Bella The Witch: Chapter 9


-2 weeks later-

Bella picked up her phone as the familiar number appeared on the screen.

“Hello Nik,” Bella answered, “How can I help you?”

“Well, I just daggered Mikael, and I’m bringing him back to my home,” Klaus said, “Can you meet me there in about 2 hours?”

“Sure, I’ll be there,” Bella said, “Anything else you want?”

“Well, since Mikael will be taken care of, I wanted to bring my family back together,” Klaus said, “Can you locate Elijah?”

“You’re going to contact him?” Bella asked a bit skeptical, she knew Klaus and his brother did not get along.

“Yes,” Klaus said, “He should be there when our siblings wake up.”

“I’ll get right on it later, I have to take care of my store,” Bella said, “I’ll see you in two hours Nik.” Bella hung up the phone and returned to her store. Steph was helping a group of children find the books they needed, and Bella was behind the counter. It’s been two weeks since she shared her story with Klaus, and Bella found she had a strange friendship with him. Neither admitted they were friends, but they knew. Klaus had painted a few paintings for Bella’s store, and Bella had helped him with his mother’s coffin. Putting a stronger binding spell on it to prevent anyone from opening it and releasing her.

“Bella!” Steph said as she came to stand beside Bella.

“Is something wrong Steph?” Bella asked.

“No, but I thought I should tell you, that we ran out of a few books,” Steph said.

“Adult section or kids?” Bella asked.

“Both, people really like your store,” Steph said, “I think you could definitely open up a few more of these stores.”

Bella laughed, “I’m fine with just one Steph, but maybe in the future I’ll open up a few more.”

“So, how’s New York?” Steph asked.

“Great, I’m really enjoying it here, tell me, how’s David?” Bella asked.

“Fantastic, he’s stressing with his course work, he took too many classes,” Steph said with a sigh

“Everything will be fine,” Bella reassured her friend, “Can you write down what books have sold out and I’ll start ordering them.”

“Sure,” Steph said taking a notepad a pencil from the counter and walking off. Bella enjoyed the new life she had in New York.

-Page Break-

“Vic, I don’t think this room has been painted yet,” Riley shouted.

Victoria ran to the room using vampire speed, “It hasn’t?”

“No, I think you might’ve skipped over it by accident, you finish the kitchen and I’ll do it before I get the lighting fixed,” Riley said, “What color did you choose for this room?”

“I choose the light blue,” Victoria said, “The house is coming along better than I thought.”

“Of course it is, you designed it,” Riley said giving his wife a peck on the lips.

“I’m going to go finish the kitchen, you can finish up here,” Victoria said dashing back to the kitchen.

“I think I’m out of brushes,” Riley said, “I’m going to head into town.”

“Bring me back some cleaning supplies,” Victoria yelled.

Riley laughed and headed out. He walked into town and spotted two identical girls arguing. He recognized one as Elena Gilbert, but he didn’t know who the other was, but he could tell she was a vampire. He remembered something Bella told him, but couldn’t pin point what it was, and he was sure he had seen this girl before somewhere. Discreetly he took out his phone and took a quick picture. He would have to talk to Bella about it later. Remembering his task, he walked into the supply store and went to get what he needed.

-Page Break-

Bella shivered as she stood outside of Klaus’s house. He was supposed to be here 10 minutes ago, but there was no sign of him. Bella got out her phone and called Nik.

“If I freeze to death, I can’t do the spell for you,” Bella said as he answered.

“I’m sure you can unlock the door and walk inside,” Klaus said.

“I’m sure I can too, but it’s rude, how far away are you?” Bella asked, “I barely have any patience left.”

Bella heard Klaus chuckle, “I’ll be there in two minutes, if you don’t want to enter, then just wait outside.”

Bella groaned, “Fine, hurry up or I’m going home to sleep.”

“One minute left, I’m already close, stop complaining,” Klaus said. Bella hung up and continued to shiver outside. Bella sighed in relief as she saw Klaus pull into the driveway.

“Thank god!” Bella said.

Klaus chuckled, “Let’s go inside my vampires are going to bring him in.” Klaus unlocked the door and he and Bella walked inside. Bella turned the heater on magically.

“I was almost a popsicle!” Bella said as she walked in.

“Oh don’t be so dramatic Bella,” Klaus said with a roll of his eyes, “You’re not even blue from cold yet.”

Bella rolled her eyes at him, and walked past him into his kitchen, “I’m making myself some hot chocolate.”

“Get me a bag while you’re in there,” Klaus called back.

Bella made her hot chocolate quickly, she had been to Klaus’s house before to help him with Esther a few times before, and made sure to stock his kitchen with coffee and hot chocolate. She grabbed a blood bag and poured it into a cup for him. She walked into the living room and handed it to him, she walked over the coffin in the middle of the room. Bella opened it and set her cup down on the table. She began searching through Mikael’s pockets.

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked walking up to the coffin.

“He thought he could kill you right? So he must’ve had some type of weapon to do so, he could still be carrying it on him,” Bella said pulling out the things he had in his pockets. She searched him making sure he was clean. Bella only found his wallet, a set of keys and a crumpled up piece of paper.

“Doesn’t look like he had a weapon with him,” Klaus said a laugh, “Well, unless you count the keys as deadly.”

Bella opened his wallet and looked through it, she found noticed the seam of the wallet was re-stitched. Bella ripped the wallet apart making Klaus look at her in confusion. Bella grinned and showed him the inside of the wallet.

“Why was it so important to hide these coordinates, if they didn’t hold something special to him?” Bella said.

Klaus took the wallet from her, “You would’ve been a good detective.”

Bella laughed, “I agree, want to put him away for good Nik?”

“Yes, let’s get this over with, and then we can figure out where these coordinates lead too.” Klaus said setting the coordinates down on the table and stood beside Bella. As she closed the coffin door she turned to look at Klaus.

“Well, here we go,” Bella said. She placed her hands on the coffin and said the spell she’s been working on for Mikael. Bella saw an invincible shield wrap around the coffin as she finished the spell. No one would be able to open the coffin anymore. “Try it.”

Klaus nodded and tried opening the coffin. Instead of it opening it sent him a small but painful shock. “What was that for?”

“Part of the spell,” Bella said, “The more you try the more it hurts the pain will go away in a few seconds.”

“You couldn’t told me this before I tried opening the damn thing,” Klaus said.

“You wouldn’t have tried it if I had told you,” Bella said picking back up her hot chocolate, “You’re not going to leave it in the living room are you?”

“I thought it went well with the wall paper in this room,” Klaus said with a smirk.

Bella laughed, “You’re kidding right? Go dig a hole and bury him in it, and then put a false name over him.”

“No, I’ll put him beside my mother,” Klaus said, “They did “love” each other, they should spend eternity locked up together.”

“Do you have a map or a globe?” Bella asked, “I can track your brother.” Klaus nodded and left the room to get the map. Bella pulled out her phone and plugged in the coordinates. She found they led to somewhere in Florida. She sent the coordinates to Klaus’s phone.

“Bella, why are texting me if I’m right in the other room,” Klaus said walking back into the room.

“They’re the coordinates,” Bella answered, “You don’t need magic for everything.”

“Here,” Klaus said handing her the map, “I brought you one of America I know he’s here, if I’m here.”

“He’s looking for you?” Bella asked as she spread out the map.

“To kill me,” Klaus answered as he sipped his blood.

“And you’re going to give him your address?” Bella asked.

“No, I want to know where he is so I can go to him before he can get to me,” Klaus said.

“Are you going to hug him when you see him, or are you going to do the whole awkward hand shake thing?” Bella asked trying not to laugh.

“It would be just as awkward if I hugged him,” Klaus said, “so I’ll stick to the hand shake.”

Bella tracked Elijah on the map. She found his location and laughed as she handed it to Klaus, “He’s in New York, more specifically, the hotel a few miles from here.”

Klaus smiled, “He was always persistent to finding me this is the longest I stayed in a city, so I gave him time to find me.”

“Do you think he’ll come to you,” Bella asked finishing her drink.

“No, Elijah is too careful, he’ll want to know where our siblings are, and then he’ll come,” Klaus said.

“Are you going to un-dagger them?” Bella asked.

“After I mend things with my brother,” Klaus said, “I want to have my family together, and it won’t help if we’re all fighting, mending things with Elijah will help when I bring my family back.”

“I guess that makes sense, alright, I’m going home Nik, some of us actually have to go to work in the morning,” Bella said.

Klaus chuckled, “You don’t have to work, you choose to, so you can’t really complain.”

“I wasn’t complaining, just stating that I need to go home and sleep, because I have to get up early,” Bella said standing up.

“Goodnight Bella,” Klaus said as he walked Bella out.

“Night Nik,” Bella said as she got into her car and drove home.

-Page Break-

Bella fell to the mat exhausted, at the end of her lesson for the day. She heard Adam chuckle.

“You’re getting better,” Adam said, “A lot better.”

“I take that as a good thing?” Bella said standing up.

“It’s great, I told you by the end of the month you’re going to be my best student, so I still have some weeks left, but you’re doing great,” Adam said. Bella’s phone began ringing.

“Excuse me,” Bella said walking away from Adam. She answered her phone.

“Yes Nik?” Bella asked as she answered.

“I have a bit of an emergency,” Klaus said, “Come as quickly as you can.” Bella was about to say something when Klaus hung up. Bella got worried, Klaus was a friend of hers, and she thought that the worst had happened. Without hesitating Bella grabbed her gym bag and left, not changing out of her workout clothes. Bella drove to the Klaus’s home as quickly as she could. She arrived and jumped out her necklace gave a ring, but Bella ignored it and got out of the car and walked into the house.

“A little revealing don’t you think Bella?” Klaus asked sitting in the living room.

Bella looked around and everything seemed fine, “Well, you said come as quickly as you can, and I was at the gym, so I came in my gym clothes. Where is this emergency?”

“I decided to go see Elijah, but I need you to come with me, will you come?” Klaus asked.

“Why?” Bella asked walking into the kitchen to make herself coffee. Klaus followed behind her.

“Because, in case he’s going to want proof of Mikael,” Klaus said, “I thought I’d bring the witch who locked him up.”

Bella sighed, “Nik, next time just explain it over the phone, so I don’t think something deadly happened, did you get a new guard?”

“No, why?” Klaus asked.

“My necklace rang, but it rings when there is an unknown supernatural creature around,” Bella said, “I thought you got a new guard or something.”

Klaus sighed, “Elijah, he’s watching. Can you change upstairs?”

“Yeah, I brought my bag with me, can you get it, it’s in my car,” Bella said.

Klaus nodded and walked out Bella finished her coffee, and waited for Klaus who came back in seconds. “Why do you have 5 different bags in your car?”

“One for each weekday I go to the gym,” Bella said taking the bag, “Give me 5 minutes and we can go.”


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  1. So Riley found Katherine and Elena.

    Really loving Klaus and Bella’s friendship.


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