First Date

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Author’s Note

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella put on her converse and looked in the mirror she decided not to try too hard in picking out her clothes. Instead she let her waist length wavy hair just be loose. She put on a plain white shirt to go with her dark black skinny jeans and her converse to tie it all together.

“You look good,” Trevor said he of course wore a button up shirt and some dark jeans. “We’re matching shoes though.”

Bella shrugged as she looked to his shoes. “I doubt anyone will really notice.” She turned to look at him as she grabbed her back pack. “I’m taking my bike to school.”

Trevor smirked, “Of course you are. Jeremy and his sister left about 5 minutes ago.”

“Why are you telling me that?” Bella asked raising an eyebrow at the unneeded information.

“Just thought you might want to know the coast was clear and that you wouldn’t have to meet her just yet,” Trevor said with a smirk. “I’m taking my bike to school as well. There isn’t a point in taking the SUV if it’s just me.”

Bella smiled and gestured for him to lead the way. They both headed to the garage in silence. Their bikes had arrived not long after Jeremy had left for school the day before. Trevor had a classic jet black Harley Davidson while Bella had a royal blue Ducati.

Trevor tossed Bella her jacket as he grabbed his. He pushed the button to lift up the garage door. He grabbed his helmet that had a delicate design of red flames. Trevor always said it was his way to represent who he was as a red dragon. He threw Bella her helmet which was very plain in all blue to match her bike. Bella placed it on and looked to Trevor with a frown. “Now I’m going to have a case of helmet hair.”

“You never get helmet hair, what are you talking about?” Trevor said he closed the garage door and he Bella backed out of the driveway. “See you at school?”

Bella nodded they put down the guards to their helmets as they prepared to leave. They nodded to each other and headed off making it a race between the two to see who could reach the school first.

Jeremy looked around having been forced to come to school with Elena and Stefan he wasn’t able to see Bella this morning. Now he stood just outside of the school parking lot keeping his eyes open for that black SUV to pull up. He took a seat at one of the picnic tables setting his hands in front of him as he waited as patiently as he could for Bella to arrive. He had barely slept the night before his mind had been concentrated on reliving the kiss he had with Bella. Even the thought of it made his lips tingle.

His eyes brightened as he saw a motorcycle speeding into the parking lot. It parked directly in front of where he sat. Seconds passed before another blue motorcycle pulled in next to the first. He watched curiously as the one who arrived first took of their helmet.

“I told you stopping for that red light would make you lose,” Trevor said as he took off his helmet. He used his hand to ruffle up his hair a bit to get it back to its original style.

Jeremy’s eyes zeroed in on Bella as she removed her helmet. She shook her head freeing her hair from the confides her helmet. “I’m a law abiding citizen, of course I’m going to stop at a red light. I was surprised you didn’t.”

Trevor ruffled Bella’s hair seeing as it had been the exact same way it was before they left.  “I told you, you wouldn’t have helmet hair.”

Bella swatted his hand away and frowned. “Don’t be such a jerk.” Bella strapped her helmet to her bike. She took off her jacket and put it away in the little carrier of her bike. She grabbed her bag and was ready to walk to class when she saw Jeremy. She smiled as she looked at him. Bella walked towards him not having to walk far as he met her halfway.

“Hey,” Jeremy said his voice sounding slightly shy.

“Hi,” Bella said with a smile. “What are you doing out here?”

“I was waiting for you to be honest,” Jeremy said as he ran his hand through his hair.

Bella smiled at the nervous gesture he made. “I’m flattered. Walk with me to the front office?”

Trevor had already disappeared within the crowd of students deciding to give the two of them space. Jeremy smiled, “Sure.” He walked beside Bella as they made to the office. In a bold move he reached for her hand lacing his fingers with hers. When she didn’t pull back he smiled wider. “Are you scared?”

“For the first day of school?” Bella asked. Jeremy nodded. “Not really, it’s just school. It’s only a few hours a day and this is my last year.”

“I’ve never met someone who was so positive on starting at a new school,” Jeremy said amused.

Bella shrugged, she glanced down at their laced hands. “It’s been a good first day so far.” They made it to the front office in minutes. Jeremy let go of her hand as Bella made her way inside the office. He could hear her talking lowly with the secretary and after a minute she came back out. Jeremy felt relieved when she reached for his hand again. It was refreshing to know she wasn’t ashamed to be near him, to be seen with him in public.

“So, where is this class?” Bella asked as she pointed to her science class that was her first period.

“It’s on the third floor,” Jeremy said, “Let me walk you there.”

“Won’t you be late for your class?” Bella asked as they walked.

“No, my class isn’t too far,” Jeremy said, “And if I’m late, I think it’d be worth it.”

Bella laughed. “You don’t have to walk me to class, pointing me in the right direction will be fine.”

“I want to walk you,” Jeremy insisted.

Bella nodded and continued to walk listening to Jeremy explain where everything was around the school. They stopped in front of her class and Bella looked up at Jeremy. “Thank you for walking me to class.”

“Your welcome,” Jeremy said he stood in front of Bella. His mind wandered to the night before and the kiss they had shared. If he were to kiss her would she coward away from him? Would she get mad that he had kissed her in front of all these people.

“Jeremy,” Bella said drawing his attention back to her. Bella smiled as she leaned up. “Just kiss me already.”

Without hesitation Jeremy pressed his lips to Bella’s. Sighing as that peace over took him and that familiar feeling washed over him. He pulled back quickly not wanting to get her in trouble for PDA. “I’ll see you at lunch.”

Bella smiled, “Is that our date?”

“No, I have plans for that,” Jeremy announced he smiled as Bella walked into class he was headed to his own class when he was stopped by his sister.

“PDA, really Jer? Who was she anyway?” Elena said as she glanced to where he had seen his brother before.

Jeremy rolled his eyes, lately he had been getting aggravated more frequently with his sister. “She’s none of your business Elena. Look, I get it your worried, but for once just try not to mess this up for me.”

Elena sighed, see as she wasn’t going to get anywhere with her brother. “Yeah, okay Jer. Can we just talk later?”

“Whatever,” Jeremy said before he left walking down the hall to his own class practically sprinting in order to put some distance between him and Elena.

-Page Break-

Bella had been grateful that she hadn’t had a direct run in with Elena or any of her friends. The most that was exchanged were a few glares and such, the majority of which were directed towards Bella. She had made friends with some sweet girls that seemed to be a bit outside of the popular group that was Elena and her friends. She saw Trevor not too far and walked up to him poking him in the side to catch his attention. “Hey, Trev. How’s school?”

“The same as always,” Trevor said with a smile he threw his arm over her shoulders. “What about you, anymore PDA moments?”

Bella laughed knowing that Trevor had likely caught her with Jeremy earlier. “Not as of yet, but I’m sure they’ll be more in the future.” Bella got in the line for food with Trevor. They both cringed as there was little meat real meat in the cafeteria meals. Bella finally settled for a chicken salad deciding the chicken would be enough to hold her over. Trevor settled for a horrible looking meatloaf.

They took their seats in a table far away from the large crowds in the center of the room. Bella sat with her back against the wall, she needed to be able to keep an eye out in case of any threat. “We need to hunt soon.” Bella said as she looked down at her meal.

Trevor laughed, “You need to hunt soon I mean it’s been close to a week. I’m surprised you haven’t bitten someone’s head off by now. Usually at this point you’re ready to attack someone.”

Bella rolled her eyes she took a piece of chicken and ate it. “I hate this food. I need to hunt, I need real meat and not this chemical soaked crap. What about tomorrow night?”

“Yeah, that sounds good, a hunt at dawn?” Trevor asked.

Bella nodded she smiled as she Jeremy walking towards them. He took a seat at her side setting his tray on the table.

“What are you guys talking about?” Jeremy asked.

“Izzy’s lack of tolerance for the school meals,” Trevor said with a smile.

“Not living up to your standards,” Jeremy asked with an amused smile.

“Not really,” Bella replied with a smile. “The meat tastes stale, overly drowned in chemicals.”

Jeremy laughed, “You can taste that?”

“Yeah, I’m picky,” Bella said with a shrug. “It’s a family trait.”

“How’s school so far?” Jeremy asked the two of them as he unwrapped his burger.

“I was flirted with a few times, from both the female and male population, that was fun. Not to mention that I got really bored during my classes.” Trevor said, “Who knew school could be so boring.”

Bella laughed, “Everyone knows school is boring.”

“It isn’t that bad,” Jeremy said he paused and continued. “Actually, it isn’t always this boring.”

“There’s no need to lie.” Bella said with an amused smirk. “Although, for this small of a town people aren’t really all that friendly.”

“Something happened?” Jeremy asked sounding worried that Bella had encountered a bad experience at school.

“Not really, just a few glares and a few whispers. The usual thing you have to deal with when being the new kid in town,” Bella said with a shrug not mentioning it was his sister and her friends that had been glaring at her throughout the day.

“Sorry to hear that,” Jeremy said with a frown.

Bella smiled and patted his hand. She smiled as he grabbed her hand before she could pull it away intertwining their finger together.

Trevor smiled not mentioning the action. “So what class do you have next, Jeremy?”

“Math,” Jeremy said tossing a fry in his mouth.

Trevor smiled, “I have it too. I think we might have the same teacher.”

“That’s cool,” Jeremy said genuinely happy to hear that he would be able to get to know Trevor more.

Bella laughed, “He’s a cheater, Jeremy.”

“That’s a lie,” Trevor said with a smirk, “It could never be proven.”

“Sure because you magically got a hundred on an exam you didn’t even know you were going to take in a class you barely attended.” Bella said amused.

Jeremy laughed, “I’m sure it was just a misunderstanding, Trevor.”

“Thank you, Jeremy. I’m positive it was,” Trevor replied with a smile.

-Page Break-

Bella walked out of the school with Jeremy, he hadn’t let go of her hand since he had been waiting for her outside of her class.  Bella smiled as he kept close to her. “So, where are we going?”

Jeremy smirked, “You’ll have to wait.”

Bella laughed, “I’m not very patient.”

“It won’t be too long,” Jeremy said he stopped in front of her bike. Trevor had already been waiting. “I’ll pick you up later?”

Bella nodded, “Yeah that sounds great.” Bella’s hands went to his hair as he kissed her again. His arms were wrapped tightly around her waist. Bella pulled back as she smiled. “Later?”

“Later.” Jeremy stated. He watched Bella get on her bike. She waved before she and Trevor left the parking lot. Jeremy walked over to where his sister was with Stefan and her friend. A silly grin was plastered on his face.

“Hey Jeremy,” Bonnie said as he got closer no one knew about their attempt at dating, and how it had ended in a mess between the two.

“Bonnie,” Jeremy said with a tilt of his head. His eyes moved to look directly at his sister. “You ready to go Elena?”

“Yeah, let’s go Jer,” Elena said she said her goodbyes to all her friends and walked to her car with Jeremy. “You want to talk about this now?”

“No,” Jeremy said, “And if you push it, I’ll get out and walk.”

Elena nodded and said nothing more she trusted that her brother would talk to her eventually.

-Page Break-

“Hello?” Bella said answering the phone.

“Hello, sweetheart,” Klaus’s voice came through the phone. “How are things?”

“They’re fine,” Bella stated, “I’m actually about to head out.”

“I assume you have a date with your mate then?” Klaus asked.

“Well dad, you would guess right.” Bella said with a grin. “We’re getting somewhere.”

“Glad to hear it, sweetheart.” Klaus said genuinely happy to see Bella happy. “I thought I’d inform you that I should be in town next week.”

“Really?” Bella asked she paused, “Next week is the full moon.”

“I wanted to warn you,” Klaus said, “Give you time to think about things. To change your mind.”

“I’m not changing my mind. I’ll call in everyone. I’ll be by your side.” Bella said at the knock at the door she smiled. “I have to go, but we’ll talk later?”

“Of course, just call when you have time,” Klaus said, “Have a good time, sweetheart.”

“I will, call you later, dad.” Bella said she hung up the phone and went to the door. She opened it smiling as she what seemed to be a nervous Jeremy.

“You look great, Bella.” Jeremy said he smiled and held out his hand for her. She took it closing the door behind them. “Do you mind walking?”

“Not at all,” Bella said she smiled as Jeremy let go of her hand as he wrapped his arm around her waist. “So where are we going?”

Jeremy smiled, “You’ll see. We’re not that far away.”

“Okay, so why are we walking?” Bella asked as she looked at Jeremy, who was looking ahead.

“You can’t get to where we’re going with a car, walking is the only way to get there.” Jeremy said with a smile. “There’s a story behind this. Before my dad passed away he used to tell me some things about him and my mom. When he took her on their first date, he said taking her out to a restaurant was out of the question. He said for someone special, the first date had to be special. Now, my dad wasn’t the best with the dating advice, but I think he was right about this part.”

Bella smiled, “So this is somewhere special?” Bella asked as Jeremy turned the corner. He looked both ways before leading her across the street and into the woods.

“I know the woods. I used to sneak out and come out here to smoke. Anyway, I found this spot that I really liked. It isn’t really too special, but it’s sort of like a hiding spot for me. I thought this was a perfect place for a picnic.” Jeremy said he paused and then smiled. “But I ordered some sandwiches from town. I hope they live up to your standards.”

Bella laughed, “I think they’ll be perfect, Jeremy.” Bella followed Jeremy through the forest. They stopped at a clearing that was surrounded by boulders and trees. Bella smiled widely as she saw the blanket on one of the boulders and the bag of food sitting beside it. She looked at Jeremy. “When did you have the time for this?”

Jeremy shrugged, “I ordered the sandwiches to be delivered and then I just sort of came to drop them off before I went to go get you. Do you like it?”

“I love it, this is amazing Jeremy.” Bella said she walked over and sat on the blanket. Jeremy went and sat beside her. “This is pretty cool.” Bella said looking around.

“Here you go,” Jeremy said handing her a sandwich. “I know you don’t like fake meat or whatever so I ordered yours from an all organic place. Hopefully this tastes better than school lunches.”

Bella smiled and took the sandwich, “I would’ve been fine with anything you got, but thank you for this.”

Jeremy smiled and shrugged, “It wasn’t really that hard to do.”

Bella unwrapped her sandwich more than happy to see that it was largely a meat sandwich there was no unneeded lettuce or tomatoes. Her mouth practically watered at the sight of the sandwich. She took a bite and practically moaned at the taste.

Jeremy chuckled, “So it lives up to your standards?”

“This is delicious,” Bella said with a smile.

“I’m glad you’re enjoying this date so far,” Jeremy said. “So tell me about your family.”

Bella almost choked. “I umm.” She shook her head, “My dad is the strongest person I know. There’s no one like him, he’s been my protector since I was younger. He’s someone that would no matter what would do anything for me.”

“You’re speaking in present tense,” Jeremy said.

“Oh,” Bella said, “I hadn’t-I hadn’t noticed. I’m sorry.”

“It’s nothing to apologize about, it happens,” Jeremy said. “Tell me about you and Trevor. You both seem really close.”

Bella shrugged, “Trev is that person that I would trust with my life. He’s that person that I know that when it comes down to it, he’ll always be on my side. I can always tell him something without worrying he’ll judge me. If there’s something wrong I can trust in him.”

“I don’t have that with Elena.” Jeremy said he sighed, “We’re too different.”

“I think it’s more you’re too independent, and she’s too controlling. You guys clash with each other. She needs to know your every move and you don’t like that.” Bella said.

Jeremy looked at her strangely, “That’s like right on the dot. How could tell all that?”

“I noticed it throughout the day,” Bella said with a shrug. “It’ll go away. I was like that with Trev, but at some point I backed off.”

Jeremy laughed, “Yeah, I don’t think it’ll go away. At least not anytime soon.”

“You never know,” Bella said she wrapped up what was left of her sandwich and put it out of sight. She moved and laid back on the boulder her legs hanging off the edge. From where they were they had the perfect view of the stars.

Jeremy did the same, he reached for her hand and held it tightly in his own. “I really like you, Bella.”

Bella smiled, “I feel the same Jeremy.”

Jeremy turned to look at Bella. Her sight was set on the stars. “I don’t want to waste time.” Jeremy said.

Bella turned to look at him. “Waste time on what?”

Jeremy took in a deep breath. “I don’t know what it is about you Bella, but I feel so connected to you. It’s been two days and I can’t stop thinking about you, you’re all that’s on my mind. I saw the way guys at school looked at you, and that made me so angry, so jealous. I- I don’t know if this will seem sudden to you, but I feel this huge connection with you. I want you to be my girlfriend Bella, I want to be able to tell people you’re with me.”

Bella smiled, “If this is your way of asking if I’ll be your girlfriend. The answer would be yes.”

Jeremy sighed in relief, “I thought you would say no.”

Bella laughed, “You’re a little too cute to say no to.”

Jeremy laughed, he leaned towards Bella and kissed her lightly. “This is awesome.”

Jeremy laid back down a smile on his face. He went back to talking to Bella. He wanted to get to know her better. “So tell me about how you were able to buy a house so easily.”

“My dad was good with money,” Bella said simply. “It was left to us and when we got emancipated we were left with it. I usually take care of all the fund related stuff around the house. Trev isn’t the best with that kind of stuff. What about you and Elena? You guys have a legal guardian right?”

“Yeah, our aunt Jenna,” Jeremy said, “She’s not that much older than us, she’s pretty cool actually. She doesn’t hover too much over us.”

Bella smiled that line reminded her of Charlie for a moment. She continued her talk with Jeremy happy to have him there with her. To have him want her just as much as she wanted him.

Bella smiled as they walked back to their homes. Jeremy had a backpack strapped on with the supplies from their date. He walked her to her door and moved in kissing her slowly. Enjoying the moment of their kiss every kiss with her was special. He pulled back and smiled at her. Cupping her cheek he smiled as her cheeks were pink, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”

Bella nodded, “Tomorrow.” They kissed again a slow and soft kiss, ending their night on a perfect note.

Jeremy sighed wanting nothing more than to stay there and continue kissing her. He looked at his house and saw Elena’s light still on she must be waiting for him. “I have to go, but I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Okay, I’ll see you tomorrow, Jeremy.” Bella said with a smile. She kissed Jeremy’s cheek before she slipped inside her house. She smiled and sat on the couch beside Trevor. “Hey.”

“Hey,” Trevor said putting his laptop down. “How’d it go?”

“It was perfect,” Bella said with a smile. “How is everyone?”

“They’re not unpacking, they’d figured they’d just move closer after they come down for the ritual.” Trevor said.

Bella nodded, “And the older group?”

“They’re already making arrangements so that they can move closer. Maybe a town or so away, but they’ll be close.” Trevor said

Bella nodded she tapped her chin in thought. “I’ll call them to ask they don’t look suspicious. Too many people moving into the same town at the same time can be suspicious.”

“I already got it handled. The younger group, they’ll be moving closer, they’ll just tell people they’re part of a foster home. No one really needs to know the details. The older ones, they can get job transfers, so it’s not too suspicious. They can easily say their move was forced by the company they worked for.” Trevor said, at Bella’s startled face he continued. “I’m your second in command for a reason.”

“I didn’t know you could be so efficient,” Bella said with surprise. “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” Trevor said he got a silly grin over his face, “So… How was your date?”

Bella smiled, “It was perfect Trev. Really, perfect.”

-Page Break-

Jeremy walked into his room he threw himself onto his bed. He looked up at the ceiling with a goofy smile on his face as the night replayed in his mind. She was his girl. The thought made his grin turn wider, she was definitely his dream girl.

At the knock of the door he sat up in his bed. “Yeah?” He yelled not really sure if it was his aunt, Alaric or Elena wanting to speak to him.

“Jer?” Elena asked from just outside the door. “I saw you came back, I thought we could talk.”

Jeremy sighed annoyed and stood, he opened the door just enough to look at his sister. “What can I help you with Elena?”

“Look, I know things have been rough, but I just want to talk. I feel like there’s so much I’m missing out on with you.” Elena said. “Like you and Bonnie?”

Jeremy groaned, “She told you about that?’

“Yeah, she said the reason you guys broke up was because of me,” Elena said, “Is that true? I mean if you want to date Bonnie, I think it’s a great idea. You’d be cute together.”

Jeremy shook his head, “I don’t want to date Bonnie, Elena. She made it clear to me that she didn’t see me as boyfriend material if she couldn’t tell you sooner. She was embarrassed of me Elena, and I don’t want to deal with that or her anymore. I’m over it. Is that all you wanted to talk about.”

“No,” Elena said, “Can I come in so we can talk properly?”

Jeremy stepped aside and let Elena in to his room. Elena took a seat at his desk while he took a seat on his bed. “What’s on your mind Elena?”

“That girl from school, our new neighbor apparently, is that all to make Bonnie jealous,” Elena asked.

Jeremy let out a small laugh in annoyance, knowing that his sister and his ex-girlfriend must’ve come up with the solution together. “No, I’m over Bonnie, Elena. It never got serious between us, she wouldn’t let it. Her name is Bella and don’t mess this up for me Elena, I really like her. I’m sorry to say this, but you ruin all my relationships every time you somehow get involved. Your boyfriend killed Vicky because your other boyfriend turned her into a vampire. Anna was killed because Damon and Stefan angered Bonnie causing her not to deactivate the device. Bonnie wouldn’t even want to be seen in public with me because she was embarrassed over what you would think. All I’m asking is that you stay out of it Elena.”

“Jeremy, I-“Elena began but was cutoff of by Jeremy.

“You’re my sister Elena, and despite everything I love you, but do me a favor this one time, and keep Bella and me out of your drama. I want no part of it, not anymore. I have something good here Elena and I really don’t want to mess this up.” Jeremy said his voice coming out stronger than he intended it to.

Elena sighed but nodded. “I’m going to go to my room, and get some rest. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.”

Jeremy sighed in relief as Elena left the room. He looked out his window one last time before he got ready for bed.

-Page Break-

Bella and Trevor got into the SUV at midnight having decided it was better if they went for their hunt now instead of the next day. They had to meet the rest of the dragons so it made sense to leave now. Bella pulled out of the driveway and drove off. In order to get a good hunt in they would have to drive quite far away, they would then fly to a meeting place where the younger dragons would be.

Trevor looked over at Bella and smiled as she still had a goofy look on her face. “I like him, Jeremy seems pretty cool. I think I would like him better than I would Edward.”

Bella laughed, “You haven’t met Edward, but he is better than Edward by a long shot.”

Trevor nodded, he turned on the radio. He hummed along to the song allowing Bella to stay in her thoughts.

Bella pulled over after two hours of driving. She and Trevor got out of the car and headed into the wooded area. “Let the hunt begin.” Bella said as she took off. Trevor waited until he heard the sounds of his prey and then moved. He ended up finding a couple of elk to feed off of. Surprised that Bella hadn’t come to find him yet he went off in search of her.

Bella looked up from her sixth elk to see Trevor she took her last bite and threw the elk aside. She wiped her mouth only further smearing the blood across her face. “I was hungrier than I thought.”

Trevor chuckled, “Yeah, I can see that. I’m sure the family of elk could see that too.”

Bella looked down at her clothes and sighed, “Let’s change before we meet up with the rest. I don’t like the feeling of the sticky blood on my skin or clothes.”

“Yet, that doesn’t stop us from making a mess when we hunt.” Trevor replied with a smirk as he and Bella headed back to the car.

They changed quickly using a set of wet wipes to clean off blood that had gotten on their skin. Looking around to check if anyone was looking they locked the car and went into the air their wings spread out as they flew to where the rest of the dragons were waiting.

Bella landed in front of the house Trevor landing directly behind her. They walked towards the house and opened the door peering inside to see if everyone was gathered. At the sight of both groups of dragons in the living room Bella smiled. “Hello, everyone.”

Trevor waved at them as he took a seat next to Sean and Alexander. Bella smiled at the three. “How is everyone doing? I wasn’t aware you were all together.”

“We arrived not that long before you did,” Alexander announced.

Bella nodded, “I want to explain to you what’s going to happen in the next full moon. As you all know my father has a curse on him preventing his werewolf side to surface. This upcoming full moon, he plans to break it. All of you are expected to be there. My father has a lot of enemies, and I can’t take the chance of someone killing him. After he transforms, you’re all free to go.”

Sean nodded, “Who’s trying to kill Klaus?”

“Elijah his brother, who I ask stay alive. Despite the problems he and my father have, they’re still family.” Bella said making it clear that even though she didn’t like Elijah she couldn’t let him die either. “There are two vampires and a witch, but the witch’s power shouldn’t affect any of you so there isn’t any real problem there, but you can expect them to do something stupid towards the end. My father is at his weakest point at the time during his first turning. This is known by Elijah, and from the rest of their little group. Towards the end of it we have to be on high alert, no harm is to come to my father.”

Bella scanned the room as she looked on at the rest of the dragons they all nodded their heads in understanding. She was grateful they weren’t going to put up a fight against her wishes. She took a seat across from them all. “Where’s everyone staying?”

“We’re headed to Mystic Falls, I guess we just want to stick together.” Sean said hoping Bella wouldn’t disagree with him.

“And we plan to stay the next town over. Unless we’re also allowed to stay in Mystic Falls,” Alexander said.

Bella nodded nothing would make her happier than having all her dragons together. “All of us together in Mystic Falls sounds good, sounds perfect actually.”


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  1. I can’t wait for more. I love how Jeremy is standing up to elana .

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  2. This was really good. I’m also glad that Jeremy isn’t going along with or even being nice (hehehe) to Elena. Bella and Jeremy’s date was cute and I love their PDA. I hope that Bella can tell him the truth about everything soon.

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    • I really wanted their date to be romantic and cute. I wanted the two of them to have something special… And on Elena, I really just don’t like her character that much. I just can’t help making her rude and mean…

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    • Bella wants all her dragons there because of Elijah. She wants to make sure her dad is going to be safe during the ritual. Sorry I didn’t make that clear! And I couldn’t let Elijah die in this story, though it’s always tempting to kill off a character everyone loves…

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  6. I love it and can’t wait for more please update ASAFP.

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