Bunnies and Wolves: Bella S. and Theo R.

I hope you enjoy!

Stiles glared at the blonde wolf. “I hate that you’re here.”

Theo shrugged. “I’m trying to be a better Aloha, and you were the one who thought it’d be an appropriate solution for the both of us if I attended college with you.”

Stiles glared at him. “I know what I said and because it was my idea it was brilliant. I’m currently talking about you tagging along with me for this date.”

Theo frowned. “You told me it was a party between your friends and you wanted company. There was no talk of a date.”

“I’m going on a date; the girl’s roommate needs to be distracted so my date and I can head to her place and have sexy times.” Stiles responded. “This is where you come in and distract the roommate for a few hours. My date is very adventurous and likes to have sexy times all over household services and I don’t need to be walked on again.”

Theo went to respond but was assaulted by the strong scent of home when he entered the bar. “Stiles…” he went to inform the human that it was possible that he had just found his mate. He turned to see that the boy was already walking off towards a pair of girls in a booth. He noticed that the scent was coming from the brunette, and he sincerely hoped this wasn’t the girl Stiles was with.

“Hey guys this is Theo.” He turned to the chimera, “this is Lauren and her roommate Bella.”

Theo nodded he watched the brunette closely and saw how she didn’t really pay attention, but kept her eyes focused on her drink. He ignored Stiles as he and Lauren quickly left.

Bella looked up at him, and wide brown eyes analyzed him. “You seem like a nice guy and all, but you really don’t have to stay.” She stood up from the table. “I know you were dragged here because those two want to have sex all over my apartment, so I’ll just head out and stay away. Have a nice night.” Bella set down a fifty on the table before she quickly exited the bar.

Theo chased after her only to find that she was already in her car and driving away. Theo sighed, it was his luck that he would meet his mate only to watch them disappear in a matter of seconds.


Stiles barged into the house and instantly went to the study where he knew Theo would be. “Bella is a mage!” He shouted causing Theo to whip his head towards him.

“What are you talking about?” Theo questioned standing.

“Your future mate, she’s a mage! And she can shapeshift!” Stiles said bending over to catch his breath. “It was the most awkward thing! I was over at Lauren’s and Lauren went out to get dinner so I decided to do some snooping, you know get a feeling of what your mate is like. So, I went into her room and in on her bed was this adorable little bunny sleeping! I had to pet it, because it was too adorable. I guess I startled her and she threw me against the wall before she shifted back.”

“You pet my mate?” Theo questioned with a growl, because he and Bella weren’t exclusive, but they were dating and he was already possessive over her.

Stiles shrugged, “I didn’t know it was her, I thought it was a pet. Anyway, to get her to let me down I told her you’re an Alpha and a chimera and that I’m a mage too, just you know not as good as her, obviously. Just thought I’d tell you I outed you to your mate.”

Theo sighed, “I am going to rip your throat out.” He responded standing, they both turned at the knock on the door.

“I also ran here to tell you that she wanted to talk, but you didn’t pick up your phone so I had to warn you the hard way.” Stiles said catching his breath. “Well, I’m going to use the backdoor, enjoy your night.”

Theo sighed but went to the front door. “Hello, love.”

Bella frowned, crossing her arms over her chest, “Stiles woke me, and then spent 15 minutes yelling about how you’re an alpha and a chimera and a murder. Personally, I don’t put too much importance on your status and your pass, but I am seconds away from killing your emissary, just so you know.”

Theo smirked, he could smell that Bella wasn’t angry at the news of his true being, she was more upset that she had been woken up. “Stiles is sure to avoid this house for the rest of the day, you’re more than welcome to go back to sleep here.”

Bella smiled, “Thanks.” She entered the home with a grin.

Theo moved and placed his arm around her waist. “I am curious about the shapeshifting thing.”

Bella smiled, “A rabbit is my one of my spirit animals. Any mage worth their magic knows how to shapeshift into their spirit animals.”

“What else do you shapeshift into?” Theo questioned curiously.

“A Lion.” Bella responded with a small smile. “Though I prefer my other form, since it catches less attention.”

“I’m assuming you   knew since the beginning I was an alpha.” Theo responded leading Bella to his room.

Bella nodded, “I did.” She turned in Theo’s arms stopping at the door this room. “I also knew you were my mate, which is why I ran away from you. Your presence blindsided me.”

“You know, this means you’re never getting rid of me, and I’m a possessive wolf.” Theo responded resting his hands on her hips.

Bella gave a small smile, “Theo, you threatened to hit a guy who said hello to me. I know you’re possessive.”


Stiles sighed, “We’ve been at this for two hours. I can’t shapeshift and I’m okay with that.”

“You’re over thinking this.” Bella responded with a sigh, she sat down across from Stiles on the floor. “Close your eyes.” She took Stile’s hand in hers and began to tap her fingers on his palm. “Okay. Now breathe with me.”

Bella watched Stiles even out his breathing. “Now, just go to sleep, and try to dream of your animal.”

“I can’t sleep.” Stiles muttered, but before he knew it he was hit with a spell and he was out.

Bella placed a pillow under Stiles’ head and moved to sit on the couch. She took out her laptop and began to finish up some of her coursework.  She was getting close to finishing her paper when she heard Stiles whimpering out. She closed her laptop and moved to sit on the floor waiting because she knew the first shift hurt as muscles stretched and shrunk and broke and reshaped themselves.

Bella smiled as a red fox appeared in Stiles’ place. The animal growled out and moved quickly to find a space to hide. Bella moved quickly and shifted into her rabbit form, knowing it would be easier to bond to Stiles if she looked less threatening. She moved around the living room until she could sense him behind her sniffing at her to familiarize himself with her scent.

Soon they were playing a game of hide and seek with each other. Bella being the obvious victor between the two since she could hide in the smallest of places.

Theo arrived at the house assaulted with the sound of scratching at the wall. He entered his room to see a fox scratching at the wall of his closet. He then quickly saw a flash of brown fur as it headed for his feet, Bella. He could tell by the playful atmosphere that the fox must be Stiles, soon Bella was off jumping to hide under the small space of the bed, and as much as he tried Stiles couldn’t climb under.

“You’re both going to be a pain in my ass, I can tell already.” Theo announced turning and walking to the living room, sitting himself on the couch and turning on the T.V. He kept an ear opened on the two, just to make sure neither got hurt, but otherwise left the two to their own bonding.

  1. This one made me giggle.


  2. this was such a cute story. I had a smile on my face the whole time.


  3. I love these! I always end up wishing that they were longer!


  4. That was cute! Loved it


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