Reaper Twins: Chapter 22

rt chapt 22

Rebekah walked back into the house at close to midnight. With a large sigh she threw her bag on the couch in the living room where everyone was gathered. Kol was playing a video game with Henrik while Klaus and Bella were reading the same book and Marco was writing a return email to the Volturi who had sent an update on how things had ended up.

“Your dad is better, Nik’s compulsion really helped, but he’s still a bit of a mess. Everything is set up for tomorrow, but there is a bit of a problem,” Rebekah said looking at Bella with slight worry.

Bella met Rebekah’s gaze and asked, “What’s the problem Bekah?”

“We got a call this morning, from a certain family, stating that they will be in town for your funeral,” Rebekah said cautiously.

Bella’s teeth gritted together she could just imagine what family she was talking about, but she had to ask to be sure. “What family are we talking about Bekah?”

“The Cullen’s,” Rebekah said cautiously unknowingly moving towards Marco she took in a deep breath and continued. “Esme called this morning, both your deaths were well publicized I’m sure they saw it on the news, and decided to come down. Then who I assume was Alice asked to help arrange things, but Charlie told her he didn’t need it nor did he want any help from any them. He was going to forbid them to come, but your mother argued you would want them there. Charlie didn’t have much time to argue back as your mother took the phone and allowed them to come to come to your funeral. She told them that you would have wanted them there.”

Bella’s anger grew this time a small amount angled at Renee. “Renee is an idiot! She should’ve let Charlie handle everything he has more sense than her when it comes to me.”

Rebekah nodded, “I’m sorry Isa, by the time I was able to get into the living room to try and talk them out of it your mother had already allowed them to come. There was nothing I could do anymore, the Cullen’s will be attending your funeral.”

Bella took in a deep breath, she wanted to kill the Cullen’s. She wanted to be able to tear them all apart piece by piece. She wanted them all to feel every agonizing moment she had felt. Most of all, she wanted them to beg for their death like she had once done. She realized that this wasn’t the time for her revenge that would come later, now all she wanted to do was fake her death and get out of this hell hole of a town and go on with her eternal life.

“Its fine there was nothing you could do anymore, Bekah, it was out of your hands.” Bella said she leaned in closer to Klaus enjoying his presence she was practically in his lap, but it never seemed to bother him. Klaus just kept a tighter hold on her waist keeping her close to him where he felt she belonged.

“Well,” Marco said coming to a realization. “Our funeral is going to be filled with supernatural creatures of all kinds.”

“The reception afterwards should be interesting,” Henrik added earning a chuckle from Kol.

“Do we have to be polite to the Cullen’s?” Kol asked, “I never really liked their kind, and no one here really likes them. You should all also keep in mind being nice isn’t something I think I can do.”

“Just don’t cause a scene,” Marco said as he closed his laptop and looked at Kol.

Bella laughed, “No offence Kol, but you can be a bit of a drama queen, and you and Henri paired up together it’d be sure to cause a really dramatic scene.”

Henrik laughed and turned to look at Bella, “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about, Kol and I never do anything on the dramatic side.”

“Really,” Rebekah said with a raised eyebrow. “So when Finn and Elijah wanted to leave earlier than expected, it wasn’t you and Kol that packed all their things and dropped them over the waterfall in Mystic Falls.”

Henrik shrugged, “We went to a movie that day.”

“What was the name of the movie then?” Bella said with a smirk.

“So back to the Cullen issue at hand,” Kol stepped in, “Are we allowed to converse with them and make sure they know how much you hated them before you allegedly died?”

Bella smiled, “I think that is a great idea Kol, make it hell for them.”

Rebekah laughed, “From what I heard on the phone they seemed pretty hurt by your death. Reminding them over and over again that you hated them would be a good thing. It’d be like adding salt to their guilty pathetic wounds.”

Bella smiled, “Do what you have to do, I’m all for making them feel pain for what they have done.”

“It’s a shame I won’t be able to be there,” Marco said, “I really would love to kill Edward in front of his family, it’s sort of my goal in life at the moment.”

Kol laughed, “If you wish, we could lure him to the house, it’d be all too easy to get them all here.”

“No luring,” Bella replied immediately, she didn’t want the Cullen’s in the place she called her home. “If anyone gets to kill Edward, it’d be me, and I’d do it when he least expected it. I think him knowing I died is good enough for now. I’ll kill him when the time is right, and as of now, it’s not the perfect timing.”

“Fine,” Kol said with a feigned sad sigh.

Klaus kissed Bella’s neck as he felt the conversation was over. He turned his head and went back to reading the book in his hand. Klaus felt Bella move in his lap, she rested her head on his shoulder and went back to reading with him. Henrik returned to playing the video game with Kol. While Rebekah sat next to Marco and began to finish up the plans they had left for the funeral. The secret couple still hadn’t come out to the rest of them, and by now everyone had bets on when they would do it and who would be the one to expose the relationship. Bella had betted it would be Rebekah, Marco wouldn’t do it until Rebekah felt comfortable and believed that Klaus wouldn’t try to run Marco off.

“I have a question,” Henrik said not taking his eyes away from the screen as he interrupted the silence. “What happens after the funeral?”

“We’ll see when the time gets here,” Klaus answered looking at his brother and then back to the book.

“Do you all have your suits?” Rebekah asked her brothers needing to know if they were prepared. “I don’t want you to get them at the last minute.”

“Stop worrying sister, it’s upstairs,” Kol said waving a dismissive hand at his sister. “Henrik’s is there too.”

“I got Klaus’s upstairs,” Bella said with a smile towards Rebekah.

“Good, everything’s going fine so far,” Rebekah said her posture relaxing.

Marco smiled amused, he leaned into Rebekah so only she could hear, “You seem to be enjoying planning my funeral.”

Rebekah smiled, “I won’t lie it is something I find I joy in.”

Marco laughed quietly as he grabbed a book and began to read, he was content to know Rebekah was beside him, even though she wasn’t exactly ready to tell everyone about it.

-Page Break-

Bella swatted Klaus’s hand away and did his tie for him. “You always tie them a little lopsided.”

“It’s not an art I choose to master.” Klaus replied, as Bella smoothed out his shirt and jacket a small smile on her lips.

“You look pretty good in a suit,” Bella acknowledged. “Do you feel weird about attending your girlfriend’s funeral?”

“It’s not as strange as expected,” Klaus said, grabbing Bella’s hand and stilling them from fixing his jacket again. “I’m wondering how you are doing.”

Bella smiled at Klaus, “I’m fine really. Just do me a favor, make it clear that I’m in love with you, and over that asshole don’t give him or his family any reason to believe that I still liked them.”

“I want nothing more than to make it clear to everyone on this planet that you’re mine,” Klaus said, his voice exposing the possessive tone it held. “I’ll make sure that sorry excuse for a vampire knows you happily moved on.”

Bella stood on her toes and kissed Klaus, she smiled at him, “I’m going to make sure Henrik has his tie on correctly. You should finish putting on your shoes.”

Klaus nodded, he put his arm around Bella’s waist and leaned down to kiss her. Pulling apart he rested his forehead against her forehead, “What are you going to do here while we’re out?”

“Hang out with Marco,” Bella said, her hand cupped Klaus’s cheek she stared into his eyes. The love she felt for him was amazing, but the love she saw that he held for her in his eyes sent shivers down her spine. “I love you.” She whispered wanting to tell him before he left.

“I know, and I love you Isabella,” Klaus said as he put his hand over hers, he kissed her again before he let her leave.

Bella walked into the living room and spotted Henrik in front of the mirror trying to do his tie, “You’re hopeless.”

“I’ve never really had to do this before,” Henrik justified he gave up and turned to Bella, his eyes going wide as he stuck out his bottom lip silently asking Bella to help him.

Bella laughed, “Alright, put the face away, I’ll do it for you.”

Henrik smiled, “Thanks Elle. I haven’t asked you something in a while.”

Bella worked on his tie, “And what would that be?”

“Am I still your favorite Mikaelson?” Henrik asked with a smirk.

Bella laughed, and finished up the tie, “You look quite dashing Henri, make sure to shed a few tears for me.”

“I’ll make sure to put on a good show, maybe for extra effect I’ll throw myself on your coffin just as they lower you down,” Henrik said with a smile.

Bella laughed, “Don’t forget to ask why while you shout at the sky. We want to go all out for this.”

Henrik chuckled and fixed his jacket, “I’ll put on a good show exceptionally special for you Elle.”

“In all seriousness, Charlie always liked you and Klaus, and I just want you to keep close to him,” Bella said, “Klaus is going to watch over my mom.”

Henrik nodded, “Your dad thinks I’m adorable, he won’t push me away.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks Henri.”

“No problem Elle,” Henri said with a smile.

“I’m assuming that any of your old town friends are off limits,” Kol said coming into the room straightening out his jacket and fixing his hair.

“That’d be correct,” Bella said, “But, I believe it wouldn’t be too horrible if you flirted at the reception, just try to keep it in your pants at the funeral, actually also try to keep it in your mouth, I don’t think you feeding on these people would be a good idea.”

Kol sighed as if truly disappointed, “Alright, I’ll be a good little boy for this event.”

“Good, I’d hate to hurt you because you ruined what I planned,” Rebekah said entering, she had on a black knee length dress and a black hat on.

Bella and Henrik laughed as they both thought the hat was a bit too much. Rebekah looked at them and they coughed to cover their laugh. “Sorry, I was reading Henrik’s mind, he said something I found funny.” Bella said trying to keep the laughing out of her voice, but it was a fail.

“What did he say that was so funny?” Rebekah asked her hands on her hips.

“That your hat is a bit out of place,” Henrik said with a smile knowing his sister couldn’t stay mad at him.

“Really?” Rebekah asked looking in the mirror and inspecting her hat.

“I think it looks fine,” Marco said coming down the stairs with Klaus.

Rebekah smiled and kept her hat on. She got her jacket and slipped it on, “So are we all ready to go?”

“Yes, let’s go,” Klaus said.

“Bye Elle, Marc,” Henrik said as he headed out with Kol who just simply waved. Bella took Klaus’s hand and led him out discreetly giving Rebekah and Marco some space. Bella kissed Klaus before he got into the car, Rebekah hurriedly got in and waved to the two twins who stood on the doorstep of the house.

“So, what do you want to do for the next five hours,” Marco asked Bella as the car was out of sight.

Bella shrugged, “Want to fight? It’s been a while, and we have all the forest to ourselves, we can go all out.”

Marco grinned, “Oh my dear sister I think you’re brilliant. Let’s go try and kill each other.”

Bella laughed, “Is it strange we find joy in hurting each other.”

“I don’t believe so,” Marco said, “We know we can’t really hurt each other or kill each other, so it’s really just like when two kids sword fight using those pool noodles. They aren’t really hurting each other, but they’re still fighting. It’s harmless.”

“Makes sense,” Bella said as her and Marco headed to the backyard, they walked straight into the woods. “Planning on revealing you and Rebekah’s little secret anytime soon?”

Marco nodded, “I think she’s getting close to revealing us some part of her still believes Klaus will react badly.”

Bella laughed, “You’re the only one I think he deems worthy of being with her.”

“Of course he does, I’m charming,” Marco said with a grin, he made his scythe appear in his hands and he twirled it around in his hands. “Are you ready?”

Bella had her scythe appeared and she smirked at her brother, “Of course I am, I’m just slightly worried if you’re ready to do this. I mean this may hurt a bit.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t be the one in pain once this is done,” Marco said as he attacked beginning a fight with his sister.

-Page Break-

Everyone gathered inside the church for the wake there were two coffins surrounded by flowers and pictures of both Bella and Marco. The place was full, not just with people from Forks, but also from people who knew Marco. Charlie, Renee and Phil sat in the front row, Klaus sat on the other side of Renee and beside Charlie. Henrik on Charlie’s other side consoling Charlie as well as he could as people walked by the coffins and giving Bella’s parent’s their sympathies. Liz Caroline, and Jeremy all sat behind them, Caroline was consoling her mother while Jeremy stayed silent. He was in on the secret that Bella and Marco were alive, and had planned on going over to see them after their funerals were over.

All the Mikaelsons stiffened as they smelled the odor that undoubtedly belonged to the Cullen family. They all turned around to see them all walk in, the Cullen’s stayed in the back away from the flow of people who entered. The father of the church began to speak saying only kind things about Bella and Marco having met them both in the past.

Charlie stood and spoke about the twins. He shared fond stories on when they had first met and how since then they were glued to hip. Renee was too teary to speak, so Rebekah took the stand speaking about both twins, a few tears had fallen, each one real and not forced. The thought of losing someone she considered a sister, and the person she loved was fearful. She finished and slowly got off the stage she sat closely to Kol and Henrik taking some comfort in her both her brother’s presence.

“You okay Bekah?” Henrik whispered to his sister once the next speaker began.

“It’s just so real,” Rebekah replied, “It got to me, that’s all. I’ll be better when we get home.”

Henrik nodded, and patted his sister’s hand as he went back to consoling the chief.

“She loved your family, so much,” Charlie said to Henrik, “She became different after she met Marco, she was happier, and far more confident in herself. Meeting your family, Bella and Marco seemed to be much happier. You all really did make them feel a part of your family. I’m grateful for that.”

“Elle and Marc are important to all of us,” Henrik replied to Charlie.

Charlie nodded and stayed quiet he didn’t speak through the wake, the Mikaelsons steered him Renee and Phil clear of the Cullen’s once they made it out they all got into the limo and drove to the burial site.

As Charlie watched as they lowered Bella and Marco he talked to Klaus, “When she first told me about you, I feared you’d be just like that boy she was with before. He was a nutshell, possessive, over-protective, and demanding. I knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to work out, but with you I saw the difference, she was different with you, she seemed more at peace with herself which made her far happier.”

“I didn’t have as much to do with her happiness as you think, she had several reasons to be happy,” Klaus said.

“I know.” Charlie looked at the coffins. Tears swelled in his eyes as he saw them disappearing beneath the earth. He spoke again to Klaus. “From an early aged, she snapped at anyone who called her Isabella, she didn’t like it, wouldn’t even let me or her mother get away with calling her by her full name. I heard you call her Isabella several times, and she didn’t mind it. That’s how I knew she really loved you, she didn’t let anyone call her Isabella except you. You must’ve been something special for her.”

“If I had asked for you to allow me to marry her, would I have gotten your blessing?” Klaus whispered so low that no one but Charlie would hear him.

Charlie looked up at him with wide eyes, “You know son, it wouldn’t have mattered what I’d say, that girl would’ve married you in a heartbeat. Were you thinking about it?”

“I had it in mind, but she was never one for marriage,” Klaus said with a fond smile, “She believes it’s the end of a relationship.”

“Our divorce really made things hard for her,” Charlie said, “For what it’s worth, I would’ve been glad to have you as a son in law.” Charlie patted Klaus on the back as he walked away, the emotions where becoming too strong for him to stay around, he had to get out of there quickly, so he headed back to the limo with Renee who seemed to be in the same place as him.

“So,” Henrik said to his brother as they watched as everyone begin to leave and head for the reception that was going to be held at the school gym where everyone would be able to fit. Rebekah and Kol had followed the Cullen’s discreetly not wanting to lose them before they got a chance to make it hell for them. “You really thinking of asking Elle to marry you?”

Klaus looked at his brother understanding that he had overheard. “Eaves dropping is very rude Henrik, if Elijah were here he’d reprimand you for it.”

Henrik smiled, “But he’s not here, sooo?”

Klaus smirked, “You’re a nosy little wolf you know that?”

Henrik shrugged, “Her and Marco are family, your marriage would only make that concrete. I just want to know.”

“I had thought about it recently,” Klaus admits as he watched the last car pull away. “I love Isabella, but I know she’s not ready to get married yet and when she is, I’d like to have both her father’s approval to marry her.”

Henrik nodded, “You know, he was right, Elle would marry you in a heartbeat, and it’s not like you guys aren’t practically married already.”

Klaus chuckled, and walked to the school with Henrik. “Stay with one of us at all times, we don’t want you to get hurt by that coven.”

Henrik nodded, “They kept looking at us during the wake, and the burial, their eyes never left us. I think they knew something was different about us.”

Klaus nodded, “Where are Rebekah and Kol?”

“Oh they left when the Cullen’s left, they wanted to follow them, get to the reception the same time as them so that they could put their plans into motion. Jeremy left with them, he’s coming by later to say goodbye to Bella and Marco before he heads back to Mystic Falls.” Henrik said to his brother.

“Are you alright with this? We will be moving again after this,” Klaus said to his brother not sure how he was doing with having to move again.

Henrik nodded, “I can finish school anywhere, I just care that we all stay together.”

“I don’t think we’ll be seeing Elijah or Finn for a while,” Klaus said remembering that his brothers were determined to locate Sage, but he knew from past experience that Sage was a tricky person to track and it’d be a while before they would be able to find her.

Henrik shrugged, “They’re my brothers, but since I’ve come back, they’ve been awkward towards me. I can’t say that I really miss them very much. I think things are fine the way they are now, but I do need to speak to you about something important.”

“And what would this be?” Klaus asked looking at his younger brother confused by what he could be hiding.

“I spoke to Elle about this not that long ago, and I know she probably didn’t tell you because I asked her no to. For the last few weeks, I’ve been feeling strange after giving it some thought I realized that it was because I was coming into my magic. I have magic now, and Elle said she’d find some memoirs for me to study. I was wondering if you had any of our mother’s old memoirs.” Henrik said.

“Yes, I had a bit of an inkling you would get magic, so I dug them up a while ago in case you were to ever need them,” Klaus said, “Why did you go to Isabella first?”

Henrik shrugged and looked down slightly embarrassed, “I thought she would hate me. Elle hates magic, so I thought she’d hate me too. I didn’t want that so I went to her first.”

“And she told you that she could never hate you. Am I correct?” Klaus asked.

“Yes, but I had to be sure, I didn’t want to be wrong and have her hate me for eternity,” Henrik said, “Are you going to speak to her ex?”


Klaus laughed, “I have a strong feeling he’ll come speak to me. He looked to be dying of jealousy when I looked at him earlier, he’ll come to me I’m sure of it. He’s too curious for his own good and will want to get to know me.”

“Does this mean I can’t speak to them?” Henrik asked his brother.

“Don’t approach them,” Klaus said, “The mind reader’s powers shouldn’t work on you, the werewolf blood in you should prevent that, but just as a precaution keep your thoughts clean and away from Bella and Marco being alive.”

Henrik nodded, “Okay. Just saying, but this is the last time I’ll ever attend a funeral where the dead people are alive.”

“This should be the last time Henrik,” Klaus said, “I doubt Isabella or Marco will want to pretend kill themselves again, and if they do we just won’t attend. Once was enough.”

Henrik nodded, “Charlie’s taking this rough you might need to compel him again. He’s been drinking more, he had a flask in his coat pocket. Elle wouldn’t like to know that he’s drinking because of this.”

“I’ll make sure to compel him before the end of the night,” Klaus said they were getting close to the school. They walked in silent as they headed to the gymnasium.

Henrik took in a deep breath, “I have no doubt this is going to be the worst part of the funeral.”

“If a Cullen gets close to you and you feel threatened, call one of us, I won’t be too far from your side,” Klaus said.

Henrik nodded, and pushed the doors open, “Let’s get this over with.”

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