Chapter Twenty-Five

Connected By the Soul Chapter 25


Author’s Note

This is just sad. I can’t let this story go, but I have to. This is the end of the road for this story.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


-Page Break-

Henrik watched amused as Bella went through her 7th book of magic. It had been a year since they were back together, but she hadn’t said a word to him about his siblings. All she really did was act as if they didn’t exist. “Didn’t find what you wanted, Belle?”

Bella sighed, “I was just trying to learn, not trying to look for anything.”

Henrik chuckled, “I love you, Belle, but I can tell when you’re lying. I can help you if you just tell me what you’re looking for.”

Bella shook her head and stood up, “I have to go feed Steve!”

Henrik chuckled, “This doesn’t mean I won’t just ask the same question later.”

“I’ll just think of an excuse to leave then too!” She shouted back as she headed off to feed her dog.

Henrik returned his gaze back to his book and smirked as he could hear the soft sound of Bella’s humming from the kitchen. He looked up as he saw Kol enter the room, he noticed that he was holding one of his mother’s books in his hands. “What are you doing with that?”

Kol smirked, “Some light reading.” Kol said as he sat down in an arm chair setting his feet on the coffee table.

Henrik rolled his eyes at his brother. “I can tell when you’re lying, Kol. You’re just as bad as Belle.”

“I find that offending.” Kol said as he looked towards his younger brother. “I just wanted to read over some of our mother’s work. You’ll find that she really was quite creative when it came to the spells and potions she created.”

Bella entered the room and handed Kol a soda while she moved to sit back at Henrik’s side handing him a water as she cuddled up to his side. “Anything interesting in there?”

Kol smirked and tossed the book to Bella. “Take a look for yourself, little mermaid.”

Bella opened the book and flipped through it she noticed the names of the curses and when she passed one that caught her eye she smiled knowing this had to be what Kol was looking at. She closed the book and tossed it to Kol. “Very clever.”

Henrik sighed, “I’m going to pretend that I didn’t understand what you’re both up to. Just try to hide it better next time.”

Bella smirked, “Love you, Henri.”

Henrik looked down at her and kissed her lightly. “Love you, Belle.”

-Page Break –

Bella smiled as Kol handed her the herbs for their little potion. “Is this all that we need? It looks like such a small amount.”

“You don’t use much, just a pinch, little mermaid.” Kol said as he continued to gather what was needed.

Bella smiled, “You know, you might not have magic, but you should be able to do pretty basic things. Why don’t you make potions anymore? It’d help you keep in touch with your magic side.”

“I love magic, little mermaid, but doing the smallest of things can get tedious.” Kol said as he chooses out a few more things. “I rather not do any of them and continue to remind myself that I’ll never hold the same power I once did when I was human.”

“So you kill to prove that you do have a large amount of power.” Bella responded.

Kol smirked, “I do what makes my life more entertaining and what makes having to live for eternity more bearable.”

Bella smirked, “Are you sure you want to help me do this, Kol? They are your siblings; I will understand if you don’t want to go through with this.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “They may be my siblings, but they deserve this. It also gives me the opportunity to prove that I’m far wiser and far better than any of them. Not to mention that I always had a soft spot for torture. I’d go as far to say that I’m better at it than anyone else in this family.”

“I don’t know.” Bella replied, “I think my plan of torture is genius”

“I do have to say that it is a good idea.” Kol replied placing a few mort things in Bella’s cart. “Have you gotten everything else you need?”

Bella nodded, “The chains are soaking as we speak, I don’t want them to rust.”

“Are you sure that Caroline is going to invite them?” Kol questioned as he looked to Bella curiously. “If she doesn’t we’re going to have to track them down.”

Bella nodded, “I was there when she sent them the invitations, I was also there when all three of them called to let her know they were arriving.”

“Do you think Caroline will be upset that we initiate this little plan the night of her birthday party?” Kol questioned. “We’re stealing the light from her.”

“We’re fine, because we’re not taking the spot light from her. I doubt anyone will notice them missing and if they do it’s believable that they all just left.” Bella said crossing her arms over her chest. “Can you stop questioning my judgement? I thought this out thoroughly, it’s been a year.”

Kol smirked, “I’m surprised Henrik hasn’t caught on to this plan.”

“He’s pretending not to know anything, and he’s not putting much effort into figuring out what we’re doing.” Bella assured with a smile. “If he really wanted to know he would put more effort into looking.”

“We’re done here. We should get started on these potions, both of them take days to reach their end.” Kol said looking around with a smirk. “This is going to be fun, little mermaid.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled and moved to sit next to Henrik. She rested her head on his shoulder and looked at the book he was reading. “Since when do you read romance novels?”

“I’ve finished a large portion of what we already own, I’m determined to finish every book in this library.” Henrik responded closing the book and putting both his arms around Bella. “What have you been up to, Belle.”

“What I usually do, I was with Kol.” Bella said she moved so she was sitting in Henrik’s lap her hands going around his neck as she faced him. “Do you have Caroline’s gift?”

“We’re giving her a new laptop, Klaus mentioned they broke hers.” Henrik said with a smirk. “This is why I say we make sure there isn’t anything on the desk before we have sex on it.”

Bella laughed, “Did Klaus tell you that was the reason it broke?”

“No, but it’s what I assume after he said that it snapped in half.” Henrik replied amused. “I’ve never see someone so embarrassed and proud at the same time.”

Bella smiled and ran her hands through Henrik’s hair. “I think Klaus is having an influence on Caroline if she’s having a ball for her birthday.”

“They have an influence on each other. Klaus is a lot calmer around her.” Henrik responded he smiled as Bella leaned down and kissed him. He held her tighter as the kiss between them deepened. He pulled back with a groan as there was a loud barking. “Steve, you have the worst timing.”

Bella smiled she climbed off of Henrik and pet Steve’s head. “He just wants a treat, he’s a bit hungry.”

Henrik stood and followed after Bella. “You spoil him.”

Bella kneeled down and pet Steve. “He’s just grouchy, Steve, but you were right that red suit was too much. It was meant to be used as a chew toy.”

Henrik rolled his eyes, “I was trying to go back to using colors. Black, blue, and grey can get a bit boring at times.”

Bella smiled she opened the door to the backyard and let Steve go. “Be back before it gets dark!”

Henrik put his arms around Bella’s waist and tugged her to his chest. “I love you, Belle.”

Bella smiled, “I love you, Henri.” She smiled as he kissed her neck. “Come on, we have the house to ourselves.”

-Page Break-

Bella hummed as she prepared the injections. “Kol, do not get any of this liquid on you.”

Kol nodded as he too was preparing a set of injections, only these were a bright red. “I understand how this works, little mermaid.”

Bella grinned, she put the protective caps on the injections and put them each in a small black case and handed it to Kol. “We’re timing this perfectly. Each of them has to go down after 8 and before 9pm.”

Kol nodded he handed Bella her black case and took his. “Before they go in.” He hinted.

Bella nodded as she waved her hand around. “I got it. Just make sure you put them in the van.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “This isn’t the first time I’ve kidnapped someone.”

Bella smirked, “Go get dress, we have a lot of things to do tonight.”

Bella headed up the stairs and entered her room placing the black steel case into her purse before Henrik saw it. She looked up to see him coming out of the bathroom. “You certainly do know how to wear a tux, Henri.”

Henrik smiled, “You look beautiful, Belle.”

Bella laughed, “I’m haven’t changed yet.”

Henrik shrugged, “You look beautiful in absolutely anything.” He kissed her cheek. “I’ll be waiting downstairs take your time.”

Bella smiled she slipped into her red dress and tied her hair up quickly she stepped into her heels. She grabbed her bag and smiled. Finally, it was time to exact her revenge. She headed down the stairs to see Henrik already waiting.

“You’re breathtaking, as always.” Henrik said offering her his arm. “Kol just left, something about needing to get there first.”

Bella smiled, “He’s competitive over everything. We should get going or we’re going to be late.”

“Belle,” Henrik said pausing. “I know that whatever your planning is going to occur tonight. I trust that you and Kol have taken your time to plan everything out, but please, do not put yourself in any danger. I don’t want to know what you’re doing; I just want to know that you’re not going to show up hurt.”

Bella smiled, “Kol and I have thought about everything, and I can assure you that there isn’t going to be anyway I can get hurt. I should also mention there’s no way we’re going to be back by sunrise. Maybe tomorrow by late afternoon.”

Henrik smiled he kissed her before pressing his forehead against her own. “Call me, just to let me know that you’re not hurt and that I’m worrying over nothing.”

Bella smiled, “Even if I do call you, you’re still going to worry. It’s how you work, Henri.”

“Love you, Belle.” He whispered closing the small gap between them and kissing her. She was right, he was going to worry no matter what, but he trusted her.

-Page Break-

Kol twirled the vaccine around and waited patiently, he smirked as he heard the familiar sound of heels clicking and he knew Rebekah was about to turn the corner. He threw the cap off the injection and as soon as Rebekah came into view he pressed it into his neck. He put his hand over her mouth and dragged her out of the room. He picked her up and threw her into the back of the van.

Kol smirked, “One down, two to go.” Whistling a cheery tune Kol closed the door to the van and made sure to lock it. He entered the house again and reached into his pocket pulling out the next vaccine he twirled it around before he headed to the bar.

Grabbing the bottle of bourbon, he poured himself a drink. He grabbed his glass and twirled the contents around before taking a sip. Kol looked around the room and just as he suspected Elijah was now headed his way. Kol downed his drink immediately. “Elijah.”

“Kol, I wish to speak to you privately.” Elijah said, “Will you follow me to the study?”

Kol shook his head, “Let’s do this in the kitchen, at the very least I can sneak in something to eat while you blabber on about whatever is on your mind.” Kol walked past Elijah a smirk on his face as his brother was really making this too easy.

“Kol, I haven’t seen you in close to two years, since the day you left with Bella. I’ve worried over your well-being.” Elijah said as they entered the kitchen.

Kol rolled his eyes, “I’m sure you really worried about me brother.”

“I want to apologize for framing you.” Elijah said his face almost sincere.

Kol smirked he took the injection into his hand hiding it from his brother’s sight. “It’s already done, Elijah. It’s time to move on don’t you think?”

Elijah nodded, “Yes, I suppose it is.”

Kol smirked as Elijah held out his hand to him. He took it and gripped it tightly without removing his eyes from Elijah’s Kol pressed the injection into Elijah’s neck. Kol’s smirk widened as he saw Elijah’s eyes widen, “You should never trust me, brother.”

Kol let his brother fall onto the floor and sighed. “How stupid you have become to believe I would simply forgive you.” Kol sighed and with little effort he dragged Elijah out of the kitchen. He threw his brother into the van and slammed the door shut. “Two down one to go.”

With a grin on his face Kol headed back into the party. He spotted Bella smiling with Caroline, He nodded discreetly before disappearing with the crowd.

“Kol.” Klaus said approaching his brother. “What are you doing?”

Kol smirked, “I was about to ask one of the lovely women in this room if they wanted to dance. Is there a problem with that?”

“Don’t ruin Caroline’s party.” Klaus warned.

Kol rolled his eyes, “I would never dream of it.” Kol stepped towards one of the women standing by herself. He offered her a charming smile and asked her to dance. Kol winked at his brother before turning his full attention to the girl in front of him.

With a smirk Kol kissed the girl’s cheek. “You’re a perfect dance partner, darling. Thank you for giving me this dance.”

Kol stopped in front of Bella. “I wasn’t teasing the girl. I was giving her a bit of motivation and self-confidence.” Kol said with a sigh.

“I saw that. I was questioning if you needed help.” Bella said tilting her head slightly to the right.

Kol followed her line of sight. “I see, he brought someone with him.”

Bella nodded, “I’ll distract her, you get to Finn. I’ll make sure she doesn’t look for him.”

“Wait.” Kol responded stopping her for a moment. “I thought you never came in the way between true love.”

Bella smiled, “She doesn’t love him, if she did she wouldn’t flirt with the waiter. If you love someone you don’t try to get into someone else’s pants.”

Kol smirked, “I’ll leave you to it. Hurry, I don’t want this to take long.”

Bella smirked, “I’ve got this under control. Give me some sort of signal when you’re done. We should leave as soon as we can.”

Kol nodded waving his hand dismissively. “Only a minute darling.”

Bella smiled and walked off seeing the woman that was with Finn step away from him.

Kol smirked he stepped towards his brother and took on a bored expression. “Elijah is wishing to speak to you.” He stated taking a glass of wine from one of the passing waiters.

“What about?” Finn questioned watching his brother.

Kol sighed, “If I cared at all what you two were going to speak about I would’ve asked. I don’t care, therefore I didn’t bother to ask what he wanted to see you about. I gave Elijah my word I would seek you out, and I have. My job is done.” Kol paused before he walked away. “The kitchen, he is waiting in the kitchen.”

Kol walked away blending back into the crowd he smirked as his brother left straight to the kitchen. He downed his drink and disappeared after him. Whistling a small tune as he walked into the kitchen. With a wide smirk Kol notice his brother wasn’t in the kitchen. “You shouldn’t have snooped around, Finn.” Kol whispered as he followed his brother’s scent outside. He smirked and pulled out the last injection.

Kol blurred forward and pressed his brother into the doors of the van. He injected him and watched as Finn started to lose to the potion. “You made having to get you into the van, so much easier than the other two. Congratulations on finally doing something the easy way, brother.” Kol said as he opened the doors and pushed his brother in.

Kol slammed the doors and winced as he heard the large cracking sound. “I guess you didn’t make things too easy, brother.” He said as he pushed Finn’s now broken foot into the van. “We’ll just say that was already twisted in that direction.”

-Page Break-

Henrik took a drink from his glass as he saw Klaus approaching him. “It’s a wonderful ball. Caroline has great taste.”

Klaus smirked, “She most certainly does. She did this herself, I refused to help she gets very bossy when she’s doing these sort of things. I tried to stay away as much as I possibly could.”

Henrik smirked, “I suspect it was her ability to tell you what to do that attracted you to her in the first place.”

“I haven’t seen Bella and Kol for the last hour, nor have I seen any of our other siblings either.” Klaus mentioned wanting to see if Henrik had any idea what was occurring.

“I doubt we’ll be seeing either of them until tomorrow.” Henrik taking a sip of his drink. “This is the beginning of their revenge.”

“What are they planning to do?” Klaus responded curiously.

Henrik shook his head. “I wanted to be oblivious to their plans, so I didn’t bother to question them. I let them go and only know that they’ll be back by dinner tomorrow evening.”

“And our siblings? Are we ever going to see them again?” Klaus responded curiously.

Henrik chuckled, “Belle promised she wouldn’t kill them so they won’t die, or at least not permanently.”

Klaus smirked, “Well, I’m curious to know what they’ve come up with.”

“Belle’s been using some magic, so the possibilities are endless.” Henrik responded with a smirk. “I don’t think they’ll tell us what they did, we’ll just have to see if the ones they’re torturing are going to be willing to talk.”

“I hope so, I want to know what Kol and Bella are capable of together.” Klaus responded amused. “I really do wish to see how much work they put into their plan.”

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she and Kol were changed into what they were calling their, ‘End game’ wear. She was wearing a plain black t-shirt and black jeans and Kol was wearing the exact same. They needed darker clothing just for safety and to reduce the chance that someone comes across them. They were only an hour away from their location.

“What did Henrik say when you mentioned you were going to be gone for hours?” Kol questioned as he drove.

Bella smiled, “He took it better than I expected he would. I suppose he understood the importance of this situation.”

“It really was too easy. I had been hoping they would put up some sort of fight. I wanted them to make this more of a challenge for me. Rebekah was the simplest of them all. It was too easy to get to her, it made me understand why Nik insists she’s too weak to take care of herself.” Kol responded with a smirk.

“Now, we just have to move onto part two of our plan.” Bella said with a smirk. “We really are creative, Kol.”

Kol smirked, “I’m sure in the future there will be another reason for us to come up with a new torture plan.”

“We can only hope.” Bella replied with a small laugh.

-Page Break-

Bella helped Kol move the bodies onto the boat. She looked curiously as Finn’s foot was twisted in a unique direction. “What the hell happened to his foot?”

Kol shrugged, “Wasn’t it like that already?”

Bella crossed her arms over her chest. “Seriously, Kol. What the hell happened?”

“I accidentally closed the door to the car on his foot.” Kol said with a shrug of his shoulders. “It wasn’t really my fault.”

Bella smiled, “I’m going to have to snap it back into place, I don’t want it interfering with anything.”

Kol chuckled, “Do you still have your injections?”

“Yeah, coat pocket. Once we’re out a bit into the sea I’ll put them in. For now, we should get going. The last thing we need is the coast guard sneaking up on us when we have three bodies on our boat.” Bella said untying the rope that held the boat to the peer. “Do you know where you’re going, Kol?”

Kol rolled his eyes, “You worry about preparing them and I’ll worry about the driving of this boat.”

Bella smiled she headed to where the bodies were and removed their shoes. She grabbed the shackles and placed them on each of them making sure they were all connected to each other in the perfect order. Elijah on one end, Finn on the other and of course Rebekah in the middle. One by one Bella handcuffed their hands together. She took a chain and wrapped it around their midsection an extra precaution to make sure their arms didn’t move from behind their backs.

Bella held her hands out and made sure to use magic to bind the chains and shackles to assure that they wouldn’t break or get damaged by the water. She stepped back admiring her work, “Kol, how far away are we?” She shouted.

“10 minutes. They should be waking up any minute now.” Kol announced as he steered the boat in the right direction.

Bella grinned, “Perfect.” Bella took a step back and smiled as the three bodies one by one began to spasm. Once each of them opened their eyes Bella grinned and held her arms out in greeting. “Glad you’re awake!”

“WHAT IS THIS?” Rebekah shouted.

Bella wagged her finger at the blonde. “Do not interrupt me.” Her voice took on that musical tone as she spoke. She smirked as their eyes glazed over and her order took place. “You are all here for our revenge scheme. Kol and I have decided that because you’re all horrible siblings, we are going to teach you how to be a part of a family.”

Bella felt the boat stop and smirked as Kol let the anchor drop. She smiled as he stood beside her. Kol draped his arm over her shoulders and smirked. “This is a little challenge. The goal is for the three of you to learn how to do things as a whole and be able to make it out of the ocean.”

Bella took out the injections and smiled. “We’re going to make sure you don’t get off easy. The last thing we want is for you to mummify when things have just begun. This is going to keep you from losing blood sustainment, it’ll keep you as strong as a human, but that’s about it.”

Bella leaned down and pressed the injection into Elijah. She moved on and pressed it into Rebekah’s neck she finally moved onto Finn. “In a few minutes you’re all going to be dropped into the middle of the ocean. I’m going to drag you down as far as you can go and you’re going to have to swim your way back up. That is, if you can.”

Kol smirked, “I’m curious,” Kol said in a teasing tone. “What if they float?”

Bella smirked, “That’s been taken care of, there’s a good spell for just about everything.”

“Are you ready to start?” Kol questioned with a smirk.

Bella took off her jacket and set it down. She took off her shoes and in a split moment she jumped into the water. “Send them down, Kol.”

Kol smiled and grabbed Elijah sending him down and the others along with him. “Shout when you’re done, little mermaid.”

Bella grinned, “Got it!” Bella said she twirled around her tail splashing in the water as she grabbed Elijah by the foot and dragged him under the water taking the others with her. Bella took them as far down as she could go. She watched the three of them sink and let them fall on their back all three of them splashing around as the water filled their lungs. Bella swam over to them smiling as their eyes widened as they caught the sight of her tail. She smirked and waved, before she watched all their eyes roll into the back of their heads.

Swimming around Bella used the surrounding rocks to prevent them from using them to help find their way out. She swam around and just as she had suspected their eyes snapped open as they woke back up. She winked before she took off swimming back to the boat. “They’re as far as they can go.” She announced once she reached the boat.

“Good.” Kol said pulling her up. “If we get going now, we can get to the hotel and be there for their breakfast rush.”

Bella smiled, “Remember, we have to shower and get rid of these clothes before we leave and we’re leaving the van. There’s no need for it anymore.”

Kol nodded, “I took care of it. There’s a rental car waiting for us at the hotel under a fake name.” He stood grabbing a few towels and handing them to Bella. “Do you want to call your husband?”

“I’ll just send him a text to assure him that I didn’t die.” Bella said reaching for her bag to take the phone. She looked over at Kol to see he was already steering the boat to head back. “How long do you think it’ll take them to head back to land?”

“It’ll be month before they can even move from the spot they’re in.” Kol said with a smirk. “A little over year at the very least.”

Bella stood as stretched her legs. “You know; I’m going to miss planning this out.”

Kol smirked, “We can always go after someone else, I’m sure there’s a serial killer we can track down.”

“That would just mean we would become serial killers ourselves” Bella responded she took a seat next to Kol. “We’re geniuses. Having to die over and over again is a wonderful torture.”

“Simple, but it’ll keep them from ever doing something so stupid ever again.” Kol responded.

Bella smirked, “Hopefully they learn from this. I wouldn’t mind coming up with another torture plan, but I’m not so sure next time we’ll be able to promise that they won’t die permanently.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked into the home and smiled as Klaus and Caroline were together on the loveseat. “We’re back.” She announced handing the two a coffee she and Kol had picked up.

“Where’d you go?” Caroline questioned curiously.

Kol smirked, “That is a secret.”

“And our siblings?” Klaus questioned curiously noticing the two had done almost everything in order to prevent their scents from giving anything away.

Bella shrugged, “I haven’t seen them. I’m sure they’re somewhere, maybe they went on a vacation.”

“I don’t expect to hear from them anytime soon.” Kol said with a smirk taking a seat on the couch smiling as Steve came and laid next to him.

Bella smiled, “I’m going to go find my husband. I have a surprise for him.” Bella reached over and grabbed the hanging suit bag. She walked off heading to the library knowing she would find him there. She wasn’t able to get pass the door and he was in front of her. She smiled as his lips instantly met hers, she relaxed into his embrace. “I missed you.” She whispered as he pulled away.

“I missed you as well, Belle.” Henrik whispered kissing her cheek. “Did it go well?”

Bella smiled brightly. “Went just as planned.” She smiled and pulled out the black dress bag. “I got you something.”

Henrik smirked, he unzipped the bag and looked to Bella in surprise. “You bought me a suit?”

Bella smiled, “Kol and I passed by this shop that custom makes them and the lady said she had this one from a previous order but the man couldn’t pay. It was a dark red, so I figured you might like it. It was conveniently in your size, I figured I owed you one from the ugly one Steve chewed up.”

Henrik laughed, “I thought you said red doesn’t look good.”

Bella shrugged, moving to put her arms around Henrik. “I hate to admit it, Henri, but everything tends to look good on you.”

Henrik set the suit down and wrapped his arms around Bella kissing her head. “I love you, Belle. Thank you for the suit.”

Bella smiled, “I like enabling your addiction, Henri.” She whispered and kissed his jaw. “The lady gave me her card; she makes custom suits in any sort of patter or color you like. I think you might like her little shop.”

Henrik laughed, “You might regret giving me her information when I come back with more suits then I can wear.”

“I’ll only regret it when you slowly start to move my things out of the closet to accommodate your suits.” Bella said with a smile. She leaned up and kissed him slowly. “I love you, Henri, despite your strange addiction to formal attire.”

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  1. I liked that Bella and Kol totally kept the torture plan to themselves. If Henrik really wanted to know though, I’m sure Bella would have told him. On a side note, this kind of makes me worry about what’s going on with Elijah’s recent plan on The Originals. I hope Tristan doesn’t figure out how to get out of his crate and get back in a year.
    But your Bella and Kol devised torture is only designed to keep them away and under water for a year, not forever. Having to drown over and over, regardless does sound like torture to me.
    I will miss sweet Henri and Bella interaction a whole lot. You really did get me hooked on another character. Happy writing. I can’t wait for more as usual. I’m so greedy. LOL 🙂

    Liked by 4 people

  2. I loved it and will miss it.

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  3. I loved it. Henri and Bella are good together. Awesome story hon as always…thank you so much for sharing it with us…until next time…bigg huggs

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  4. i hope you do a sequel or an outtake. i wanna know when the three dummies come back up and what their reaction is. i also can’t wait till klaus and henrik find out what they did.

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  5. Loved it, thanks for another wonderful story. I hope you add an outtake of the siblings coming back. Can’t wait to read what other awesomeness you come up with 🙂

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  6. what a wonderful story. thank you! 😀

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  7. Every time I come to the end of one of your works, I cry. I absolutely love these guys, especially the wonder twins Kol and Bella, and it is sad to see them go.

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I love it and am so glad I was fortunate enough to be able to read it 🙂

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  8. So happy the got to plan out and exact their revenge. Such a great story! Enjoyed reading!

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  11. Just did a reread and still love this story!


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