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Everyone acts like it’s not a big deal. As if this little ring doesn’t change everything in my life.

“It’s just a piece of jewelry, sweetie.” My mom said when I called her in a panic. Of course, she doesn’t understand that it’s my life being bounded for eternity to someone else. My freedom is being taken away from me, and all because of a ring. It’s everything I don’t want, but how do I say it? How do I tell HIM that I don’t want this? Any decision I make will be seen and it’ll already be too late. I fiddle with the ring pulling it up and down my finger. The decision clear in my head, but I have no idea what to do now.

Yes or No.

Of course, I responded when he asked.

Yes, I needed to say yes for him to keep his side of the deal. But now I’m not so sure if it’s worth it. I don’t think HE’S worth it.

A decision has been made.

I will not accept this ring.

I do not accept HIM.

By the time the ring is on my bedside table I feel the familiar gust of wind hit the back of my neck.

“He didn’t see.” Her tinkling voice has never been such a relief to hear.

I turn and face her taking in the strong figure standing behind her. Jasper, as always, his presence is more comforting than it is frightening.

“I want to leave. He’s not worth it.” I spoke, not being able to face their eyes, not wanting to see their disapproval. “It’s more than just a ring.”

Alice nodded, her spiky hair falling on her face almost perfectly. “I know.” Her pale hand extends and hands me an envelope. “He won’t stop, until he has you before him at the altar.”

I nodded picking up the ring and looking it over. He never understood that I preferred the simple things, and this by all standards was just too gaudy for my taste, only further showing our differences.

“He keeps telling me it’s just jewelry, and what we have is more than just a ring.” I looked away from the ring and looked at the two vampires in my room. “It’s my entire life, my freedom, everything being bound and imprisoned to him for the rest of eternity.”

Alice took the ring from my hand and put it in her pocket. “Jazz chose out your destination, Edward doesn’t like to go inside Jasper’s mind, so you’ll be hidden away.” Alice assured me.

I looked to Jasper who nodded his confirmation. “Emmett took Edward to Canada, you can pack your things and let your dad know. We’ll be back tonight to take you to Seattle.”

I nodded, a small part of me feeling terrified, but the majority of me was excited. I wanted to go. I needed to feel free, and this was my only chance to be able to escape. “Where am I going?”

“Your first stop is Texas.” Jasper said his southern twang coming through as he spoke of his home state. “My human home is there. You can do as you please now, Bella.”

“You don’t have to do this for me.” I insisted as I knew the significance this home must have to him, to them. For the first time, I saw a genuine smile on Jasper.

“You’re family, Bella.” Was his simple response, and by the genuine look on his face I knew there was no lie in his words. “It’s my family home and you are my family.”

“I’ll break the news to Edward.” Alice assured as she smiled widely at me, her excitement was clearly written all over her face.

“Thank you.” I responded knowing that finally I would be free, and it was all thanks to the pair of vampires that had truly become my family.

Jasper nodded, “Your emotions have always given you away, Bella. You weren’t happy, and you deserve nothing more than to find what makes you happy.” Jasper tilted his head in a final goodbye and before I could blink he was out of the window.

“Tell your dad you’re not marrying Edward and that you’re leaving to put some distance between the two of you. He’ll be happy for that.” Alice said as she walked to the window. I followed slowly, my mind feeling like it was running a million miles per hour.

“Alice.” I stopped her just as she was about to jump. “Did you always know?”

Alice smirked widely, “I knew you were always meant to meet Edward. It just wasn’t meant to get this far. I knew from the beginning that Edward wasn’t the one for you, but you did need him.” Alice jumped out of the window and she disappeared. I looked down at the envelope in my hands, it held the tickets to my freedom.

“I knew it wasn’t just a piece of jewelry.” I whispered to myself as I clutched the envelope to my chest and began to think of everything that needed to be packed and put away.

  1. I like to think Bella is going on to meet Peter, who is more down to earth and frankly honest than Edward ever was. If you don’t write anymore of this….that’s how it goes in my mind. LOL

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  2. Loved this! Sigh, if only Bella really did this. I’m looking forward to more of your little snippets. Thanks for sharing.

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  3. I love it and hope this turns into a story.

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  4. Liked it, it would be awesome if it gets continued. Peter or Garrett would be awesome for her.

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  5. Loved this, hope you continue.

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  6. Peter or Garrett for sure!

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  7. together25x3

    Very nice!

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  8. Love for this to turn into a story

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  9. I’m coming way late to this story’s review game…
    But I think it would be a nice curve ball if Bella is the 3rd in a triad with Jasper and Alice!
    But if she only gets 1 mate, then Peter or Garrett are superb choices too.

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    • I still would read more of this story if our lovely author chooses to grace us with her words. 🙂 I like to read a nice friend Alice sometimes, but icky……. Alice/Bella pairing. LOL I have nothing against lesbian relationships/pairing either. Bella/Charlotte would be amazing for example. Hell, I don’t even like Alice paired with Jasper. 😉

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