Chapter Twenty-Four



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-Page Break-

Bella pulled away from Henrik as there was a clearing of a throat. She looked over Henrik’s shoulder and smiled. “Hey, Sean.” Bella said with a warm smile. “You’re a bit early to clean the tank.”

Sean shrugged, “Wanted to leave early today so I’ve been working a bit hard. Umm I’ll just give you a minute.”

Bella shook her head, “It’s fine, Sean, this is my husband, Henrik.”

Sean looked to Henrik surprised, “But I thought…”

Bella sighed she took Henrik’s hand and started to lead him out. “I told you, I was married.”

“Have a nice night, Bella.” Sean said as Bella walked out the door.

“You too!” Bella said as she pulled Henrik along.

“Where are we going, Belle?” Henrik said as he followed after her.

“To my changing room.” Bella said she looked over her shoulder and smiled at him. “I get one of those.”

Henrik smiled something about seeing her happy as always made him grin. He allowed her to pull him into her room. He tightened his hand on hers so she couldn’t leave. He pulled her back to him and put his arm around her waist. “Don’t leave. Please.”

Bella smiled and reached up to cup his cheek. “I have to change, Henri.”

“You really don’t.” Henrik replied with a smile.

Bella grinned and stood on the tips of her toes and kissed him. She leaned further into him as their kiss became more intense. She forgot how much she enjoyed kissing him, suddenly she was grateful they were in a locked room. She knew that eventually they would revive their bond, but she hadn’t expected it to happen so soon. Though she was happy for it, she had missed him too much.

-Page Break-

Klaus found his younger brother leaning against a car with a phone in his hand. “What are you doing?”

“The boy who cleans the tanks told me Bella left to her changing room with Henrik and there is no way I’m getting anywhere near them. It’s been 30 minutes and I do not wish to know what’s going on in there.” Kol said he put his phone away in his pocket. “I’m ordering dinner to be delivered to our home and by the time Bella gets home I’ll make it look like I cooked.”

Klaus chuckled. “You’re being serious?”

Kol nodded, “She makes me cook at least once a week, do you know how annoying that is? I figured I’d use this opportunity in my advantage. Get in the car, let’s go.”

Klaus got into the car and looked at his brother. “Were do you live?”

“In a house.” Kol said with a smirk. “It’s about 30 minutes from here. Bella wanted an apartment, but I rather liked your house in New York, so I had to get one just like it here.”

“I am curious.” Klaus said, “Who was the girl you were meeting with?”

Kol smirked, “She’s a girl I sleep with occasionally. Do not let Bella let you believe it’s anything more.”

“If she’s just someone you’re with physically, why was it so important to you to meet her?” Klaus questioned.

Kol glared at him for a moment. “It’s going to be along ride if you keep bothering me with questions, Nik.”

Klaus smirked, “What else have you been up to, brother?”

“I’ve been provoking Bella to use her little gift more.” Kol said with a smirk as he drove. “Oh and I might’ve committed a mass murder on our trip here from New York.”

Klaus raised a brow, “Might’ve?

“Technicalities.” Kol said with a shrug. “All I know for certain is that on a road stop I got off and when we drove away there was an explosion that may or may not have killed dozens of people inside a bar. It’s important to mention that the majority of the bodies found had no blood in them.”

“Can you just not go anywhere without causing a huge mess?” Klaus questioned.

Kol tilted his head curiously. “You know, Bella said the exact same thing.”

“This is the car Bella gave you?” Klaus questioned curiously.

Kol nodded, “I just got it painted. Bella got it in black, but it scratched easily so I had it painted white.”

Klaus looked at his brother in disbelief. “You seem almost human.”

Kol chuckled, “A side effect of being around Bella for so long, I suppose.”

Klaus stayed silent and observed his brother, the most unstable of them all, seemed close to human. If it weren’t for the dangerous aura Kol always seemed to have Klaus would swear he was human. Klaus looked out the window to see Kol pull into the driveway of a large home. He stepped out and watched as Kol went straight to the mail. Klaus watched curiously as a middle aged woman approached Kol, the heavy set of makeup and the extremely tight clothes made it obvious what she really wanted from Kol.

“Kol, sweetie.” She said approaching with a bright smile.

“Hello, Mrs. Brown.” Kol said looking through the mail not meeting the woman’s eyes.

“I’ve been having trouble sleeping with all that noise coming from your home.” The woman said batting her overly done eyes at Kol. “I need to get my beauty sleep.”

Kol nodded, “I’ll see what I can do.”

The woman twirled around a strand of hair. “You know, Kol I could use some help around the house. My husband is gone all day tomorrow, if you don’t mind stopping by for the morning.”

Kol looked at her and smirked. “I can’t, I have company over. As lovely as this was I have to go inside and do something else.”

Mrs. Brown sighed and looked over at Klaus smirking lightly before returning her eyes to Kol. “Where is that sister of yours?”

Kol smirked, “She’s having sex with my brother.” Kol turned and walked to the front door laughing lightly as he could see the woman’s face through the reflection of the glass doors. He opened it and ushered Klaus inside. “That was fun, as always.”

“Was that necessary?” Klaus questioned as he followed Kol inside.

Kol didn’t answer simply whistling and smirking as the sound of paws on the floor could be heard. Kol smiled and kneeled down as a large grey and white Pitbull ran to Kol and barked repeatedly. “Come on, pup.”

Klaus looked on surprise. “You have a dog?”

Kol nodded, “Someone ran over him in front of the house, and Bella couldn’t let him die. We spent 8 hours at the veterinary clinic, that place smells horrible. He grows on you; you should see how Bella treats him. I thought she was joking when she said she could talk to animals and then they started having conversations. That’s the noise the neighbor was talking about.” Kol reached into a jar and gave the dog a treat.

He smirked as the doorbell rang, “I think that’s our dinner.”

Klaus followed his brother to see him accept the large bag of food and pay the delivery boy. “What exactly did you order?”

Kol smirked, “Anything too complicated would have let Bella know that something was up, so I ordered some Sandwiches, soup and a salad. I figured it was simple enough for Bella to believe.”

Klaus watched amused as Kol blurred around the kitchen setting all the food in serving plates. He laughed as he saw his brother run a few plates and such in the dishwasher just to make it more believable. “Is this all necessary?”

Kol smirked, “Of course it is. I need to prove that I can sneak something past Bella.”

Klaus helped his brother move everything onto the table and watched amused as the dog barked at Kol repeatedly. Klaus walked over to where he saw the treats and gave one to the dog.

Kol turned to Klaus with a wide smirk on his face. “Now all we have to do is wait. If Bella asks we’ve been here since directly after her show. It gives me the perfect amount of time to do all of this.”

“How big is this home?” Klaus questioned curiously as he looked around.

Kol shrugged, “I don’t know the exact measurements. Here, let me show you around.”

-Page Break-

Bella stepped out of the car and walked over to the mailbox. She smiled as she felt Henrik’s arms wrap around her waist. “It’s a cozy neighborhood. Though most of the female neighbors do come by quite often to try and get into Kol’s pants.”

Henrik chuckled, “But he’s involved with the girl at the park?”

Bella smirked and turned around in Henrik’s arms and wrapped her arms around his neck. “He likes to pretend that’s just a physical relationship, but he feels something for her. It’s not love, but it is something.”

Henrik leaned down and kissed her lightly, but pulled away as he could feel someone approaching them. He looked over Bella’s shoulder to see a blonde woman approaching them.

“Bella!” The Woman said approaching the two with her hands on her hips.

Bella turned around a wide smile on her face as Henrik’s arms stayed at her waist. “Mrs. Brown, is there something I can help you with?”

“The noise! You need to keep that dog under control!” The woman said crossing her arms over her chest. “That or I call animal control.”

Bella nodded, “I’ll tell you what Mrs. Brown, you call animal control and I’ll call your husband. I’ll let him know that you have the pool boy in your bed every Wednesday and the gardener every Friday. I’ll also let him know that you’ve invited my brother several times to join you in bed. Don’t try and threaten me Mrs. Brown, you won’t win, especially if you threaten to have my dog taken away again.”

“How dare you!?” Mrs. Brown said her face growing red.

Bella smirked, “Have a nice day, Mrs. Brown and heed my warning, Kol and I have photos.” Bella took Henrik’s hand and led him up to the house.

“You have a dog?” Henrik questioned with a smirk.

Bella nodded, “His name is Steve.”

“Steve? You named a dog Steve?” Henrik questioned as he watched her open the door.

“He liked the name Steve.” Bella justified, “He and I have late night talks, but he doesn’t know how loud his barking really is.”

Bella smiled as she opened the door Steve was sitting in front of her. He barked and she smiled and kneeled down to be at his eye level. “No, this is Henrik.” She told him as she stood and watched with amusement as Steve sniffed around Henrik, he barked and left the room.

Henrik raised a brow. “What was that?”

“He’s protective of me, so he’s making sure you’re okay.” Bella said with a shrug she held out her hand to him. She smiled and leaned into him as they walked into the kitchen. Bella looked around as she heard the dishwasher going. She was ready to question Kol, but she smiled as she saw Klaus. “NIK!” Bella said releasing Henrik’s hand and going to hug Nik.

“It’s good to see you again, Bella.” Klaus said smiling as her hug only tightened.

Bella pulled back and smiled. “I missed you, Nik.” She said honestly. “Kol can get on my nerves so easily.”

Kol snorted, “You know, little mermaid, you speak so badly about me and yet I cooked your dinner.”

Bella rolled her eyes and looked to Klaus. “How’s Caroline?”

Klaus looked to Henrik who shook his head. “Why do you ask?”

Bella shrugged, “I had a good feeling about her, so I figured you’d somehow be involved with her by now. Not to mention, Nik, you sort of have that look in your eye. So how is she?”

Klaus sighed, “Just fine, Bella.”

Bella smirked, “You know if Caroline comes here you can take her on a double date with Kol and his girlfriend.”

Kol sighed, “I think it’s time we change the topic.”

Bella smiled, “Fine, I’ll let you and Nik slide by this time. This conversation isn’t done with Nik.”

Henrik smirked at Klaus as Bella followed after Kol, “I didn’t say a word, but I knew she’d catch on.”

“I should’ve known.” Klaus said with a shake of his head.

Henrik entered the kitchen to see Bella suspiciously looking around. “Something wrong, Belle?”

Bella looked to Kol. “I’m curious, Kol. How did you make the tomato soup?”

Kol shrugged, “I looked it up, it’s not as hard as you would think.”

“You ordered Panera Bread, didn’t you?” Bella said with a raised eyebrow.

“I’m shocked to believe that you would think I would lie to you.” Kol said as he walked away.

Bella turned to Henrik. “There’s no way that he made dinner.”

-Page Break-

Bella pulled the blanket tighter around herself. She ran her hand through Steve’s fur smiling as he was asleep beside her. She was sitting in the middle of the backyard under a tree that she had made appear. She looked up as Henrik approached her and sat down beside her. She moved and wrapped the blanket around his shoulders leaning against him.

“Something wake you, Henri?” Bella questioned with a slight yawn.

Henrik put his arm around her shoulders and brought her in to sit on his lap wrapping the blanket tighter around her. “Shouldn’t I be asking you that, Belle?”

Bella looked up at him and smiled, “I couldn’t sleep, I guess I just got too much energy. I was going to head back up in a few minutes.”

“Something bothering you?” He questioned as he rested his chin on her shoulder keeping his arms tightly wrapped around her waist.

“No.” She whispered, “I guess it’s just a bit overwhelming. I wanted you back so much that when it finally happened it was a bit hard to believe. I’m just happy you’re here, Henri.”

Henrik closed his eyes and took in her familiar scent that once again had a hint of him in it. “I love you, Belle. I’m not leaving you again. I don’t think I can handle being away from you, again.”

Bella turned around in his lap and kissed his cheek. “I love you, Henri.” She rested her head on his shoulder and simply embraced him. She leaned forward and softly kissed his neck. “Forever and always.”

Henrik turned to look at Bella as she had fallen asleep against his shoulder. He stood and carried her in his arms smiling as her arms instinctively wrapped around him. He looked down as the dog bit down on the blanket and followed after him. He climbed the stairs to the room and he laid Bella down pulling the covers over her. He removed his shoes and his coat and got in beside her pulling her to his chest. He smiled lightly as he saw Steve jump on the bed pulling the blanket with him.

Henrik kissed Bella’s cheek as she mumbled out his name in her sleep. “It’s okay, Belle.” He whispered in her ear as he could tell something was disturbing her. He brought her in closer enjoying the way she fit around him perfectly.

-Page Break-

Bella looked to Klaus and Henrik as they sat her down to speak. Kol was sitting across from her eating a bowl of cereal and it was clear to her that even he didn’t know what was going on. “I have to go entertain a sea of children in about an hour. I love you both, in different ways, but you’re going to have to explain why you sat us down.”

Kol nodded his head. “I agree; I have things to do today.”

“This is about our siblings.” Klaus said as he tapped his fingers against the table.

Bella looked to Henrik as he gripped her hand. “They were a part of it weren’t they?”

Henrik nodded, “While I lost my memories, I was vulnerable to them, and I let them convince me that you and Kol were having an affair with each other. That’s why I asked you to leave, I was upset and convinced that you were just using me.”

Bella looked to Kol and then back to Henrik her anger rising. “What else?”

“Hold on.” Kol said setting down his cereal. “You’re saying our three siblings had you believe that your wife was sleeping with your brother?”

Henrik nodded, “All I knew back then was that I was angry and it was easy to believe their lie.”

Kol nodded his head feeling more than betrayed. It stung to know that his siblings would make him seem like the enemy in order to make themselves look better. He grabbed his bowl of cereal and stood and rinsed it before walking out of the room.

“Continue.” Bella ordered with a glare on her face as she thought back to the three other originals. “What else did they do?”

“They knew about the curse, Belle.” Henrik stated softly he too was still angry, but he knew this was worst for Bella then it would be for him. She had suffered more through all of this then he did. “Elijah and Finn knew the curse my mother was going to use on you. When she used it on me they kept it to themselves because they believed it would be better. Elijah eventually gave me the curse my mother used, but it was after I decided to come looking for you.”

Bella nodded she looked to Henrik and Klaus for a moment before letting her mind wander. She needed revenge. “I…” She paused to find the right words. “I understand that they are your siblings, but they crossed a line. I’m not sure how yet, but I will make sure they pay for their actions. Enough is enough and you cannot let them continue on without paying for their actions. All of this could’ve been avoided had they just said something from the beginning and for them to manipulate Henri when he was vulnerable is too much. I can promise that I will not kill them, but I can also promise that they will one day suffer for their actions. Just like I had to suffer.”

Bella stood she smiled at Henrik and Klaus. “I’ll see you both later.” She leaned forward and kissed Henrik. “Love you.” She whispered into his ear before kissing his cheek. She turned to Klaus and smirked. “When you call Caroline, tell her I said hello.”

Bella walked to the door and grabbed her coat and her bag, she headed out to see Kol already waiting in his car. She got in and put on her seatbelt. “You’re going to help me plan out a revenge plan?”

Kol nodded as he pulled out of the driveway. “Let’s start now. I’m not particularly fond of having my name ruined for their gain.”

Bella looked to Kol and reached over to take his hand in comfort knowing this hurt him more than he would let on. “Kol, I know you and I know you would never do anything to hurt my Henri and he knows that too. We’ll get our revenge in time and when it’s done your siblings will think twice before doing anything like this again.”

Kol smirked, “We really are going to have a lot of fun planning this, little mermaid.”

“With my gifts and your evil genius brain, I’m sure we’ll come up with something magnificent.” Bella said with a smirk, but paused for a second. “Oh, and about dinner last night, it was a good idea, but you forgot to bribe Steve to keep his mouth shut. A few treats and he told me all about the delivery man.”

“Damn mutt!” Kol said with a shake of his head.

-Page Break-

Henrik grabbed the dog’s collar and placed it on him attaching the leash to it as well. He looked up as he saw Klaus approaching. “How is Caroline?”

“She’s fine, close to heading home from her trip.” Klaus responded, “What do you think Bella is going to do regarding our siblings.”

Henrik smirked. “I don’t know, and I’m not that interested in knowing. Whatever she chooses to do I’ll support her in. From all this mess, she suffered the most, Nik and if this helps her I’m not going to intervene.”

“I wasn’t asking you to stop her, I’m just curious.” Klaus said. “Kol didn’t look to happy either and by their bond, I would say your wife and Kol are going to plan something sinister.”

“That’s what I’m hoping for.” Henrik said with a smirk. “Belle won’t break her promise, she won’t kill them, but if I know my wife, she’s going to think of something that’ll have them pleading for death. And our siblings deserve it. Belle had a point, Nik. Enough is enough. I would offer to help, but I’m satisfied knowing that my Belle is going to do it.”

Klaus nodded, “Were are you headed off to?”

“I’m going to go see my Belle. I figured I’d take the dog with me.” Henrik replied with a shrug. “Want to join me? I wanted to look around the place they work at.”

“Let’s go drop in on them.” Klaus responded not really having anything else to do for the day.

-Page Break-

Bella sighed as Kol pushed her out on a clam shaped throne she was sitting on. “Kol, I love kids, but do I really have to do this? It’s going to take like two hours to finish this.”

Kol rolled his eyes. “It’s less than 50 kids, you’ll be fine. Besides, the parents to these little monsters paid the extra money so their kids can get a picture with you.”

Bella looked to Kol as he handed her a bottle of water as he was pushing her towards were they would be setting up to take the pictures. She opened it and dropped it all over her tail needing to keep it wet. “Alright, Kol, I’m good.”

Kol handed her the tacky crown they ask her to where. “Here you go.”

Bella sighed and placed the crown on her head fixing her hair around it. “This is getting out of hand. If they add a fake starfish to the crown I’m drawing the line.”

Kol chuckled as he signaled over to the man who was watching over all the guests who were going to be taking pictures with Bella. “Don’t forget to smile, little mermaid.”

Bella glared at him but smiled as all the children and adults came to wait for their picture. She smiled as little boys and girls lined up and shouted and waved at her.

Kol sighed and leaned against the clam as he saw who was up next. “You have a man next, be prepared for him to flirt with you.”

Bella groaned, “There’s always one.”

Henrik approached the line and watched as a man put his arm around Bella and smiled into a camera his friend seemed to be holding. He smirked widely as he heard her tell the man that she was happily married. He approached with the dog and watched with interest as Kol did seem to be protective of Bella. He stopped a few feet away and watched as Bella simply smiled and talked idly with the children.

Henrik approached as she finished with the line of people. “Do I need to get in line to take a picture with you, Belle?”

Bella smiled widely, “I’m afraid I can’t answer that, you’ll have to talk to manager.” Bella said gesturing to Kol who was leaning against the back of the clam with his phone in his hand.

“You actually have to go and pay to take a picture with her. No exceptions.” Kol said looking to Henrik with a smirk. “We charge extra for traitors.” Kol said looking at the dog.

“He’s not a traitor!” Bella said with a shake of her head. “It’s not his fault you forgot to bribe him.”

Henrik stepped forward and leaned down to quickly kiss Bella. “Having a nice day, Belle?”

Bella looked up to him and grinned, “I am now.” She smiled as Kol began to push her away. She took off the crown and sighed in relief. “That is the most annoying thing in the world.” She smiled as Kol pushed the chair into the storage space and she made her legs reappear. She stood and immediately wrapped Henrik in a hug. She kissed his cheek before pulling away from him. “How long have you been here?”

“About an hour after you left.” Henrik replied as he watched Bella shrug into a hoodie and pull the hood over her head. “What are you doing?”

Bella smiled, “I want to go eat, but my face is everywhere around this place. Do you know how many kids will surround us if they see me? I love this job, but I don’t like being swarmed all the time.”

Henrik smiled as she took his hand in hers and stood on the tips of her toes to peck his lips quickly. Henrik turned his head as Kol grabbed the leash from his hand and went to walk away. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going to go walk around.” Kol said.

Bella smirked widely, “Say hello to Macie for me.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “You’re getting on my nerves, little mermaid.”

Bella laughed lightly as he left. “So, where is Nik?”

“Caroline called something about wanting to see him.” Henrik said with a smirk. “Once she called I walked away.”

“Come on, Henri.” Bella said with a smile. “Let’s go walk around.”

Henrik followed after Bella enjoying the feel of her hand in his. He looked at and smiled at the look on her face, she was happy. He moved so his arms wrapped around her and brought her against his chest. “Love you, Belle. Forever and Always.”

Bella smiled, “Love you, Henri.” She closed her eyes for a moment as she felt him kiss her cheek. She was right, being with him made the months of sorrow disappear. She really did love him beyond words.


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