Strong Attraction (Bella and Theo)

I hope you enjoy!

Theo tilted his head and watched the brunette at the end of the table. Bella was just as she was all those years ago in the 4th grade. It still amazed him the differences between Bella and Stiles, the world’s most unalike twins. Stiles was eccentric and loud while Bella was quiet and calculating, and while Stiles always wanted to be with friends Bella always seemed to prefer to be alone.

His eyes tracked the quiet beauty as she stood from the table pushing her untouched lunch towards Stiles before she exited the cafeteria. He had returned to take over the McCall pack, but now it seemed he also wanted to get Bella.

Bella exited the home at midnight, Stiles was with Scott so she was sure no one would notice her absence. She pulled up the hood of her sweatshirt up and walked in the shadows of the streets, she paused turning to notice that someone was following her. She didn’t bother confronting them at the moment, she turned and entered the nearby car.

“Thank you for coming.” The man responded as he began to drive.

Bella pulled the hood to her sweater down and nodded. “How bad has it gotten?”

“She’s fading, quickly.” The man responded. “Are you sure you can help her?”

Bella turned to the man with a raised eyebrow. “There’s a reason you contacted me. I might be young, but don’t underestimate my abilities.” Bella looked out the window and saw headlights not that far away, so her stalker was driving now.

Theo watched Bella enter the house, and he watched as she entered one of the bedrooms that was conveniently in his line of sight. He was curious to see what she was doing.

“Hello, Mrs. Dyke.” Bella said sitting at the edge of the bed. “Your son tells me you’ve gotten worse.” Bella said to the woman who wasn’t paying her any attention. Bella reached into her coat pocket and pulled out a black box. She set it up in her lap and prepared the injection. “It’s almost Halloween, Mrs. Dyke, do you plan to hand out candy this year? From what I hear this neighborhood is one of the best to go trick or treating in.” Bella said she pulled up the sleeve of the woman’s arm. “Do you have any ideas to what you want your costume to be?”

Theo flinched slightly as he saw Bella inject the older woman. He watched as the woman thrashed around as Bella held her down. As Bella stood the woman stopped thrashing and instantly fell asleep. Bella turned to the man who had driven her there. “She won’t remember any of this in the morning, and by then her dementia will be gone. She might relapse if she goes through a traumatic event, but other than that, she should be just fine.”

“Thank you.” The man responded. “The envelope is downstairs. Do you need a lift home?”

“No. I’ll be fine. Call if there’s any trouble, though I doubt there will be.” Bella said with a nod of her head as she headed down the stairs and grabbed the envelope at the door.

Theo watched as she exited the house, she looked both ways before crossing the street and heading directly towards him. In a second she was opening the door to his truck and putting on the seatbelt. “You knew I was following you.”

Bella nodded, “Of course I did, Theo, I’m not blind. I figured since you were following me, you might as well give me a lift home. It’s a long walk.” Bella turned to Theo with a smile. Bella stayed silent on the drive home, unlike her brother she didn’t need to always fill the silence. Theo arrived at her home and watched curiously as Bella turned to face him.

“Something wrong?” he questioned with a smirk.

Bella smiled, “I just feel that I need to make this clear, Theo. Whatever sinister plan you have in that head of yours, leave my brother out of it. I don’t care if you murder half the town, but touch my brother or my father and I’ll destroy you.” Bella leaned forward and kissed Theo’s cheek before getting out of the car. “Thank you for the ride.”

Theo couldn’t help but smile, Bella was certainly something different. From then on, he watched her closely, noticing that despite her brother driving she always chose to walk to school. She attended pack meetings but rarely spoke to anyone other than Stiles. He also noticed that Bella very often visited an herb shop a town away, and always did this when Stiles was sure to be with Scott and out of the house.

Theo watched as Bella once again exited the house and almost immediately approached him in his car.

“Do you mind driving a town away?” Bella questioned as she buckled her seatbelt.

“Why is it you don’t drive?” Theo questioned as he started the car.

Bella tilted her head and watched him carefully. “No one told you?” She smiled at the confused look on his face. “I was in an accident right after I got my license. I broke my leg, my arm and two of my ribs, I don’t like getting behind the wheel of a car unless necessary. You’ve proven quite useful since you decided to follow me around.”

“Where is it we’re going?” Theo questioned as he reached a stop sign.

“I have work to do.” Bella said with a shrug as they drove in silence as Bella gestured him where to go. She paused before she got out of the car. “You know, I’ve had a lot of guys ask me out in the weirdest of ways, but I have to admit you spending your days following me has to be the weirdest form of courting I know. I’m assuming it’s just part of your plan to drag things out, but I should let you know that I’m getting annoyed, so if you could speed things up that would be wonderful. You don’t always have to meticulously plan everything out, Theo, sometimes being a bit spontaneous is good.” Bella got out of the truck and walked over to the house knocking on the door.

Theo learned very quickly from that point on that Bella wasn’t who she seemed. She was quiet, but she trusted Theo, so with him she talked. It was during these talks that Theo realized that B5ella didn’t have any emotional connections to anyone aside from Stiles and her father. She didn’t care who he planned to kill or who he hated if he left Stiles out of the mess.

Theo entered Bella’s bedroom to see she had shackled her legs to her bed. “Is this some weird sex thing you want to try?”

Bella raised an eyebrow at him. “If it were, aren’t you suspicious that I didn’t invite you over?” Bella finished tying her ankles in. “What are you doing here anyway?”

Theo sat down on Bella’s desk chair and smiled. “I was going to invite you to dinner. What are you doing?”

Bella pulled out her black box that she usually took with her and prepared an injection. “There’s this rare heart condition called Brugada Syndrome, basically an abnormal heart disease that can result in fainting and heart attacks that will lead to death.” Bella turned to Theo with a frown. “I was diagnosed with it when I was 2, before she died my mom would give me this injection to sedate the illness. After she died I had to start doing it myself, but because of magical laws trying to create a cure for my own selfish use would be dangerous. Don’t intervene, it’ll only make it last longer.” Bella quickly injected the syringe into her leg and pulled it out throwing it to the floor before she fell back on the bed. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she started to thrash around and slightly levitated off the bed.

Theo stood moving to approach her, he sat down on the bed watching as Bella very slowly fell back to the bed. “Does this happen every time?”

Bella nodded, “Yeah, mom created the sedative but when it enters my system it sort of throws everything off balance. Hence tying myself down, if I don’t I float up and hit the ceiling. It was the use of this injection that fast forwarded my magical abilities.” Bella smiled as Theo untied her ankles. “And no one but you know about this, not even my dad.”

Theo nodded, “So, about dinner?”

“I’ll cook.” Bella said leaning forward and kissing Theo her hand in his hair pulling him closer. She pulled back breathing heavily and resting her head on his shoulder. “Come on, you can watch.”

“I can’t help?” Theo questioned letting her lead him to the kitchen.

“No offense, but I don’t trust you to know how to cook properly.” Bella responded with a smirk.

Theo didn’t argue and merely watched as Bella moved around the kitchen. He was reading to Bella from the counter when her dad entered the house.

“Bells.” The sheriff greeted, he turned to Theo and back to Bella. “What is he doing here?”

Bella smiled wiping her hands on the apron. “Butchering Shakespeare, but he’s keeping me company. Something wrong, dad?”

The sheriff looked at Theo critically. “Stiles said he wasn’t a good guy.”

“Stiles also said that Derek was a murderer, and yet he spends most of his time with him.” Bella smiled and handed the Sheriff a plastic container. “I made you something to take with you for your double shift tonight. I also ironed out your uniform so you don’t have to rush right now to get ready for your next shift. And I called the doctor, your cholesterol is going down, so hopefully we’ll be able to add meat back onto your diet soon, but small quantities only.”

The sheriff nodded, “And you trust this kid?”

Bella looked over to Theo and smiled as she looked back to her dad. “I do.”

The sheriff nodded, “Good enough for me, kid. Just make sure he’s not sleeping over, and can you make sure Stiles gets home safe?”

Bella leaned up and kissed her dad’s cheek. “No problem. I’ll drag him home kicking and screaming if I have to.”

The sheriff nodded towards Theo before exiting to his room to get ready for his next shift that was in an hour.

“He doesn’t like me.” Theo noticed with a smirk. “Not that I blame him, he certainly has reason not to.”

Bella nodded with a smile. “I’m sure he wouldn’t be too pleased to know that his little girl is dating a serial killer, but he trusts my judgement so that’s enough.”

Theo smirked, and re-opened the book in his hands. “Shall I continue with my butchering?”

“Please.” Bella responded with a smile.

Theo watched Bella closely during school, her outer personality never changed, she was the opposite of Stiles. Where her brother was always surrounded by friends, Bella preferred to distance herself from others. Her brother talked with his hands and moved around so much it was a miracle he didn’t hurt himself. Bella could say a million words with a simple look, she didn’t need to yell or thrash around to catch the attention of those around her.

Theo also noticed that Stiles and Bella had one key thing in common, they were protective. Stiles would do anything for those he was loyal to and those he loved, Bella was no different. Theo knew Bella would destroy the world if it meant protecting her brother and her father, and now he was quite lucky to consider himself one of the people Bella would protect.

He watched as Bella glared at her brother as the two argued by his jeep.

“He’s a murderer.” Stiles whispered harshly, gesturing over to Theo.

Bella nodded, “You’re right, he is.” Bella placed a finger on Stiles’ chest. “Listen closely, Mieczyslaw, I’m quite fond of Theo so you’ll stop telling me whether I can date him or not. I have supported you and stood by you as you risked your lives for your friends, so now it’s your town to stand by me. Understand that I am not breaking up with him because you don’t approve, I am not a child and I do not need your approval, but I will not allow you to continue to try and get rid of him.”

Stiles sighed, using his birth name had hit him hard. “But him? He’s a smug jerk, just look at him, he’s practically radiating smugness!”

Bella rolled her eyes, she reached up and fondly fixed her brother’s hair. “Yes, I’m aware. Trust my judgement on this, on him.”

Stiles sighed, and crossed his arms over his chest. “I won’t like him, and we won’t be best friends.”

“That’s fine, I never liked any of your friends.” Bella responded with an easy smile. “But I tolerate them for you, so show me the same courtesy.”

Stiles nodded, he turned to Theo who was leaning against his truck watching them. “You hurt her, and I’ll help her hide your body.” He said knowing the chimera could hear him perfectly.

Bella kissed Stiles’ cheek. “By the way, the creature that’s been killing locals is a stray incubus. You might want to be careful, and don’t get bit or else you’ll become one too.”

Stiles sighed, “How did you know that already?”

“I read, Stiles.” Bella responded with a smile. “And make sure the wolves don’t make direct eye contact, the incubus will be able to charm them that way.”

Stiles nodded and watched Bella walk towards Theo. “Thank you.”

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