My Love (Bella and Jackson)

I hope you enjoy!

Bella rushed into the house, going straight to the backyard where she knew Stiles would be at this time of day. She jumped over the dog that was on the grass and rushed over to Stiles landing in the lawn chair that was across from him. “I’ve got something for you.”

Stiles looked up from his laptop, and pushed it to the side and glanced at Bella. “Is it bad? Did Ms. Hammer come by and try to get me to meet her granddaughter again?”

“This is better.” Bella responded with a smile she reached into her bag and slid across a rectangular box towards him. “Go ahead, open it!”

Stiles carefully ripped the wrapping paper open and his eyes widened at the contents inside. “What is this? You got me a phone? More specifically the brand new iPhone that just came out today…”

Bella nodded, “Yeah, I know yours is sort of useless at this point, so I bought you this one. More importantly, I bought myself the matching one so that now when you need something you don’t send me 16 texts and two voicemails, you can just facetime me or call me like a normal person.”

“Sometimes I feel like you’re my sugar daddy. Sugar mommy?” Stiles commented as he looked over the phone with a smile. “Thanks.”

“You’re welcome.” Bella set her bag down beside her and looked over at Stiles. “How’s work going?”

Stiles shrugged, “It’s fine. The hospital offered me a position once my residency is over with, but I don’t know whether I should take it. I applied to a position in Beacon Hills and from what I heard I was a definite hire.”

Bella nodded, “So go. Stiles, it’s been eight years, it’s normal if you miss your home.”

“It’s not that easy. We have something here. I have something here, you know. I rebuilt my life, and I pieced everything back together, and I don’t want to go back and have all the pieces shattered all over again.” Stiles responded with a frown. “Besides, you’re here and I sort of need my best friend to survive. No one else understands the mess inside my head.”

Bella smiled leaning her head against her hand. “Then we’ll go together. You’ll finish your residency here and by the time it’s done we’ll have a house big enough for you and me the several pets we’ve accumulated together.”

“You’d move across the country for me?” Stiles questioned with a frown. “Really?”

Bella nodded with a soft smile. “Sty, you’re my family, and I like being around you. You remind me to be human and to be happy. I want you to be happy, so if moving back to your hometown will make you happy, I’m all for it.” Bella grinned widely at him. “Besides, I’m a ghost writer, I could move anywhere and still be able to do my job. Let’s do this, I need the small-town vibe, the city is starting to drive me insane.”

Stiles smiled, “You know, you’re sort of the best sugar daddy a boy could ever ask for.”


Bella placed her hands inside the pocket of her hoodie and watched as Stiles was pacing the floor. “You know, I wrote a song about you.”

Stiles turned to her with a frown stopping his pacing and eyeing her warily. “You did? When?”

“When we first met, when you were helping me and I was helping you. You told me this line, I don’t know if you remember we were drunk and staring up at the stars outside of the dorms.” Bella responded quietly helping him remember the lines.

“It’s written in the scars.” Stiles said with a frown. “I was drunk, you wrote a song about me being drunk?”

Bella smiled, “I wrote a song about a boy who told me that our scars make us who we are. A drunk boy who then promptly threw up on my shoes before declaring that he wanted to do more than just survive, he wanted to live.” Bella walked up to Stiles and placed a hand on his shoulder. “You’re not the same boy who left this town almost a decade ago. You’ve grown up, and you’re more than what anyone gives you credit for. Put your jacket on, and let’s go sign some papers at the hospital before we go get something to eat and schedule visits at the groomers for our pets, because I’m pretty sure Rufus is days away from turning into one big fur ball.”

“Yeah, okay.” Stiles responded moving to grab his coat. “You look like a hermit by the way. I hope you don’t spend the week locked up in this place.”

“It’s big and one of us needs to put the things away.” Bella responded following after him. “All you’re going to do is organize your comic books before leaving the rest to me.”

“It’s not my fault you’re an impatient organized lunatic. I mean, who organizes teas?” Stiles responds as he stepped into Bella’s mustang, both his jeep and her truck were sitting safely in the garage and once things were settled he’d see to getting a checkup done on his car.

“I like knowing where to go if I need something, and don’t act like my organization method hadn’t helped you find everything.” Bella responded with a smile. “And it’s cold outside I dress comfortably not to high standards of this town.”


Bella entered the hospital a frowning blonde behind her. “No offense, but what kind of an idiot drops a bottle from two stories up?”

The blonde sighed. “It was an accident. You’re not putting enough pressure.”

Bella turned to the blonde with a glare. “You know, I won’t file a report if you just shut up for the next two minutes, because if it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have a gash on my writing hand.”

The blonde turned his head as he caught a familiar scent, he scrunched his brows at the familiar figure running towards them. “Stiles?”

“Bells?!” Stiles said worried as he looked at Bella. “What happened?”

“I sort of cut my hand. I think it’s going to need stitches.” Bella whimpered as Stiles pulled the cloth from her hand frowning at the cut.

Stiles frowned. “Yeah it is. You’re doing good.”

Bella laughed, “Blondie over here keeps arguing with me. It’s a distraction.” She saw the blood on Stiles’ hand and frowned. “Shit.”

Stiles caught her easily and yelled for a nurse. He set Bella down on a cot before turning to Jackson. “Go to the bathroom and wipe all blood off you. Then sit in the waiting room, I’ll be out once I’m done.”

Stiles wiped his hands and entered the waiting room moving and sitting next to Jackson.

“Is she okay? Did she lose a lot of blood?” Jackson questioned quickly.

“Bella has a phobia to blood, I’m surprised you got her down here without her fainting. The cut only needed 3 stitches, and she was asleep while I took care of it. She’s getting cleaned up now. She said you dropped a bottle from three stories and that the whole ride here your eyes were glowing green. I think it’s weird that with your werewolf senses you didn’t catch it.”

Stiles turned to Jackson with a glare. “Your eyes are dilated and you looked terrified. Then I remembered this werewolf lore about soul mates and green eyes and it makes sense.”

“Look, she’s your girlfriend, I won’t come between that.” Jackson responded sincerely

“She’s not my girlfriend, she’s my best friend, my other half.” Stiles responded easily. “So, I’ll make this clear now. Your hurt her in any shape or form and I will destroy you. I will cut you into billions of little pieces that you’ll never be pieced together. I will make you wish you had died a long time ago. Bella is my best friend and you have no idea what I would do for her.”

Stiles stood dusting off his scrubs. “You cut her right hand so she won’t drive. Offer her a ride home, she’s too polite to say no.”

Jackson frowned. “Why would you help me?”

“She’s my best friend and if fate says you might make her happy I’m willing to tolerate you. Besides, she already knows what you are, Bella catches on quick.” Stiles turned to walk away but still whispered under his breath. “I’ve learned enough to know how to get away with murder.”


Bella tilted her head to the side and examined the small blue box that sat on her coffee table.

“It’s a gift. Just open it.” Jackson said from behind her.

Bella frowned and turned to Jackson with a questioning look. “I know what it is, but why?”

Jackson sighed, leaning over the couch he kissed her forehead. “It’s because I love you. I have to get to work, but when you decide to open it, give me a call.”

Bella smiled, “Love you too!” She yelled after him. She took out her phone and FaceTime Stiles.

“What?! I’m sleeping!” Stiles said answering the call.

“I know. You’re upstairs, but I have a situation.” Bella said switching the camera to show the little box. “Jackson gave me a gift.”

Stiles sighed moving the phone as he sat up. “You should just tell him.”

Bella frowned, “Tell him that his girlfriend is terrified of opening presents because the last time she did she was attacked by a vampire? I’ll bring it up later. Can you open this for me?”

“If that was the problem I wouldn’t have paid extra for them to wrap it.” Jackson said standing behind Bella. He moved sitting down beside her and ripped the box open handing Bella the bracelet inside. “Forgot my jacket, so I came back.” He said as explanation.

Bella smiled and looked over the bracelet to see that it had several little charms. She leaned over and kissed Jackson before placing the bracelet on. “Thank you.”

Jackson smiled. “I’m glad you liked it. I’ll see you for lunch.”


Jackson looked up from his desk as he could smell Bella coming and her scent was a strong mixture of frustration and sadness. “Something wrong?” He stood and saw she was soaked. “Were you walking in the rain?”

Bella nodded, “I can’t be at home. I just…” She looked around and sniffled. “My mind is a little foggy and I just needed to walk around and then it started raining. Your office was what was closest to me right now.”

Jackson stood closing the door to his office and locking it before he turned to Bella. He put his hand on her neck and noticed she was burning up. “Babe, I think you’re coming down with a cold.”

Bella closed her eyes at the touch. “That would explain the coughing.” She whispered. “I’m going to catch a taxi home, and leave you to your work. I shouldn’t have come and bothered you.”

Jackson smiled holding Bella in place. “You’re not going anywhere without me. Give me one second to close down my computer and I’ll take you home.”

Bella sniffled again not having the energy to argue with him. She watched him close his computer and pack up his work, he walked over to her, and removed her soaked sweater. He placed his coat over her and zipped it up for her. He kissed her forehead before taking her hand and leading her out of the office. Stopping at his assistant’s desk to let her know he was taking the rest of the day off.

Jackson watched as Bella almost immediately fell asleep in his car. He drove to her home, and carried her inside to her bedroom. He got her changed into dry pajamas, before tucking her into the bed. He pulled his phone out and messaged Stiles letting him know Bella was sick.

Get her to rest. Give her fluids and I’ll bring home some medicine for her in about an hour.

Jackson moved and settled in next to Bella. He ran his fingers through her hair as she slept, she moved a bit until she was clutching at his shirt and burying her head in the crook of her neck.

  1. That was really sweet. Protective Stiles is funny.

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