Bella The Witch: Chapter 15

bw 15

Bella watched as Klaus paced around the living room at 7am, “You’re starting to make a path with the way you’re pacing, can’t you just stay still?”

“I am not pacing,” Klaus said with a stern voice as he turned and looked at Bella.

“You are definitely pacing,” Bella said as she stirred her coffee, she had to leave to go to work in 10 minutes, but she was determined to be with Nik as long as she could, this was a day he needed her the most. Bella reached into her pocket for the small potion bottle she had stored in there, this was the perfect moment to give it to him, and the one moment it will help him the most. “Here, drink this. It’ll help with the nerves, its Swan witch approved.”

Klaus chuckled lightly taking the bottle from Bella’s hand. “Swan witch approved?” Klaus looked at the bottle inspecting the contents, it was a clear liquid but he could sense it was a potion and not a regular drink.

“It means it’s made by the best witch,” Bella said with a grin, “Now drink it, I want to see it gone before I leave for work.”

Klaus looked at Bella, but seeing the look on her face he knew it was just something to help him. He uncapped the bottle and swallowed the contents fully, “I need a drink after taking that.”

Bella laughed, “I’m beginning to suspect that you’re becoming an alcoholic Nik, I can find an AA meeting you can attend if you want to stop drinking.

A laugh came from the doorway, Bella turned and smiled as she saw Elijah entering the living room, “Nervous brother?”

Klaus sighed, “I do not get nervous Elijah. I’m going to go find something to take away the awful taste of that potion.”

Bella laughed, and called after Klaus, “Try milk!”

Elijah smiled at hearing Bella’s laughter, “What did you give him?”

Bella grinned, “It was a combination type potion, it was to calm his nerves, because face it when he feels too much of an emotion he becomes a bit unstable. And the other part was for his protection, if your siblings try to hurt him physically, the potion makes it so that whatever they try to use to hurt him won’t get an inch from him. It’s sort of like a protective layer of him.”

“Creative potion, so how are feeling?” Elijah asked concerned for her well-being, yesterday held a lot surprises for her.

“Fine, the blood bags are holding me over, and honestly I rather drink from blood bags, I didn’t like the idea of possibly killing someone just so that I may live. How are you doing by the way? I can’t imagine what you are feeling right now, your family is coming together finally.” Bella said patting the spot next to her for Elijah. He sat beside her on the couch and let out a sigh.

“I’m fine, it will take several hours for them to wake,” Elijah said, “It probably won’t be until early evening until they wake up.”

“You’re going to be around a nervous Nik all day,” Bella said with a laugh.

Elijah smiled, “I know, but I figure if I stay upstairs near the coffins he won’t even notice me still in the house.”

Bella laughed, “Good luck I bet it won’t be easy to avoid him, but he should be a lot calmer in about 15 minutes when the potion fully kicks in.”

“Thank you for that, it would make everything a lot easier around here,” Elijah said with a smile.

They both heard Nik throw something and both instantly stood up, “That’s my cue to leave.” Bella said.

“Let me walk you out to your car,” Elijah said as he led Bella out, they could both practically feel the anger rolling off of Klaus as they walked out of the house and neither wanted to be near him at the moment.

Elijah opened the door to Bella’s car and helped her in, but before he closed the door he had to ask her one last thing. “My siblings won’t be waking up for hours, would you like to have a lunch date with me?”

Bella smiled widely, “I’d love to, we can meet at twelve anywhere you’d like to go.”

“I’ll meet you at your store Bella,” Elijah said closing the door to her car, a smile gracing his lips. He was determined to tell Bella how he truly felt about her today. Bella smiled at Elijah as she pulled out of the driveway, she waved at him and drove away she was already anticipating their lunch date.

-Page Break-

It was getting close to 10 am and Elijah was in the living room while Klaus stayed in his study researching the small town of Mystic falls, he had a strong feeling that there was more going on there than anyone would like to believe, and it was also keeping his mind off his siblings.

The small ring of the doorbell echoed through the large home. Seeing as his brother wasn’t in any mood to answer the door Elijah stood up and went to the door. Without looking through the small peephole he opened the door. To his surprise a wooden dagger was pushed through his heart. His body began to turn a stony grey as he fell back onto the floor. The sound of his body hitting the floor alerted his brother that something was wrong.

Klaus came running out, seeing his brother on the floor with a wooden dagger in his heart he growled. His eyes went to the door, “Why the hell did you just dagger my brother?”

“I thought he was you, and I wanted to make you feel some pain for daggering Finn,” Sage replied looking shocked at Klaus every nerve in her body telling her she was going to be staked for hurting Elijah.

Klaus growled again, “I won’t kill you for my brother’s sake, and because frankly I have to deal with Elijah right now.” Klaus bent down and picked up his brother’s body. He motioned for Sage to follow him, which she did cautiously making sure this wasn’t some sort of trap he was setting up to kill her for staking his brother. She watched as he set Elijah down on the couch and pulled the stake out of his heart. Klaus took a seat on one of the chairs in the living room facing his brother. He pointed to the chair across from him.

“Don’t just stand there like an idiot, take a seat,” Klaus said as he sighed looking at the startled Sage.

“You’re not going to attempt to kill me?” Sage asked confused, it was well known in the vampire that hurting an original would mean death or torture.

“It wouldn’t make Finn happy if I did, so no I’m not going to kill you,” Klaus said he took in a deep breath, “Really I’m not going to try and kill you, so would you just take a seat Sage. Having you standing is making me anxious, and I’m not really someone you want to see anxious.”

Sage nodded in understand, last thing she wanted to do was endanger her safety before she could see her Finn again, she reminded herself that Finn was the person she was here for, not to get revenge on Klaus, well not yet. “How long will it take for Elijah to wake up?”

“Not long, he should be awake within the hour,” Klaus said, his phone began to ring. It was playing a soft Piano melody, and he knew it was Bella, this was her favorite song, and she herself had programmed it in his phone. “Hello Bella.”

“Hey Nik, look I know I shouldn’t be bothering you today, but I’m getting this bad feeling about Elijah. I can feel it in the pit of my stomach that there’s something wrong with him. Can you do me a favor and just check on him?” Bella asked her voice sounding worried and slightly terrified through the phone as she spoke about the possibility of something being wrong with Elijah.

Klaus looked over at Elijah, “He was in a bit of an accident and had a stake go through his heart. Seeing as regular wooden stakes can’t kill an original, he should be up and walking around within the hour.”

“What do you mean he got staked? You let him get staked?” Bella asked, her breaths coming in slow pants, as she was surely hyperventilating, she had already lost her father, she couldn’t lose her soul mate too.

“If I had known he was going to get staked I would’ve stopped him from answering the door. He’ll be fine Bella, I promise you my brother will be his high moral self the next time you see him,” Klaus said, “Are you going to be okay?”

“I’m going to be fine, just a bit of overreacting. Changing the topic to something less stressful how are you doing?” Bella asked her voice calming down as she spoke.

“Peachy, Sage just arrived,” Klaus mentioned looking at the redhead, he pulled the phone away from his ear and looked at her, “Finn’s coffin is upstairs, you can settle yourself right into his room if you would like.” Sage looked at Klaus in wonderment for a moment before dashing out to find Finn, the other part of her soul.

“Is she the one who stabbed Eli?” Bella asked putting together the pieces of the puzzle.

“In her defense, she did think it was me who she was stabbing,” Klaus said, Bella was the one who saw the good in people and he knew seeing Elijah hurt would make her hate whoever hurt him.

“Still doesn’t mean she should walk into someone else’s home and stab the first person she sees. Whether it was you or Eli, it’s still the same thing, but she is there for your brother, so I can’t imagine how much restraint your showing from killing her for stabbing Elijah.” Bella said.

“I’m on edge,” Klaus answered as Elijah began to twitch on the couch, “Seems like your other half is going to wake up sooner than expected.”

Bella sighed in relief, “Good, a shipment just came in, I’ll see you later, and try not to do something you’re going to regret later on.”

“I never regret anything Bella,” Klaus said.

Bella laughed, “Of course you don’t. Bye Nik.” Klaus hung up the phone and looked back to his brother. His body still shaking slightly as he was coming back to life. He really had expected for Elijah to take longer to wake up. Klaus’s foot tapped impatiently on the floor as he waited for his brother to fully wake up, he needed Elijah awake for when his siblings came back, there was no way he could handle them all without his brother, and he didn’t want to try either.

After what felt like forever to Klaus Elijah’s eyes opened, “That was unpleasant. Who stabbed me?”

“Sage, she confused you for me,” Klaus said, “Apparently she thought stabbing me would repay for having the love of her life trapped in a box for close to a thousand years.”

“And what time is it Nik?” Elijah asked sitting up dusting off his now ruined suit that had a hole on the chest.

“Close to 11 in the morning,” Klaus replied taking a sip of his drink, his nerves had calmed down and he knew this had to do with Bella.

Elijah stood up, “Just enough time to get ready.”

“Ready for what? I doubt our siblings truly care how you look Elijah, and after waking from a long sleep I doubt your appearance will even be on their mind,” Klaus said as he watched Elijah stand and pick at the hole in his suit above his chest.

“I have a date with Bella for lunch,” Elijah said walking out of the room, he felt he didn’t owe Klaus a bigger explanation of things.

Klaus just watched his brother walk out without a word, a small smile playing at his lips. Finally Bella and Elijah were headed somewhere, it wouldn’t be long until they proclaimed their love for each other, Klaus thought.

-Page Break-

Bella stood behind the counter of the store helping an old lady check out.

“Have a good day,” Bella said as she put the receipt in the bag and handed it to the lady.

“Thank you sweetheart,” the lady said to Bella as she walked out of the store. Elijah walked in at that moment and smiled as he saw Bella.

“Eli! Hold on, let me get my bag and we can go,” Bella said smiling as she ushered Stephanie to the counter as she grabbed her bag. Stephanie smiled seeing Elijah at the door and the way his eyes gazed at Bella. Bella walked up to Elijah with a large smile on her face.

Elijah held out his hand for Bella, “Shall we?” Bella placed her hand in Elijah’s and together they walked out of the store to the same diner they had gone to not so long ago.

-Page Break-

“That must’ve been amazing, was he a better speaker in person,” Bella asked as Elijah told her about meeting Martin Luther King Jr.

“He was a great speaker, his voice was very soulful during his speeches. It was a great memory to see him speak,” Elijah told Bella happy to see how interested she was in things he had lived through.

“Have you ever met someone a part of the royal family?” Bella asked curiously.

“I have, Rebekah, Nik and I were very close friends with the family. At a time we were one of their greatest supporters,” Elijah said with a smile. Him and Bella had long ago left the diner and were now walking through the streets looking through the windows at the different things that were being sold inside the stores.

“You must have lived through some amazing things,” Bella said in wonder at the different things Elijah had been through in the past.

“I believe the truly amazing things have only just begun,” Elijah said, his eyes never leaving Bella as they walked through the park. Bella smiled as she realized Elijah hadn’t let go of her hand since they left the diner.

“Are you feeling better? It must hurt to be literally stabbed in the heart,” Bella said looking up at Elijah.

Elijah tensed, “You knew about that?”

Bella nodded, “I sort of sensed it I guess you can say, and then I called Nik, and he told me that Sage had stabbed you thinking it was Nik who had answered the door.”

“It’s a very uncomfortable experience,” Elijah said, “But I do not blame Sage for doing it.”

Bella looked at Elijah confused before asking, “Why?”

“Finn and Sage have been together since Finn was human. Niklaus daggered Finn about 900 years ago, Sage has had to live without the person she loves the most for all those years. Finn was the reason she had become a vampire and the only reason she has been living these past 900 years. She was angry, angry she had to spend all those years alone because Niklaus was scared to see his family die.” Elijah said.

Bella nodded, “I understand, but it doesn’t mean you have to get revenge. It won’t bring Finn back any faster if Sage stabs Nik, it only makes Nik angrier and we all know how he gets when he’s angry. The revenge Sage is seeking will only cause more problems in the end. Nothing good can come from getting revenge.”

“Have you ever wanted some type of revenge on someone,” Elijah asked out of curiosity.

“For a long time I wanted some sort of revenge on Mike. I wanted to get back at him for taking my father, but one day, I passed his parents on the streets, and they hated me so I had to hide, I didn’t want a confrontation. They were buying roses for Mike’s funeral, and they just looked so heartbroken, so depressed, and I realized they were feeling the same way I was about Charlie. No amount of revenge was going to bring my dad back or make me feel better, it was only going to cause someone else pain, and if I could prevent someone from feeling the way I felt I would do it.” Bella said, it didn’t hurt her to talk about her dad, or Mike anymore, she was stronger now.

They stopped walking and stood under a large tree, the shade covering them from the burning rays of the sun. Bella stood with her back to the tree and Elijah standing in front of her. His gaze fixed on how beautiful she looked. Elijah realized that this was his moment to talk to Bella about his feelings for her.

“Isabella, my feelings for you have become much more than those of friendship,” Elijah began, his hand moving a stray strand of hair from her face and tucking it behind her ear. “I’m beginning to have strong feelings for you, and if you do not feel the same I will understand, but I need you tell me now before I go any further. I need to know that you want this, that you want a relationship with me.”

Bella’s breath hitched as she took in what he was saying, there was no doubt in her mind that she wanted this, that she wanted a relationship with Elijah. “I want this.” Bella said, her hands going to Elijah’s suit coat, “I want you.” She stood up on her toes, and pulled Elijah to her, crashing her lips on to his. Finally, the kiss they had both been waiting for. Elijah wrapped his arms around Bella, pulling her closer to him and holding her up. Bella’s hand left Elijah’s suit, and snaked around his neck, her hand resting in his hair as she brought him closer to her to deepen their kiss.

Finally pulling a part Elijah looked into Bella’s eyes, he knew there was no going back from this, from her. “There’s no turning back after this Bella.”

Bella smiled at Elijah and caressed his cheek with her hand, “I wasn’t planning on turning back on this Eli.” Bella’s lips met Elijah’s again, in a slow tender kiss sealing the beginning of their relationship.

-Page Break-

Klaus sat in the living room, his feet were tapping on the floor causing a slow thumping noise. It was close to 5 in the evening, and Bella wouldn’t get out of work yet, so she wasn’t there to give him some sort of advice or encouragement like she usually did. Elijah was upstairs helping his siblings get changed, and telling them what has changed in times. Klaus’s phone began to go off, the soft melody it always played when Bella called.

Nothing to worry about, everyone deserves forgiveness this includes you. Just remember forgiveness takes time. Good luck – Bella.

Is that something you stitched onto a pillow? Thanks for the words of wisdom, but aren’t too young to be so wise? –Klaus.

Age is but a number Nik, and now that you mention Pillows, I think I might just stitch that onto a pillow for you. –Bella Klaus was about to reply when he heard the several footsteps of his siblings as they came down the stairs. He put his phone away and looked at the door. His nerves weren’t as bad as they should’ve been thanks to Bella’s earlier potion.

“How dare you lock me into a coffin? I disagree with you one time and I get a dagger in my heart, and I’m stuck in a coffin!” Rebekah’s yelled walking into the living room, her face was red with anger.

“Really brother, you couldn’t just leave Rebekah in the coffin and just freed me?” Kol said ignoring Rebekah’s angered face and walking past her to grab a drink. Klaus looked at Elijah for an answer as to why Kol wasn’t as mad as Rebekah.

Elijah shook his head not having a straight answer, “Finn and Sage are upstairs, and I doubt they’ll becoming down anytime soon.”

“Elijah! You’re supposed to be the one of us who hates him the most,” Rebekah yelled her anger rising as she saw her brothers were actually getting along.

“Sometimes you have to move on from that Rebekah, I suggest you do the same. It would be useless to stay angry at Niklaus,” Elijah said knowing if he let his sister take out her anger she would sooner or later calm down.

“So brothers, what are our plans for tonight? I’m quite famished from being locked in a coffin for years, I could use a snack,” Kol said, “What about a night out on the town?”

“Kol! This is not what we’re supposed to be talking about! We should be taking revenge on our brother who’s had us locked up in a coffin for years because he couldn’t stand that we were going against him,” Rebekah yelled again, she was angry no one was taking her side.

“I didn’t lock you in a coffin because of whether or not you stood beside me. I put you in a coffin because you were being reckless and stupid. Mikael was on our trail and you were willing to risk your life because some boy was making eyes at you for a few days. What I did was keep you alive,” Klaus said to his younger sister.

“If you un-daggered us, it must mean you finally killed Mikael,” Kol said looking at his brother with a bit of shock in his eyes, “So where did you spread his ashes.”

“He’s not dead, just daggered,” Klaus said, “He’s in his coffin beside our mother in the basement.”

“Mother?” Rebekah asked, Klaus sighed knowing his sister was always attached to their mother.

“Yes, and since we’re on the topic of our mother, I should mention that Mikael wasn’t the one that killed her, I did.” Klaus said, he was ready for the anger to come from his two younger siblings, he had told Elijah not long ago. He saw Rebekah break a table and use the leg to throw at him, he saw that it didn’t hit him, but instead hit an invisible shield and fall to the ground.

Klaus looked to Elijah with a silent question in his eyes, “She thought you might need it.” Elijah responded standing up. “Stop acting like a child Rebekah. Our mother hated the mere thought of us, if Niklaus hadn’t killed her we would’ve been dead long ago. Mother was a cruel woman who wanted the death of her own children, she stopped caring for us the second we became vampires.”

Kol sighed, “I want to see their coffins, see that they’re dead for myself.”

Klaus nodded and stood up, he walked to the door leading to the basement and opened it, “They’re in there, you can go see their coffins for yourself, but I’d warn you that you can’t open them.” Klaus left as he saw his two younger siblings walk into the basement. He walked back to where Elijah was at. “What exactly did she do?”

“It was in the potion she gave you, it’s a barrier between you and any physical pain someone might try to cause you,” Elijah explained to his younger brother. They both heard a scream coming from the basement that belonged to Rebekah.

Klaus sighed, “I did warn her not to try and open it.”

“She’ll get over this soon,” Elijah commented, “Rebekah has always been stubborn, but she’ll get past this like she always has.”

Klaus nodded, he heard the sound of his younger brother’s laughter followed by a comment towards Rebekah’s stupidity to continue to open the coffin.

“Rebekah you’re giving a whole new meaning to being blonde and stupid. If you see that it’s continuing to hurt you to try and open the coffin, leave it alone. It’s obvious our brother has it spelled.” Kol said his tone filled with boredom as he spoke. Rebekah grunted a response and followed Kol out of the basement.

“I want you to remove the spell from the coffin so I can see mother,” Rebekah demanded as she stood in front of Klaus.

Klaus looked at his sister knowing there was no way he was going to open that coffin. “No, and as much as you pout about it, I won’t open our mother’s coffin, she’s dangerous and she wants us all dead. Opening that coffin can be dangerous for us. There’s no way I would allow her any type of chance to walk this Earth again.”

“He’s right Rebekah, opening that coffin can be dangerous,” Elijah said siding with his brother.

“What about Mikael, you daggered him, so there’s no possible way he can come back unless the dagger is removed, can we see him?” Kol asked.

Klaus looked at Elijah, would Bella be willing again to open up Mikael’s coffin. Elijah nodded knowing Bella would do it if she thought it would help bring Klaus closer to his siblings. “We’ll do that later, the witch who spelled it in the first place is a bit occupied at the moment.”

-Page Break-

Klaus sat in the living room with Kol and Elijah all three hearing the constant tantrum that Rebekah was throwing over being daggered.

“I was daggered far longer than she was, and I’m not throwing such an outrageous tantrum,” Kol said downing another drink. Klaus went to reply when he heard the soft noise of Isabella’s car door closing. Kol perked up as he heard someone was coming, he expected it to be the witch that would unlock his father’s coffin.

The doorbell rang and Kol stood up to answer it. Elijah was faster and Klaus put a hand on his brother’s shoulder to make sure he didn’t follow after Elijah.

“Is there a reason I wasn’t allowed to leave,” Kol asked Klaus with a slight pout in his tone.

Klaus nodded, “You’re too much a flirt for us to trust you around her Kol.”

Kol laughed, he stopped and stared at Klaus, “You’re being serious?”

Klaus nodded, “Of course I am, now sit back down.” Rebekah stopped her pacing when she heard Elijah’s laughter.

“I haven’t heard Elijah laugh like that in a long time,” Rebekah muttered.

There were footsteps and Bella appeared beside Elijah who was standing closely behind her.

“Rebekah Kol, this is Bella, Bella, these are my younger siblings,” Klaus said.

“Hello,” Bella said with a smile to the two younger siblings. Rebekah stayed silent glaring daggers at Bella. While Kol smiled and approached Bella, Klaus was in the background shaking his head at his brother. Kol approached Bella and took her hand, he kissed her hand while staring into her eyes.

“It’s a true pleasure to meet you darling,” Kol said.

Bella smiled politely not really knowing what to say, luckily for her Elijah stepped in. “Would you mine opening Mikael’s coffin Bella?”

“Not at all,” Bella replied, “Would you like to do it now?”

“The sooner the better Bella, if you would please,” Klaus said pointing in the direction of the basement.

Bella smirked, “We both know I don’t enter your basement first, you have to go first.”

“There’s nothing in my basement,” Klaus said standing up and heading over to the basement door.

“That’s what everyone says before a psychotic murderer appears and tries to hack off my head,” Bella said with a smile as she followed behind Klaus. Elijah walked behind them as did Kol and Rebekah.

“Which is Mikael’s again?” Bella asked forgetting which coffin belonged to the original father.

Klaus pointed her in the correct direction and stood back as Bella did her magic. The room was silent as Bella undid the spell on the coffin. She stepped back and looked at the four originals, “Done! You can open it now.” Bella stepped back and stood beside Elijah whose hand went around her waist, making sure she was safe beside him. By the way Rebekah was acting she could at any moment snap and decide to take out on Bella.

Kol stepped forward and walked to the coffin, he pushed the lid open and stared at the body of his father, the man who had tortured his past for several years, the one man that had torn his family apart. Kol felt an anger rising in him, and all he wanted the most was to stab his father in the heart with a white oak stake, but he knew he couldn’t do that. Death would be too peaceful for him. He stepped back and headed up the stairs not uttering a single word as he left.

Rebekah was tempted to follower after her brother, but she couldn’t, she had to see her father. Everyone in the family knew their father was a cruel man, and although he never harmed her, he did spend years harming Klaus, and she stood by and did nothing. Was it her fault her brother turned out to be distrusting? She could’ve done more to help him, stood with him against their father, and stopped him from lashing out at Klaus. One thought remained in Rebekah’s mind, why hadn’t she done anything to save her brother? Klaus was the brother who protected her from all the men who had emotionally harmed her. The one that sought out revenged against all those who would harm her. Yes, he was cruel at times, but he only did it to protect her, to keep her from those who caused her harm. Rebekah turned back to look at her brothers, and that was when he noticed Elijah’s stance beside Bella as she talked quietly to Klaus. His eyes were trained on Rebekah, Rebekah raised an eyebrow to her brother in a silent question about the relationship between the two. Elijah nodded and stood taller beside Bella, sending the message to Rebekah he would protect Bella. Rebekah nodded and turned back to her father, a part of her was upset that her brother had killed her mother, but seeing her father she realized her mother was no different. She wanted them dead as much as Mikael did. She understood why Klaus killed their mother, why he kept it from them, but mostly she began to understand why Klaus acted the way he did.

Rebekah closed the coffin sealing Mikael away. She nodded towards her brothers and left the basement following Kol’s example and not saying anything else.

“That went better than expected,” Klaus uttered, “All that’s left is Finn, but I doubt we’ll be seeing him for another few days. Am I right to assume that the two of you are finally together?”

Bella laughed, “Like you didn’t already figure out.”

Elijah smiled at Bella, and then turned to look at his brother, “Yes.”

“Do you have blood? I’m kind of dying of thirst,” Bella said, “Oh, and I can leave the coffin unlocked if you want to show Finn. I spelled the dagger, you can’t remove it.”

Klaus nodded, “Thank you, and the blood is in the kitchen as always.”

“I’ll go with you to get some,” Elijah said as Bella and him began to walk towards the door.

Klaus chuckled as they left, “He’s only going because he doesn’t like Kol around you.”

Bella laughed as Elijah glared at his brother, she put her hand in his and walked off to the kitchen with Elijah. She smiled as he served her blood not allowing her to do it herself.

“Do you have a preference in blood?” Bella asked Elijah as he handed her the cup of blood.

“Not really, it’s not something I pay much attention to,” Elijah replied watching Bella as she sniffed the cup of blood. He smiled as she took a small sip of the blood.

“I think type A is the best,” Bella said with a smile, “Feeling okay? Not completely overwhelmed by the events of the day?”

Elijah smiled, “I feel great, and today has been an exceptionally good day.” Bella smiled as Elijah set her glass of blood down and kissed her. It started off as a soft kiss, but the passion between the two had taken over.

“Well, well if this isn’t a sight to see,” Kol’s voice interrupted the two lovebirds.

Elijah sighed at the voice of his brother, “Did you need something Kol?”

“I came in here for a bit of blood, but instead I happen to catch a bit of a show,” Kol said with a smirk, he was a bit disappointed to know that Bella was with one of his brothers, but this did mean he could pick fun at his brother.

Elijah glared at his brother, “Why don’t we leave Kol in the kitchen Bella.”

Bella grabbed her cup of blood and followed Elijah out. She was slightly embarrassed to be caught in the position she was in with Elijah. She walked with Elijah into the living room. She sat beside him on the couch with the cup of blood in her hand.

“You’re a vampire?” Rebekah asked looking at Bella.

Bella nodded, “I’ve just shortly transitioned.”

“But you still have magic? How can you be both?” Rebekah asked.

“I’m not a regular witch, I’m a Swan witch. My magic isn’t bound to nature like other witches, and I was given the opportunity to become a vampire,” Bella said taking a sip of her blood.

“And why are you helping my brother?” Rebekah asked.

“He’s a friend, it’s what friends do.” Bella said simply.

“Niklaus? Are you sure you’re talking about him?” Rebekah asked pointing to Klaus who was smirking.

“Is it so hard to believe that I could have a friend Rebekah?” Klaus asked with a smile.

“As hard as it is to believe I am friends with Nik, and have been for a while,” Bella said finishing off her blood. Rebekah nodded knowing what else to say. Kol re-entered the room and took a seat across from Elijah and Bella. The conversation continued and Bella got to know the only Mikaelson girl better as the three brothers had a conversation of their own. Bella had scheduled to go out with Rebekah the next day to do some shopping which was something Rebekah wanted to do.


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  1. Yeah! He finally made his move to be with Bella!
    Can’t really blame Sage for wanting to dagger Klaus but poor Elijah got it instead.
    Kol has always been one of my favorites but Rebecca not so much, very spoiled.


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