Dance for Me (Bella and Stiles)

I hope you enjoy!

Stiles never really kept secrets, with a pack of wolves around all the time it was hard to hide anything. Though, he was proud that they had all been fooled by his purposeful clumsy attitude. Truth was, he wasn’t that clumsy, in fact up until a years ago he had been one half of one of the best dancing duos in California, and that must say something since he had been winning dancing trophies since he was 5. But it had stopped suddenly. It had always been something that brought him comfort and brought him the sense of family, but without his partner he didn’t want to continue. Because she was as much his best friend as Scott, if not more because the two of them suffered the same heartache at an early age, the loss of a parent.

So every time the pack bad begged him to go out clubbing with them he had denied. Dancing was something for himself and for the brown eyed girl that still haunted his dreams. Only on this night, the night of their graduation did he accept to go out.

He wasn’t planning on dancing just watching his friends make fools of themselves. He would take a note from Derek and brood by himself in the corner.

That’s what he ended up doing until he felt someone sit beside him. “It’s been forever, frost.”

Stiles turned his head , his eyes meeting brown eyes that still looked familiar. “Bells.” He said with a wide grin before he lunged forward and hugged her tightly. “What are you doing here? Especially in this place?”

“Celebrating, I won the solo tournament and the group, and I decided to come here to celebrate. By the way asshole, you don’t change your number and not tell me. I came back seven months ago and I’ve been trying to reach you forever. We could’ve been celebrating our 7th win together tonight.”

Stiles rubbed the back of his neck nervously. “Sorry. I guess I just forgot. Where is everyone?”

Bella smirked, “The warehouse. You know the ritual, competition, brief time out celebrating and then freestyle at the warehouse. Or did you forget so easily.” Bella smiled and ruffled his hair. “Why don’t you come with me? We’ll kick everyone’s asses just like before. It’ll be fun, besides, in this place you won’t be able to show your real talent.”

“I’m a little rusty, but yeah I’d love to. Haven’t seen anyone in forever.” Stiles responded taking Bella’s offered hand and walking out.

It was more than easy for Stiles to fall into step with Bella and it was like they had never parted. It was easy for him to fall into step with all the dancers that were already together in the warehouse.

He smiled and laughed remembering old performances and championships. And when it he and Bella were asked to reperform their last winning performance he couldn’t say no. It was in his muscles to dance with her. He felt the familiar strain in his muscles as he lifted her into the air.

He felt a loss as the song ended and the clapping sounded through the warehouse walls. He looked down at Bella and with the push of adrenaline he leaned down to kiss her. Ignoring the whistles and the chanting of “Stella”

He pulled back with a blush on his cheek, “uh”

Bella took his hand and smiled. “took us both long enough.”

Stiles stood by Bella for the rest of the night. His hand around her waist as they watched and cheered for their fellow dancers.  It wasn’t until he heard his name being called by a familiar voice that he felt the bubble he was in pop. He turned around seeing the familiar faces of his pack. “hey guys.”

“Dude we’ve been looking for you. We thought you’d been kidnapped or something.” Scott said he looked around. “What are you doing here?”

“I ran into Bella.” Stiles responded easily gesturing down to Bella. “We’re old friends so I came to hang out. Sorry I ditched you guys, just got distracted.”

Bella smiled politely. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“STILES!” A blonde girl shouted rushing over to them. “they’re playing your song next, come on join the other guys.”

Bella laughed as she recognized the beginning beats to the song. “Think you still have what it takes to dance, or did you get too rusty?”

Stiles smirked, “That’s laughable. This song is practically muscle memory by now. Just watch.”

Bella watched as Stiles and a handful of other guys began dancing to Justin Timberlake’s sexy back. She laughed as Stiles didn’t lose eye contact as he danced.

Stiles almost forgot how much confidence he got when he danced. When he saw Bella whistle he couldn’t help the wave of happiness that drifted over him. He moved grabbing her hand pulling her to dance with him.

As the song ended he smirked at Bella. “I haven’t danced in a while, but that song is in my muscles.”

“That’s only because of how many times you fell when you started dancing to it.” Bella responded with a fond smile.

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