fta chpt 2

Jeremy watched from his window as a large black SUV pulled into the neighboring house. He was intrigued as a boy came out of the passenger seat being soon followed by a gorgeous girl in the driver’s seat. She smiled at the boy and said something that Jeremy couldn’t hear from the inside his room. He watched as they opened the back of the truck to reveal several boxes. The girl smiled and laughed as the boy had said something to her playfully pushing her as he moved to get a box. Jeremy felt a ping of anger in him as he watched the interaction between them. Deciding to meet the new neighbors before he had to leave for school he quickly gathered his clothes to get dressed.

“So, why did we get this place?” Trevor asked Bella as he picked up two boxes stacked on top of each other.

“Because our real home isn’t done being renovated quite yet,” Bella said as she grabbed a few boxes she would’ve gotten more, but in the pretense of looking human she voted against it. “It’s a large plot of land with two houses and a guest house. All three of which needed to be renovated, they weren’t up to my standards. They just need a lot of touch ups before they’re safe enough to live in.”

“Why so many houses? I mean I get that your dad would need one, but all of us could fit in one house.” Trevor responded as he and Bella walked inside the house their arms filled with the boxes.

“It was a foreclosure, so I thought it was worth it,” Bella said, “And the real estate agent wouldn’t let me buy just one house I had to buy all three. I might’ve also compelled her to throw in this house as a part of the deal. We were going to need a place to stay while we wait for the other houses to finish being renovated.”

Trevor smiled and set the boxes down in the living room as Bella did the same. “So, any idea what you felt here? I mean what could’ve drawn you to this sad little town.”

Bella shrugged, “Don’t know but it’s a nice enough town, or so it seems. I haven’t been in a small town since Forks, I think I can get used to living here.” Trevor smiled and headed back outside while Bella used her super speed to unpack the boxes. They had to act like humans carrying them in, but inside their home they could do things the quicker way.

“Hey, I’m Jeremy.” Jeremy introduced himself to Trevor just as Trevor reached the SUV.

Trevor smiled and shook Jeremy’s hand, “I’m Trevor Balaur. My sister and I just moved into town.”

Jeremy didn’t notice he had sighed in relief in hearing that they were only siblings. He smiled at Trevor no longer feeling any anger towards the boy. “You guys moved here by yourselves?”

“Yeah, our parents passed away and before we could get placed in foster homes, we got emancipated,” Trevor explained as he grabbed a box from the car this time only grabbing one to look more normal.

“Here, let me help you man. I live right next door,” Jeremy said as he grabbed the last box,  he noticed they didn’t seem to have a lot with them.

“Thanks,” Trevor replied as he saw Jeremy lift up a box from the corner of his eye. “I’ll introduce you to my sister, she’s inside unpacking things.”

Trevor led Jeremy inside making sure to make his footsteps loud so Bella was sure to pay attention and catch Jeremy’s footsteps. He didn’t want Jeremy to catch her moving around at super speed. “Hey, Izzy!”

“In here!” Bella shouted back to Trevor from the kitchen. Making sure to shout loud enough that it seemed believable, with their super hearing shouting was rarely ever necessary.

“Just put them down here,” Trevor said to Jeremy as he set his box on the floor in the living room. Jeremy did the same as Trevor and set the box down silently following Trevor into the kitchen. Trevor saw Bella under the sink no doubt she was trying to fix something that had caught her attention. “Hey, Izzy, I think you should meet someone.” Bella came out from under the sink and wiped her hands on her shirt. “This is Jeremy, our neighbor.”

Jeremy’s eyes were begging to see her face to see her up close and not just from his window. His eyes practically popped out of his head as he caught sight of her when she stood up to face him. She was more breathtaking than what he had seen through his bedroom window. “I’m… Umm…” Jeremy stuttered as he couldn’t get his brain to work at the mere sight of her.

Bella smiled, she held out her hand, “I’m Isabella, but you can call me Bella.” Jeremy slowly took her hand. He took in a deep breath of air as the act of her skin touching his sent shivers down his spine. He stood staring into her brown eyes motionless not being able to find it in himself to let go of her hand. Bella felt exactly what Jeremy was feeling, the only difference was she knew what was happening. Some part of Jeremy had already accepted her as being his. She slowly took her hand out of his hold and smiled at him as his eyes filled momentarily with a hint of sadness before it disappeared.

Regaining his brain, Jeremy returned her smile with one of his own. “I’m Jeremy Gilbert.”

Trevor slowly backed out of the kitchen knowing already without needing to be told what had happened. He decided to carry the boxes up the stairs to their rooms giving Bella and Jeremy their space. This was a moment he didn’t want to intrude on.

“Umm, you going to school here?” Jeremy asked feeling slightly nervous as he stood in front of the girl he was more than attracted to.

Bella nodded, “Yes, Trev and I are starting at the local high school tomorrow. Trev is a junior and I’m a senior. You go there too, right?”

Jeremy nodded, he ran his hands through his hair a nervous habit he had acquired. Would he admit the truth and say he was a year below? That had seemed to drive Bonnie away, would it be the same with Bella? “Yeah, I’m a junior. Do you need any help unpacking or anything?”

“Sure, but I don’t want you to miss school,” Bella replied with a smile, she had caught on to the fact that he had his bag on.  “You have your backpack on, I assume that’s where you were headed?”

Jeremy blushed lightly at forgetting he had to attend school, he couldn’t afford to ditch anymore school, so staying probably wasn’t the best idea. “Yeah, I kind of forgot that’s where I was going. I have nothing to do after school though I’m happy to show you both around town. It’s a small town, but it’s really easy to get lost.”

“I’d like that Jeremy,” Bella replied, he was what she had been waiting for, and she couldn’t imagine anyone better than him. All her stuffed away feelings for Edward seemed to have gone away the second she touched him. She only hoped he would be able to accept all of her. “Let me walk you out.”

Jeremy nodded and walked beside Bella taking small slow steps so he would have just a few more seconds with her. “I’ll be by after school Bella.”

“Okay, Jeremy,” Bella replied she couldn’t help but smile at finally being able to find him. Bella watched Jeremy walk off before she walked back in the house. She closed the front door behind her and grinned as she finally had met the one person she was waiting for.

“How are you going to play this?” Trevor asked from the top of the stairs as he heard the door close knowing the coast was clear.

Bella looked at him and shrugged not knowing how to answer his question. “In the end, this is all his decision  to make not mine. I won’t play any games, not with him. I’ll be his friend, and it will go from there.”

Trevor nodded, “And if he chooses to stay friends?”

Bella shook her head and smiled as she felt the slight bond being formed between them already. “I have a feeling he won’t, I can feel it Trev. Some part of him, has already accepted the bond between us. Some part of him has accepted me as his mate. All that’s left is to wait until the rest of him accepts it too.”

-Page Break-

Bella laughed as she and Trevor were outside trying to get a hammock set up. “Oh no, you tied it way to high. It’s your side that is making my side lopsided not the other way around.”

“You were the one who tied it too low,” Trevor argued not relenting in his argument.

Bella laughed, “Am I supposed to jump to get on?” Bella threw her hands in the air not wanting to argue. “Screw it, leave it your way I’ll be in the front lawn trying to figure out what to do with that hideous oak tree we have.”

Trevor nodded and walked over to where Bella side ready to fix her part of the hammock. Bella walked to the front yard and looked at the oak tree. Her phone began to ring, she fished for it in her pockets finally finding it she realized the call was from her dad. “Hey papa Nikki.”

“Hello sweetheart,” Klaus responded. “Moving in okay?”

“Yeah,” Bella replied as she kept an eye on the tree. “I actually have some news to tell you! I mean, it’s amazing news dad. I had felt a pulling to this town for a long time, and I found out today why. He’s here.”

Klaus coughed on the phone being caught off guard.  “You mean to say your other mate is there? You found him?”

Bella smiled and sat down under the tree wanting to talk to her dad about Jeremy. “He lives right next door, his name is Jeremy. He’s human, and I swear dad I got chills while shaking his hand.” Bella heard a car pull up to the house next door and she saw Jeremy get out of the car with Elena. Bella coughed into the phone taken back at the sight of Elena. “I have to go dad, I’ll call you later I promise.” She hung up and dread filled her at the sight of the two of them. It wasn’t jealousy that she got at the sight of them, she could tell they were family. It was the fact that Elena was the doppelganger. Her dad’s doppelganger. Bella stood and dusted the grass of her jeans planning to make an escape back into the house without being spotted.

Jeremy turned his head as he heard rustling and smiled as he saw Bella. Elena had already headed inside so he called out to Bella, “Hey Bella!”

Bella turned and smiled at him, well she thought on the Brightside of things, at least she didn’t have to meet his sister yet. “Hey Jeremy.”

“We still up to go to the Grill?” Jeremy asked hoping not to have her back out on him.

Bella nodded, “Yeah, just let me go get Trev and we can leave.”

“Cool, I’ll be right over at your house,” Jeremy said he smiled and waved needing to set his bag in his room before he could leave with Bella.

Bella headed inside the house as quickly as possible. “TREVOR!”

Trevor appeared out of thin air and was worried as he noticed something was wrong from the look on Bella’s face. “What’s up?”

“His sister is the doppelganger,” Bella stated knowing if anyone was going to understand her worry it would be Trevor. “The one my father has been looking for, the one needed for the ritual.”

“And you have to tell your father… you’re worried Jeremy might hate you for being related to the person whom wants to kill his sister,” Trevor said understanding exactly what Bella was getting nervous.

Bella took in a deep breath her thoughts were racing, but she had to be strong about this. She wouldn’t let her fears plague her like they had done in the past, she was a leader and a fighter now. “I’ll inform my dad when we get back. Everything will be okay in the end. I have faith that I’ll be okay in the end.” Bella patted Trevor on the shoulder, “Thanks for that, Trev. I’m going to go change out of these clothes and be down in a minute.”

Trevor shook his head slightly confused on what had just happened. “I didn’t help though…”

“You reminded me I had to think about more than just myself,” Bella said as she took the stairs two at a time disappearing from sight.

Trevor shook his head and took out his phone answering some texts from the other dragons. It was nothing serious, just that none of the other two groups had decided where they would move yet. He replied quickly notifying them that the home in Mystic Falls was permanent and as Bella said they were welcome to move as close to them as they pleased.

Trevor opened the door and allowed Jeremy in as he caught the sound of his footsteps approaching. “Let me get, Izzy.” Tyler turned his head towards the stairs and yelled. “Izzy!”

“You didn’t have to yell, it’s not like I didn’t hear the door open,” Bella said putting on her jacket as she made her way down the stairs, she smiled warmly at Jeremy as she reached the bottom step.

Jeremy returned the smile, “You guys ready to go?”

“Yeah,” Bella said grabbing the keys from the table next to the door. She tossed them over to Jeremy. “We don’t know the way around town, so you’re going to have to drive. Do you mind?”

“Not at all,” Jeremy said accepting the keys, he smiled wider as his hand brushed Bella’s and that tingling feeling rose up inside him. Trevor smirked and headed outside allowing Bella and Jeremy to head out of the house together. He sat in the back while Bella sat in the passenger’s seat.

“So, what made you guys pick Mystic Falls as your new home,” Jeremy asked curious.

Bella smiled and shrugged, “We wanted a small town to live in. Not to mention some family friends live in the next town. It was an easy choice to make in the end.”

“Family friends?” Jeremy asked driving to the grill was easy as it wasn’t too far away from their homes.

“Yeah, they’re kids whose parents were friends with our parents. They live in the next town, so when we decided to move we wanted to be close to them, but be a bit apart from them at the same time. We’re all really close,” Trevor stepped in from the back of the car.

Seeing the need to leave the two alone Trevor spotted a clothing store and came up with an excuse to leave as they parked outside of The Grill. “Hey, I umm need some new jeans, so I’m going to head over there and get a few. I’ll meet up with you guys in a few minutes. Order me something to eat, Izzy.”

Bella nodded but eyed Trevor suspiciously knowing exactly what he was up to. “Sure, Trev.”

“Come on Bella, let’s go order the food,” Jeremy said thankful he would be getting some time alone with Bella. Bella nodded with one last look towards Trevor she followed Jeremy inside. On instinct she scanned the area looking for any real threats. She spotted a witch and two warlocks at a table together. She looked away but she was sure to keep them in her mind. She didn’t trust easily and knew witches really weren’t the people to trust. Jeremy picked out a table and pulled out Bella’s chair for her. Bella grinned as he tucked the chair in and sat across from her.

“Okay, so what do I get here?” Bella asked Jeremy as she flipped through the menu scanning through what food could possibly have the most meat. “If I get the hamburger will I regret it?”

Jeremy laughed amused by her question, “No, the food’s not too bad here, the hamburger is alright to eat.”

Bella hummed as she listened. “I have high standards when it comes to my food, so sorry if I’m a bit picky with what I like to eat.”

“I’m sure the food here will meet your standards, if it doesn’t I’ll take you somewhere else,” Jeremy said with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders.

“Have you always lived here?” Bella asked as she set the menu down.

“Yeah, my parents loved this town. It’s been home to the Gilberts for decades,” Jeremy said with a smile. “Do you think you’ll like living here?”

“Yeah, Trev likes it here, and small towns have always been my thing,” Bella said with a smile.

“So, any hobbies?” Jeremy asked.

“Ah, yeah I do some writing,” Bella said nonchalantly, “Trev and I also like to go hunting when we can. It’s a family hobby.”

“Hunting? Like hunting animals?” Jeremy asked surprised he didn’t really peg her as this kind of girl.

Bella nodded, and laughed. “I know it’s strange, but we like it a lot. We take trips pretty often. What about you, hobbies?”

“Not many,” Jeremy said a small blush rose on his neck, “I used to be a bit of a stoner kid, but right now I’m sort of trying to focus on school more. I do like to draw from time to time though.”

Bella nodded, “I understand, it’s not the easiest thing getting over something like losing your parents. Everyone copes in their own way. What do you draw?”

“Whatever comes to mind I guess. I just draw when I’m inspired, when I feel the need to draw.” Jeremy said with a shrug. “So what kind of music do you like?”

“I’m not very picky,” Bella said they placed their orders, Bella ordering a hamburger for Trevor. She continued her conversation with Jeremy finding him easy to talk to.

“Trevor isn’t back yet,” Jeremy said as he and Bella had finished their food.

“I’ll get this to go,” Bella said gesturing to the hamburger. “So, is there a reason we’ve been stared at the whole time we’ve been here by that girl over there at that table.”

Jeremy shook his head following Bella’s line of sight. “That’s Bonnie. We-we sort of dated. It just didn’t work out. She was too embarrassed to be seen with me, she’s my sister’s best friend and didn’t want to be with the little brother.”

“She was an idiot,” Bella said she smiled as Jeremy grinned at her. They got the food for Trevor and began to head out.

“What about you? Any bad relationships?” Jeremy asked more than curious what the response would be.

“They aren’t worth talking about,” Bella said with a shrug, “The past is the past.”

Jeremy grinned, “You want to take a walk with me?”

Bella smiled. “Yeah, I’d love to. Let’s just drop this off at the car and we can go.”

Bella set Trevor’s food in the car and began to walk with Jeremy. “This town is beautiful.” Bella said as she took in the true beauty that is a small town.

Jeremy shrugged, “it’s okay.” Jeremy looked down at Bella’s hand he had a strong urge to reach for it. His eyes focused back on Bella as she looked up at him.

“Do you ever draw this?” Bella asked, “I mean, do you ever get inspiration from this place.”

Jeremy smiled, “I do now.” He smiled as Bella seemed to blush lightly. He couldn’t help himself as he stared into her eyes. He stepped closer to her unknowingly, something felt right about this. Being so close to her felt normal.

“Hey, Jeremy,” Stefan’s voice interrupted.

Jeremy groaned, just what he needed a vampire near the girl he liked. That always ended well for him in the past. “Need something Stefan?”

“No, I was just headed over to see Elena.” Stefan said, Bella stiffened as she sensed the vampire the second he got to close. “I’m sorry for being rude, I’m Stefan, and you are?”

“Bella,” Bella responded she didn’t like being nice to vampires she didn’t know.

“I get it, Stefan. Elena told you to keep an eye out for me,” Jeremy said, “I’ll be home in a little while.”

Stefan nodded, “Okay, I’ll see you later Jeremy. It was nice meeting you Bella.”

“You too, Stefan.” Bella said she nodded politely, but her posture didn’t change. She and Jeremy didn’t say another word until they knew Stefan was gone for sure.

“I’m sorry about that,” Jeremy said catching Bella’s attention. “He’s my sister’s boyfriend.”

Bella turned and looked at Jeremy her face lighting up in a smile. “It’s fine.” She was greatly disappointed Jeremy was seconds away from kissing her, but Stefan had to interrupt and ruin it all. “You should show me your drawings one day.”

Jeremy grinned, “Yeah, I’d like that, Bella.”

-Page Break-

Bella stepped into her home with Trevor. “Hey, I’m going to call my dad.”

“I’ll call the guys, see how they’re settling in,” Trevor said as he headed up the stairs. Bella headed to the living room and took a seat on the couch.

She dialed her father’s number and took in a deep breath this was the right thing to do. “Hey dad.”

“Hello, Sweetheart,” Klaus said surprised to get a call from Bella twice in a day especially so late in the day. “Something wrong?”

“I saw the doppelganger,” Bella said deciding to get straight to the point.

“You did?” Klaus asked being a bit surprised.

“You’re not reacting the way I thought you would,” Bella noticed as she didn’t hear a change in her dad’s voice.

“I already knew about her,” Klaus admitted, “Her biological mother came to me not that long ago in Las Vegas.”

Bella froze at the words her father had said. “Why didn’t you say anything to me?”

“I was going to, but you seemed a bit busy with the move and all. I didn’t want to bother you about it, sweetheart. You have your own things to worry about, worrying about me isn’t necessary, so I was going to wait a bit until I told you.” Klaus replied. “I’m actually heading into town in a bit. I plan to break this ritual as soon as I can.”

Bella sighed and rubbed her eyes. “She’s his sister. The doppelganger, she’s my mate’s sister.” Bella paused, “I’m not asking you not to do your ritual. I want this curse broken just like you do. I’ll figure something out. What’s the plan for the ritual, dad?”

Klaus explained his use of Isabelle and what he had planned to do next. “It won’t take too long to break the curse.”

Bella nodded, “Good, we shouldn’t prolong this. I’ll bring in my dragons the night of the ritual for extra security, we don’t want anything bad to happen.”

Klaus chuckled, “This is why I didn’t mention it to you you worry too much sweetheart.”

“You do the same,” Bella said with a smile. “I have to go, I’m starving and this town isn’t exactly known for its wildlife. I’m eating out of the freezer tonight.”

Klaus chuckled knowing very well Bella never enjoyed doing that. “I’ll call you soon, sweetheart.”

Bella said her goodbyes and set her phone down on the couch. She leaned her head back wanting to catch up on her thoughts.

“The hammock has a great view of the stars,” Trevor said as he came down the stairs and into the living room catching Bella’s attention. “Everyone’s fine. Melanie’s happy with the guys.”

Bella smiled, “That’s great.” Bella stood she grabbed a pair of headphones and her phone. “I’m going to sit outside, I need some time to think about things.”

Trevor nodded he waved to her as she left and sat down on the couch.

Jeremy ignored his sister’s questions and slammed the door to his room. Letting her know he didn’t want to talk to her. He walked to his window and looked at Bella’s house. He smiled as the thought that the girl of his dreams had moved in next door. As he got lost in thoughts he saw Bella come out of the house. He watched as she climbed onto the hammock and put on her head phones. He reached back onto his nightstand and pulled out his drawing pad. He grabbed his pencils and began to sketch out Bella. Towards the end of his drawing he couldn’t take it anymore, he needed to get the kiss he had been interrupted from getting earlier. He opened his window and as he did many times before he climbed down the side of the house. He had a determination to get that kiss.

Jeremy climbed the fence separating their yards and walked up slowly to her being cautious as to not startle her. As he got closer her head lifted and she spotted him giving him a warm smile. Jeremy’s heart began to flutter as she smiled at him and sat up on the hammock.

“Hey,” Bella said as she watched him. Her smile became greater as he got closer. “Want to sit down?”

“Yeah,” Jeremy said he took the seat beside her, their legs touching at their closeness.

“What are you doing out here?” Bella asked as she took off her headphones and set her phone down on the ground.

“I saw you from my window,” Jeremy said pointing to his bedroom window. “I thought I’d come see what you were up to.”

Bella smiled, “I wanted to watch the stars for a while. What were you doing up? It’s close to dawn.”

“I was drawing.” Jeremy said with a sigh.

“Really?” Bella asked her interest was heightened, “What were you drawing?”

“You.” Jeremy replied without hesitation. Bella turned to look at him and their eyes met and like before he couldn’t help but get lost in them. They were the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. He didn’t hesitate as his hand came up to cup her cheek. He saw her inch closer to him and that was all he needed. He leaned down and kissed her capturing her lips in a soft slow kiss. This kiss was nothing like any other kiss he had, it felt more special. He pulled back the need to breathe had become too strong. He opened his eyes to meet her brown eyes again. “I had to do that.”

“I’m not complaining,” Bella said a small smile crawling on her lips. She leaned up and kissed him again. Their lips meeting caused electricity to go through them. Bella knew this was it, she wouldn’t be able to love anyone after Jeremy. Not even being with Edward had ever felt like this. This had turned into a very heavy makeup session before they knew it. Bella pulled back she took in a deep breath. “This wasn’t how I planned to end my night.”

Jeremy laughed, “It wasn’t what I thought either, but I liked this turn of events much better.”

Bella smiled, “I should get inside to get some sleep.”

Jeremy nodded, “I’ll see you tomorrow?”

“We do go to the same school,” Bella replied with a smirk.

Jeremy smiled, “Right.” He stood helping Bella stand with him. “I know I should’ve asked this before I kissed you, but would you go on a date with me tomorrow?”

“That sounds great, Jeremy,” Bella said with a smile. “I’ll see you tomorrow, Jeremy.”

“Goodnight Bella,” Jeremy said the smile on his face never left. He turned to walk away wanting to end his night on a good note.

“Jeremy, wait!” Bella sad stopping Jeremy in his tracks. She walked up to him as he turned around and kissed him. She pulled back and smiled at him. “Goodnight.” She turned and walked into the house a bright smile on her face as she made her way to the living room. She could hear Jeremy walking away and she could bet that he had a smile on his face as well.

“So,” Trevor said as Bella sat down beside him. “That went well.”

Bella smiled at the thought of their kiss. “Yeah, it did.”

“And your dad?” Trevor asked as he flipped through channels on the TV.

“He already knew about the doppelganger,” Bella replied, “He’s going to go ahead with the ritual.”

“And Jeremy?” Trevor asked.

Bella looked at Trevor, “What happens, happens. I won’t try and stop my dad from doing the ritual he’s wanted to do since that curse was put on him. I understand that Jeremy will be mad, but I have to believe that he’ll understand. I have to believe some part of him will understand.”

Trevor nodded, he reached over and took Bella’s hand. “It’ll be fine, it has to be.”

Bella smiled, “When the ritual takes place, I’m going to ask everyone to be here. I can’t let anything happen to my dad, Trev.”

“I understand.” Trevor said. “You want to talk to them or should I?”

“I’ll call them tomorrow sometime,” Bella said. “Today wasn’t bad.”

“No, it was a pretty good day.” Trevor said with a smile. “Tomorrow though, that should be fun.”

Bella groaned, “First day of school, that’s always fun.”

Author’s Note

Jeremy!! We’re getting to the good part! I’m so excited for what’s to come!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


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