Chapter Three

Chpt 3

-1 Week Later-

A low knock on the door brought Klaus out of his thoughts, he turned his head to the door, and spoke, his tone was irritated that he was being bothered. “This better be important if you’re bothering me.”

The door opened revealing a small petite girl, her long blonde hair fell to her waist, she walked slowly and cautiously up to Klaus, knowing that at any moment the original could snap and attack her, and then not even magic could save her. “I was sent a message from someone from the Mikaelson blood line.”

Klaus’s attention was peaked, there was no one from the Mikaelson bloodline left alive to have magic, “Who?”

“It was a warlock, his name was Henrik. He told me to give you this address, his magic was strong, it was definitely Mikaelson magic.” The young girl said handing Klaus the small piece of paper there were two words on the paper. Forks, Washington. In anger knowing there was no possible way his brother could be messaging him Klaus snapped the blonde’s neck, her body fell to the ground lifeless.

Klaus angered, and determined to figure out who was using the disguise of his deceased brother went up the stairs compelling one of his henchmen to clean up the mess as he packed, he was headed to Forks, Washington to find the one responsible for the message.

-Page Break-

Bella laughed as she and Henrik walked through the crowded streets of Seattle together. Henrik’s arm was wrapped around her waist as they walked around looking for something Henrik mentioned he needed before he took the next step in becoming an original.

“So what exactly are we looking for?” Bella asked looking at Henrik.

“In order to walk in the sunlight, I’m going to need a special type of Jewelry, it’s called Lapis Lazuli. When spelled correctly, it’ll allow me to walk in the sunlight without being burned to a crisp.” Henrik said as he led Bella to another store. Seeing as it was a Saturday and most kids from Forks visited Seattle, Bella spotted one of her friends from school.

“I’m going to go say hello to Angela, do you mind going into the store alone for a bit,” Bella asked Henrik.

Henrik smiled at Bella, “Not at all, just don’t get hurt.”

Bella smiled, and stood on the tips of her toes and pecked Henrik on the lips, “I’ll do my best. I won’t take long.”

Henrik smiled, “Take your time.” Bella smile and walked towards Angela while Henrik entered the store. He looked around the store until his eyes found the perfect ring. He wasn’t telling Bella the entire truth, he had found a ring earlier in the week when he had gone walking around Forks during the time Bella was in school. He walked into a small antique store and found it, the perfect ring for him. But now in the stores of Seattle, he was looking for the perfect ring for Bella, he wanted to have one prepared for her before he became an original and could possibly lose his magic. Henrik signaled the man behind the counter over. He pointed the Lapis Lazuli ring in the display. It was carved out in the shape of a rose and lay on a simple silver band with barely noticeable diamonds on what was made to look like leaves. Using his magic to compel the man Henrik got the ring for free, but in return he did spell the man with good fortune. It was his way for paying for the ring. He loved his magic, and the knowledge the spirit had blown into him gave him inside details on numerous spells, including the one that he had used to make the potion to become an original and also to send a message to his brother. Henrik held the ring in his hand and walked out of the store, he put it away in his pocket as he saw Bella walked back to him a large smile on her face. He would give it to her as a surprise.

“And why might you be smiling so brightly,” Henrik asked as Bella walked back into his awaiting arms.

Bella shrugged, “I’m just happy to be with you. To be with you in public. To talk to you in public and not look like I’m talking to myself. I like this. I like finally being able to be with you.”

Henrik grinned, “I feel the same Belle. I think we should start heading back, it looks like it’s going to rain and you still don’t have perfect control over your tail.”

Bella nodded, “Good idea.” Henrik slipped his hand into Bella’s as he walked with her back to her car. He didn’t want her caught in the rain where she would be vulnerable to exposing her tail to the world.

-Page Break-

Henrik woke up with Bella as she began to get ready for school. He had been sleeping in her bed for the past week, and enjoyed being with her normally. It was especially entertaining when he had to hide from Charlie, but the recent increase in deaths in Seattle had made Charlie work later so he rarely even took notice Henrik was even there.

“It’s going to be sunny today, so I think I’m going to walk to school today,” Bella said to Henrik, “Want to walk with me?”

Henrik smiled, “I’d love to. I’ll change right now.”

“Henri, were are you getting clothes from?” Bella asked curiously, she had seen Henrik in different clothes but never saw him buy any.

“I got some after you went to school one day. You can really get anything with a bit of magic,” Henrik said with a shrug. It was the same way he got the rings, he got the items he needed, but in exchange for a small amount of good fortune.

“You steal?” Bella asked with an eyebrow raised Henrik was never the type to steal, she knew that.

“No, think of it as a trade. I give them good fortune in exchange for what I need. It’s not stealing, just trading,” Henrik said simply.

Bella nodded, she understood his logic, “I guess it makes sense. I’ll get us some breakfast, change quickly though I really don’t want to be late.”

Henrik smiled, “I’ll do it as quick as I can, don’t worry. Want me to walk you home too?”

“If you want,” Bella said with a smile, she pecked Henrik on the lips before heading downstairs to get them both a small breakfast before they headed out.

Bella looked at Henrik in awe, he got dressed quickly. He was wearing a dark grey button up shirt with black jeans, and his hair was short and had a messy yet neat look to it. He had a leather jacket in hand as he walked into the kitchen.

“You look beautiful,” Henrik said coming up behind Bella and wrapping his arms around her while resting his head on her shoulder.

“Thank you, you look great. Any specific plans for today?” Bella asked.

“Nope, don’t have anything specific planned for today,” Henrik said, “I’ll be there after school waiting for you no matter what.”

Bella smiled and leaned back into Henrik, their love felt unreal. At the age of 17, Bella had found her soul mate and knew she was going to spend eternity with him and she didn’t want it any other way.


“Are Fairies real then? I mean if mermaids are real, then couldn’t fairies be real too?” Bella asked as she walked beside Henrik their hands intertwined together.

“No, fairies aren’t real, they’re just miniature witches, there’s no use for them,” Henrik replied.

“You said there were two types of vamps, what are the other types,” Bell asked curiously, her mind had dozens of questions she wanted to ask.

“The other type are known as the off breed. They’re the creation of someone who tried to remake the original spell, but didn’t get the spell to work correctly, in the end, they ended up making an entirely new breed, the off breed. They’re weaker, but some of them retain a part of their witch heritage which gives them a gift of sorts, but not many have them, and they usually aren’t strong enough to work on the more traditional type of vampires. Their bite is also poisonous to humans and their transition is more painful due to the venom in their bodies.” Henrik said.

“Can they walk in the sunlight?” Bella asked, “Or would they burn too?”

“No they don’t burn,” Henrik said he paused slightly to try and find the right word to describe what they do in the sunlight, “They Sparkle. Their bodies are hard like diamonds and when they step out into the sunlight they begin to sparkle. They’re eyes also give away their diets most of them feed off of humans by drinking their blood until they die, their eyes become a crimson red when they feed off of humans. Rarely though, there are the ones that feed off of animals, and they have golden eyes.”

“Is it hard to control their need for blood?” Bella asked.

“Yes, generally it’s almost impossible for them to control their lust, it’s one of the downfalls of being their kind. Their bodies need it constantly, and they’re rarely ever sated with the amount of blood they have. Their also the strongest in their first year of becoming of a vampire, but they’re the most aggressive during that time also. It’s dangerous to be around one of them during their first year.” Henrik said.

“They sound horrible,” Bella said, they got closer to the school and Bella walked closer to Henrik. He let go of her hand and wrapped his arm around her shoulders tucking her closer to his side. Her arm went around his waist, it was the moments she had to be away from him she hated the most. Her fear of him just disappearing out of the blue crept inside her mind during these times.

Henrik stopped in front of the school, his arm still around Bella. Bella shifted in his arms, and her arms went around his neck, “I’m starting to really dislike school.”

Henrik smiled, “I thought you loved it.”

“I did, but I would choose being with you over school any day Henri,” Bella said with a grin.

Henrik laughed, “You’d feel guilty afterwards. You live for learning Bella, you’re too curious. I’ll be here waiting for you after school. It’s only a few hours apart.” Henrik bent down and kissed Bella heatedly, neither caring for the looks they were getting. Henrik pulled apart and rested his forehead against Bella’s “I love you, have a good day.”

“I love you too, Henri,” Bella said she moved and kissed him again before she heard the bell ring and she ran inside the building. Henrik watched her leave and made sure she was safely inside the building before he began to walk again. He walked to the old diner in town. He got to the front door and turned back to where the woods were.

“Are you going to join me Niklaus?” Henrik said, looking in the woods his brown eyes piercing into the area he knew his brother was hiding, “We have a lot to talk about. Come in when you’re ready to join me brother.” Henrik walked inside the diner, he took a seat in a table in the far corner where he knew they would be alone and unheard.

“What can I get you sweetheart?” the waitress asked, “Are you new in town?”

“Can I get a coffee please, and yes I am. I moved here not that long ago with my brother,” Henrik said with a polite smile, “Can you make that two coffees please, I’m meeting my brother here.”

“Of course honey, I’ll bring them right over,” The waitress said as she walked off, Henrik smiled as Klaus entered the diner he looked around for moment and spotted Henrik. Henrik motioned for the empty seat in front of him. Cautiously Klaus walked over but only stood not taking a seat.

“Who are you,” Klaus all but growled at Henrik.

“Am I that forgettable brother?” Henrik asked, “I was sure that if any of our siblings were going to recognize me it’d be you. Do you not remember me? Remember all the times I would do something foolish, and you’d take the blame so father wouldn’t take his anger out on me? Do you not remember the time you were teaching me to use a sword when I was ten? I accidently stabbed one of our cattle and you took the blame. You told father that when you had swung the sword your grip loosened and it flew into the cow. Father gave you several bruises that day, but you head them under your sleeves so I wouldn’t feel guilty. Or maybe the time that you took me with you and Elijah into town and you taught me how to bargain with the sales men. Do you not remember your youngest brother Niklaus?” Henrik stood up, he rolled up his right sleeve he revealed his wrist were there was a small birthmark, “Do you remember this? I used to believe it meant I was destined for bad fortune like Kol told me it meant. I cried, and you hit Kol upside the head for lying to me, than you told me it meant that I was destined for greatness. That I would live a great life.”

“Henrik?” Klaus asked stunned, no one could know any of these stories other than Henrik. “It’s not possible. I saw you die. I held you while you died!”

Henrik nodded, “And I did die, but as you can see I was brought back as a human. Nik, you should know that I never blamed you for my death. It was an accident, we were at the wrong place at the wrong time, and there was nothing you could do to save me. I understand that.”

Klaus’s eyes swelled up with unshed tears, his brother was back. His brother didn’t blame him unlike the rest of his family had at one point. Klaus hugged his brother, it was a hug to make sure his brother was truly back, not just a figment of his imagine that was going to be used against him. Henrik hugged him back this was his brother, the one he was closest to when he was alive, and the one who had suffered the most after his death.

Klaus took a seat across from Henrik, so many questions running through his mind as he looked at his younger brother. “How? Why are you back?”

“I’m back because of a girl,” Henrik said as their coffees arrived, “Thank you very much.”

“Not a problem honey wave if you need anything else,” The waitress said.

“A girl? What does one single girl have to do with you coming back to life?” Klaus asked.

“She’s more than just some random girl Nik, and I know you’re probably thinking she brought me back to use against you in some way, but I’m back for her. She’s my soul mate, my other half, my counterpart, and it was her soul that brought me back. Her soul was calling to mine and little by little it was bringing me back to life. I came back fully about over a week ago. I’ve known her since she was 11, and I was 12, and as she aged I aged with her. She’s currently 17, and is living with her father in this town.” Henrik said giving Klaus the basics.

“Does she know about you?” Klaus asked.

Henrik nodded, “She was able to see my since 11. I love her Nik, truly deeply love her, and she loves me just as much as I love her, I can feel it.”

“How do you know she’s your soul mate Henrik,” Klaus asked his younger brother, the protective side of him coming out, as he thought this girl could possibly be using his brother in some way.

Henrik took in a deep breath, “Have you ever heard of Mermaids Nik? They were one of the first supernatural creatures that ever existed. Over time their species began to die out, because they couldn’t find their soul mates in time. The mermaid gene was being carried, by mostly males and through time their became to be only two lines of mermaids left, and coincidentally those two blood lines had a child, a girl who was the last mermaid on Earth her name was Isabella Swan. Mermaids in order to take on their mermaid state need the kiss of their soul mate. Isabella is my soul mate, and her soul has been connected to mine since the moment she was born. Her soul called out to mine because it knew that in order for either of our souls to survive we needed to be together, so slowly it began to cross me over from the other side. A mermaid can only go into her mermaid state if she’s kissed by her soul mate before her 18th birthday. Right after I kissed her and she touched water the next day she grew a tail.”

Klaus nodded, “Let me get this clear, you have a girlfriend, who’s a mermaid, and who brought you back from the dead?”

Henrik nodded, “Her name is Isabella, but she prefers Bella. She’s gorgeous, I wanted you to meet her, it’s why I sent you that message. I wanted you to come down here so you could meet her. I wanted to give you a chance to be a part of my life, you were always my favorite brother.”

“You want me to meet your girlfriend?” Klaus asked shocked by his brother’s request.

“Did you know that because our mother was a witch, we’re warlocks, and because of that I was trapped on the other side? I had nothing more to do than to just wander around alone watching you all live on. I’ve watched you live for centuries watching you run from our crazed father, and I know about all the deaths you’ve caused, but through all that you are my brother and I will want you by my side again. You were the only one who every year had remembered me. I’ve always looked up to you Nik, and I will continue to do so. I want my brother back, I want a family.” Henrik said.

“I won’t un-dagger the rest of our siblings Henrik, Mikael is still out there and he is too dangerous for everyone. You’re only safe because he doesn’t know you’re alive.” Klaus said.

Henrik nodded, “I didn’t expect you to un-dagger them Nik. I know what our father has been up to he’s crazy, and is bent on killing all of you to undo the damage vampires have caused on mankind. He’s out of his mind, and I do understand the reasons behind your actions for daggering our siblings.” Henrik paused and looked at his brother, his eyes searching for the answer he wanted, but after not finding it he decided to just ask. “Does this mean you’re staying for a while?”

Klaus nodded, “I’ll be staying in this town until you decide to leave. You’re human, and you’re constantly in danger as long as you stay human.”

“I don’t plan on staying human for much longer. I have the spell mother used to make you all originals, I actually have everything ready to go. I was just waiting for the right moment to take it.” Henrik said.

“You’re going to become an original?” Klaus asked he would normally stop anyone else from doing it, but this was his brother, and he thought this was a good idea to keep him protected.

“Yes, as an original, I’m stronger than other vampires, and Belle being the last mermaid, she’s going to attract a lot of attention, and her blood is also a lot more alluring because of the mermaid gene. As a human I can’t protect her, as an original I can protect her from anything.” Henrik said.

Klaus nodded, “When do you plan on transitioning?”

Henrik shrugged, “Soon most likely. What do you think?”

“It’s a good idea, you’re a Mikaelson, you need to be strong, and we have a lot of enemies out there.” Klaus said. “The sooner the better. Does she know about this? Vampires can’t have children Henrik.”

Henrik nodded, “I know, but Belle can’t have children, so we’ve talked about this already. I want forever with her Nik.”

Klaus nodded, “Can she turn too?”

“Only by my blood she can, and when she does turn she’d be as strong as me. We’re equals it’s how mermaids work, they’re equals to their soul mates,” Henrik said with a smile.

“Does she know about your family? About the fact that you invited your older brother into town,” Klaus asked.

Henrik nodded, “She knows what I know. I don’t keep things from her Nik. She knows about you, and about Elijah, father, the feud between you and Elijah, the fact our father is hunting everyone down to kill them.”

“You should transition soon, if Elijah or any other supernatural creature hears that a Mikaelson is a human you’re sure to die quickly.” Klaus said trying to warn his brother about the danger he was in by staying human for too long.

Henrik nodded, “I’ll do it soon nothing to worry about. Honestly I was just waiting for you to arrive, I wanted you here when I did this.”

-Page Break-

Henrik walked back to the school, he had promised to meet his brother for dinner later at the diner. He would see if Bella wanted to go with him to meet his brother. He waited where he had been in the morning, and smiled as he finally saw Bella emerge from the school. She spotted him and her eyes lit up at the sight of him. She said her goodbye to Angela and ran to Henrik instantly throwing her arms around his neck and hugging him. Henrik wrapped his arms around her, he was happy to have his arms around her again.

Henrik walked with one arm around Bella’s waist while the other carried her books, “How was school?”

“Good, do you remember the Cullen’s, the family that hates me?” Bella asked, Henrik nodded, “The one I shared a class with Edward, he’s been absent since after the first day, I really don’t understand what was so horrible about me I made him disappear.”

“There is nothing horrible about you, the guy was probably just out of his mind. He’ll return sooner or later and you’ll ignore him and it’ll end there. Remember you only have to finish this year until you graduate, and then me and you can go wherever you want.” Henrik said with a smile, he kissed Bella’s temple and continued to walk. After a few minutes he spoke again. “I saw my brother today. I’m meeting him at the diner later for dinner, would you like to join me for dinner?”

“I’d love to, I can pick something up for my dad he’s been packed at the office. He says the murders from Seattle are beginning to get closer to Forks. The departments trying to help as best as they can, but they’re nowheres close to catching the people responsible.”

“Your dad seems to be over working, is he even getting any sleep?” Henrik asked

“Some, he tells me he sleeps at the office during breaks, I’d just wish he’d take it easy before he gets sick,” Bella says shaking her head in worry, “How did your brother take it?”

“After some explaining of everything that was happening, he took everything really well. I think he’s going to stay in town for a while. He’s supporting my decision to become an original,” Henrik mentioned.

Bella smiled, “That’s great he won’t hate me will he? It would really suck if your favorite brother were to hate your girlfriend.”

Henrik laughed, “Nik hates a lot of people, but I think he understands how important you are to me, so he won’t hate you. Besides you’re the reason why his favorite brother is back from the dead.”

The Conversation continued to change into different topics getting home Bella changed out of her school clothes and began to walk out with Henrik.

“Why are we walking and not taking my truck?” Bella asked, of course Forks was small enough to walk everywhere around the town, but Bella wondered why they didn’t drive.

“I like walking around in this town, all the nature, it reminds me of my home when I was alive so long ago,” Henrik replied, “Besides, your truck is death trap, that thing can barely run, there’s no way it can actually protect you from anything.”

Bella laughed, “Don’t’ hate on my truck, it was a great gift from Charlie, at least he didn’t give me one of the old cruisers from the station.”

Henrik laughed, “You could be driving around ringing the sirens I don’t know why you would pass up that offer.”

-Page Break-

Klaus walked into the diner, he took a seat by the window in a table fit for four. He noticed there wasn’t any real alcohol in the establishment and sighed, it was the news that his younger brother was back from the dead that made him wish he had something to drink. It was hard for him to believe it was his younger brother, but sitting with him for hours he could tell it was him, just an older version. When he talked about something he loved his eyes would light up like a child’s his laugh, his smile, his personality they were all the same from the little boy that had died years ago.

Klaus heard laughing and he turned his head to look out the window to see his younger brother with his arms wrapped around a petite brunette, she was barely reaching his shoulder as she stood tucked into his side. He smiled slightly at the sight, he had always believed emotions such as love made you weak, but the love between the two was making him question his beliefs. He saw the way they looked at each other, as if that person was the only person in the world for them.

Over the years Klaus had often thought what would’ve Henrik’s life been like if he hadn’t died, and he always believed Henrik would’ve had a happy life, that he would’ve had a family of his own and have died at an old age. Looking at his brother walking down the street made him happy to know that beside this young girl, his brother was forever going to be happy.

Klaus continued to watch them as they laughed, and walked closer to the diner. He had seen his sister Rebekah claim to love several young men during their time together, but she had never looked at them the way Henrik and Bella looked at each other.

Klaus stood up as Bella and Henri walked into the Diner. They walked over to him and Henrik began the introductions, “Belle, this is my brother Niklaus, Nik, this is Isabella.”

“Bella,” Bella said with a smile offering her hand for Klaus to shake.

“Klaus, it’s very nice to meet you Bella,” Klaus said.

Bella smiled, “You too Klaus.” Bella took a seat beside Henrik and Klaus sat across from them. Bella began to talk to Klaus wanting to get to know the original hybrid better. The conversation flowed easily between the three, and finally Klaus announced that he had bought a house right outside of town, but close enough were Henrik could continue to go to Bella’s home. Klaus thought it would help so Bella’s father doesn’t become suspicious.

“I think it’s a great idea, but what are you going to do while you’re in town Klaus? I can only imagine how boring it could get, I mean Forks really isn’t the most entertaining town in the world,” Bella said.

“I can handle some of my businesses from here, beside it’s a quiet town, it’s what I look for when I’m on the run from Mikael places he wouldn’t think to look for me.” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, the topic then changed to Henrik becoming an original. After a bit of discussion they had decided to do it tomorrow after Bella was done with her school since Bella had mentioned she wanted to be there for this and wanted to be able to support Henrik.

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