Reaper Twins: Chapter 12

rt chapt 12

“Bella!” Marco yelled as he opened the door to Bella’s room.

“Go away, I want to stay in this bed for the rest of my life, and never leave,” Bella mumbled trying to go back to sleep.

Marco chuckled, and sat down beside Bella, “I just thought I’d tell you that Renee called, wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas.”

Bella laughed, “Its January!”

“That’s what I said, remember you have to meet Rebekah today,” Marco said.

Bella smiled, “Are you joining me?”

“No, I’m going to spend the day buying your plane tickets, and I have a video meeting with Aro today, you leave in a bit over two weeks, and I want to make sure everything is going to go fine.” Marco said.

“When did you schedule this meeting?” Bella asked.

“I didn’t dad did. I got a message from Aro saying he was looking forward to talking to me,” Marco said with a roll of his eyes.

Bella smiled, “Want me to stay and be in the meeting with you?”

“No, I can handle it, besides if it’s just me, he’ll understand that only one of us will be arriving,” Marco said, “Come home at 6 though, I want to get some training in, you’re going to need some practice.”

“Yes sir,” Bella said fake saluting him.

Marco laughed at his sister, “You seemed more relax today, why is that?”

“Good night’s sleep?” Bella suggested, “I enjoyed yesterday.”

“You mean you enjoyed what happened between you and Klaus yesterday,” Marco said with a smirk.

“Drop it!” Bella said, “Alright, I’m going to shower and then get ready to meet Bekah in about 2 hours.”

“Can you make me breakfast,” Marco asked giving Bella his best puppy dogs eyes.

Bella smiled, “Depends on what you want?”

“Pancakes,” Marco said with a smile towards Bella.

Bella tied up her hair, “Let me shower, and I’ll be downstairs.”

“You are a wonderful twin,” Marco said to Bella as he exited her room.

-Page Break-

Bella was making pancakes, when there was a knock on the door. Charlie was out for work already, so Bella was unsure who it could be.

“Make sure they don’t burn,” Bella told Marco as she went to answer the door.

“Bella,” Rebekah answered with a smile Henrik by her side.

“Hey guys,” Bella said, “Come in.”

“Thanks Elle,” Henrik said with a smile, “I came, because I was hungry, and my siblings can’t cook to save their lives.”

Bella laughed, “Come on, I’m making pancakes for Marco, I’ll make you some.”

Henrik sighed in relief, “Thank you, I thought I would have to eat fast food breakfast.”

“Hey! I would’ve figured something out,” Rebekah said, “Sorry for intruding Bella, I just didn’t know someone else who could cook.”

Bella smiled, “No problem, let’s go to the kitchen.” Bella led Rebekah and Henrik to the kitchen they took a seat with Marco at the table while Bella finished cooking.

“You’re Henrik right?” Marco asked the boy.

“Yes, that would be me,” Henrik said, “You don’t mind if we join you right?”

“Nope, it just gives Izzy a reason to make bacon along with those pancakes,” Marco said with a smile.

Bella laughed, “I’m already on it, so how was yesterday guys?”

“They were happy to see me,” Henrik said with a smile.

“Everyone was a bit shocked to see him, but after that we were together again. I need to do some grocery shopping, can you join me Isa, I don’t think I’d be able to do it alone, I don’t really know what to buy,” Rebekah said.

Bella smiled, “I’d love to, so Henri, how is being alive again treating you.”

“Great Elle!” Henrik said, “It feels good to sleep again.”

“Do you miss anything about the other side,” Marco asked Henrik.

“No, I was always just watching, not being able to say anything. Being alive again is amazing,” Henrik said, “Is it weird being a reaper?”

“No, it’s quite enjoyable,” Marco answered with a grin, “Especially the whole flying thing.”

“Can I see you fly?” Henrik asked.

“Yeah, come on let’s go outside,” Marco said as he lead Henrik outside with him to show him how they flew.

Bella continued cooking while Rebekah watched. “How’d you learn to cook?” Rebekah asked Bella.

“My mother was the child in our relationship, so if I wanted a home cooked meal I had to cook it. I’ve been cooking since I was 6 and I could climb the chair to reach the stove,” Bella said with a smile, “I wasn’t very good at first, but by the time I was 8, I could make almost any recipe I found. I usually just stuck to whatever was inside a cook book. I actually enjoy cooking.”

“Can you teach me Isa,” Rebekah asked, “I haven’t cooked anything since I was human, and well, everything was different then. The boys are fixing up the kitchen at the house to make it so we can cook, but none of us really know how to cook.”

“Vampires can eat, so why didn’t any of them ever learn,” Bella asked out of curiosity.

“When we wanted food, we would order it or have someone else prepare it,” Rebekah said, “But Nik said that we weren’t going to have staff anymore since they could be compelled to hurt Henrik.”

“No one will hurt Henri,” Bella said.

Rebekah smiled, “We heard your threat to the Salvatore’s Henrik wouldn’t shut up about being your favorite Mikaelson.”

Bella laughed, “Damon would’ve done something to Henrik, he still could, but now I’ve warned them of the consequences of hurting him.”

“Why did you do that?” Rebekah asked, “You barely knew him?”

“He deserves to be normal. To be happy. He deserves more than he got the last time he was alive. Now that your mother doesn’t pose a threat, and that your father is gone he has a chance at that with all of you. I’m going to make sure he stays safe.” Bella said with a simple smile.

“He really likes you, he defended you against Kol, when he said you didn’t seem kind enough to do this,” Rebekah said, “He seems attached to you already, like you’re his closest friend.”

Bella smiled, “It’s just his attitude towards people he’s very welcoming to others.”

“What else are you making?” Rebekah asked as Bella was working on cooking at the stove.

“The bacon is done, the pancakes are done, I’m making some eggs,” Bella said as she began making the eggs.

“What are you going to do after you finish school here,” Rebekah asked.

“Travel maybe,” Bella said, “Go somewhere with Marco, I just want to do something different, and you?”

“I think I’m going to stay here, Nik is signing Henrik up for school, so he’ll barely be starting high school, which means after my graduation three years of school,” Rebekah said, “Henrik wants the human experience before Nik makes him a hybrid.”

“That’s good, he deserves to be human for a while more,” Bella said as she finished the egg at the same time Marco and Henrik walked in.

“Elle, can you fly that fast?” Henrik asked fixing his hair from being wind struck, it was obvious Marco took him flying.

“I can fly much faster,” Bella said with a smug smirk.

Marco rolled his eyes, “Is breakfast done?”

“It is,” Bella said setting everything on the table with the help of Rebekah. The four sat down together and Bella laughed as Henrik ate all the food he could fit.

“I never thought that food could taste so delicious,” Henrik said with a smile.

Bella laughed, “You missed out on a lot of good tasting food Henri.”

“Can you come over to the house and cook something else for me tonight?” Henrik asked giving Bella his best pleading face.

Bella looked to Rebekah, “I don’t see a problem with it Isa, I could watch, and someone can finally use the kitchen we have, and Henrik shouldn’t eat too much fast food.”

Marco looked at Henrik and smirked, “Use the “I’ve been dead for a thousand years” card.”

“He’s right Elle, I’ve been dead for over a thousand years, I could really use some home cooked meals.” Henrik said with a smile.

“Alright, you can choose what you want to eat,” Bella said as she pulled out her cooking book and handed it to Henrik, “You can choose from here.”

Henrik flipped through the book as he continued to eat, Rebekah and Bella laughed as he ended up getting syrup all over his hands.

-Page Break-

“Why didn’t Marco come with us,” Henrik asked as the three walked through the aisle of the supermarket getting Henrik food that he could eat.

“He had a meeting to get to today,” Bella said, “Do you want chocolate Milk?”

“I’ve never tasted it Elle, how am I supposed to know if I want it?” Henrik said looking around at the store.

“It’s what you had with your breakfast this morning Henri?” Bella said with a smile at Henrik’s amazement.

“Oh, than yes I do want it, along with some of that yellow colored juice,” Henrik said not being able to think of the juice he was thinking of.

Bella smiled, “Orange juice?”

“No, it was more yellow,” Henrik said in thought.

Rebekah laughed, “No, Henrik, it’s called orange juice.”

Henrik smiled, “I knew that.”

“Sure you did, I’ll be right back, I need mushrooms for what you asked for tonight,” Bella said as he walked off to find what she was looking for. Bella grabbed the rest of the supplies she needed to make the pasta and salad Henrik had asked for.

“Elle, am I allergic to any of this stuff,” Henrik asked looking through the groceries.

“I doubt it,” Bella said, “But if you are, I can always just simply heal you.”

Henrik nodded, “If I drink vampire blood that isn’t Nik’s, what happens?”

“It’s not healthy for you, just like a werewolf bite is venomous to a vampire. Vampire blood is venomous to werewolves. Since your wolf side hasn’t been triggered, if you drink Klaus’s blood and then you for some reason die, then when you die, you’d be like any other vampire until you kill someone. I wouldn’t recommend drinking anyone’s blood though, it could have bad side effects on you.” Bella said.

“But what if I get hurt and I need it,” Henrik asked.

Bella smiled at him, “If you ever get hurt, I can and will heal you. Besides my way is quick and effective, and it doesn’t turn you into anything in the end.”

“What else can you do Isa,” Rebekah asked as they finished paying for the food and were now heading outside.

“I can do a lot,” Bella said with a shrug, “I don’t use many of my powers often, but I’ve mastered all of them rather well.”

-Page Break-

Bella was in the kitchen with Rebekah and Henrik. The Mikaelson brothers seemed to have fixed up the kitchen, but left to get supplies for Henrik’s room and study.

“Elle,” Henrik said looking at the pasta she was making, “Will this taste good?”

Bella laughed, “It tastes good to me, but it might taste bad to you. Anyway, if you want, I can also make a pizza, so if you don’t like it you have something else to eat.”

“Please do! I want to see you cook a pizza,” Rebekah said with a grin. Henrik nodded and Bella got out what she needed.

“Hey Bekah, I’m missing the pepperoni, mind heading to the store to buy some, it should already come packaged and everything,” Bella said.

Rebekah hopped off the counter, “Not a problem, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Rebekah grabbed her keys and headed out. Bella turned to Henrik.

“Want to learn how to make the dough to the pizza?” Bella asked with a grin.

The Mikaelson brothers walked into the house to hear laughter coming from the kitchen. They walked to the kitchen and found Bella Henrik and Rebekah.

“No, the pepperoni goes on top,” Bella says as she’s laughing as she helps Henrik fix the pizza.

“This doesn’t look like it’s going to taste good Elle,” Henrik said eyeing the uncooked pizza.

Bella laughed, “That’s because it’s not cooked Henri, wait till it’s completely cooked and then judge whether or not it tastes good.”

“What are you making,” Finn was the first to speak.

Bella looked back noticing the four brothers standing there. She put the pizza into the oven before answering, “Pizza, Mushroom pasta, and chicken salad.”

Rebekah said, “I would like to say, that I did make the salad by myself.”

Elijah laughed, “What has you all cooking so much?”

“I asked Elle to cook me something after I had breakfast at her house,” Henrik said, “Best pancakes in the world.”

Bella laughed, “They were the only pancakes you ever tasted.”

“Is that were Rebekah took you for breakfast?” Kol asked.

Rebekah nodded, “Well, Henrik didn’t want to eat out, so I went to the one person I knew for a fact could cook.”

Bella looked at the pasta to make sure it was turning out fine, “Hey Elle, do mushrooms taste good?”

“When cooked properly, but I wouldn’t go around eating any mushroom, some of them are poisonous,” Bella said looking at Henrik.

“Got it, don’t eat things I find lying around,” Henrik says with a smirk, “Where have all of you been?”

“We went to buy some things for your room,” Klaus said looking at Bella as she cooked.

“What’s wrong with my room?” Henrik asked.

“We’re just upgrading,” Finn answered.

“We’ll see you all later, after we finish. It was nice to see you again Bella,” Elijah said.

Bella smiled, “The same.”

-Page Break-

Henrik grinned as he finished off his plate, “Elle, I have never tasted something so wonderful.”

Bella laughed, and continued to clean up the kitchen, “Glad you enjoyed.”

“Aren’t you going to eat anything?” Henrik asks.

“No, not really that hungry,” Bella said looking back at the half eaten pizza, pasta and Salad. “Hungry?”

“Not anymore,” Henrik said with a grin, “I am a growing boy Elle, I need all the nutrition I can get.”

Bella smiled and finished her cleaning she wrapped up the left overs and put them away. Rebekah had left to help her brothers. “Alright, I’m going to head home, Marco and I have some practice to do.”

“Practice?” Henrik asked with a raised eyebrow.

“I have some business in a few weeks, and I need to be at the top of my game,” Bella said.

“Hmm… sounds a bit suspicious Elle,” Henrik says with a smirk.

Bella smiled, “I’ll see you later Henri, tell them I said goodbye.” Henrik nods and shows Bella to the door.

“Thank you for all of this,” Henrik says seriously, “Thank you for the chance at being human again. For everything.”

Bella smiles, “You don’t have to thank me Henri. I’ll see you all later.”

Bella got home to find her father was at the Forbes watching a game with Liz. Marco was on the computer fidgeting through the different flight plans.

“I’m going with you,” Marco said as he felt Bella walk up behind him, “I talked to Dad, I don’t like the feeling I get from talking with Aro, I think the guy is up to something. He didn’t even ask about the army of newborns, he just kept asking about our powers, and how strong we were. I told dad there was no way that I wasn’t going to let you go by yourself. That guy is planning something big, and I won’t have him taking advantage of you or trying to kill you. You’ll only get angry and wipe them all out, and then the entire Volturi would be dead. So, my dear twin, we are going to Italy together for about a week.”

“What are we going to tell Charlie?” Bella asked.

“I doubt he’ll even notice, he’s not home most of the time,” Marco said, “I’ll say you’re coming with me to visit with my grandmother who’s on a verge of death. We’ll get our school work done for the week we’re gone, and then we’ll head out. Come on, Izzy, let’s go fight.”

Bella laughed, “You’re too happy about fighting with me Marc.”

“I find it entertaining,” Marco said, “Let’s go, I need to get some practice.”

“Why are we training for a fight if we could just do a wave of death and wipe them all out,” Bella said as she followed Marco outside.

“Never depend too much on our powers Izzy,” Marco said as he took his fighting stance. Bella mirrored his stance with her own. They circled each for a few moments until Marco lunged at Bella. He knocked her off her feet, and she feel back with a growl in irritation. Bella stood back up and kicked Marco’s feet from under him he stumbled back losing his balance. Bella stepped back a few feet before running at him and kicking him in the chest sending him flying back. Bella ran after Marco, she got there and sent one swift punch to his a chest. Causing him to fly again, only this time into a tree and break it. Bella crouched down ready for Marco’s attack. Marco stood up and dusted himself off. He looked at Bella and grinned.

“Already anticipating what’s going to happy Izzy?” Marco asked as he calmly walked forward, “I guess this just became a little serious Izzy.” Marco took off running and ran straight into Bella, purposely running her into trees. Bella grinds her teeth, she couldn’t die, but she sure as hell could feel pain. Bella pushes her feet to the ground stopping Marco from continuing to run. Marco turns Bella around and grabs Bella shoulders and swiftly kicked her back causing her to stumble into the ground.

Bella gets up and glares at her brother, “I see, this isn’t a play fight anymore, why don’t we take this into the woods and make this interesting, no more holding back.” Bella grabs her phone and jacket and runs into the woods. Marco does the same and follows after Bella. They run at super speed for minutes until they end up in an unknown location. Bella puts on her hoodie. And stuffs her phone in the safety strap on her thigh. She grins at Marco and waves him on. He comes to attack, Bella uses her weapon manipulation to conjure up a set of throwing knives. She takes one by one throwing them at Marco, each one landing on his legs and stomach. Marco grinds his teeth together and pulls out the knives one by one. He throws them to the ground covered in his blood. He also pulled out a weapon he got his scythe, and Bella got hers. They began dueling each other. After an hour their clothes were ripped to shreds they were becoming exhausted, but neither one was going to back down from the fight. Bella runs turning her scythe into a spear and stabs it through Marco’s stomach. Bella grins as he falls to the ground. Marco groaned.

“Fine, you win this one, now pull this shit out of me Izzy,” Marco groaned. Bella nodded and pulled the spear out. Marco healed instantly and stood up. “That was fun.”

Bella laughed, “We have a strange sibling relationship if we bond over fighting.”

Marco slung his arm around his sister’s shoulders, “I love you Izzy, but if you ever stab me again I am going to throw you off a cliff.”

“I can’t make any promises, but I’ll play nice next time Marc,” Bella said, “Besides you ran me into a bunch of trees, you deserved it and you know it.”

Marco laughed, “You started it!”

“Did not!” Bella said her phone began to ring. Bella pulled it out of her pocket and answered it.

“Isa! Isa! Oh my God thank god! We can’t find them!” Rebekah said into the phone practically losing her mind.

“Bekah, breathe, now tell me who you can’t find,” Bella said trying to get information out of her friend.

“Kol… and Henrik…” Rebekah seemed to be freaking out.

“Were is everyone?” Bella asked.

“They’re out looking for them,” Rebekah said, “We can’t find them anywhere.”

“When did he go missing and where?” Bella asked as she put the phone on speaker for Marco to hear more clearly.

“About an 15 minutes ago, him and Kol went out to buy some supplies,” Rebekah said, “They haven’t come back yet, and we can’t find them anywhere in town. You were the only one I thought of calling.”

“Alright Bekah, you need to listen to me,” Bella said, “I promise to bring both your brothers back, and whoever has them will pay. Marc and I are going to look for them, if we find anything we’ll tell you. If you hear anything call me or Marco. If we come across them I’ll call you okay?”

“I can’t lose them Isa,” Rebekah whispered, the distraught evident in her voice.

“I promise you they will come back to you,” Bella said as she hung up the phone and looked at Marco.

“You track them in town and I’ll track them heading out of town?” Marco asked.

“Have your phone with you?” Bella asked, Marco nodded, “Good, call me the instant you smell either of them. I made a threat and I plan to go through with it.”

Marco kissed his sister’s forehead, “We’ll find them and you will go through with your threat. I’ll make sure of it.” Bella nodded and watched Marco take off in a run. Bella knew Marco hated that someone would kidnap an innocent person, especially Henrik who didn’t deserve to be kidnapped. Bella spread out her wings and took off.

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