Chapter Fifteen

chpt 15


Bella turned around as Klaus was transforming back into a man. “You made a bit of a mess.” Bella said.

Henrik chuckled, “Don’t lie to him, Belle.” Henrik turned to his brother with an amused smile. “You made a large mess, it took us hours to gather all the limbs from the bodies you tore apart. I do have to admit, you got a lot of distance on those arms.”

Klaus chuckled as he hurriedly placed on his pants. “Exactly how long has it been since the ritual?”

“3 days,” Bella replied, “You were in wolf form for a lot longer than I expected.”

“It assume it’s because you’re a hybrid you can change at will,” Henrik said, “It would also mean you can choose how long you stay in your wolf form.”

Klaus shrugged on his shirt. “You can turn around, Isabella.”

Bella turned around and grinned, “Aside from going on a killing spree, you tried to take a bite out of Henri and I a few times.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow in confusion, “I don’t remember that.”

Henrik smiled, “You got close a few times, but once we climbed up the trees you could no longer reach us. I assume it was because this was the first time you ever transitioned.”

“I didn’t mean to attack, it was just animalistic urge to do so I suppose.” Klaus replied as he walked beside Henrik and Bella as they were heading back into town.

Bella smiled, “Well, you weren’t going after me too much, it was mainly Henri that you were trying to bite down on. I think the wolf you felt threatened. You and Henrik are both very powerful beings, it would make sense that in your most animalistic stage you try and challenge him. It’s your need to affirm your role as alpha.”

Henrik and Klaus both paused and turned to Bella as she finished talking. “If that were true, why wouldn’t I go after you more?” Klaus responded, “You’re just as powerful as Henrik and I.”

Bella smirked, “I’m a female. Therefore, I’m not a real threat to the alpha male status. You probably only went after me because you knew attacking the mate of the other alpha male would cause a problem. If you had bitten me, Henri would’ve attacked in retaliation. The wolf wanted Henrik to attack, it wanted a fight.”

Henrik looked to Klaus and smirked, “It’s settled, I’m no longer going to hang around you when you decide to be in wolf mode.”

Klaus chuckled, “It’s not something I can control, so I would assume it’d be the best option.”

Bella smiled, “It will pass, I’m sure the more you change, the more likely you are to be able to control the animal side. This was your first turn in a long time Nik, I would’ve been worried had you not shown any animalistic side.”

Henrik grinned, “She’s right, I just didn’t expect you to attack us, I hoped you would just attack the hopeless campers.”

Klaus chuckled, “Speaking of, how many of them did I kill?”

“I don’t know, I lost count after 25,” Bella replied she glanced over at Henrik. “Do you remember?”

Henrik laughed, “I stopped counting once he hit 20.”

-Page break-

Bella walked beside Henrik their hands intertwined as they made their way to their home. They were going to gather their things before heading over to the mansion permanently. Bella and Henrik paused and stared in horror as their home was in ashes. Bella’s eyes hardened, she released Henrik’s hand walked closer she pushed one of the firefighter’s out of the way and walked closer to her home. She growled as she knew this wasn’t an accident, her house had been set on fire.

“MAM!” One of the firefighters yelled catching Bella’s attention. The flames were put out, but the house lay in ashes on the ground, everything seeming ruined.

Bella turned her head to face the firefighter. “What?” She snapped glaring at him. Henrik moved and wrapped his arms around Bella pulling her back against his chest preventing her from doing anything she would eventually regret.

“Is this your home?” The fireman asked nervously, at Bella’s glare he continued. “It was arson. We have no suspects on who could’ve done this, but we’re looking for whomever could do this.”

Bella nodded, “Did you manage to save anything?” She asked her voice softening at the hope that something, anything had been saved.

“It was pretty bad when we got here, but when we went searching for people inside, we managed to rescue out a box we found in the main bedroom.” The man said, “One of the guys has it over there on the truck.”

Bella left Henrik’s side and walked over asking the man for the box instantly wasting no time in useless greetings. Bella grabbed the box and set it on the ground, she kneeled down and she searched frantically through the box. Bella sighed in relief as she saw the picture of her and Charlie in the box. She stood tucking the picture into her coat pocket. She grabbed the bag and headed over to Henrik’s car, she set it inside and turned to Henrik.

“How are you doing?” Henrik asked cautious of his wife as he had seen that look on her face once before when she cut ties with her mother.

“I know this wasn’t our official home, but it still served as a home.” Bella said, she glanced over at Elena’s house and saw Damon on the porch. “It was him. This was his revenge.”

Henrik turned following her line of sight. He held out his hand for Bella, he squeezed it lightly as they walked towards Elena’s home. Stefan and Damon both watched as Henrik and Bella came closer. They walked down the pathway. They met Bella and Henrik halfway, both standing toe to toe with one another.

“You burned down my house.” Bella stated staring directly at Damon.

Damon smirked, “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I haven’t been near your house.”

Bella let go of Henrik’s hand, she lunged and hit Damon across the face and again in the gut. She glanced to her side and caught Henrik easily holding Stefan back. She moved kicking Damon to the ground, she kneeled down and hit him again in the gut. “Did. You. Burn. Down. My house.” Bella asked her voice taking on a musical tone.

Not being able to resist Damon answered through panted breaths. “Yes, I did.”

Bella moved and hit Damon again across the face. She turned to Stefan, “I won’t kill either of you because I like Elena and for some reason you both mean very much to her. Do something like this again and nothing will stop me from plunging a stake through your hearts.” Bella looked to Damon. “I’m assuming this was your way of trying to get us to leave town, but all this dead was make us angry. We will live somewhere else, because like it or no Mystic Falls is our home now.” Bella kicked Damon in the gut again.

Henrik smirked at Stefan, “Go help your brother, my wife and I will be leaving now.” Henrik pushed Stefan towards Damon and smiled as Bella put her arm around his waist. Henrik leaned down and kissed her temple. He led her back towards his car. “You okay there?”

Bella smiled, “I’m fine, it would’ve been worst had Charlie’s picture not been saved along with everything else in that box.”

“But our wedding pictures were okay to burn?” Henrik asked with a raised eyebrow.

Bella laughed, “I have copies of those, and Nik has copies of those. The ones that burned in the house can be replaced in the blink of an eye, I don’t have a lot of Charlie left. I like to keep sacred what I do I have left.” Bella reached into her coat pocket and handed the picture to Henrik. “This is the first time he took me fishing, it’s the only copy ever made Charlie used to have one of those Polaroid cameras. This was before you and I met, back when all I really had was Charlie.”

Henrik took the picture and looked at the little Bella in the picture. “You really were a cute kid. I wish I had some pictures of me as a kid to show you, but seeing as how none of this technology was invented yet, I guess you’ll just have to settle for imagining how adorable I was.”

Bella laughed and tucked the picture away. “You know, something good did come out of this fire.”

Henrik turned to Bella curiously, “Really? And what was that exactly?”

Bella grinned, “You’re out of suits.”

Henrik stopped walking, and looked to Bella. “I have no more suits…”

-Page Break-

Klaus finished putting his bag in the back of the SUV as Bella and Henrik pulled up to the home. He took in a breath as a strong scent caught his attention. He looked at the two of them quizzically. “Did you burn something on the way here?”

“No,” Bella said crossing her arms. “Our house along with everything we had there was lit on fire. Damon really wanted his revenge.”

Henrik grinned, “Don’t worry, Belle and I have plans to go shopping tomorrow we have no clothes left.”

Bella shook her head, “Apparently, Henri knows where every suit store in the U.S. is at, and there happens to be one nearby.”

Klaus chuckled, “I’m assuming this means our search for Mikael is put on hold.”

“Only for about a day.” Henrik replied, “We can get back to trying to kill our father once I’m properly clothed.”

Bella rolled her eyes, she walked beside Klaus as they followed Henrik inside. “I love him, but I was really happy to see those suits gone. Than I was really sad when he announced he would just buy more.”

“I would be surprised if he didn’t buy more,” Klaus responded, “I’d also find it beyond strange if he went back to wearing more casual clothes. I’ve grown used to a suited up Henrik.”

Bella smiled. “He does look remarkably well in a suit.” She whispered hoping Henrik hadn’t heard her, she enjoyed picking fun at him from time to time.

Klaus chuckled and watched as his brother look around the home. “Something wrong?” Klaus questioned.

“No,” Henrik replied turning slightly to look at his brother. “This just looks a lot like the home we had in Forks.”

“It’s because I tried to make it similar to that home.” Klaus replied as he stepped forward taking a glance around the newly finished renovated home.

Bella smiled, “Really?” She looked around and finally saw the similarities, losing her old home wasn’t so bad now. “The chandelier in the dining room?” Bella asked as he turned to look at Klaus.

Klaus smirked and gestured to Bella as he spoke. “Go take a look.”

Bella smiled and blurred out of the room wasting no time to go to the dining room. Henrik turned to his brother, “This was good, she was starting to miss the house in Forks. And with what the idiotic Salvatore did, this was perfect timing.” Henrik smiled and patted his brother on the back as they made their way into the dining room. Henrik smiled as Bella seemed to be star struck by the chandelier. “Hey Belle, I think the pool is also in doors.”

Klaus smiled, “It’s connected to this house so you don’t have to head to a different building to use it.”

“This is great, Nik!” Bella said she hugged Klaus tightly. “I’m going to go check it out.”

Henrik smiled at the sight of Bella there was nothing that compared to seeing his Belle happy. “Are we going to un-dagger our siblings once we finish with Mikael?” Henrik asked curiously.

Klaus turned to look at his brother having thought about this for a bit before. “I did always say that the reason I daggered them was because of Mikael. Once Mikael is gone, there is no real reason for them to continue to be daggered.”

Henrik nodded, “I know you would never do anything to hurt Belle, but as wrong as it may sound I don’t think the same for the rest of our siblings.”

“I would be surprised if you weren’t concerned.” Klaus replied, “I’m going to head to my study and paint. I’ll leave you and Bella to yourselves.”

Henrik smiled and nodded to his brother as Klaus left, he began to walk over to where the pool was located. Henrik grinned as he could see the tip of Bella’s tail stick out of the water momentarily before splashing and disappearing into the water. He laughed as she jumped out of the water and did a flip, it had been too long since she had been able to do this. He walked closer enjoying the sight of her as she did laps around the pool. He stripped off his outer clothes before jumping in after her.

Bella grinned as she felt Henrik grab her tail under the water and drag her to him. She smiled as she was face to face with him. She wrapped her arms around his neck glad to be able to do this again. To be able to be in the water with him, no real connection to the outside world. This was how it was always meant to be.

She leaned forward, their lips just centimeters apart, she smiled as Henrik closed the gap between them. Their lips met for a kiss that reminded the both of them that all they would ever really need was each other. They didn’t need their clothes, or their other possessions, all they would ever truly need is each other.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled warmly at the feeling of Henrik’s arm wrapped tightly around her waist as they walked through the busy streets reminded her of Forks. It felt like the first time they had ever gone out together, and to her it was one of the greatest feelings in the world. “Where are we going first?”

Henrik smiled, “We’ll go get your clothes first the shop is still working on tailoring my suits.”

Bella looked to Henrik confused, “You already ordered them? Our house burned down yesterday.”

“I ordered them before the house burned down,” Henrik admitted he looked down at Bella with a smirk. “I wanted a new set of suits, I was going to donate a few of the ones I had.”

“If you were prepared to get rid of your suits, why were you so sad to see them go?” Bella questioned.

Henrik smirked, “Because, at least what I had planned meant that someone else would get a use from them. Having them burned was knowing they would never be used again.”

Bella laughed seeing Henrik was being serious, “Okay, so we get my clothes fist, but I really hope this doesn’t take too long. I’m looking forward to tracking down Mikael.”

Henrik rolled his eyes, “Yes, because finding my father would be the best thing in the world.”

“I don’t care about your father, it’s about what happens afterwards.” Bella said, “It’s about family. Nik feels guilty enough for daggering your siblings, finishing off Mikael will finally give him some peace. Not to mention that I think this would be good for you.”

Henrik looked to Bella with a raised eyebrow, “Good for me in what way?”

“I know you hate him because he tore your family apart. He terrorized the one brother you cared for the most. He turned all your siblings against Nik so easily in the past. You want to help get revenge, because he used your death as an excuse to become immortal. He used your death to benefit him.” Bella replied she smiled at Henrik. “We might’ve not known each other when you were human, but I know you now, and I know killing your father  and sending him to the place you were trapped for centuries in will finally let you accept the past once and for all. And when your siblings are awakened, you’ll be able to forgive them.”

Henrik paused and stopped walking. “Forgive them.” He replied his mind trying to find exactly what needed forgiving.

Bella stood in front of Henrik and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Forgive them for forgetting you. You never felt the need to forgive Nik, because he remembered you. Through all the centuries, all the bloodshed, everything, he remembered you. He remembered his younger brother, and so when you came back he was the first person you contacted. You didn’t go to Elijah, who would’ve been seen as the saner choice, because Elijah didn’t keep your memory alive the way Nik did.” Bella moved her hand to cup Henrik’s cheek. “I know you Henrik, I know how you feel because I feel it too. I know that you feel betrayed and angry at the rest of your siblings because they didn’t remember you. You were nothing to them, and I know it hurts you. I know that going after Mikael, killing him will help you begin to forgive your siblings.”

Henrik smiled down at Bella, “I forgot.”

“You repressed it,” Bella replied she used her thumb to wipe away a tear knowing Henrik was remembering all the hurt feelings he had kept locked away. “You love them Henri, but I know it’s hard to forgive the people who hurt you. I want to go after Mikael, because you went after Edward and Alice when they hurt me. I want to do for you what you’ve always done for me. We’re a team remember.”

Henrik smiled his hands winding around Bella’s waist as he brought her close to him. “I remember.” He stated, he leaned down and kissed her softly ignoring the people that were walking around them as they stood in the middle of the sidewalk. “You’re perfect, Belle.”

Bella smiled, “You’re perfect yourself, Henrik.”

-Page Break-

Bella got in the back seat of the car as Henrik and Klaus sat in the front. She smiled as she saw their rapid talking to each other. She leaned back and paid attention to their conversation of Mikael. She noticed as it drifted to their siblings, she decided to give them as much privacy as she could and stay silent.

Bella looked out the window and took in a deep breath. Going with Klaus and Henrik to kill Mikael, a man who was their father, it made her realize how lucky she really was. She had been given Charlie, who was the best father she could have ever asked for.

Charlie had loved her despite all her faults. He had cared for her even when he couldn’t be at her side. He had been everything a father could be. And in the end of his time, he had still cared for her and demanded she be looked after in his death.

Bella smiled at the memory of her father, glad that she had had at least one parent that truly loved and cared for her. Bella looked up at Henrik as he called her name. “We’re here, Belle.” Henrik said as he looked back at Bella.

Bella nodded and got out of the car, she looked around at the cemetery and shuddered at the look of it. “What is he doing here?” She asked as she followed after Henrik and Klaus not sure where they were headed.

“It seems someone paralyzed him, he can’t move.” Klaus replied, “He’s stuck in one of the coffins here.”

Henrik put his arm around Bella’s waist. “It’s really only better for us, it makes having to do this so much simpler.”

Bella smiled and put her arm around Henrik and headed inside the tomb. She watched as both brothers stilled as they saw the covered coffin. She stepped out of Henrik’s embrace and walked towards the coffin. She removed the cement lid and set it beside the grave. She looked down at Mikael with disgust, this was the first time she had ever seen him, but she preferred her imagination over what he truly looked like. She enjoyed her view that he had warts, and was overall a hideous looking man, here, he looked almost human.

Bella glanced up at Henrik and Klaus. She watched as both of them stepped forward and looked at Mikael. Henrik pulled out the stake and handed it to his brother. “If anyone has a right to do it, it should be you.”

Klaus took the stake and looked at it before he handed it to Bella. “I killed my mother, I do not wish to tell my siblings I killed their father as well.”

Bella took the stake from Klaus and glanced at Henrik. She knew this was the one thing he himself wouldn’t be able to do, as much as she knew Henrik hated the man, he was still his father. “Okay, you can both leave if you wish, you don’t have to stay and watch.”

Klaus nodded, “Thank you, Bella.” He said before he left the tomb.

Bella turned to Henrik, “It’s okay.” She stepped forward and cupped his cheek. “Go. Follow after your brother.”

“You shouldn’t have to do this,” Henrik said, “My siblings may not like you for it.”

Bella shrugged, “What your siblings think of me is of no importance to me. I’ll meet you outside.” Bella leaned up and kissed Henrik softly before he left the room. She walked back to the grave and ripped the chains off of Mikael so she could get a better angle to his heart. Bella twirled the stake in her hands as she looked to Mikael. She pulled back the stake and moved it into Mikael’s heart. She watched as his eyes opened and he gasped back as he met her eyes. “This is for your children. For Henrik and Klaus.” Bella said as she stepped back and watched Mikael’s body go up in flames.

Bella put the lid back on the grave and stepped out of the tomb. She walked over to Henrik and Klaus. “It’s done.” She stated. “I covered the grave back, no one will ever know something happened here today.”

Klaus and Henrik both nodded. “Thank you, Belle.” Henrik said as he kissed Bella’s head.

Klaus nodded, “Lets head back it’s too late now to un-dagger everyone, we’ll do it tomorrow.”

“Or we can wait a few days,” Henrik suggested as they walked back to the car. “There really is no need to rush this.”

“We could wait and get them what they would need,” Bella said, “Documents, clothes, that sort of thing. It would make their transition easier. Not to mention it gives us all a few moments of peace. That’s something none of us have had in a while.”

“That does sound better than un-daggering them right away.” Klaus said as he got in the car.

-Page Break-

Bella took a seat in the living room across from Klaus. She smiled as she was wearing her new pajamas, her smile widened as Henrik entered the room with the matching pair of pajamas on. She took the glass of blood he handed her and moved to curl into his side.

“Are you matching?” Klaus questioned as he eyed the two.

Bella smiled, “Well, when the sales lady mentioned they had matching his and hers pajamas, I just couldn’t pass that up.”

Henrik laughed, “They were a gift we spent so much at the store they threw in a pair of pajamas as a gift.”

“Is that all you got that is matching, or am I supposed to expect more from the two of you?” Klaus questioned with a smirk.

“This is all.” Bella stated with a smile. “So, when are we going to go and gather everything your siblings need?”

“We can go to tomorrow. I’m sure you can choose things for Rebekah?” Klaus questioned.

Bella shrugged, “In all honesty, I think Henrik would be a lot better at choosing out more trendy clothes for you sister.”

Henrik smiled, he leaned down and kissed Bella’s temple. She was making it easier for him to get used to the idea of being around his other siblings again. “She’s right, if you let Belle decide Rebekah would end up wearing t-shirts and jeans, and something tells me that isn’t going to be her style.”

“Alright, I’m sure Bella and I can manage choosing out Kol and Finn’s clothing.” Klaus replied who looked to Bella who just shrugged and drank from her cup of blood.

“I’m willing to give it a try.” Bella replied with a smirk. “I don’t guarantee it foes too well, but we’ll see.”


Author’s Note

This was a bit of a filler chapter, but I swear the next chapter will be longer, and will be what we’ve all been dying to see. The reunion.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!


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  1. I can’t wait to see how Bella, Henri and maybe even Klaus find ways to torment Damon now. He sure deserves it!
    Klaus’s wolf trying to attack Bella and Henri was curious. I wonder if Bella’s theory is right. hmmm…….
    I love how Bella was so sweet and recognized Henri’s hidden (from himself even) feelings regarding Mikael and his siblings. I hope she can really help him heal.
    It was awesome that Bella took care of the 2 brothers this time by killing Mikael herself. I really, really loved that. 🙂
    It’s cute and funny to me that Henri is going shopping for Bekka’s clothes, because he is more trendy. —snorts—
    Great chapter.

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  2. I love this chapter. and bella’s theory does have merits. i am curious on how the rest of the family is gonna act when they meet bella and re meet henrik. i do wonder if he is gonna get pissed and try to at least get even with them and i wonder if any of them will hurt bella due to her killing michael. not that, that evil bastard didn’t deserve to die cause he very much did. awesome chapter. cannot wait for the next one 😀 excited for it 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Another great chapter. Love that Bella’s fashion sense is so bad that a guy who has been on the other side for a thousand has a better sense of style than her. Bella saved Henrik and Klaus from additional pain by getting rid of Mikael. That was so brave of her and shows the depth of her love for Henrik and Klaus. She finally has the family she needed her whole life.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Loved this chapter. So sad about their house though, Damon deserved more of a punishment.

    Liked by 1 person

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