Bearing Fruit (We Like It Loud)

Bella took in a deep breath in exhaustion. After the day, she had all she wanted to do was curl up on the edge of the sofa and sleep. But she was going to stay up and wait for Klaus to arrive, she wanted to see him and demand that he be her personal heater and keep her warm. She hated winter. Bella groaned out as there was a knock on her door. Grudgingly she opened the door more than surprised to find the young original at her door.

“Is there a reason you’re here, Rebekah?” Bella said rubbing her face, she wasn’t prepared to deal with the blonde now.

“I felt I needed to apologize to you.” Rebekah said thoughtfully. “Elijah helped me to see that you are not destroying my brother, but are helping him.”

Bella raised a curious brow. “Apology accepted.”

Rebekah shook her head. “You don’t understand. I compelled that man to enter your store and destroy all your records.”

“Those were limited edition vinyl’s! Do you know just how much it’s going to cost for me to replace them? How can you be so thoughtless? All this because I’m dating your brother? This is ridiculous!” Bella said angrily, trying to control the anger that was building in her chest.

“I came bearing gifts.” Rebekah responded blurring away for a moment. She returned back and held out a fruit basket for Bella. “I came bearing fruit. My brother once mentioned in passing about your eating choices. The lady at the store said this was vegan friendly.”

“This does not excuse your actions, Rebekah.” Bella said setting the fruit basket down by the door in her apartment. “Thank you for the apology, I hope you don’t try and ruin my business again. Now, I’m exhausted as I spent the day dealing with your mess and I need to go to sleep.”

  1. hmmm……not sure about this one, but it is unusual to read about Rebecah apologizing to anyone.

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  2. *points up again* Agreed, this is why i dislike her so much lol

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  3. She should have said, “screw your fruit and pay for all the damages.” Fucking Rebeka and her spoiled ass.

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  4. I’d have shoved the fruit basket back in Rebecca’s face. Her apology don’t cover the cost or damage she did.


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