Reaping of New Orleans: Chapter Ten


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– Several Months Later-

Bella sighed as she leaned against Klaus. “I’m getting huge.”

Klaus chuckled and brushed his hand down her stomach. It was bigger than he had expected it to be at 6 months, but if he had to guess those babies were growing faster than any human babies. “You look beautiful, love.”

Bella turned to look at him and a true smile came onto her face. “These kids are moving more.” She said as she leaned back against him. “I think they know who you are to them.”

“Do you really believe that?” Klaus questioned curiously.

Bella nodded, “I believe it has something to do with my emotions. They intensify everything I feel, when I’m with you I’m happy, and that makes them excited. When I talk to Marc or Henrik, they get calm, because it’s calming to be around them. They’re not like all other babies, Klaus, they’re special.”

Klaus rested his chin on her shoulder as they looked at the sunrise on the beach together. A few months alone together was more relaxing than he could believe, but he knew they would have to go back eventually. “We leave in a couple of hours, anything you want to do?”

Bella shook her head. “Not really. Can we just stay here a little longer?”

“We can do whatever you please, love.” Klaus assured as he kissed her lightly.

-Page Break-

Henrik smiled as Davina was nervously choosing out school supplies. “You’re making it seem like going back will be the end of everything.”

Davina smiled slightly. “It’s just nerve wracking. I haven’t been to school in almost a year. It’s going to be like I don’t even know anyone there anymore. Not to mention that’s it’s going to be weird now that I’m so used to the supernatural world. How am I supposed to act going back to the boring life of a teenage girl?”

“It won’t be as hard as you’re making it seem. I went to school and I grew up with Elle and Nik.” Henrik said, “You’ll find that balance in-between and you’ll be fine.”

“You don’t have to come to school with me,” Davina said as she picked up a pack of pencils to avoid looking at Henrik. “Going through it once should’ve been enough.”

Henrik chuckled, “This time around I don’t have to put any actual effort into my classes seeing as I’ve already done it all. Besides, it’ll be fun and you’ll at the very least have one person to talk to.”

Davina smiled and blushed lightly. “It’ll be better to not feel so much like an outcast.”

Henrik smiled, “Come on, I need a book bag… I’ve seemed to have misplaced my old one.”

“You?” Davina questioned in disbelief. “Since when do you misplace anything?”

Henrik shrugged, “I didn’t necessarily misplace it. I burned it in a fire with a friend of mine.”

“You have friends?” Davina questioned shocked, she blushed as she caught how that had sounded. “No offense, but I really didn’t peg you for the sort to talk to anyone outside of your family.”

Henrik chuckled, “I can understand the surprise, but I keep a few friends outside of my family. The friend I’m referring to is actually a friend of the family. After I graduated we had a bon fire and he convinced me to burn my book bag, a symbolic way to say goodbye to high school.”

“Is he human?” Davina questioned curiously. “Does he know what everyone is?”

Henrik nodded, “Jeremy’s a self-taught hunter of the supernatural.”

Davina’s eyes widened. “He purposely hunts vampires and stuff?”

Henrik nodded, “Yeah, he likes to travel and hunt the things that are just way too out of control. I’ve never seen him kill anyone that hadn’t merited their death.”

“Has he ever tried to kill any of you?” Davina questioned curiously as she couldn’t imagine a vampire hunter not trying to go after the Mikaelsons.

“No, he’s very calm around our family, especially Bella and Marco.” Henrik replied he stopped and looked through the book bags. He grabbed a black messenger bag and sighed. “That’s good enough.”

Davina smiled, “You didn’t even put any thought into choosing that.”

“It’s a book bag, I don’t think you need to think too much on it.” Henrik replied he smiled as he saw her looking through all the bags. He reached forward and pulled out a black leather one and handed it to her.

Davina sighed, “How the hell do you do that? You don’t even try and then suddenly you find like the perfect backpack.”

“You put too much thought into everything, Davina.” Henrik replied simply as he continued to push the cart away. “What else is on the list?”

Davina sighed, “Umm… I think we’re good. It seems we got everything that’s going to be needed.”

Henrik paused and looked over the paper. “Let’s go pay. Do you need anything else?”

Davina shook her head. “I’m good, Rebekah just brought me a bag of clothes she thought I’d like.”

Henrik chuckled, “She’s starting to get bored without Bella around. I’d say to expect a few more things until Bella arrives.”

“When are Bella and Klaus returning?” Davina questioned curiously as she followed after Henrik.

“Sometime tomorrow.” Henrik replied with a smile. “I’m hopeful to see how the babies are coming along.”

-Page Break-

Bella frowned at her large stomach. She looked over and frowned at Klaus who chuckled. “What is it you find so funny?”

“The mere fact that every time you look at your stomach you get upset. You look beautiful, love.” Klaus said, he reached over and took her hand in his and kissed the top of it.

Bella laughed, “I wasn’t upset because I weigh three times my size, Klaus. I was upset because they won’t stop kicking. I sometimes wonder if they’re trying to play soccer in there.”

Klaus smirked, “I see, you’re running short on sleep.”

“It’s hard to sleep when you’re a referee.” Bella responded with a smile. She placed a hand on her stomach. “Have you given any thought to what we’ll be naming them?”

“Not much,” Klaus responded as he drove. They were headed back to New Orleans, from what Klaus had heard from his brothers’ things were getting progressively worse with Marcel and it needed to come to an end. They would not allow him to rule over their city for much longer. The city has and always will belong to the Mikaelsons and it was about time everyone knew it. “Have you decided on anything yet?”

“No.” Bella frowned, “Henri and Marc have been sending me several names they enjoy and your sister has sent me a list she doesn’t want me to name them. I haven’t told any of them the genders, but they’re sending me lists of names already. Kol has only suggested one name and that’s for us to name one of our kids after him, whether it’s a boy or girl doesn’t matter to him.”

Klaus chuckled, “That is never going to happen. He’s out of his mind if he thinks we’re going to name one of our children after him.”

Bella smiled, “I thought it was definitely something Kol would ask of us, I saw it coming a head of time. You know, I would definitely take into consideration any names Elijah recommends.”

Klaus smirked, “Why is that, love?”

“I feel as if Elijah would give names he would think we would like, instead of names he enjoys.” Bella said with a smile. “Maybe we should start thinking of names as they’re so far along. I’m at six months, Klaus, we don’t have that long ahead of us.”

“You shouldn’t think too much on it.” Klaus insisted as he kept his eyes on the road. “The perfect name will come in time.”

-Page Break-

Rebekah sighed as Marco wouldn’t stop tapping his foot as they waited outside on the porch swing. “Marco.” She said resting a hand on his knee to stop his movement. “You’re getting on everyone’s nerves.”

Marco shrugged, “I can’t help it. I can feel her getting closer and she’s anxious about something, so I’m anxious.”

Henrik looked at Marco and nodded his head in agreement. “Something feels off.”

Kol took a sip of his drink, “Are we really going to just wait out here for them?”

“Yes.” Elijah said crossing his arms over his chest. “Don’t get so impatient, Kol.”

Davina looked curiously as the family gathered together. “Are Finn and Sage not joining us?” She questioned quietly as she hadn’t seen either of the two vampires around.

“They left this morning.” Elijah announced. “It seems Sage was getting anxious being here. Finn promised to return as soon as the babies were born.”

Kol scoffed, “Sure, he’ll return.” He remarked sarcastically.

“It’s better that these babies have little interaction with Sage. I don’t want her tainting their purity.” Rebekah said crossing her arms over her chest. “I’m happy she’s gone, I only wish Finn will finally get over her.”

Marco stood as they saw Klaus’s car pulling into the house. He instantly walked forward and opened Bella’s door helping her out. “About time you got here, Izzy.” He said pulling her into a hug.

Bella laughed, “Hello to you too, Marc.”

Henrik stepped forward, but he stilled as he caught sight of Bella’s stomach. His hands trembled, “You’re so big…” Henrik said in awe. His eyes widened and he turned back around heading straight into the house.

Bella looked curiously at Klaus, “Anyone else and I would’ve attempted to kill them.”

Kol grinned, and approached Bella. “You look lovely, darling.”

Bella smirked and placed a hand on her stomach. “I’m still not going to tell you what they’re going to be.”

Kol rolled his eyes, “And to think I was being nice to you.”

Bella hugged Elijah and Rebekah smiling as they both were being cautious of her. She smiled as she came upon Davina. The shy girl was standing by the door. “How have you been?” Bella questioned as she walked up the stairs.

“Good as can be.” Davina said she walked forward and hugged Bella.

Bella smiled as Davina helped her into the home. She could hear Elijah Rebekah and Kol telling Klaus all about Marcel. She could hear Marco walking behind her, she made her way to the library to see Henrik pacing and running his hand through his hair in frustration. “Care to explain what’s wrong with you?”

Henrik turned to look at her his eyes wide. “We just missed something important and I think it’s having a stronger effect on the babies than we realize.”

Bella smiled as Marco helped her sit down, her eyes followed Davina as she walked to stand beside Henrik. “You’re going to have to explain things more to me, Henri. You’re not making things clear enough.”

“Do you remember when the hunters took me and you gave Kol your blood?” Henrik questioned as he looked to Bella. “Kol was stronger than normal, he was beyond original strong and that’s because of your blood.”

Bella nodded, “I know what my blood can do to others, Henri.”

“You’re not supposed to be at this weight, yet.” Henrik said approaching her. “Elle, this isn’t the average weight for someone who is only 6 months along with twins.”

Marco straightened out as he was picking up what Henrik was saying. “The babies are growing more rapidly because of Bella’s blood.”

Bella rested a hand on her stomach. “Henri…” She said cautiously. “What exactly are you hinting at?”

Henrik sat down next to Bella. “Elle, you’re not months away from giving birth. If I’m right, it’ll only be days. These babies are ready to come out. Let me use my magic to check on them.”

Bella sighed, “Alright, let’s see if you’re right.”

Henrik put his hands on Bella’s stomach and focused on his magic.

Bella watched him curiously she was in his mind so she was able to know what was happening. She pulled out of his mind with a sigh as he was right. She ran her hands down her face as it now made more sense why her babies were so energetic all the time. “How did we never come to this conclusion before?”

“None of us have ever had children before.” Henrik replied as he removed his hands from Bella’s stomach. “We have to start preparing, Elle. These babies are strong and they’re going to be born soon.”

Bella sighed, “Help me stand.” She said as she felt this overwhelming need to be with Klaus. She walked out of the room and walked out the back door into the yard. She turned and glared at the three behind her. “I’m fine. I just want to walk. I’ll be fine on my own.”

Bella rested her hands on her stomach and walked, she sighed in relief as Klaus walked up behind her putting his arms around her his hands resting on tops of hers. “I really hate to say this.” She whispered. “But I’m terrified. Henri said they should be born soon, and I just don’t know if I’m ready for that.”

Klaus nodded he softly kissed her cheek, “Isabella, you’re capable of anything. Our children may be born a bit early, but you’re more than prepared to be a mother. There’s nothing to be worried about.”

“Are you ready for this?” Bella questioned in return as she relaxed against Klaus.

“I know I can do anything as long as you’re with me.” Klaus responded simply.

Bella smiled, “That oddly enough makes me feel better.”

-Page Break-

Bella sighed as Marco led her to her room. “Is there a reason you’re insisting taking me to my own room?”

“Yes.” He assured as he closed the door behind her. “While you were gone I took the time of doing some renovating to it.”

Bella looked around. “I see no real difference, Marc.”

Marco rolled his eyes he gestured to the now extra door that was in her room. “Go ahead, step through.”

“If I learned anything from my childhood is that on the other side of this door is Narnia.” Bella said with a smirk as she opened the door. Her eyes widened as she saw what was designed to be a baby’s room. She stepped in seeing the two cribs that would belong to her children. “Marc? How did you do this?”

DC Design 2013

Marco smiled he draped his arm around his sister’s shoulders and smirked. “I didn’t do all of it. Rebekah and Davina picked out most of the decorations. Elijah built the cribs, I had to find all the other furniture and Kol and Henrik picked out all the baby clothes. They stayed pretty neutral, so no one knows what they’re going to be.”

Marco smiled, “It’s pretty small, we thought there wasn’t a point to make it so elaborate if Klaus just planned to take over his real home soon.”

“It’s really beautiful.” Bella assured as she looked around it. Picking up one of the plush toys in the cribs.

Bella ran her hand along the cribs and felt tears in her eyes. “Our mom never got to have any of this, Marc.”

“But you do, and you have to know that would’ve made her happy.” Marco replied he kissed his sister’s head. “I’ll give you a moment to take everything in.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks, Marc.”

Bella played with the plush Giraffe in her hand. She looked up as Henrik entered, she smiled as he handed her a blood bag and a cookie. “You never properly greeted me earlier. I’m slightly hurt by this; I think you’re starting to forget that I’m your favorite person.”

Henrik grinned, “What can I say, I’m acting out. In just a few days my title as your favorite Mikaelson will be ripped out of my hands by those babies. I’m starting to get used to the idea, but it still stings.”

Bella smiled, “Don’t worry too much, Henri, this only means that there are two more additions to the family, you’re spot isn’t lowered too much. You’re going to have to step up your game, Henri in order to be called their favorite uncle.”

Henrik smiled he stepped forward and hugged Bella. “I’m happy to see you, Elle. I was just worried over you and the babies. Excuse my rude behavior.”

Bella smiled, “If it were anyone else I would’ve had a tantrum and threatened to kill you.”

“I just worry over your health.” Henrik assured. “I don’t want to ever see you hurt, Elle.”

“Thanks, Henri.” She replied with a bright smile. “Don’t worry, you have a few more days of being my favorite Mikaelson.”

“That hurts to hear, love, all this time I thought I was your favorite.” Klaus said entering the room.

Henrik smirked, “Nik, we both know I was always her favorite. I’m going to go into town with Davina and pick up a few needed things. I’ll see you later, Elle, Nik.”

Bella smiled at Klaus, “I’m curious, what’s going on with Marcel?”

“He’s building an army for himself, or so it seems.” Klaus responded as he stepped forward and put his arms around Bella. “His following of vampires has close to tripled in size since we left. Elijah believes he’s trying to build an army big enough to fight against us. Your brother heard something in his mind about a Garden where he keeps imprisoned vampires, Marcel wants to place me there.”

“I want to rip his head off.” Bella replied softly as she held onto Klaus.

Klaus chuckled, “We can’t kill him, love. I’m going to need him alive.”

Bella rolled her eyes, “He deserves to die, but if he doesn’t die, anything he does is on your head.”

“He won’t get far on his plans.” Klaus assured, he kissed her head. “You need to get some rest; you haven’t slept since we got on the plane.”

Bella groaned, “I hate it when you’re right.” She whispered, “Can you hold me for a bit? I feel better with you around.”

“I’ll hold you for as long as you want, love.” Klaus said as he took her hand and led her towards the bed. He smirked as she fell asleep almost instantly when her body came in contact with the bed.

-Page Break-

Bella looked up as she saw Kol entering the kitchen. She slid over a slice of cake to him. “Since when do you look so worried?”

Kol grabbed the fork and took a bite of the cake before answering. “There are two babies being born in the middle of the war. Aren’t you worried over them?”

Bella smirked, “Kol, anyone even thinks about hurting my babies I’ll invent an entirely new meaning to the word torture.” Bella put a piece of cake into her mouth and smiled.

Kol chuckled, “I’m hoping you have a girl.”

Bella raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“I’ve been thinking and I believe that if you have a girl when it comes time for her to date, Niklaus is going to drive himself crazy.” Kol said smirking at the thought. “It’s something I’m hoping to see.”

Bella smirked, “You just want to torture Klaus. I was thinking, after I have my babies I’m going to need your help.”

“On?” Kol questioned curiously.

“You’ll see; I have to make some plans first.” Bella said with a smile. “Rest assured that you’re most likely going to have to kill some people.”

Kol smirked, “I knew I missed you for some reason, Isa.”

“Planning the destruction of the world?” Marco said as he entered.

Bella nodded, “Kol is going to help me do it. I’m making him my right hand man.”

“I’m wounded that you didn’t choose me.” Marco replied teasingly.

Kol smirked, “I take a sick joy in killing people, we think you might have too many morals for world domination.”

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