Bella The Witch: Chapter 13


Bella stood in the middle of a room, she looked around trying to gather her surroundings and figure out where she was. She fell to her knees sobbing when she realized this looked exactly like Charlie’s room before he died. Bella cried thinking about her dad, and being back in his room, that reminded her of him. Bella’s eyes shot up as she felt someone’s hand on her shoulder. She turned her head to the right to see her dad standing behind her. He look like he did when he died, only this time he didn’t have blood on him.

“Dad?” Bella asked in disbelief as she shifted her posture to look at her dad, “Is this really you?”

“Yeah it’s me Bells,” Charlie said as he hugged his daughter, “God Bells, what kind of a mess have you gotten yourself into.”

Bella cried harder as her father held her, “Dad. Dad I missed you so much, I’m so sorry. I miss you dad. Please tell me this is real, that I’m not just making this up.” Bella cried as she stained Charlie’s shirt with her tears.

Charlie hugged Bella tighter, “I’m real Bells, and I’m really here. Come on Bells, no more crying, you’re staining my one good shirt.”

Bella smiled through her tears, “Dad, where am I?”

“You’re in the in-between,” Charlie said, “The poison is killing your human side, but the vampire blood in your system is fending off. You have a choice to make Bells. A choice only you can make. You can die, and go to Heaven with me and your ancestors, or you can fight off the poison and become a vampire. The choice is yours.”

“I can’t let you go dad, not again,” Bella said the tears swelling in her eyes, “Who else is going to tell me to be careful, and to make sure I have my pepper spray with me. I need my dad.”

“Oh Bells, you don’t need me anymore. You’ve grown up better than I ever thought you could. For these past few months I’ve been watching over you, and I couldn’t be prouder of who you are, who you’ve become,” Charlie said.

“Dad I missed you so much these last months,” Bella said, “You weren’t there to tell me to go to college. You weren’t there to tell me to be careful when I moved to New York. You weren’t there when I had nightmares. You weren’t there to tell me everything was okay, that I’d be okay. I can’t do this by myself dad, I need you, I need you to tell me its okay, to tell me I’m doing the right thing. How am I supposed to know that what I’m doing is the right thing when you’re not there anymore?” Bella paused and the tears became angry tears as she thought back to the night her father was taken from her, “IT SHOULD’VE BEEN ME THAT NIGHT DAD! I SHOULD’VE TAKEN THAT BULLET! HE CAME FOR ME! God dad, you’re dead because of me. This was all my fault, and I don’t know why you had to die.” Bella cried again, letting the tears fall down her face. Charlie hugged his daughter knowing that at that moment she needed her father more than anything.

“I lived my life Bells,” Charlie said, “Your life is just beginning, you have so much more to live for. Bells, I’d give my life for you any day, just so you could continue to live. I knew from the moment you were born that you were special. I could feel it in you. I remember I told Renee the night you were born, “Our little girl is meant for great things.” You weren’t meant to stay in Forks Bells, you weren’t meant to get married to Edward, you were meant to go out into the world and explore. To see things in a different light. If I have to, I’d die for you all over again. You aren’t meant to die Bells.”

“I’ve been living these past months and I’ve felt this guilt over Mike, and you weren’t there to tell me I was going to be okay Dad. Do you remember when Sam carried me out from the forest, and you took me from him and carried me inside the house. I knew the instant you carried me that I was going to be okay, but you haven’t been there to help me dad. You weren’t there for the nightmares, you weren’t there when the Newton’s yelled at me. You weren’t there to protect me, and I just. I’ve just missed you so much. I miss coming home and cooking for you, I miss sitting on the couch while the game is on and asking you all these questions. I miss hearing you go to work in the morning, I miss knowing that when I need you you’d be there, but now it’s just me and Riley, and sometimes I wonder if Riley hates me because you died. Riley, he misses you too dad. He barely got to know you, he got married to Victoria. They seem so happy, but I took the chance for you to see them away from you. Because of me you didn’t see your son get married. How can you love me knowing it’s my fault that you died?” Bella said the tears never stopping as they rolled down her face.

“My death is not your fault,” Charlie said sternly, “I love you because you’re my daughter, I died protecting you I died to make sure you got the life I always wanted for you to have.”

“What about Riley dad, he was your son, and now you won’t get to know him better, you won’t get to see how his future turns out,” Bella said.

“Bells, I’m always watching over the both of you,” Charlie said, “I’ve kept an eye on both of you. I wouldn’t rest until I knew you would both be okay, and now that you’ve found your other half, I know I don’t have to worry about you anymore. You have everything you need now Bells. There are people who care for you down there. There are two men who are close to their breaking points because they’re worried about you. You’re going to be fine without me Bells, you’ll always be okay.”

“You know who my other half is?” Bella asked.

“I do, and I have to mention that I approve, he’d protect you at all costs Bella, he always will,” Charlie said, “I won’t tell you who he is, that’s you to figure out.”

“I love you dad,” Bella said as she gave Charlie a hug. She missed the feeling of being able to hug her dad.

“You’ve made your choice,” Charlie asked as he looked at his daughter.

“I have,” Bella said as she wiped away her tears. She grabbed Charlie’s hand and smiled up at him.

-Page Break-

“Will you stop pacing?” Elijah yelled to his younger brother.

“What else am I supposed to be doing, we’re just playing the waiting game!” Klaus yelled in anger at his brother.

“Well your pacing isn’t helping the situation! All you’re doing is getting on my last nerves!” Elijah said in anger, “This pacing isn’t going to help her at all!”

“You don’t even know her! How do you know what’s going to help her!” Klaus yelled, “She had her life ahead of her Elijah! She wasn’t prepared for this life! She’s in this position because she decided to befriend me!”

“She thinks of you as a brother Niklaus, she knew what the risks were. I’d bet she’s thought about becoming a vampire several times! She herself even said it was a possibility she wanted this life, she’s thought about it. If she has to become a vampire she will still have her life ahead of her! Nothing will change because she’s become a vampire!” Elijah said.

“Are you an idiot? She’s going to lose her magic, the one thing she had from her father’s blood line. She wouldn’t want this life without her magic!” Klaus argued, “She got her magic from her father’s bloodline, when she becomes a vampire she’ll lose that. She’ll lose what’s tying her to her human life and her father’s blood line. She’ll be forced into a life she didn’t want Elijah!”

“There’s a chance the blood won’t even work Niklaus,” Elijah said as he looked back at Bella, his eyes growing sad as he looked at her fragile form.

Klaus growled in warning, “Don’t you even think that!” Both brothers went silent and looked at Bella, her heart began to slow down. Klaus crossed his arms over his chest, as he watched Bella, he saw Elijah’s hand moved to hold Bella’s hand.

“You feel something for her,” Klaus noticed, “That’s why you care so much even though you barely know her.”

“Can we have this conversation at a later time,” Elijah said never removing his eyes from Bella

“No,” Klaus said firmly, “I know Bella Elijah. She’s grown to be important to me. Has she mentioned her past to you?”

Elijah looked at his brother, “Her past?”

“Her first love,” Klaus said, “The bastard who tore her apart. The reason she doesn’t date.”

“It’s never been brought up,” Elijah said looking at Bella intrigued by what Klaus was saying.

“Bella hasn’t had the best luck with dating, she was with a cold one,” Klaus said looking at Bella, he knew she wouldn’t like him telling Elijah this, but he saw the look in his brother’s eyes, Bella meant something to him, and Klaus wouldn’t have him hurt her like Edward had done. “He left her. A few days after her birthday he along with his coven gathered their things and left. He left her in the woods Elijah. She was dying, it was too cold for her and her body was beginning to get hypothermia if a shape shifter hadn’t found her she would’ve died that night. I just want to make it clear to you, that if you want to have something with Bella, I wouldn’t lie to her, or be a jerk to her. The cold one she dated was overprotective, and wouldn’t let her have an opinion on anything, he treated her like a child. If you want something with Bella, treat how she deserves to be treated. I should also mention that if you hurt her I wouldn’t hesitate to stake you multiple times before daggering you.”

Elijah looked at his brother with surprise and then nodded, “Her heart is slowing down.” Klaus closed his eyes he knew Bella was close to death. Both brothers heard as Bella’s heart began to give out, it gave its last beat and both brothers knew Bella Swan had just died.

Elijah stayed holding Bella’s hand praying she would wake up. Klaus kept his eyes on Bella hoping she would wake up that she would return to this world. Maybe then he could argue with her about how stupid she had been today.

Minutes passed and nothing happened, Klaus was becoming worried, and Elijah was becoming just as worried.

“How long do you think it would take if she was going to turn,” Klaus asked his brother, “You’re an original, so your blood is stronger than that of a younger vampire so shouldn’t she have woken by now?”

“Possibly, but you also have to think about the poison. If my blood did indeed work it would have had to fight off the poison and then her body would’ve gone into the transition,” Elijah said, “My opinion is if she doesn’t wake up in the next few minutes than she won’t wake up at all.” Elijah looked back at Bella and his eyes filled with sadness, he wanted her to wake up.

“I’m going to go get her bag,” Klaus said as he walked off. Elijah watched him walk off knowing he didn’t want to see this.

Klaus walked to the car and pulled out Bella’s things. He took her bag and slowly made his way back to her room. She still wasn’t waking up, Klaus didn’t want to give up hope, but he feared this was the end of Isabella Swan. Both brothers looked down as they both had come to the same conclusion. Klaus stood up and sighed, she wasn’t supposed to die.

-Page Break-

An hour had passed and neither brother had left Bella’s room. They were filled with sorrow at seeing the young girl dead.

“We have to get in touch with her brother,” Elijah muttered, “He should know.”

Klaus nodded not knowing what else to say to his brother. They both drew in a breath at the same time as they saw Bella’s body begin to move around on the bed. Elijah stood on the side of the bed, and Klaus stood at the end of the bed, they both watched as Bella began to stir awake. Her eyes began to flutter open. Bella took in a deep breath, and then she groaned in pain.

“God, I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck,” Bella said as she woke up and rubbed her hand on her head, “My throat, it’s burning, is it always going to feel this way?”

“Bella,” Klaus said with a relief sigh, “You just had to take your time didn’t you?”

Bella smiled, “I was fashionably late.”

“How are you feeling,” Elijah asked.

“Fine, throat burning, headache, but the Poison is out of my system,” Bella said with a sigh.

“I’ll go get you some blood bags Klaus keeps at his house, I don’t think you want to feed from a human,” Elijah said.

Bella nodded, “I rather not, thank you Elijah.”

“It’s not a problem Bella, I’ll be back shortly,” Elijah said. Elijah left Klaus and Bella by themselves.

“Alright, come on say it,” Bella said as she sat up on the bed.

“You shouldn’t have put yourself in danger Bella, you yourself said that you don’t have healing abilities we do,” Klaus said.

“I didn’t think the stick would be poisoned, and I didn’t think there’d be spiders in the tree when I punched through it,” Bella said she paused before continuing, “I saw my dad.”

“What are you talking about Bella,” Klaus asked.

“That hour or so I was dead, I was with him,” Bella said, “I was in the in-between. Between life and death. I had a choice to die and go with my dad, or to stay on Earth as a vampire. It was my choice if I wanted to fight off the poison. I wasn’t going to. I was going to stay with my dad, I wanted to stay with him. I was ready to go with him, but at the last minute I backed out, and I came back. I decided that my dad was right, I still had a life to live here. We said goodbye and he left, and I started to fight the poison.”

“You were going to die,” Klaus asked surprised.

Bella nodded, “I was, but then I came back, I guess you’re stuck with me Nik.”

Klaus laughed, but then grew serious, “I’m sorry about your magic.”

Bella looked at him confused, and then remembered her magic, was there a possibility that Elijah could be her soul mate. She did feel attracted to him, and she did have feelings for him. Bella looked at Klaus and then focused, she did a simple conjuring spell on her phone, and to both her surprise and Klaus’s it appeared in her hand.

“I still have my magic,” Bella said surprised.

“What had to be done in order for you to keep your magic Bella,” Klaus asked.

Bella looked at him, “The person whose blood changes me, they had to be… they had to be my soul mate.”

“Elijah gave you his blood,” Klaus stated, “Elijah is your soul mate?”

Bella nodded, “And I’m his, you can’t tell him Nik.”

“What do you mean I can’t tell him, he has every right to know,” Klaus said.

“I agree, but he should know when he’s ready. He shouldn’t feel obligated to be with me because he’s my soul mate, he should be with me because he wants to be Nik. When the time is right I’ll tell him,” Bella said she sighed and leaned her head back against the headboard.

“Fine, but I should tell you he’s already developed feelings for you, and I mentioned some of your past to him.” Klaus said.

Bella looked at Klaus, “You. Did. What?”

“I mentioned some of your past and then I threatened him,” Klaus said with a shrug, “I was filling in for your brother.”

Bella smiled, “What’s taking Elijah so long?”

“He probably can’t find the blood,” Klaus said, “We have to figure out what’s going to happen with the stick.”

“We bind it like we did the coffins,” Bella said, “No one will be able to open it, and you’ll always have the peace of mind of knowing that you have it with you.”

“Or we could burn it,” Klaus said.

“I don’t think it will burn,” Bella said, “That thing had some heavy ancient magic, I think you’re going to have to stake someone with it, or do the binding spell.”

“The binding spells sounds like the best option I don’t want Mikael to have the peace of death,” Klaus said.

Elijah finally came back and gave Bella the blood bags, “This should ease the burning in your throat.”

“Thanks Elijah,” Bella said taking the blood from him, she sighed, and ripped the bag open, she drank it down her face changing as she drank, she finished the bag and Elijah handed her another bag. Bella drank it quickly and sighed in relief the pain in her throat was gone, and she felt relieved.

“You know, at one point you’re going to have to learn how to feed from the vein and how to compel someone,” Klaus said.

“I know, but who says that has to be today,” Bella said, “Is it going to be hard for me to continue with my regular schedule?”

“Maybe at first, but after you get used to the people around you there shouldn’t be a problem with it,” Elijah said.

Bella groaned, “I don’t want to feed off of someone just because they’re there.”

“You won’t, I’m sure your blood lust is going to be under well control, especially since I’ve had this blood bag behind my back and you haven’t noticed the blood,” Elijah said pulling out the opened blood bag from behind his back

“That does make me feel slightly better,” Bella said, she reached over and took out a small box. There was a daylight ring inside. She put it on and got out of the bed, “Thank you both for bringing me home and staying with me.”

“It’s wasn’t a problem Bella,” Elijah said.

“I didn’t have any other plans for the day,” Klaus said. Bella rolled her eyes and got out of bed.

“I need some coffee,” Bella said as she walked out of her room, her moment with Charlie was still replaying in her mind, but she knew she made the right choice in staying. She missed her dad, but he was right, she had her entire life ahead of her. Bella stayed for the four people in her life who needed her, and who she needed in return. It was for her brother and Victoria, for Elijah and Klaus that she stayed. She needed them as much as she needed Charlie, but they too needed her, and she couldn’t leave them alone especially now knowing that Elijah was her soul mate. Bella wanted the chance to let their relationship grow.


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  1. Loved that she got to talk to Charlie and got rid of some of her guilt. Happy she chose to stay and is now a vampire.


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