Chapter Fourteen

chpt 14

Bella woke up with a large grin on her face, she looked over at Henrik asleep and moved closer. She crawled on top of him resting her chin on his chest. “Henri.” She whispered tracing invisible lines on his chest. She smiled as he began to wake up from his sleep at her touch. She continued to trace lines knowing very well that Henrik was ticklish.

Henrik grabbed Bella’s hand halting her movements. He moved her hand to his lips and softly kissed it the back of it. “I love you Belle, but please don’t do that so early in the morning.”

Bella smirked at Henrik, “Let’s go get breakfast before we have to meet Nik.”

Henrik wrapped his arms around Bella keeping her from getting out of bed. He flipped their position so he was hovering above her. “Or we cannot eat, and stay in bed.”

“And wait for Nik to come knocking at our door annoyed?” Bella asked with an amused smile. “I would say yes, but this is your brother’s day. You know, the one he’s been waiting for since forever.”

Henrik sighed, “I guess we’ll just go get some food, but after this, you and I, we’re taking a break.”

“That sounds heavenly,” Bella replied she smiled as Henrik kissed her. After a few minutes Bella laughed and crawled out from under Henrik. “That was a sneaky, but we do have to go we can’t just stay in bed all day, at least not today of all days.”

Henrik laid back in the bed amused to see Bella so happy. He knew it was over what was going to happen today, the ritual, and for them it was going to be a good day. As for the ‘Save Elena’ group today must be a terrifying day. “Have you been keeping an eye on Elena?” Henrik asked as Bella hopped around the room putting on her pants, he couldn’t help but laugh as he watched her. “Belle, just sit for a second.”

Bella looked at him and finished buttoning her pants she sat back on the bed beside him. “Yes, she apparently told the Salvatore’s that Klaus was going to get Katherine first, so they’re taking Bonnie there to see if she can find any sort of loophole in the magic. I guess Bonnie hasn’t been too forthcoming on her loss of power, the Salvatore’s don’t know she can’t even read the magic. I think Bonnie’s trying to somehow gather her dead grandmother’s power that was left in the tomb where she died. Anyway, the Salvatore’s don’t know who Klaus will be using as the werewolf sacrifice, but they know he’ll be using Katherine. They have this belief that if they can capture Katherine they can stop the ritual and prevent
Elena from being the sacrifice. Elena should be free the rest of the day, we can get her now before getting breakfast or after breakfast. Though, if we take her now the Salvatore’s might find it suspicious that she hasn’t contacted them yet.”

“We’ll get a bite to eat and then we’ll get the girl. We’ll take her back to the mansion with us,” Henrik replied as he got out of the bed. He pulled Bella to him wrapping his arms around her. “Today should be good.”

Bella smiled as she took in Henrik’s scent. “It should be great.” Bella paused as a familiar itch came up her throat. “I need to feed.”

Henrik chuckled softly at her announcement and pulled back to look at Bella’s face. Seeing indeed that she had slight dark circles under her eyes from the need to feed. “You do need to get some blood in you. Do you want a blood bag or a human?”

“I want a human, I’ve had enough of blood bags for now. Besides, a day like today should be awarded with a feeding straight from the source,” Bella replied with a smile. “I’ll find someone to feed off of in town before we pick up Elena. It shouldn’t be too hard to find someone.”

Henrik smiled, he gently pushed Bella towards the bathroom. “You can finish getting ready, I’ll use the guest bathroom and try to hurry it up.”

Bella smiled, “Try to wear something more casual.” Bella called as Henrik headed out the room.

“I’ll do my best!” Henrik called back as he left the room a smile on his face as he was more than ready for what came later that night.

Bella smiled and finished changing, she texted Slater like she did most days, and then headed downstairs. She poured herself a glass of water and looked through her messages deleting the ones from her mother not wanting to deal with her anytime soon. “Are you ready to go?” Bella asked as she heard Henrik coming down the stairs. Bella turned around and looked surprised as she saw Henrik. He didn’t have his tie or his jacket on, which was for him a very casual look.

“You said more casual,” Henrik said with a smirk as he looked at Bella and the obvious surprise on his face.

Bella smiled, “I really just thought you were going to choose a lighter colored suit.” Bella walked up to Henrik and rested her hands on his chest smoothing out the shirt. She noticed how he had left the top two buttons undone. “You look great Henri.”

Henrik smiled enjoying the feel of her hands on him. “Thank you, you look beautiful yourself.” He wrapped his arms around her waist bringing her in closer. He kissed her before his phone began to ring, he sighed in annoyance as Bella pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to him. He answered knowing that it had to be his brother. He watched Bella walk out of the house the car keys in hand. “Hello, Nik.”

“You and Bella will take care of the doppelganger?” Klaus asked through the phone.

Henrik nodded more to himself, “Yes, we’re getting a bite to eat and then we’ll pick her up. Belle thinks she’s still sleeping, and if we get her now, the Salvatore’s will get suspicious. We’ll give her time to check in on them before we actually get her.”

“Good,” Klaus said, “And Katerina?”

“She’ll be retrieved later in the day,” Henrik said, “It seems getting her will be more of a pain than we thought seeing as the Salvatore’s and the witch are there trying to break her out.”

Klaus chuckled, “I suppose they’ll be fun to be around. The werewolf is already with me, I find her to be a bit annoying. She talks in her sleep and it’s starting to get on my nerves.”

“Belle talks in her sleep,” Henrik said with a fond smile as he thought back to all the mumbled words that his Belle said in her sleep. “But I love her, so I find it to be appealing and entertaining. I’ll see you in a bit, Nik.”

“Goodbye, brother,” Nik said as he hung up the phone.

Henrik put his phone away and headed outside, he saw Bella sitting in his car playing with her phone he had no doubt she was talking to Slater. Slater was the only person she talked to outside of Henrik and Nik and some of her friends from Forks she kept in touch with from time to time. “So what does Slater have to say?” Henrik asked as he stepped inside the car.

Bella smiled up at him as she set her phone down. “Apparently night school students are a lot less bratty than daytime students, besides the bratty students, he’s having a good time.”

“He’s really doing this school thing again?” Henrik asked as he began to drive he drove to the Gilbert home. He parked just outside and began to spell the home.

“Don’t tell me you’re trapping the girl inside,” Bella said as she could feel he was using his magic.

“I have to,” Henrik replied, “We’re going to be gone and I would hate it if anyone went in or out of that home. They could hurt her or she could run.”

Bella shook her head, “It’s just going to scare her.” Bella stated with a frown.

“She’ll be okay. We won’t take long,” Henrik said as he began to drive again. He reached over and took Bella’s hand as he had done so many times before, he laced their fingers together and kissed the back of her hand.

Bella smiled at the familiar gesture, “I love you.”

Henrik smiled at her and squeezed her hand in reply. Nothing would ruin this day for them, they had been waiting for this for too long.

Heading into The Grill Henrik looked around as Bella went to order them food to go having decided it would be simpler to eat together at the mansion. He noticed it was empty for a morning, Henrik looked back at his wife for a moment making sure she was alright. His mind than drifted to his siblings. It wouldn’t be long before they were each awaken one by one. Elijah hadn’t recognized him during their brief encounter, and that had stung more than Henrik had thought it would. Of course, Klaus hadn’t recognized him at first glance, but it was different with Elijah. Elijah had always sworn that his family was what came first, but in all the time Henrik had watched over them from the other side, it seemed Elijah had barely noticed his absence. Whereas Klaus had always remembered him, and recognized that although Henrik was dead he was still their brother, no one else had remembered him or even attempted to keep his memory alive.

Henrik’s train of thought was broken as he saw his Belle disappear to the back of the restaurant. He would’ve been worried if he didn’t suspect she was probably going to find someone to feed off of. He kept his ears open as he wanted to hear if his Belle would need anything. Minutes passed that felt like hours to Henrik before Bella came back out. She had a bright smile on her face, the black under her eyes already having disappeared.

Henrik watched amused as Bella grabbed their bags of food and walked towards him a satisfied smile on her face. Henrik grabbed a bag and put an arm around Bella. “Good meal?”

Bella smiled, “She had a lot of alcohol in her, but she tasted fine enough.” Bella looked at Henrik curiously as she sensed something off with him. “Everything okay?”

“Everything’s fine,” Henrik said he kissed her forehead as he removed his arm from around her waist to open the car door for her. “I just thought too much.”

Bella smiled as she got in the car, “Don’t hurt that pretty little head of yours thinking too much, Henri.”

Henrik chuckled lightly as he handed her the bag of breakfast he was carrying before closing the door the car. He got into the car pulling out of The Grill quickly. He squeezed Bella’s hand gently, Elena was likely to be angry with Bella when she found out they were with Klaus.

“I can put her to sleep.” Henrik offered as a solution.

Bella laughed, “I can put her to sleep too, but I think she’d be happier if I didn’t.” Bella removed her seatbelt and leaned over kissing Henrik’s cheek knowing he needed her as much as she needed him. Whatever he had been in thought over had affected him more than he had noticed. She stayed tucked into his side as they drove not saying another word, he would speak to her eventually.

As they parked in front of the Gilbert house, Bella looked to Henrik. “Are you going to stay in the car?”

Henrik nodded, “I think she might be more intimidated with me around.”

Bella nodded she kissed Henrik quickly before sliding out of the car and walking up the front door. She knocked lightly before taking a step back. She took in a deep breath, this wasn’t going to be hard, she had faith Elena wouldn’t hate her for long.

“Mrs. Mikaelson?” Elena said she blushed at Bella’s look. “Sorry, what are you doing here, Bella?”

“I came to get you, it’s time to get going Elena.” Bella paused, “We’re going to take you to Klaus.”

Elena froze a strong mixture of fear, betrayal, and anger all rose to the surface. “What? You? No…” Elena shook her head not believing Bella of all people could be working for Klaus. “You can’t be working with him!”

Bella sighed, “I can explain things to you later, but for right now, we need to get going. I know you may hate me right now Elena, but know that I’ll make sure you stay human and breathing.”

“I can’t believe you lied,” Elena said disgust and hatred laced in her tone.

Bella only nodded, “I’ll give you a minute to gather your things.” She stepped down and walked closer to the car. She turned to Henrik who smiled warmly at her, she smiled back but kept her hearing on Elena.

“I’m going to go out and meet Stefan for a date out,” Elena lied.

“Okay,” Jenna replied, “Just be home by curfew, and you know stay safe.”

“I will Aunt Jenna,” Elena said. Bella turned to see Elena stepping out of the house. Elena walked past Bella and walked to the car. She got in the back without a word, Bella could understand her attitude, it would pass, of that she was sure.

Bella got in the car, she smiled as Henrik took her hand as soon as she buckled her seatbelt. “Let’s get going.”

-Page Break-

“You have to come into the house, Elena.” Bella said as Henrik already headed inside the house.

“Why were you so nice to me? Was it because I was so important to Klaus?” Elena asked staring at Bella.

“No,” Bella answered truthfully. “You reminded me of myself when I was your age. I wanted to make sure you had a chance to live the life you wanted, the life you choose to live. I choose to be a vampire Elena, I choose this life, and I wanted you to get the same opportunity. I know what’s going to happen tonight has you scared. You have every right to be scared, but know that I’m going to do everything in my power to help you.”

“Than help me escape,” Elena said with a more forceful tone, “Help me hide.”

Bella shook her head, “Even if I could, I wouldn’t.” Bella stepped closer to Elena and met her eyes. “You would do anything for Jeremy right?” Elena hesitantly nodded. “Klaus is my brother, not by blood, but in every other term of the word. He has suffered enough, and Henrik and I will do anything to end this curse.”

“He’s a monster,” Elena spat in anger.

Bella growled in warning, “He’s my brother, and although I wouldn’t like to hurt you I suggest you watch what you say about him.” Bella sighed as she looked at Elena again, Bella’s features softening towards the young girl. “No one is going to hurt you Elena. You won’t feel anything from the ritual, and it’ll be like going to sleep. You’ll wake up feeling perfectly normal, and back in your bed.”

“What happens once I go in there?” Elena asked, gesturing towards the house. “Are you going to put me to sleep so I don’t bother you? Or are you going to lock me up in the basement so I don’t escape?”

“I’m going to offer you breakfast, and then for the next few hours you can do whatever you wish to do inside the house.” Bella replied she turned around and walked towards the steps of the large mansion. “You haven’t eaten, I can hear your stomach growling. Come inside get some breakfast, and you and I can talk some more about what’s going to happen tonight. I’ll answer all the questions you have, about anything.”

Elena looked around knowing very well she couldn’t run from a vampire. Dragging her feet she followed Bella inside the house. Elena held back the gasp at the beauty that was the home. It was elegantly decorated, and it all looked like it belonged in a castle.

“Klaus has a taste for the expensive things in life,” Bella said seeing Elena’s face. “It gets better the more you look through the house. He has some seriously old artifacts somewhere around here that are more than interesting to see.”

Elena only nodded and followed behind Bella as they went to the kitchen. She stood closer behind Bella as she saw the man next to Henrik as she entered. This, Elena summarized, must’ve be what Klaus really looked like.

“Elena, this is Klaus,” Bella said with a smile towards Klaus, “This is what he really looks like.” Bella gestured for Elena to sit on a stool. She took the plate Henrik handed her and set it down in front of Elena. “Go ahead and eat, it’s clean.”

Elena didn’t want to trust Bella, but she did. She took the fork handed to her and began to eat ignoring the three others in the room.

Bella looked to Klaus, “Morning, Nik.”

“Good morning, sweetheart,” Klaus responded a smile on his face. “Henrik informed me that there might be a bit of hesitation gathering Katherine? I don’t suppose that will really cause any trouble in the ritual.”

Bella shook her head and wrapped her arm around Henrik’s waist, “its two vampires and a powerless witch. They don’t have anything against us. They don’t even have the location of the ritual, so we’re good.”

Henrik smiled, and leaned towards Bella. “I told him the same thing, but he needed reassurance.”

Bella smiled and leaned in closer to Henrik resting her head on his chest. She looked over to Elena momentarily and smiled at the young girl. Before turning back to Klaus, “How are you doing this morning?”

“Quite well, I’m in the mindset that nothing will stop this ritual from taking place.” Klaus said with a smirk.

“Nothing will stop this ritual,” Henrik said his voice firm on the matter, this ritual was him helping his brother get back what had been taken from him so long ago. Then the three of them would truly be three hybrids, and there will be nothing stopping them from bringing an end to Mikael.

-Page Break-

Henrik and Klaus walked quietly towards the tomb in which Katherine was being held. They could hear three voices arguing down below. Henrik entered first smirking as he deliberately made noise to call attention to himself. “Now, what are you all doing down here?”

The Salvatore brothers both went tense as they looked at Henrik. “We left something behind in here, but the real question is, what are you doing down here?”

Henrik smirked, “It seems I left something behind also. A petite brunette, over 500 year’s old, horrible attitude, she’s locked inside that cave.”

“You’re working for Klaus,” Stefan announced as he began to glare at Henrik.

Henrik shook his head, “I’m not working for Klaus I’m working alongside him. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes, I do believe it is,” Klaus responded blurring to stand beside his brother. “You have no real way to kill me, we all know this, so I’ll give you moment to leave. I did promise Miss Gilbert that no harm will come to any of you, but you are breaching the terms of our deal by attempting to stop my ritual.”

Stefan let out a growl, knowing there were high chances they already had Elena. “You already took her.”

Henrik shook his head, “We didn’t kidnap the girl she came willingly. It was part of the deal, my wife is with her as we speak.”

Damon laughed looking at the two vampires, “I knew it! Two vampires just appear in town so conveniently before we get news there’s a vampire after Elena.” Damon shook his head, “They’ve been playing us this whole time.” Damon looked at his brother and then to Bonnie. “We have to go find Elena.” He pushed the two out of the cave avoiding the two vampires as he left. It was easy to say that Damon wasn’t happy to be bested by the vampires, he’d find a way to get back at them. He just needed time to think up a plan.

Henrik looked amused as the trio left, he turned to his brother with a large smile on his face. “I liked this, seeing the Salvatore’s face was a good highlight of my day. I’d be happier if I didn’t get the feeling there’s going to be some retribution of the sort to deal with.”

Klaus patted his brothers’ back, “It won’t be anything we can’t handle.” They walked to the entrance to the cave and Klaus stepped in, he looked around and saw the desecrating body of Katerina leaning against the wall. “Hand me the blood.”

Henrik handed his brother the water bottle of blood the Salvatore’s had left behind. “Are you sure we need her awake for this. From what I remember from watching you, she wasn’t the nicest girl.”

“She’s not, but I want her to see me,” Klaus responded he held the tip of the bottle to Katerina’s mouth and let the blood slowly go down her throat. He waited until the bottle was empty before standing up He watched as her body began to regain its color and in minutes she gasped out for air. Klaus waited with a smirk on his face as he watched her eyes land on him.

“Klaus.” She said, she ran to the entrance only to run into the invisible border there. She ignored Henrik and turned back to Klaus. “You finally found me.”

“It wasn’t too hard,” Klaus said he smirked, he moved to stand directly in front of her. He cupped her cheek forcing her eyes to meet his. “You’re going to be quiet and do as I say. Do you understand?”

Katherine’s eyes went blank for a moment, “I understand.” She said her voice rid of all emotion as the compulsion took over.

“Good,” Klaus said releasing her, “You’re going to follow me until I tell you to stop.”

“I’m going to follow you until you say stop,” Katherine said her eyes following Klaus’s movements as he walked out of the cave. She obediently followed after him. Her eyes briefly glanced at Henrik before she continued to follow Klaus out of the tomb.

Henrik smirked at his brother as Klaus had to force Katherine into the backseat as she tried to get into the front seat with Klaus. “You did tell her to follow you, you should’ve thought out your words better.”

Klaus glared at his brother, “If you suspected this would happen, why didn’t you tell me?”

“I thought this was better.” Henrik replied as he got into the driver’s seat, they still had a few hours left until the ritual took place, but they wanted everything to be set up ahead of time.

-Page Break-

Bella looked to Elena as she stood in the circle of fire. Bella held out a cup towards Elena. “Drink.”

“This will save me right?” Elena asked as she took the cup looking nervously between Bella and the contents in the cup.

“I swear it,” Bella said she smiled warmly to Elena. “I won’t let you die Elena, you have my word on that.”

Elena nodded and swallowed the contents of the cup. It was a strong potion Bella made for Elena a couple of days before. After talking and explaining things further to the young girl, Bella was able to get Elena to understand. Elena handed back the cup and took a seat on the floor she put her head in her hands. “I’m afraid this will haunt me.” She admitted to Bella.

Bella kneeled down being careful to avoid the flames. “You won’t feel anything, I promise you. If you want, I can make this memory go away.”

Elena shook her head and looked to Bella. “I want to remember this, I don’t ever want to forget any of this. I know, I’ve been moody today, but I’m just scared. Thank you, for all you’ve done for me, Bella.”

Bella smiled, “Anytime. I have to go, and set up a few things, but just try and relax. I know this is scary, and I’ll do my best to make it easier for you.” Bella pulled out her phone and handed it to Elena. “Why don’t you call Stefan… or Damon. I think hearing their voices will help.”

“Because hearing Henrik’s voice always helps you?” Elena asked a small smile playing on her lips.

Bella shrugged, “I’d be lying if I said it didn’t.”

Bella joined her husband and Klaus at the altar of the ritual. “It’s almost time. How are you feeling, Nik?”

Klaus smiled a true smile as he looked to Bella. “It’s a good feeling knowing this curse will finally be removed.”

Henrik smirked, and looked to his wife, “Are you sure about letting her call her boyfriends?”

“Yeah, it shouldn’t be a problem. I think it’ll help her relax, besides, she deserves to let them know she’s okay.” Bella said she looked back to Elena who seemed to be laughing lightly at something. She returned her gaze to Klaus, “You’re going to become a wolf, that’s pretty cool. All I get is a tail, and that’s a mess to walk in.”

Klaus chuckled at her words. “Your transformation is easier to undergo than mine is.”

“At least you both get to transform into something, I just get to do a few magic tricks.” Henrik said with a smirk. “Now that we’re all done showing off, let’s get started.”

Bella smiled and kissed Henrik before he started chanting. She moved to hug Niklaus, something he still wasn’t too used to happening. “I’m happy this is happening and that I get to be a part of it.” Klaus hugged Bella back, she was the only person he ever truly allowed to hug him.

“Go on, and keep the girl company sweetheart.” He said as he gently nudged her to Elena’s direction.

Bella smiled she looked to Jules’s withering form in one of the circles, and then looked to Henrik with a grin on her face. “I’m actually really happy I get to watch her be the sacrifice. She’ll be getting everything she deserves.” Bella smiled at the two of them before blurring back to Elena.

“You got a few texts,” Elena said handing the phone over. “I didn’t read them.”

Bella shrugged, “I wouldn’t have cared if you had.” Bella moved and sat in front of Elena blocking her view of what was happening at the altar. The fire between them keeping them both warm in the cool night air. “How’d it go?”

“They asked me where I was, but I said I couldn’t tell them.” Elena replied, she paused and looked to Bella. “Damon made me laugh, for those few seconds, I forgot I was afraid, I forgot I was here.”

Bella nodded in understand, “So when are you going to tell Stefan?”

“I don’t think I can,” Elena said she rubbed her face in worry.

“You can’t string him along Elena. If you don’t love him, let him go.” Bella said, “Maybe you should take some time to yourself. You can still hang around Stefan and Damon, as friends, because maybe being friends is all that you need right now.”

“You’re not bad, Bella,” Elena said with a smile, she flinched as she heard Jules’s scream of terror. “Why was she screaming?”

“Because she bit me, werewolf bite is poisonous to vampires.” Bella said, “Henri wanted his revenge, and a part of me did too.”

“He really cares about you,” Elena stated as he looked between Bella and Henrik.

“We’re soul mates.” Bella responded simply, smiling warmly at Henrik before returning her attention to Elena.

“Does everyone have a soul mate?” Elena asked as she needed to get her mind off of what was happening in the background.

Bella nodded, “I like to believe so, but it’s different for everyone Elena. It won’t be the same for you as it is for me. Take your time growing up Elena, don’t rush anything, and don’t push yourself because you feel you have to. If Damon or Stefan truly cared for you, they’ll understand that you need time to grow.”


Klaus walked over to Katherine a wide smirk on his face, he had removed the compulsion once she was safely in the circle of fire. “It’s quite nice to know the ritual you ran from is the one you’re still going to be a part of.”

Katherine glared at him as she struggled to stay standing, seeing as her lack of blood intake was getting to her. “You can go to hell!” Katherine all but yelled at Klaus, if she was going to die, she might as well say everything on her mind. “I hope you die a slow and painful death! You sick demented bastard!”

Klaus chuckled at her words, his hand came to wrap around her throat. “You brought this on yourself for running all those centuries ago. I was thinking of torturing you for at least half as long that you’ve been running from me, but I felt this was perfect.” Klaus squeezed her throat a bit and brought her out of the circle. He dragged her to the altar, knowing that if he loosened his grip she would escape and that would just make him angrier. He smirked as Katherine muttered insults at him, “Well, my dear Katerina, it seems this is goodbye for you.”

Henrik continued to chant the words to undo the curse as his brother killed Katherine. Henrik watched as Elena followed Bella to the altar. Bella moved to stand beside Henrik as she made sure to reassure Elena the best she could do. She visibly flinched as Klaus sunk his fangs into Elena’s neck. Bella had made it so all the pain Elena was meant to feel would pass onto her. Bella rested a hand on Henrik’s back as she could feel Elena dying slowly, and it was a terrifying feeling. Bella moved quickly as Klaus laid Elena down he had been careful not to hurt her. Bella kneeled beside Elena, as the ritual was done. She looked up at Klaus as he began to scream in pain, she wanted to help him in some way, but knew this was necessary for the ritual to be completed. She looked over at Henrik who had the largest grin on his face.

“It’s done,” Bella announced with a wide smile as a wolf now stood in Klaus’s place. “He’s a hybrid, a true hybrid.”

Henrik looked at Bella, “He finally has that part of himself back, the one our parents took from him. He’s free, Belle.”

Bella smiled and gently picked up Elena, “I’m going to take her home, Henri. She should wake up in her own bed.”

Henrik looked over at his brother who had disappeared into the woods. “I’ll come with you, the entire “Save Elena” group should be gathered there, and you shouldn’t face them alone.”

Bella nodded as she and Henrik began to walk in the direction where their cars were waiting. She settled Elena in the back of the SUV and shut the door. She smiled as Henrik appeared before her, he cupped her cheek, “You didn’t have to take her pain.”

“I could handle it,” Bella said she leaned into his touch and closed her eyes. “I didn’t want her to feel it, she wouldn’t be able to handle dying and then coming back.” Bella melted into Henrik’s kiss the moment his lips met hers. She sighed in loss as he pulled back a couple of minutes later.

“We both needed that,” Henrik said he pecked her lips once more knowing that they really should be getting Elena home. He opened the car door for her, “I’ll meet you there. I’ll be right behind you.”

Bella nodded and started the car, she waited for Henrik to start his car before she took off. Bella drove steadily to the Gilbert house. She was relieved once Elena’s heart started beating, but it seemed she was in a heavy sleep. Bella parked outside the Gilbert house, she gently picked up Elena being careful not to wake her. As soon as she had made it up the first step Henrik was at her side. He knocked on the door, and made sure he was standing slightly in front of Bella just in case he needed to step in.

The door swung open revealing Damon and Stefan. They both openly glared at Bella and Henrik. Damon stepped forward ready to take Elena from Bella. Bella stepped back instinctively. “Move aside and stay still.” Bella said her tone musical enchanting the two brothers to move aside. She turned to Henrik, “Can you get us in?”

Henrik nodded and chanting a few words he managed to get him and Bella inside the house. He chuckled lightly at the Salvatore brothers as he stayed downstairs letting Bella go upstairs to leave Elena in her bed. “My wife has a few good tricks, doesn’t she?” Henrik’s smirk grew wide as they tried to move but couldn’t fight Bella’s hold on them. “Now, Elena is going to be fine. It’ll be like this never happened. I think you’ll both be happy to hear that Klaus has broken his curse. Well, you probably won’t be happy over that seeing as you’ve been trying to kill him. All chance of that is truly dead now, you’re left without options.”

Henrik turned his head as Bella came down the stairs. “She’s asleep, she’ll wake up once her body fully recovers. Let’s get going.” She ignored the two Salvatore’s and stepped out of the house with Henrik once she was near the cars, she spoke her musical voice taking over. “You can move now.”

Bella and Henrik parked their cars in their driveways. “We should follow Nik, he’s going to make a mess.”

Henrik nodded he held out his hand to Bella, “Let’s get going, Belle. We have clean up duty to do.”

Bella smiled and took his hand disappearing into the forest with Henrik. She smiled to herself, this day had been a good day.

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  3. Loving this story can’t wait to read more I’m loving that face klaus finaly has someone who truly cares for him and the elena didn’t lose anymore family.


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