Take Away My Pain

Take My Pain Away

Author’s Note

This is a Covenant/Twilight crossover with the pairing of… Bella and Caleb.

I won’t be posting this story fully until I finish one of the four multi chapter stories I have in progress at this moment.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy


-Page Break-

Bella pulled the sleeves down to her button up shirt and made sure they covered her wrists. Turning her head, she looked to the strangest friend she had ever made. Rosalie. “I…”

“You look, good.” Rosalie complimented handing Bella her tie. “School requirement, you also need to put on the sweater vest and your socks are three inches too short pull them up a bit.”

Bella nodded her hands shaking as she rolled up her socks. “Rose. I can’t do this.” She said placing a hand on her chest as she felt it starting again.

Rosalie stepped forward and grabbed Bella’s shoulders forcing the trembling girl to look at her. “We are here to offer you a chance at starting over and hopefully understand what is happening to you. Bella, you have to do this. You know Charlie always wanted you to finish school. If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for him.”

Bella nodded her eyes watering. “Okay… I just… If something happens, please tell me you’ll come get me.”

Rosalie rolled her eyes, “You’ll be fine, but yes, if anything happens I’ll be there in case you need me.

Bella shrugged on the sweater vest and looked to Rosalie. “I feel like a 50-year-old guy’s idea of a school girl. All I have to do is drop a pen and bend down to really make it.” She said trying to lighten the mood in the home.

Rosalie laughed, “Been there, done that. It’s not as easy as you think, there’s a lot of commitment when it comes to role-playing. Emmett likes to spank when we do schoolgirl and teacher.”

Bella’s face turned red. “Ew.” She said trying to contain her laughter. “I don’t want to know about you or Emmett’s love life. I really think that’s something to keep between the two of you.”

Rosalie shrugged, “It’s a very healthy sex life. When you’re ready I’ll give you some good pointers.”

Bella laughed, “I think I’ll be okay without your pointers, Rose.”

Rosalie went to reply but sighed as her phone rang. “Your lunch money is on the counter.”

Bella nodded she went to the counter and grabbed the money sticking it in her bag. She grabbed the keys with the large B keychain and headed for the door. She got into the car Rosalie had gotten her, she didn’t bother arguing with Rosalie, whatever the blonde wanted, the blonde got.

Her new car was one Rose had picked out, it was a Mustang Cobra, some car from the 60’s Rose insisted she would love. Bella got in setting her bag down in the passenger seat, she started the car and turned on the radio getting ready to leave for school.

“Emmett called, he said everything is taken care of. He and Jasper have finished with the newborns. All that is left is taking care of the trail. Once that is taken care of they’ll be joining us, Emmett called dibs on going with you to school.” Rosalie announced as she crossed her arms over her chest. “I’m going to head into town see what I can pick up in the town’s history.”

Bella sighed, “I’m sure there are a bunch of stories about a girl surviving a fire that she started when she lit up like a flame.”

Rosalie smirked, “You’d be surprised how many stories there are that would be similar to yours.”

Bella smiled, “Rose, Thank you… for everything.”

Rosalie nodded, “You’re family, Bella. This is what a family does for one another.”

-Page Break-

Bella’s hands shook as she got out of her car. Her feet walked automatically heading to the entrance of the school. She didn’t make eye contact with any of the other students as she walked towards her first class. Bella entered the room ducking her head as she walked to the first empty seat she could find.

She took out her notebook and her pencil tapping it against the paper. She only looked up as the teacher entered, he looked over his student list and paused. His eyes looking up into the seats of students and Bella felt herself getting nervous again as his eyes landed on her.

“Isabella Whitlock, I assume?” He questioned as he set the paper down.

Bella nodded, “Yes, but I prefer Bella.” She said knowing several pairs of eyes were on her at the moment.

“Well, Bella.” He said placing his glasses on his nose as he stared at her. “Glad to see that you found your way to class. See me after class, please.”

Bella nodded relieved that he hadn’t requested that she talk about herself to the entire class. She kept her head down, but knew despite it all that several pairs of eyes remained on her.

Bella watched as all students left the room. She stood finally as the last student left the room and made her way over to the teacher.

“I am your advisor for the remainder of the school year.” The old man said, as he searched through his desk. “Every student is assigned an advisor on their first year, but because you’re a senior and a month late to the beginning of the school year, we won’t have as much time together as the others. I’ll still be able to help you with anything you need.”

Bella nodded, “Thank you.”

The old man looked at her and shook his head. “Don’t look so scared, all students are greatly welcomed here. My office is on the first floor of the second building, if you ever need anything. If you can’t find it, just head to any classroom and search for Mr. Williams on the map, you’ll find your way to my office.”

Bella nodded, “I do have a question.” Bella said softly. “How good is the selection in the library?”

The old man laughed, “Quite wonderful! It’s the best in the state! If you love good literature, you’ll love it.”

Bella smiled, “I’m a fan of good literature.”

The man nodded, “Good. Now, at the end of the day come back here so I can make an assessment on how your day went.”

“I will, thank you.” Bella said as she exited the classroom feeling incredibly relieved to know that if she needed help she knew who she could ask.

-Page Break-

Bella entered the library, study hall, the best class of the day. She walked around looking for a table where she could be alone. She found the perfect one in the corner of the library and smiled. She took a seat setting her thing outs on the table before her.

She took out her book and flipped to the marked page. Lunch was coming closer and she wasn’t sure if she could tackle that entire obstacle. She looked up as she felt someone coming near and her entire body went tense as the guy approached.

“I was looking for you,” A blonde haired boy said smiling at her. “I’m Aaron, star quarterback.”

Bella nodded, “Is there something I can help you with?”

“I was hoping to get to know you a little better. Maybe, I can show you around. Show you all the fun things we can do on campus.” Aaron replied smirking widely at her.

Bella tensed, “I don’t…”

“I’ve already been assigned her guide for this class.” A voice said behind Aaron. “You can go ahead and leave, Abbot.”

Aaron turned his head and sneered. “Whatever, Parry.”

Pogue watched him leave before turning to Bella. “Sorry, you looked really uncomfortable, and I just can’t stand the guy. If you liked his flirting I can get him to come back.”

Bella shook her head. “I could’ve handled it, but thank you.”

Pogue nodded stepping closer holding out his hand to her. “I’m Pogue Parry, and I am not hitting on you. I have a girlfriend; I’m only saying this because I don’t want you to be uncomfortable. This is my usual table.”

Bella nodded, “Sorry, I can leave if you want.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Pogue said taking a seat across from her. “I just need to write a paper; you’re not going to bother me. You’re Bella Whitlock, right? I think I have first period with you.”

Bella nodded, “Yeah, that’s me.”

Pogue nodded, “What brings you to Ipswich?”

Bella shrugged, “Change of scenery.” Bella responded with a sigh. She looked down at her phone as it rang. “I can answer this right?”

Pogue laughed and nodded, “No one ever really comes back here, go for it.”

Bella sneered, “Hello?”

“Bella Bear!” Emmet yelled through the phone. Causing Bella to wince and turn down the volume on her phone.

“You shouted.” Bella said her ear still ringing from his shout.

“Yeah, sorry. Just checking in. How’s it going?” Emmett questioned curiously. “Where are you that you answered so quickly?”

“Study hall.” Bella responded. “I’m fine. Perfectly safe and sane of mind.”

“Good to hear. Look, settle something for me and the Jay man.” Emmett said. “I’m your favorite right?”

“Goodbye.” Bella said hanging up a small smile on her face as she soon received a text from Jasper, wishing her luck on the rest of her day.

“Family?” Pogue questioned curiously as he took out a textbook.

Bella nodded, “They tend to worry more than they should.”

-Page Break-

Bella paused as she saw two girls approach her, one of them seemed nice enough, but the other put her on edge. “Can I help you?” She questioned as both girls sat down in front of her.

“I’m sorry to just interrupt.” The brunette said with a smile. “I’m Kate, and this is Sarah. We saw you here alone and thought you could use some company.”

“Thank you, but I prefer to be alone.” Bella said standing deciding it was a safe time to be leaving the cafeteria. “I appreciate the offer, but I don’t do the whole friends thing.” Bella threw her lunch away and exited the cafeteria. Before she would’ve accepted their friendship, but if she learned anything from Forks was that having human friends was a dangerous thing.

Bella grabbed her phone and replied back to Jasper and Rosalie. Taking a picture of the school yard for Emmett, a weird request he had made. Sighing Bella entered her math class early and took a seat knowing none of the teachers had any assigned seats. She pulled out her notebook and her math textbook quietly reviewing her work. It had been 8 months since the last time she had done any sort of math homework and she didn’t want to let herself get behind.

-Page Break-

Bella entered her last class of the day. The room was slightly empty, only 8 other students that Bella could count. When Rosalie had given her the list of electives the school offered, she had chosen Photography as an easy A. But now she saw that it wasn’t going to just be a class about the history of photography, but actual photography.

“You must be the new girl.” A cheery voice said behind her.

Bella turned around and saw the same blonde form earlier, and she still couldn’t find it in her to like the girl. “Yes, we met earlier.”

“I know.” She said cheerily. “I’m Sarah, and your guide for the day in this class. Everyone is going to get going, we usually just meet here sign in see if there’s any assignment and then we leave. We have to report 2 pictures every week that will go in our catalogs. Our catalogs are our final grade in the class. You’ll have to get a camera for this class, but the tech crew can lend you one if you need it.”

Bella nodded looking around the room and noticing there wasn’t any teacher around. She followed Sarah to the sign in sheet and wrote down her name. She took the textbook Sarah handed her. “I thought this class didn’t have a textbook?”

“It does.” Sarah said with a nod of her head. “It’s supposed to help you take pictures, you know find your angle. We can’t do much else today until you get a camera. After that we spend the rest of the day taking pictures.”

Bella nodded, “Thanks. I guess I should go buy a camera.” Bella said moving to exit the room. She tensed as she felt a hand on her arm. In a reflex Bella jerked out of the blonde’s hold taking a few steps away from her to put some distance between them. “Please don’t grab me.”

“Sorry,” Sarah said softly. “I just wanted to let you know that I know what you’re going through. I was new too, but you find your place rather quickly. If you want, you can start sitting with Kate and I.”

Bella shook her head. “You don’t know what I’m going through. This isn’t my first time starting at a new school, and I don’t need to make friends. I’m perfectly fine without them. If this is it, I need to get going. I have things to do.”

Bella left the room she headed out heading to see if she could find Mr. Williams’ office. She looked down as her phone vibrated in her bag. In her distraction she ran into someone, Bella winced as she fell back and landed straight on her butt. She stumbled to stand not noticing the hands that were helping her to do so.

“Hey, you okay?” A rich voice asked snapping Bella out of her trance.

Bella nodded blushing slightly. “I’m fine, thank you. It happens more than you would think.”

“I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention. I didn’t mean to knock you down,” He said bending down to pick up her phone. He looked it over seeing it wasn’t broken. “It’s not broken. I really am sorry for bumping into you. I’m Caleb.”

Bella nodded taking her phone from his hands and placing it in her bag. “Bella.”

“I know.” He said with a smile. “We have about 4 classes together.”

Bella’s brows scrunched together. “We do?”

“English, Math, Physics and AP U.S. History.” Caleb responded smiling as she still looked at him confused. “Are you okay? Do you need to go to the nurse?”

Bella shook her head, “No, I’m fine. I should get going, it was nice to meet you, Caleb.”

Caleb watched her shuffle away, he moved quickly to walk beside her. “It’s your first day, do you need help getting anywhere?”

Bella shook her head, “No, I’m just heading to Mr. William’s office so I can go home.”

Caleb grinned, “You do need my help.” He said with a smile. “His office is in the other direction.”

Bella blushed as she stopped. “This school is bigger than I thought it would be.”

Caleb turned around and walked with her. “It was smaller, but the board decided we needed a bigger football field last semester. They thought it might motivate the team to try harder.”

Bella looked at him quizzically, “You don’t have to walk with me. I’m sure now that I’m headed in the right direction I can find my way.”

Caleb nodded, “I’m sure you can, but I was actually headed there anyway. I have to see Mr. Williams as well.”

“He’s your advisor as well?” Bella questioned curiously.

Caleb nodded, “Yes.” He replied shortly. “Where are you from?”

“Home.” Bella said with a shrug.

Caleb smiled, “I have one of those too.” He watched her and noticed she avoided meeting his gaze at all costs. Caleb noticed she looked around her surroundings often. She also tended to look at her hands more often than normal, it was as if she was waiting for something appear there.

Reacting quickly Caleb put his arm around her shoulders and steadied her as she was about to trip again. “Okay?” He questioned worrying that she could be dizzy from her fall.

Bella nodded blushing red as she pulled herself out of his arms. “I’m fine, thank you.”

Caleb smiled, “You’re welcome.” He replied as they started to walk again. “Do you do that often?”

Bella nodded looking down, “More than normal. I’m not very good on my feet, I can trip over a lady bug.”

Caleb chuckled lightly. “If it helps, we’re almost there.”

Bella nodded and kept her mind focused on trying not to fall again. She looked up as she felt a hand on her back leading her in a different direction. She sighed as she stood in front of an office door. Caleb knocked for her and the door was swung open.

“Good luck.” Caleb offered as Mr. Williams led her inside.

Bella nodded. “Thank you.”

-Page Break-

Bella stepped out of the car as soom she got home. She entered the home and sighed. “Rose?”

Rosalie appeared in front of her looking her over. “How’d it go?”

Bella sighed, “School is school. I didn’t, “blow up”, so you know, that’s a bonus.”

Rosalie smiled, “Good, I cooked. Made Italian, I know how much you like that. I came up empty today, but this town does have a very rich history, so I’m sure sooner or later I’ll find something.”

Bella nodded, “Rose, what if I was wrong.” Bella said quietly. “What if Ipswich wasn’t more than just a town in my dreams?”

“Bella, how many times do we have to go through this?” Rosalie said leading the girl to the kitchen. “It wasn’t just a dream. It was a memory, at some point in your past you were in this town, and don’t forget. Charlie’s last words lead us here. There’s something here, and it may not lead to answer of what’s happening to you, but it will lead to something. Now shut up and eat, I don’t want to talk about this anymore.”

Bella smiled, “Alright.” She said as she set her bag down and looked at the perfectly served food and drink. “I need a camera.” Bella said as took a hold of her fork. “That photography class is actual photography.”

Rosalie smirked, “Good, maybe this will be a hobby. Something that will help relieve all that stress you’re building up.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “I highly doubt it, Rose.”

“You never know; we all have some sort of hobby. I like to work on cars, Emmy likes to build things and Jasper can play almost any instrument, he even knows how to beat box.” Rosalie said as she moved around the kitchen wiping off the dust that had settled.

“Beat box? Really?” Bella questioned as she swallowed her food.

Rosalie nodded, “Years of eternal life can make you do a lot of things. Emmett is also really good on computers; you should see him work sometimes. We all have something we do in our free time, give it a bit and you’ll see that you’ll start to enjoy photography.”

Bella smiled, “I’m not a vampire, Rose. I’m not just magically good at everything I do. I’m going to suck at photography and that’s perfectly fine with me.”

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