. You’ll always hate witches above all else – Marco said

Why don’t you hate them? They took our mother away from us, but you always seem so calm about it –Bella said.

When we were adopted, I was adopted by a mother who loved me like I was her own, I grew up having a loving mother. You were adopted by a couple, you have a loving father, but the mother you had never showed motherly love to you. You were more like a sister or a friend to her, not a daughter. You hate witches more than me, because they took something you wanted and needed, motherly love. –Marco

Who ever knew you had a brain under that big head of yours –Bella

I always knew, I’m the whole package –Marco replied with a smile.

You’re a good twin Marco, the best twin I could’ve ever wished for –Bella

Marco put his arm around Bella’s shoulders – We’re cut from the same cloth Izzy

There was rumbling from the trees, and both twins stood up immediately. They both raced to the trees to see what could be there. Bella was first and stood in a crouching pose as she got there ready to launch at whoever was there. Bella smelled a newborn, and grabbed him by the collar, and pulled him behind her and when to where Marco was now standing. Bella threw the newborn in front of Marco’s feet.

“Part of the army you think?” Bella asked.

“I don’t know Marcy, it could be just a random newborn sent to spy,” Marco replied he peeked into the newborn’s mind and looked to see what was there, Bella did the same and they both sighed. This newborn was sent as a distraction. At a signal he was supposed to enter through the side of the castle, he had a gift of invisibility and while the Volturi were distracted the army would attack. Using many of the gifts the army had they would be able to take down the Volturi guard.

“What are we going to do with him?” Bella asked as she looked at the newborn.

“Kill him,” Marco said pressing the palm of his hand to the boy’s face and instantly killing him. The body fell limp to the floor, Bella used her elemental power and set his body on fire. Bella waited until there was only ash to set the fire out. Bella looked to Marco who nodded back to the castle, together they went inside and went straight to Throne Room.

“We found a newborn outside, he was meant to be a distraction to give the army a surprise advantage. We found out where the army was and we have decided to head there and handle the problem at the camp ground were we could do it without drawing attention to the castle,” Bella said calmly.

“Would you like to take some of the guard to accompany you” Aro said in a too cheery and sweet voice. Bella tried not to cringe in disgust at the tone of his voice.

“We believe it might be dangerous, from what we gathered from the newborn the army has some very gifted vampires, and they could take down your guard easily. If you would like to send some as witnesses to make sure we did our job we would understand,” Bella said, “But we will warn you that they should stay on the sidelines where they weren’t won’t get killed or get in our way.” Aro understood and sent Jane and Alec, Bella and Marco had to resist the urge to roll their eyes at his insistent meddling to get Alec and Bella together.

Bella and Marco ran off with Alec and Jane behind them. They ran for several minutes following the directions the newborn had in his mind to reach the newborn camp ground. Arriving at the camp ground Bella and Marco notice Jane and Alec both were beginning to get ready to fight.

“My brother and I are going to get into a fighting phase, and it’d be better if you two not join, we wouldn’t want to have you both killed,” Bella said in a calm and assuring tone, she gave them both a fake smile. Both cold ones nodded and put the hoods on their cloaks up and stood in the background hidden under the dark night. Bella and Marco stepped forward and took in their surroundings.

“I’ll look for the leaders, and you take care of the newborns,” Bella said taking a look around.

“Kill any that stand in your way,” Marco said scanning the newborns.

“Make sure none make it out alive,” Bella replied with a smirk. Bella looked at Marco and smirked, “Good luck Zac.”

“Same to you Marcy,” Marco replied with a grin. Marco watched as Bella took off to the look for the leaders. Too fast for even Cold one’s to notice. He heard her rip through a few newborns as she went.

Marco had his favorite weapon appear, it was a two headed Scythe. Strong enough to cut into anything, this was his favorite weapon of choice. Marco twirled it in his hands once and went to fight. Bella wasn’t anywhere in sight, and he knew she was off chasing after the leaders who had run off when they sensed them. Marco grinned in entertainment as he saw the newborns notice the threat in him and attack.

Marco moved swiftly cutting the heads off the newborns before cutting them to pieces. His scythe was dripping with venom, which made it hurt the more he continued to attack. Marco yelled in pain as he felt a newborn bite into his neck. Marco saw red as the pain began to disappear as his anger rose. His attacks became more forceful and the newborns were dying with screams of pain. Marco smirked as he thrived in the pain he was causing the newborns as the blade of his weapon cut into their marble like skin.

Noticing there was only two more left, Marco’s scythe disappeared when he decided he wanted to do this hand to hand. Marco got in his stance and waited for the two cold ones to attack. They eyed Marco, these two cold ones were no longer newborns but aged fighters, and they were deciding what the best choice of attack would be. Marco watched them both with calculating eyes summing up their fighting stances and their body language as they prepared to fight. He smirked as he read their minds and saw they both were cocky and had full confidence they could beat him. Marco anticipated their moves when they lunged at him and attacked. He punched one of them sending them into a tree, he grabbed the other one by the throat and sneered at him.

“I hope you enjoy dying, because I know I’ll enjoy killing you,” Marco sneered at the cold one a he used his touch of death and snapped the vampire’s neck. The other vampire roared and Marco noticed that the two vampires were siblings. Marco watched the anger in the vampire rise as he launched himself at Marco. Marco decided to take it down a notch and let the cold one think he was going to win.

Marco avoided his bites, and managed to rip off his arm. He let him attack again, this time knocking him down. He pinned the cold one underneath him and ripped off his other arm before getting up from the floor.

“Come on Zac! I’ve got the leaders, we should take them back,” Bella said as she appeared with two Cold one’s who were obviously compelled to stay behind her. Marco nodded and began to take down the cold one. He quickly stepped behind him and kicked his back sending him to the floor. Marco pressed his hand to the back of his head and killed him. Taking one last look at his kills Marco dusted himself off, and noticed the bite that was once on his neck was now healed with no sign of it ever being there.

“You didn’t burn the bodies,” Bella said looking around at the mess of torn limbs, “I don’t want to leave a scene Zac.” Bella and Marco used their control of the elements, and set them all on fire. They made sure there was no evidence left before putting the fire out.

“Did it take you long to find them?” Marco asked.

“No, I just liked the game of cat and mouse,” Bella replied with a grin, “Why’d it take you so long?”

“I like the kill,” Marco replied with a shrug, “Come let’s go back. Jane Alec, we’re ready to leave.” Jane and Alec stepped out both dropping their hoods and following Marco. Jane walked beside Marco while Alec walked beside Bella the two leaders of the armies standing in front of them as they walked.

“What did you do to them?” Alec asked Bella, looking at the dazed composure of the two leaders.

“A little Reaper magic,” Bella said simply not wanting to go into detail and give everything away. She didn’t hate Alec, she just hated the fact that he was purposely being nice to her because he was ordered to.

“Are you liking Italy so far?” Alec asked as they reached the castle.

“What I’ve seen of it, I’ve enjoyed.” Bella replied, her phone buzzed a familiar tone and she smiled. Klaus.

“Is that someone important,” Alec asked seeing Bella’s expression and posture change.

“It is,” Bella said with a shrug, she would answer later, seeing as Alec was beside her and she didn’t want to him to know it was Klaus.

“Are you not going to answer it,” Alec asked in curiosity.

“Not at the moment, we have more pressing matters at hand,” Bella said to Alec ending their conversation.

-Page Break-

Bella and Marco walked into the Throne room, Aro was beginning the sentencing, of the two leaders of the army, and had asked that Bella and Marco stand in.

“Would you like to wear one of my cloaks Marcella? It will make you look apart of the Volturi,” Alec said.

“No thank you Alec, I am not a part of the Volturi, so I shouldn’t act like it,” Bella responded forcing a polite smile. Marco smirked at Bella, as they walked in. Bella and Marco stood by the doors away from the thrones and in the back of the room.

I bet they’re going to prolong this, and show their rule over the vampires. To show us how strong they really are – Bella

I have no doubt they will try. They feel inferior to us, they want to prove they still have some power in this world. Jane and Alec showed Aro how I fought, I scared him, if only he knew I was holding back during the battle, I wanted to take my time with some of my kills – Marco

How did you kill them? Did you fight all of them hand to hand? –Bella asked.

No, I used the two headed scythe. I fought the last two because I wanted to kill them by hand, I would’ve made my last kill more painful, but then you returned – Marco

Sorry to interrupt your kill. The sooner this is over, the better, but I have a feeling they’re going to try harder to get us to stay. – Bella

They are, bad news is our flight isn’t for another few days – Marco said.

Technically we can leave today and just stay in a hotel for the next few days and visit around Italy – Bella

Good Idea, I want to get out of here. I’m getting tired of the Volturi –Marco

Bella nodded and they both turned their full attention back to the scene before them. Bella cringed when she saw Marco tense up, she knew he had heard something he didn’t want to, and he was going to burst any second. Bella went into the minds of the Volturi to find what had made her brother so upset.

Recognition crossed her face as she understood what Marco was upset, her anger was rising, but she knew she would try and let Marco handle this.

“This will be the final time you go against the Volturi!” Caius hissed in anger at the two leaders.

“It is time the both of you meet your death,” Aro said with a tone of happiness, “We shall do it as in an open event, all the covens will gather to witness the punishment of those who have gone against the Volturi.”

Marco’s anger grew, this was more than just a public punishment, and Aro was planning to use this event as a way to present Bella and him as part of the Volturi coven. He didn’t like the way Aro thought of them as objects that are to be possessed instead of people. Marco turned to look at Bella who had read the same in Aro’s mind, and could see she was controlling her anger so that Marco could handle this.

Marco and Bella watched as the two men were dragged off to the dungeons by the lesser guard members. Marco stood up and looked at Aro, “May we speak in private, this is important.” Bella wanted to laugh, Aro had thought this was the moment Marco and Bella told him they wanted to say. Aro nodded and motioned for them to follow him. Marco walked first with Bella directly behind him. Bella noticed the tension in Marco’s shoulders, and knew he had become more serious.

“What did you want to speak about,” Aro asked in a cheery tone as he looked upon the twins.

“My sister and I’s departure,” Marco said, he paused slightly and made eye contact with Aro, “We will be leaving tonight. Now Mr. Volturi, the entire we’ve been here we’ve known about the plan you’ve had. Making Jane and Alec befriend us only so we would stay, and then sending Alec to befriend my sister and make her fall in love with him! WE’RE NOT POSSESSIONS! We did not appreciate being treated as such by you. Let me make this clear Mr. Volturi, you have greatly offended my sister and I, the only reason why you’re still alive is because I was given specific orders not to kill you. We will not be joining your coven, and we have no plans of doing so. Despite what you believe, my sister and I have different lives outside of being reapers, and it doesn’t include being used as weapons by your coven.”

“I don’t know where you got your information Isaac, but I did no such thing with Jane and Alec,” Aro said trying to defend himself. Marco’s entire form began to shake with anger. With one swift movement his hand plunged into the middle of Aro’s chest. Marco’s hand squeezed tightly around the king’s heart, Marco smirked as he pulled his hand out with Aro’s heart in his hand. His heart was a dark red, venom was leaking from Marco’s hand as he held the heart. Aro’s body hit the floor lifeless.

“We were told not to kill them remember,” Bella said, as she took the heart from Marco’s hand and placed it back in Aro’s chest, “I hate bringing people back to life.”

“Then don’t, father will understand, he got on my nerves,” Marco replied looking down at the king in disgust. Bella shook her head and kneeled down beside Aro’s lifeless body. She pressed her hands against him and brought him back to life. When she felt the life enter him again she stood up beside Marco. Marco handed her a handkerchief.

“You have venom all over your hand,” Marco said gesturing to her hand, Bella nodded and wiped her hand clean as Aro began to stir awake. Bella and Marco watched as he opened his eyes, they were filled with fear as he looked at Marco.

“Aro, my brother and I can read minds,” Bella said, “We’ve known about your plan the moment we walked into the castle. We’ve known everything you’ve been planning, I didn’t appreciate you sending Alec to try and win my heart it was foolish and disrespectful to me, and to Alec, who was threatened with his life if he didn’t succeed. I do hope that they are not punished for this, if they are punished I will allow my brother to kill all of you, and then I’ll bring you back as humans and you can all go through the change all over again, and believe me, I’ll make sure it’s twice as painful as it was before.”

“I understand, and I do hope you will return for our ball when we plan to announce the death of the Romanians,” Aro said as he got up from the floor, he was fearful of the twins, but was trying not to make it noticeable.

“We’ll see how it goes Mr. Volturi, my sister and I shall be taking our leave now,” Marco said, his shoulders still tense, Bella knew he needed to get his anger out completely or he would just blow and that could be disastrous. They walked silently to their rooms and grabbed their bags. Bella followed Marco quickly out, they ran without stopping until they came upon a hotel a few cities away from Volterra. Bella checked them in to two separate rooms beside each other.

Bella put her bag in her room, and went and splashed water on her face quickly in the bathroom. She straightened out her clothing and went to Marco’s room next door. The door was closed and locked, Bella knocked repeatedly until he finally answered.

“Come on Marc,” Bella said grabbing Marco’s hand and leading him out of the hotel. She ran with him until they arrived in the middle of a forest that was deserted where no one would hear or see them. Bella stood a few feet away from Marco, “I still have energy, and I want to practice fighting, so come on, show me what you’ve got.” Bella didn’t want to practice, but she knew her brother needed to fight with someone to get his anger out and she was his best opponent.

Marco nodded and got into his fighting stance, Bella did the same. They circled each other slowly, each calculating the other’s movements, and Bella knew that she wouldn’t have to wait long, Marco was going to charge any second.

Marco took in a deep breath, and tackled Bella. There were no teasing words like usual, only the sounds of each punch and kick. Bella fought Marco until he had finally calmed down, she knew he was back to his normal self when he began to tease her about her fighting stance.

“Come on Izzy, let’s go back to the hotel,” Marco said with his usual smile on his face.

Bella grinned, “Let’s go, I’m tired, so what are we going to do for the next few days in Italy?”

“Be horrible tourist? You know the ones that constantly bump into people and then ask for directions for everywhere they go,” Marco responded with shrug. Bella laughed, “Thanks for letting me take my anger out on you Izzy.”

Bella shrugged, “I’ve been taking my anger out on the people of Mystic Falls, and since we can’t kill the Volturi, you needed to get it out on someone, and since I’m the only person you can’t beat I’m the perfect candidate.”

Marco smiled and ran back to the hotel with his sister by his side. Marco said goodnight to his sister and headed into his own room. Flopping down onto his bed, he smiled at what awaited them tomorrow, and happy for what he had done for his sister.

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