Reaper Twins: Chapter 20

rt chpt 20

Bella laughed as Henrik lost another game “Give up Henri, there’s no way you can beat me at this game. I’m a champion.”

Henrik groaned, “You’re a cheater! You have super abilities Elle, I don’t. If you were human I would have you beat.”

Bella smiled, “Maybe you’re right, but in a few years you’ll be a hybrid and maybe then you’d have a chance at beating me at this game.”

“Nik!” Henrik shouted at the top of his lungs, Bella laughed and waited for her love to appear.

“What are you shouting about Henrik,” Klaus said as he appeared, his eyes landed on Bella and he smiled, “Hello love, I didn’t know you were here.”

Bella smiled, “I came to see you, but I got caught up playing this game with Henrik.”

Klaus smiled and looked down at his younger, “Why did you shout?”

“Because I give up on trying to beat Elle and I thought you might want to spend time with your girlfriend,” Henrik said with a shrug, he smiled at the two and grabbed his jacket. “I’m heading out to the Grill.”

“Call if you need anything,” Klaus said to his younger brother, he wanted to give Henrik his freedom, but he still wanted him to be safe.

Henrik smiled at his brother, “Will do, I won’t get into any trouble, or at least I’ll try not to.”

Bella smiled and watched Henrik leave, she stood up and walked over to Klaus and kissed him. He kissed her back and pulled her tighter to his side. “What have you been painting?” Bella asked with a curious smile.

“How do you know I’ve been painting?” Klaus asked with a smirk.

“You smell like paint, and not to mention that I was here for about an hour, and you didn’t even notice. That usually means you’re distracted with your work,” Bella replied with a smile, “So what have you been painting.”

Klaus took Bella by the hand and led her to his workplace. His current work was placed in a corner. He had put on the finishing touches earlier he moved quickly and put the finished work of art on a stand and showed it to Bella. He stood behind her his arms wrapped around her waist as his chin rested on the top of her head. “What do you think?”

Bella was stunned, this was her. It was from the day she and Marco had fought in front of the Mikaelsons. In the picture Bella was standing in the middle of the clearing, her clothes were slightly ripped, her shoes and shirt had holes in them, her hair was easily flowing in the wind, her wings were wide behind her, and she was leaning against her scythe. This was from the end of the fight, when her and Marco had stopped, she had leaned against her weapon and had taken a breath, Marco had stabbed her repeatedly and her body was beginning to heal again. “This is amazing! When did you start painting this?”

“Last night, finished putting on the last touches this morning,” Klaus replied enjoying Bella’s reaction. Her face was filled with awe as she looked at the painting.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to understand your talent,” Bella said in awe, “It just looks so lifelike. You’re amazing you know.”

Klaus smiled and kissed Bella’s neck, “Thank you for the compliment love, I was actually about to hang it before my brother yelled.”

“Hang it?” Bella asked turning slightly so she could look at Klaus.

Klaus nodded, “Yes, I was going to hang it in here, thought it’d give me more inspiration.”

“Inspiration?” Bella asked with confusion.

“Your beauty inspires me,” Klaus said he kissed her again.

Bella smiled and turned in Klaus’s arms and deepened the kiss. Yes, to people Klaus was a cold hearted monster, but to her he was something different entirely, and she enjoyed both sides of him. The one people saw, ruthless, cold hearted, evil, then the one she and his family saw, the loyal, protective caring side.

Rebekah coughed, she had been standing at the door for a few minutes waiting for them to pull apart. Getting tired she coughed interrupting the two and causing them to pull apart. “I’ve been waiting here for minutes for you two to pull apart, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen anytime soon.”

Klaus groaned, “Is there something you wanted Rebekah?”

“Yes, I want to go buy my graduation dress, and I would like my best friend to go with me,” Rebekah said.

“Graduation is only a few days away, I really doubt we’ll find anything in this town Bekah,” Bella said to Rebekah.

Rebekah smiled, “So we’ll go out of town and find something. Please Isa.”

“Alright,” Bella said with a sigh, “I’ll go, but just dresses Bekah.”

Bekah grinned, “Just dresses. I’ll be back in a few minutes and then we can leave. You can finish up with Nik.”

Bella laughed, “Looks like I’m going shopping with your sister.”

“I would say I’d join you, but Rebekah can get on my nerves easily,” Klaus said, “Would you like to go to dinner when you come back?”

Bella smiled, “I’d love to.” Bella kissed Klaus before she turned to leave with a smile on her face. She was happy, her and Marco had found a family in the Mikaelsons. Elijah and Finn had left less than a month ago to continue to search for Sage, Elijah felt he owed his brother this for all the years being locked away. Kol was still in town causing a bit of trouble, and spending time with his older and younger brothers.

“So, why is it that you haven’t bought your dress yet, I would’ve thought you had this all planned already,” Bella said as she followed Rebekah to the car.

Rebekah shrugged, “I’ve been busy.”

Bella looked at her friend with a quizzical look, “I don’t believe you, but I’ll let this go for now. We should get going.”

-Page Break-

Marco sat in his room on his desk getting some things finished up. He knew that there was a lot of work to do before he and Bella died, and Bella had already done her half of the work, but Marco had been slacking.

Marco put together an address book. These would be the people he still occasionally talked to from his human life, they were the people he would want at his funeral. He would conveniently leave the address book where Charlie could see it. They had also asked Rebekah to help Charlie, they trusted her to do this for them. Marco finished up the last detail and put his address book away, he then got his clothes for his graduation ready. Graduation night was when he was going to reveal something to his sister, something he’d been keeping from her for a few months now.

“ISAAC MARCO REAPER!” Isabella’s voice ran out through the small home. Marco stood up with a groan knowing that tone of voice, his sister was angry.

“Hey Izzy, something wrong?” Marco asked meeting his sister in the living room.

Isabella glared at him, “I’ve never kept anything from you. Nothing. I told you every pain staking detail about my life, and you did the same. We promised each other there would never be secrets between us. That we would always tell each other everything. How come I have to find out your dating Rebekah through a picture?”

“And what picture would this be Izzy?” Marco asked.

“My phone died, and I was going to call you to ask you if you wanted anything from the mall, I thought you might need something last minute for graduation. I used Bekah’s phone while she was changing in the dressing room, I knew she wouldn’t mind, but when I turned on her phone a picture of the two of you making out was in the background. Why didn’t you tell me? I thought we told each other everything Marc?” Bella asked she was close to tears, to her this was something like her and her brother difting apart, and that was the last thing she wanted.

Marco stepped forward, he saw the look on his sister’s emotions and was feeling horrible about keeping this from his sister. “I tell you everything Izzy, I always have and I always will. I was going to tell you about Rebekah and me, but she asked to wait. Apparently Klaus has a thing for scaring away all her love interests, so she wanted to keep this from him as long as possible, and she asked me to keep it from you. The guilt was killing my Izzy, that’s why I was going to go against Rebekah’s wishes and tell you on graduation.”

“You’re still a jerk,” Bella said to her brother.

Marco grinned, “Yes, but I’m your jerk of a twin brother.”

Bella sighed, and sat down on the couch, “So start from the beginning.”

Marco took the seat next to Bella, Bella rearranged herself and put her feet on his lap and leaned back into the couch. “It all started on Valentine’s day. You and Klaus had gone out on a date, Henrik was hanging out with Jeremy, and I ran into Rebekah at the Grill and we hung out that night. I was going to take her home and we ended up making out in the car. After that, we started a relationship of sorts, we were friends with benefits for a while, and then feelings came into play, and I fell in love with her. It’s really quite strange, after a late night conversation we became a couple. That was about a month or so ago. We see each other when you and Klaus are together, and other nights we’ll sneak away and see each other.”

Bella laughed, “You do realize that we’re dating siblings. That’s weird, even for us.”

Marco smiled, “We were born weird, oh by the way I finished up my side of things, we just have to get to Forks and get things finished up.”

Bella nodded, “Henrik asked me if he had to attend my funeral. Can you imagine how utterly weird that’s going to be for them?”

“Do you think they’ll fake cry?” Marco asked with a smirk, “I imagine it would be the normal thing to do.”

Bella smiled, “I’m sure Rebekah can squeeze out a few tears, but I don’t think Klaus would cry, it’s not his thing. Henrik is somewhere in the middle, he could go both ways on this.”

Marco smiled at his sister, “Are we okay?”

“Yeah I guess we are,” Bella said with a shrug, “It’s useless to be angry at you, although I still feel a bit cast aside for you not telling me, but I’m sure if you let me win in a few fights I’ll feel oh so much better.”

Marco chuckled, “I feel like you just might have a bit of luck in winning a few fights.”

“I do hope so, I’m guessing you’re going out with Rebekah tonight by the way.” Bella said.

“What makes you say that?” Marco asked looking at his sister strangely.

“Klaus and I are going out to dinner,” Bella said.

Marco nodded and kissed Bella’s forehead, “Thanks Izzy.” Marco stood up ready to call Rebekah, but Bella’s voice stopped him.

“Besides you, Rebekah was one of the first people I ever trusted after the Cullen’s. I swear if you hurt her Marc, we won’t be practice fighting.”

Marco looked at his sister his eyes filled with sincerity, “I love her Izzy. Truly deeply love her. You don’t have to worry about me hurting her, it won’t happen.”

Bella nodded and hugged her brother, “Don’t worry, this will stay between us. Have fun out with Bekah.”

Marco smiled, “I will Izzy, don’t have too much fun with Klaus.”

Bella laughed and walked off to her room to change, she was happy for her brother and Rebekah.

-Graduation Day-

“Isaac Marco Aitkin,” The principle announced, Marco walked on stage and received his diploma and an applause from the audience.

“Isabella Marcella Aitkin,” Bella walked on stage and received her diploma. She smiled as she walked off the stage and took her seat beside Marco. “We graduated.”

“Yeah we did,” Marco said, “Normally I would’ve been ecstatic, but it feels so less important now.”

Bella smiled, “It seems we’ve outgrown the whole high school experience.”

“We’re never doing this again right? I really don’t think I can do high school again,” Marco whispered to Bella.

Bella smiled, “No I don’t want to do this again either. Going to high school is something you only do once not several times.”

“Good,” Marco said he looked at his sister and smiled, “Our father is here, he’s over there in the shadows.”

Bella turned her head and spotted her father lurking in the woods, she smiled at him and waved subtly, “He came to our graduation. I really didn’t think he would.”

“Of course he would,” Marco said, “Come on, Rebekah’s next to be called.”

Rebekah’s name was called, Marco and Bella cheered for her, as she walked across the stage. Rebekah was seated just in front of them.

“This is the first time I’ve ever gone to high school,” Rebekah murmured, “I’m somewhat sad to see it end.”

Bella leaned forward, “We can always go to college.”

Rebekah groaned, “No.”

Marco laughed, “I agree, I think I’m forever done with school.”

Bella smiled, “Fine, but I’m going to look into it. I think I want to go to college. I have to have something to keep me busy other than the random missions we’re assigned.”

“I’m sure my brother will keep you plenty busy Isa,” Rebekah whispered to Bella.

Bella laughed, “I’m sure he will.”

“Please please, let’s not talk about this right now,” Marco said, “Oh look the class speech is next, let’s pay close attention.” Bella and Rebekah laughed and focused on the class speech that was being given.

Bella hugged Charlie, and then Marco did the same. “Congrats kids, you should be proud of yourself.”

“Bella! Bella!” Renee’s voice came out as she was walking over.

Bella looked to Charlie, “Since when did mom come?”

“She showed up just as they called your name,” Charlie said, “Didn’t even know she was coming.”

The four Mikaelsons that were standing beside Marco and Charlie watched as Bella awkwardly gave Renee a hug.

“Oh honey! I never thought I’d see this day!” Renee said, as she took out a flash camera and took a series of pictures of Bella.

Bella turned to Marco. Kill me now! –Bella.

Marco grinned, “Hello Renee.”

Renee looked at Marco, “Is he the new boyfriend?”

Bella groaned, “No, he’s my twin, Marco.”

“Oh right, it’s nice to meet you,” Renee said, she turned to Charlie. “Which one is the boyfriend then?”

Bella sighed, “Hey mom where’s Phil?”

“Oh My God, Phil!” Renee said looking shocked, “I was in such a shock I think I lost him. Oh Bella honey, you have to help me.”

“Sure,” Bella said, she gave a small wave to the people behind her and walked off with her mother to find Phil.

They all heard as Renee asked her daughter, “So which one’s the boyfriend?” Bella groaned, but didn’t answer.

“That’s her mother?” Kol asked.

Marco nodded, and Charlie spoke, “Renee has always been a bit of a scatter brain. Bella’s been an adult since the age of 8. Renee’s more her sister than her mother.” Charlie shook his head and went to follow after his daughter and Renee.

“I have a question, why does Isa still call her mom?” Rebekah asked.

“Because of our deaths, she wants to make them feel good about being parents. Even though Renee was a horrible mother, Bella wanted her to feel she was still a good mother.” Marco answered with a shrug.

“I have a question,” Kol asked his face breaking out in a smirk, “Which one is the boyfriend?”

They laughed and walked off they would go back to Charlie’s home, where they were sure Bella had been leading Renee.

“Hey Bella, congrats,” Phil said giving Bella a hug.

Bella smiled, “Thanks Phil, how’s work going?”

“Great,” Phil began to go into an entire conversation on his career and how it was going. Renee was in the passenger seat while Phil drove, Bella sat in the back. Charlie’s cruiser was behind them as they drove, she was sure her brother and the rest of the Mikaelson’s were also somewhere behind them.

“Mhmm that’s great Phil,” Bella said to seem like she was interested in the conversation, but everyone knew Bella hated sports, but it was the only thing Phil liked to talk about. Thankfully they made it home in no time and Bella showed Renee and Phil around the house. Thankfully they weren’t staying the night so Bella didn’t have to worry about them getting hurt by the other vampires in town.

“So Bella hon, I’m being serious, which one of those three boys is your boyfriend,” Renee said as she helped Bella take some food out to the grill in the backyard.

Bella sighed, just then she saw her brother and Mikaelson’s arrive. Bella pointed to Klaus, “Him, his name is Klaus.”

Renee smiled and giggled, “Oh! He’s much cuter than the other two.”

Bella laughed as it was obvious Kol had heard her mother’s statement.

Bella snuck away from her mother as she was busy talking to Charlie. She walked into the living room and found everyone minus the parents there.

“I’m slightly offended about the comment your mother made,” Kol said taking a sip of his drink.

Bella laughed, “Well, you can’t say it wasn’t true.”

“Wait! What did she say?” Rebekah asked.

“Nothing important,” Bella answered with a smile, she walked over to Klaus and stood by his side putting an arm around his waist as he put one around her shoulders. This wasn’t just a graduation party, this was their going away party. In a few days they would be packing up and going to Forks. Kol had decided to tag along with them to Forks first, and the next day Rebekah, Klaus and Henrik would follow behind with the rest of their things. They were all going to be living in a large mansion Klaus insisted on getting. It was just outside of Forks, so it wouldn’t be too far away from Charlie’s home so the locals can see Bella and Marco entering the home and walking around the town before they die. They wanted things to look as real as they could before they died.

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