Little Dove

Author’s Note

Care to take a guess?

-Page Break-

Bella walked to her apartment in Seattle with a cautious attitude. She felt as if there was something wrong as if there was something in the air that was different. She pulled on the straps to her backpack and took in a deep breath doing her best to calm her nerves. The last thing she needed was to start freaking out in the middle of the street over the smallest thing. She looked over her shoulder and sighed as there was no one there. Bella continued to walk and sighed out in relief once she came upon her apartment building. She put in her key and entered the building she sighed in relief as the buzzing noise let her know she was safe from the outside streets.

She walked up the stairs not trusting the elevator in the building to get her to her floor safely. Bella tilted her head as there was a white envelope taped to her apartment door. She cautiously took it off and flipped it over.


She ran her fingers across the script it being far more elegant than she had ever thought someone could write. She put the key into the door opening it and stepping inside. She locked the door immediately after she walked in and headed straight towards the living room. She took a seat and looked at the envelope in her hand. She opened it carefully and pulled out the folded paper inside.


You dropped this when you were running late this morning to school. I picked it up for you and wanted to make sure it would get back to you.

Don’t worry, little Dove, I wouldn’t hurt you.


Bella looked at the necklace that was taped to the letter, it was her name in gold script. It had been a simple gift that Charlie had given her for her graduation. She had practically cried when she realized it wasn’t around her neck when she stepped into class that morning. She pulled it off the paper and looked at it noticing that it was cleaner than it had been before. She also noticed the clutch on it had been fixed hopefully preventing her from losing it again.

She looked back at the letter and to the necklace that was in her hand. She fidgeted around and folded the letter back up and placed the letter back into the envelope. She set it down on the coffee table and pushed it out of her mind. Bella quickly put her necklace on and took in a sigh of relief as she was glad to have it back with her.

-Page Break-

Bella looked over her shoulder to see if she could see anyone following behind her. She sighed as she couldn’t catch anyone that seemed out of place. She shook her head finding what she was doing to be ridiculous. That didn’t change the fact that now she could practically feel someone watching her. She had never noticed the feeling before, but it was there now and because of that letter she understood that maybe there really was someone following after her.


Bella turned her head as someone tapped her on the shoulder. “Yes?”

“Sorry to bother you,” He said quietly. “We have math together and my notes just fell into that puddle over there. Do you mind if I borrow your notes?”

Bella shook her head, “Not at all.” She replied as she reached into her bag and pulled out her notebook and handed it to the guy. “Just give it back when you’re done with it.”

He nodded his head, “Thanks.” He said before he left.

Bella continued on with her walk heading to the on campus bookstore where she spent the majority of her day. She continued to look over her shoulder every few steps to assure herself that no one was watching her. She couldn’t’ see anyone, but her experience with the supernatural reminded her that she could never be sure that there wasn’t someone there.

Bella entered the small shop and smiled at the older man that was behind the register. His name was Alan, but to her he was Al, her boss and somewhat of a parental figure to her. “Hey, Al. Slow day?”

“So far.” He replied as he straightened out the counter he looked Bella over and noticed the necklace hanging off her neck. “I see you found it. Where was it?”

Bella reached down and grabbed her necklace. “At home at the door, actually.” She replied half-telling the truth. She smiled at the old man. “What are you doing behind the counter? I thought Anna-Nicole was working today?”

Alan waved his hand dismissively. “Had to get rid of her.” He stated as he shook his head in disgust. “Girl kept stealing from the register. I swear you can’t trust people these days.” He shook his head and smiled at Bella. “You’re one of those good eggs, you’re a rarity in this world, Bella Marie.”

Bella smiled as he always used her first name and middle name when he spoke to her. “Well, I guess I just don’t have it in me to do anything bad.” She set her bag down behind the counter and leaned against the counter. “So what’s on the agenda for the day? Are we taking inventory?”

Alan shook his head, “Not today, I’m far too tired to be doing that today. Let’s just hang back a bit and see what the day brings in.”

Bella nodded she looked out the window of the store and noticed her old beat up truck outside. She supposed it was about time she drove it back to her apartment building. She had driven it to work one day, but had left it in the parking lot when she decided to walk home instead. “I think it’s time I get that old clunker out of your parking lot.”

Alan smiled, “I think it’s time you send Ol’ Betsy to the junk yard.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “She’s still got a bit of a kick in her. I can’t just abandon her when things get rough, I have to hold out for her. I’m an optimistic person and I know she won’t give in on me.”

Alan rolled his eyes at her. “One of these days that old truck of yours is going to leave you out in the middle of the road and you won’t know what to do.”

Bella smiled, “I’ll just call you. Then you and that metal hip of yours can help me push it home.”

“Not going to happen, Bella Marie.” Alan replied as he walked to the back room. “I’m taking my break, you can man the ship.”

Bella nodded, “Aye Aye, Captain.”

-Page Break-

Bella growled out as she finally got home. The tow truck took forever to get to her and in the end instead of driving to her apartment she had them take her truck to the Junkyard. Alan was right and it was time to put it to rest. She had to find a taxi to take her home after her late night trip to the junkyard and it was a bad enough night, but the asshole she had as a driver was blatantly eye fucking her and wasn’t even trying to hide it. She walked up to her apartment and paused as she saw the small brown box that was laying just on her doorstep. She bent down and picked it up somehow already knowing who it would be from. She unlocked the door to her apartment and threw her bag and the box on the couch.

Bella changed into her pajamas and made herself some hot chocolate to make herself feel better. She sat down on the couch and looked at the brown box. She set her drink down and opened the box smiling as she noticed the letter attached to it. “Okay, mystery stalker what do we have today.” She whispered to herself as she set the box down and opened the letter.

Little Dove,

I was there when your truck broke down. I didn’t want you to know who I was, so I stayed back. While you dealt with the tow company I went ahead and got you something.

I hope this pleases your taste and do not try and return it, please. It is all in your name and it belongs to you and only you.

I wish for you to be safe on the road, little Dove.


Bella set the letter down and picked up the box looking at it curiously as she was eager to find out what was inside of it. She opened it slowly and her eyes widened as she saw the silver set of keys that lay inside. She picked them up cautiously her hands trembling as she looked at the keys. She noticed the silver keychain that had a large B on it. Bella quickly stood and headed out the door in her fuzzy slippers. Once she was outside she pressed the button on her keys and she heard the beeping that led her to a new car. She gasped back in shock as it was a Bentley bentayga. This had been the car she had one day been rambling on to Angela about. It was the only car that ever caught her attention. She looked at it and then back at the keys in her hands. Bella squinted her eyes as she noticed a white envelope on the dashboard. Not being able to stop herself she walked forward and got in the car.

She grabbed the envelope and tore it open.

Little Dove,

This is the one you wanted from what I can remember. You told your friend you would kill to own a car like this. I hope you enjoy it, little Dove

Do not worry over the price or anything else, I took care of it all for you. Everything you need is in the glove compartment.

Enjoy this for me, little Dove. I would love to see you smile in this car and I know you would be safe driving this car rather than the one you had before.


Bella clutched the letter to her chest as a realization hit her. That day she and Angela had spoken about the car they had been in Angela’s home. The doors were locked and the windows were closed, there was no way a human could’ve heard their conversation. This just cemented Bella’s thoughts that her stalker wasn’t human. And if he was a vampire like she suspected there was nothing she could do to fight him off. She stepped out of the car and looked around hoping that she could catch a glimpse of this mysterious J.

“Thank you,” She said quietly as she looked around. “It’s the exact model and color I wanted. Thank you for the wonderful gift.” She walked back inside the keys and letter clutched to her chest as she entered her apartment. She forgot about her hot chocolate and anything else as she went straight to her bed and buried herself under the covers. She didn’t know whether to be pleased that someone was taking care of her or to be upset that she was being watched.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as she finally got home after another day of work. She didn’t want to admit it, but she was disappointed that there wasn’t a letter waiting for her when she got home. She hadn’t heard from J in a few days and that for some strange reason wasn’t sitting right with her.

Bella groaned as the phone to the apartment rang, she reached over and grabbed it pressing the cool surface to her ear. “Hello?”

“Little Dove…” The deep voice said.

Bella sat up straighter at the voice and the use of the name that she had only read of before. “This is you? This is J? You’re the one that’s been watching over me?”

“Yes.” He replied simply.

“Why did you call?” Bella questioned curiously, “Why not leave a letter like before?”

“I have waited so long to make some sort of contact with you,” He breathed out. “I couldn’t stand to be so close and not be able to speak to you.”

Bella smiled, “What’s so special about me? Am I just some pet to you? Is that what this is? You’re trying to soften up the human before you sink your teeth into her?”

Bella closed her eyes a warm chuckle filled her ear. “No, little Dove, you are not a pet of any sort. You are an obsession. My passion. At first I did believe that I wanted to kill you, I thought your blood was just something extraordinarily delicious. But when I smelled it up close, I knew then that you were more than just some simple human. You little Dove, are special.”

“Are you going to kill me?” Bella questioned quietly.

“Not unless you ask me to.” He replied with a serious tone

“What if I do ask you to kill me? Would you follow through with my request?” Bella asked.

“I would.” He replied quietly. “But rest assured that you won’t be dead for long, little dove.”

“Because I’d wake up a vampire?” Bella questioned quietly.

“Indeed you would, and how magnificent you would be as a part of my kind.” The man replied a tone of appraisal in his voice.

“And if I don’t want to be like you? If I want to be human?” Bella asked as she pulled her knees to her chest as she continued on the conversation with the stranger on the other line.

“Then you stay human. I will not force you into anything, little Dove. You will do as you wish, and I will merely make sure you stay alive.” He replied in a kind tone.

“Why? I don’t understand why you, a vampire, feel obligated to protect me? I’m nothing to you.” Bella responded her voice breaking lightly.

“You are everything to me.” He replied in a light tone as to not scare her.

Bella nodded, “Call me tomorrow, J. Humans have to sleep and I’m long overdue for a long nap.”

“Goodnight, little Dove.” He responded.

Bella looked at the phone in her hands as it went dead and the call was cut. “Night, J.” She said quietly knowing deep down in her gut he was still hearing her. She set the phone back on the dock and headed to her bedroom to get some sleep. She wasn’t lying to her mystery caller, she really did need the sleep. After so much school and work she felt wiped out and she needed to just spend some time catching up on her rest. The last thing she needed was to die of exhaustion.

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  1. Is it Jasper? I hope so. I can’t think of any other vampires names that start with J. hmmmmm (besides James and hopefully he is still dead!!!) can’t wait for more of this mystery.

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  2. For the oddest reason Joker popped into my head. Well okay then. Well him and Jasper cause I can’t think of anymore that start with J unless the J isn’t actually the beginning of his name but a nickname.

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  3. Really really enjoyed this, hoping more chapters are to come 😉

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  4. J? Jasper… James… Jacob… Jeremy… I have exhausted the J’s I can think of. LOL I really like this.

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  5. Loving this please update soon.

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  6. I’m loving this so far…great start hon, can’t wait to read more…and I guess we’ll find out who this J. is sooner or later…thanks, huggs

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  7. i love it .

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  8. I’m thinking its James. You did say this was originally for the villans contest. Good start. Can’t wait to read more.

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  9. a great start!

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  10. I thought of Joker, then James, then an evil Jasper? After that I think I’m out of Js. Like someone said before, it did start out as a villain entry. I’m really excited to see where this is going and who it actually is! Sometimes I love knowing the pairing because it makes it easier to find what I “want” to read… however sometimes not knowing who the characters will end up with is more fun.

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  11. Oh I really like this and can’t wait to see where it goes.

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