Leaving You.


Author’s Note

Well… This weather huh Yeah, that was lame. Next chapter should contain Jasper.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

-2 years Later-

Isabella sat sprawled out on a beach chair in the backyard of a cabin in Hawaii Peter sat beside her with a portable game player in his hands, “Where to next Pete?” She questioned curiously as she turned her head and looked to Peter.

“I don’t know, what about Canada? Or maybe to the Grand Canyon,” Peter said as he didn’t remove his eyes from the game in his hands.

“The Grand Canyon is a good idea, we won’t have to hide like other vampires and could actually enjoy the sight.” Isabella said.

“Grand Canyon it is Elysia,” Peter said, he stood up and took out his phone. “Jasper’s going to call soon.”

Isabella stood up, “I’m going to go for a swim, and I’ll let you talk in peace, Pete.” Isabella waved and walked off quickly without another word as she heard the phone ring. Life with Peter was perfect, her human memories never really came back but she was okay with it. Peter and she had traveled everywhere constantly going to places they both deemed was the best. It began with Disneyland and then every other amusement park and national landmark they could think of. Peter had given Isabella a whole new life and she was grateful for it. In return Isabella had given Peter someone who stuck around in his life. Jasper had left, and Charlotte had too, but Isabella was sticking around, because as much as Peter needed her she needed Peter just the same.

Peter heard his phone ring and quickly answered it, “Hello asshole, in what may I help you today?”

“I left Alice,” Jasper’s voice said no trace of sadness in his tone as he spoke. “I was wondering if I can crash with you in Texas for a while.”

“Sure thing, Major. Get a plane ride and I’ll meet you there when you land. Elysia and I are in Hawaii, but I figure we can make it there the same time as you,” Peter said.

“Hawaii?” Jasper asked in shock there was too much sun not to expose themselves.

“Elysia is very talented… so what happened between you and the demon pixie?” Peter asked changing the subject.

“I caught her with some newborn,” Jasper said with distaste. “We were never mates just companions, I guess it finally fell apart between us.”

“I could’ve told you it would from the beginning, but I’ll meet you in Texas so I can tell you then. You can tell me all about how much of a bitch Alice truly is and I’ll agree wholeheartedly.” Peter said with a laugh, he heard Jasper laugh before they said their goodbyes and he hung up. He went after Isabella to find that she was talking to some human boy. Peter’s older brother mode kicked in and he glared at the boy as he approached.

“Sorry, not interested.” Isabella said as she walked away, the guy stared after for a few seconds before Peter’s glare sent him running. Isabella approached Peter and smile. “How’s the call go?”

“Jasper has ended things with his wife Alice, so he’s going to our home in Texas.” Peter said, he was about to ask her to come back with him when his gift stepped in. She couldn’t go she had to continue on to the Grand Canyon without him. “I was planning on going back to Texas and taking you with me, but my gift tells me you need to continue on and go to the Grand Canyon.”

Isabella looked at Peter her eyes going wide as she hadn’t been without Peter in years. “By myself? Do I absolutely have to go?”

“Afraid so Elysia, but it won’t be long. Maybe you’ll find something that you need there. Maybe this will finally be the key to opening up your memories.” Peter said.

Isabella sighed ignoring his comment on her memories. “I can go to Texas afterwards right? I don’t like the idea of being by myself for too long.”

“I haven’t gotten anything from my gift, so I think you can come home once you’re done. Besides I don’t think I can handle Jasper on my own.” Peter said with a slight smile.

Isabella smiled, “When do we leave to go on our separate adventures?”

“Tonight, I’ll make the arrangements for the both of us. You can find a movie interesting enough to watch, make sure to make it good.” Peter said as he pulled back out his phone preparing to make a few calls.

Isabella nodded, “Fine, but whatever I choose goes, no taking it back…”

“I make no promises, if it’s stupid I’m changing it.” Peter said as he pressed the screen on his phone and began making calls.

-Page Break-

Peter got off the plane and went to get his luggage that contained the camera with the photos of his travels with Elysia. He took out his phone just as Jasper called and grinned. He missed Elysia, but he couldn’t help but be glad to be able to see his brother again. “Hey asshole, plane just landed. Where are you?”

“Outside. Hurry up and get here I hate being around so many humans.” Jasper’s said his voice sounding aggravated. Peter had no doubt it was because he was probably thirsty.

“I’ll be right out,” Peter said hanging up his phone. He got his things and headed out he instantly caught Jasper’s scent and followed it to a large truck. He got into the passenger seat of the truck and turned to Jasper. “Couldn’t get a bigger truck asshole?” Peter said sarcastically.

“This is all they had on the lot,” Jasper replied with a smirk.

“It’s good to see you again asshole,” Peter said with an honest grin.

Jasper returned the grin, “You too, but I expected to finally meet the new Whitlock.”

“My gift told me she had to be other places, she’ll come back to Texas soon.” Peter said a frown coming upon his face as he thought about Elysia. His protectiveness over her hated to leave her alone. He understood that she could take care of herself just fine, but that wouldn’t stop him from worrying over his baby sister.

“Gift? You never admit you have a gift, so why now?” Jasper asked out of curiosity as he started the car and began to drive out of the airport parking lot.

“Elysia changed my mind about it, she can be convincing about anything.” Peter said his mind drifting off for a moment. “Moving on to another topic, tell me about you and the demon pixie.”

“We had just moved to New York,” Jasper began the story. “Everything was normal until we ran into a newborn. His sire died, and Carsile being always the noble took him in and was teaching him to live off of animals. I came home one day from a hunt with Emmett and Alice was with him in our room. If it had been her mate I would’ve understood, but he was just another vampire. I was upset she didn’t hold enough respect for me to break it off with me before she got him in her bed. None of the family understood why I was angry, so I left.”

“I told you she was a demon.” Peter said with a laugh, “You’re better off without her anyway and the coven of crazies.”

“Tell me about the new Whitlock,” Jasper said changing the subject. He only knew her as Elysia, but if he even tried to call her that Peter would have his smashed into the steering wheel in seconds.

“Her name is Isabella.” Peter said as he realized her had never shared her name with Jasper. “My gift told me to go to Maria’s camp. It said I’d find what I needed there, so I listened and left. I arrived at the camp and I found her there by herself. She was standing in front of Maria’s home as it burned to ashes. Maria’s army was destroyed, Maria along with most of her allies were dead. Elysia had killed them all by herself.”

“By herself? How? Why? How old was she?” Jasper asked rapidly as he needed to know who had killed his biggest enemy.

“Elysia is a very powerful vampire, stronger than anyone gives her credit for. Maria was holding her against her will when she was human and was taking part in her torture. Maria slipped one day and bit her. Isabella woke up and waited for the perfect moment to attack and it just so happens it came later that day. She killed Maria and 9 others before working her way to the army. Killing Maria’s loyal followers and then her army. Before Elysia burned the house down she took Maria’s money and some other things she needed and headed out. I found her just as the house lit on fire. The only thing she can remember clearly about her human life were the three years she spent being tortured. She didn’t really have anywhere else to go, so I convinced her to come with me. I felt the connection Jasper almost instantly Jasper, she’s my baby sister. Isabella was completely different then every other newborn we’ve ever dealt with, Jasper. She was calm, rational, and completely normal, you couldn’t tell she was a newborn. I got her a new identity as soon as I could. She only knew her first name so I gave her everything else including the Whitlock name. After that we went out and got her everything she needed for when we left to travel. I wanted to give her memories, something other than the torture to look back on.” Peter said a smirk on his face as he looked back on the time he spent with Elysia.

“You really care for her,” Jasper stated as he took in Peter’s emotions of familial love towards the girl.

“She’s my little sister, Jasper.” Peter said, his phone went off and he pulled it out of his pocket to see he had gotten a message.

Plane got delayed… Barely boarding. I still have hours of being near humans to go, really hoping that I don’t take a bite out of that one annoying passenger who snores too loudly. Wish me luck! P.S. Hope everything is going well for you. Call you later Pete. – Isabella

Peter laughed, knowing that though Isabella valued human life, she would take action if a human got on her nerves too much. Peter replied back wishing her luck. “Getting a divorce from the demon?” Peter questioned as he put his phone away.

“No, we were never really married. I didn’t want her to have access to my accounts. Alice is a huge spender, and I didn’t want her to completely waste my assets.” Jasper responded with a smirk as he was glad he had anticipated for this sort of situation.

Peter laughed, “You picked the worst companion.”

“Speaking of companions, have you heard from Charlotte?” Jasper asked cautiously not knowing how Peter still felt about Charlotte.

Peter laughed loudly at the thought of Charlotte. “I haven’t seen her, but Elysia has.”

“How did that meeting go?” Jasper asked curiously.

“Elysia ripped Charlotte apart and left her limbs for her mate to put back together. Apparently Charlotte thought Elysia was a nomad and began to talk to her about her ex-companion. She tried convincing Elysia to never get one, but the entire time she was talking me down. Elysia got angry at Charlotte’s big mouth and ripped her apart.” Peter said with a grin.

Jasper laughed, “I’d really like to meet Isabella.” Jasper thought back to the brunette human he had once encountered. No one had heard from Bella Swan, and because they had made a promise to stay out of her life no one checked up on her. Jasper thought that now that he was away from the rest of his family he would check up on her and see how she was doing to see if her life had become what she had always deserved for a life.

“She’ll eventually come back from her trip and you can meet her then.” Peter said with a shrug, he was already missing his little sister.

“What sort of gift does she have?” Jasper asked as he remembered Peter’s mention of it earlier.

Peter thought for a moment, how would he answer this? If word got out on Isabella’s gift she would be in danger, but would he keep this from his brother? “I can’t tell you. It’s not my gift to tell about its hers and if she wants to tell you about it, she will.”

“Does she know about your past with Maria?” Jasper asked out of curiosity.

Peter nodded, “She told me all about her years of torture, so I told her about being a part of the army. “

Jasper nodded in understanding, “Have you tried to find her human family? Try to figure out what sort of human life she had before her torture?”

Peter shook his head no, “She doesn’t want to know, and she’s scared what she might find if she does look. She’s okay with the memories she’s made over the last couple of years, and I’m not going to push her into learning about a past she might not be prepared for.”

“What have you been doing for the last couple of years?” Jasper asked out of curiosity

“Travelling. Disneyland, Water world, Universal Studios, Disneyworld, any other amusement park we found on the way. We also went camping, and by camping I mean we went into the woods and scared campers by acting like ghosts. We visited National parks too, Elysia insisted on getting to know about things other than just amusement places. We also went to some other remote locations to just be for a while.” Peter said, “Elysia ran into Charlotte in I believe it was New York. We went to watch some shows and Charlotte was there with her new mate while I had left to feed.”

“She’s a human drinker also?” Jasper asked he was getting closer to Peter’s home.

Peter nodded, “She tried animals once and said they tasted worse than the meals she had while she was tortured. I think drinking from animals was bringing up bad memories for her, but I’m not sure.”

After a few more minutes of catching up they arrived at Peter’s home. Peter looked on and remembered the last time he had been here. Isabella had been with him at the time. Peter got out of the truck and looked upon his home and then back to his brother. This was the beginning of something new he could feel it. Peter walked inside his home with Jasper directly behind him.

– Isabella’s Trip-

Isabella left the airport with a sigh of relief as she couldn’t be happier to finally get away from all those insufferable humans. The flight was extra bumpy from her anger that had caused the lightning and thunder to increase. A group of school children were on the plane, so many of them were screaming and messing around, it was a pure miracle Isabella didn’t let her power get out of control from her anger.

She raced through the streets in her new car as she drove to a bad neighborhood to find herself someone to feed off of. Her throat felt like it was on fire as she was in desperate need of blood. She hit the brakes when she heard a large scream. She could tell instantly that it was the scream of a young girl and by the sound of it she was terrified. She hurried out of the car, making sure to grab her sunglasses on the way and dashed off towards where the scream was last heard.

Isabella appeared in front of a scene that made her anger rise and the lightening in the sky begin to flash. A large man pinned a young girl to the wall, a gun held to her face as he demanded money from her. Isabella didn’t think twice as she ran and tackled the man to the floor, she threw the gun out of his hand and pinned his arms above his head. Turning her head back to look at the girl she spoke.

“I think it’s time you leave… GO!” Isabella said her tone fierce and strong. The girl gave the robber one last look before taking off as fast as she could. The echoing sound of her shoes hitting the pavement as she ran echoed in Isabella’s ears. Turning back to the robber who was struggling to get free underneath her, “I guess you’ll be my meal for the day. I’d say I’m sorry for doing this, but I’m really not.” Isabella put her hand to his mouth keeping him from scream as she sunk her teeth into his neck and began taking long pulls of blood into her mouth. She kept an ear on his heart as she drank, it was beginning to slow down. She heard it begin to give its last pumps as she began to finish off the last of his blood. She pulled back as she swallowed the last drop of blood. For safety she snapped his neck, the last thing she wanted was a newborn running around and terrorizing people. She took care of the body making sure there was no possible way it would be discovered anytime soon.

Isabella got back into her car looking around to make sure no one had seen her feed. She looked in the rearview mirror and noticed she had a drop of blood on the corner of her mouth, she licked it off before driving off. She had a good few hours before she reached the Grand Canyon, and she would call Peter sometime while she was on the road.

– Back with Peter-

Peter sat around in the living room talking with Jasper, both catching up on the years they had gone without seeing each other. He grinned widely as he grabbed his phone knowing Elysia was about to call.

“How’s the trip going,” Peter spoke as he answered the phone instantly as it rung the first time.

“I just got a bite to eat, so I say it’s going alright so far. The plane ride was awful, though. That’s the last time I ever get on a plane without you.” Isabella’s voice rang through the phone. Jasper turned his attention to the T.V. focusing all his attention on the T.V. to give Peter some form privacy.

“Was it the snoring?” Peter questioned with a laugh. He knew the smallest things could get on Isabella’s nerves.

“No, I wish it were snoring! I just happened to get the flight filled with children. Their supervisor happened to pass out from what I smelled was sleeping medicine, so they were running wild on the plane. Normally, I would never even think about killing children, but these kids were pushing me over the edge. The plane landed just on time, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough!” Isabella said she sighed in annoyance remembering the flight.

“I’m guessing the weather wasn’t perfect at the time either?” Peter said knowing Isabella’s emotions could overpower her gift and she could lose control.

“It was okay, I suppose. It calmed once I was off the plane.” Isabella responded. “Any idea what I’m supposed to do while I’m at the Grand Canyon? You are the one who comes up with the plans and I just follow along.”

Peter laughed, “Buy me a souvenir. I want something that moves and says something. Try to get me something good! Oh! You can give people a heart attack by jumping off the edge. You won’t die, but someone else might from a heart attack.”

Isabella laughed, “You’re an idiot! That’d be all over the news within seconds. Than the Volturi would get involved and that would really put a damper on my trip. I’ll probably hike all the way to the bottom and see what other trouble I can get into. Now that I think about it, Pete, you’re kind of a bad influence on me.”

Peter laughed loudly, “I think it’s the other way around Elysia, I mean I was pretty normal before you came along.”

Isabella laughed, “You’re a vampire, Pete, you weren’t normal even before I came along. I was checking in my bag earlier, did you take my camera?”

“Yes, you could just buy a new one,” Peter said as he remembered how easily it had been to take it from her.

Isabella sighed, “Asshole, I didn’t want to stop by a store and buy a new one. Oops, being pulled over by a cop, got to go. Talk to you later Pete, I have to talk my way out of a ticket.”

Peter laughed, “Lose the glasses!” He shouted just as Isabella hung up. Peter smiled and put the phone away. He’d seen Isabella get out of a ticket before, she could easily do it using Maria’s gift, but she does the old fashion way of flirting with a cop, and it always works.

“Let me see the camera,” Jasper said looking away from the T.V.

“Why?” Peter asked curiously.

“Because I want to see what this girl looks like,” Jasper said as he turned fully to face Peter. “You talk about her constantly, you clearly love her like a sister, so I want to at least know what he looks like.”

“Fine, let me go find the camera,” Peter replied as he stood and walked at vampire speed to his room where his luggage was at. He fished through his luggage and pulled out the silver camera and went back to the living room. He sat back down in his chair and threw Jasper the camera. Jasper caught it easily and turned it on. The first few pictures were of Disney characters it wasn’t until the 5th photo that Isabella appeared with her sunglasses.

Jasper stayed silent, his mind filling with all the possibilities that this girl was in fact Isabella Swan. The only difference he was able to find between Isabella and Bella were the color of eyes. Bella had dark brown eyes where he suspected that underneath her glasses Isabella had red eyes.

“Why does she wear sunglasses?” Jasper asked as he looked over at Peter for a moment before returning his attention to the camera and going through the pictures.

“She doesn’t like people staring at her eyes and she hates wearing contacts.” Peter answered looking at Jasper strangely, there was something going on inside Jasper’s mind and Peter could practically see the wheel turning in his head. Finally getting fed up with not knowing Peter asked, “What’s going on in your head?”

“I know her,” Jasper said quietly. “I think she’s Bella Swan Peter.”

“You mean the human you all left behind?” Peter asked getting angry having heard the tale of the human they had left behind for her ‘protection’. “Did you know a Victoria by any chance?”

“Yes, she was part of a coven that went after Bella. The leader James was a tracker and saw Bella as a game. We ended up killing him, but Victoria escaped. I tried convincing the rest of the Cullen’s that we should go after Victoria, but everyone said she wouldn’t be a problem.” Jasper paused slightly as he came to a startling realization. “Victoria was the one that took Bella to Maria.” Jasper said, he was beginning to feel worse and worse about all this. Isabella was tortured for years because they had failed to protect her from a world they had brought her into.

Peter wanted to rip his brother apart for hurting his little sister. It was because of them that Isabella was tortured for years. Feeling his brother’s anger Jasper’s guilt increased, Peter relaxed he shouldn’t be getting mad at Jasper, he was the one who tried to convince the others that not going after Victoria was a bad idea. This was Edward’s fault he had brought Isabella into this world and failed to protect her.

Peter’s phone rang again, and Peter answered instantly not needing his gift to know that it was Isabella, “What happened to the cops?”

“I flirted my way out of it, duh.” Isabella’s responded, it was obvious by her tone that she was smiling obviously proud of her work. “That’s not why I called. The cop apparently recognized me. He said I looked a lot like a girl who had gone missing years ago. I asked him about it, and he said her name was Isabella Swan. He showed me a picture of her in her phone Pete, I think that was me when I was human. The only difference were my eyes, so the cop let it go. Should I look deeper into it Pete? What if I find something I don’t want to know? I don’t know what to do. I’m curious to know some of my history, but I like the way things are right now, the memories I’ve made.”

Peter’s gift was telling him to tell her to look deeper that was the reason she had to go to the Grand Canyon on her own, she needed to know who she was. “Look into your past, Elysia. It might not bring up memories from your past, but at least you’ll know something about who you used to be.”

There was a sigh on Isabella’s side of the phone, “I guess you’re right. I’ll post pone the Grand Canyon until after I’ve done some research on my past.”

“Good luck, and tell me what you find,” Peter said as he hung up he turned his attention back to Jasper. “I’m just making it clear now that if I ever see Edward I’m going to rip him to shreds and it’ll be Elysia’s choice to light him up or not.”

Jasper nodded, he understood perfectly why Peter would be angry. He was angry too at everything that had happened in the past. He was beyond furious that he didn’t follow his instinct and killed Victoria when he had the chance. Jasper knew he would have to make it up to Isabella some way in the future, he couldn’t live knowing that he had wronged her by not following his instinct. He was part of the reason she had suffered and the last thing he wanted was for her to hate him.






  1. things are getting interesting now, that’s for sure. 😀

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  2. This is good, now the ball is rollin’! Love it! Fantastic chapter!

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  3. I hope when Bella’s memories start coming back, they aren’t too jarring or traumatizing. I’m glad that Jasper at least knows something now. He needs to feel a little guilt, but not too much. 🙂

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  4. Loving it and I can’t wait to read more and see how she reacts to her past and when she sees Jasper. Thanks for the update 🙂

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  5. Love it please update soon.

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  6. Well I’m glad Jasper is away from Alice and the rest of the Cullen’s. Not so happy with him for leaving Bella to her torture by Victoria. Could never see or understand what they all followed Eddie’s wishes to leave her especially when Jasper felt vicky’s feelings about James. I think Peter should’ve kicked Jasper’s ass anyway.
    So Bella knows her human name. Curious to what info she will find out sand if she will remember anything.

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