Deserve Better Epilogue

Author’s Note

Deserve Better Epilogue

-Page Break-

Bella poked her head into the room. “Hey.” She spoke softly as she saw the tension in Jackson’s shoulders. “Everything okay?”

“Why haven’t you started to plan our wedding? It’s been six months…” Jackson spoke quietly.

Bella smiled entering the room and closing the door behind her, she approached Jackson carefully and wrapped her arms around him resting her head on his shoulder as she leaned fully against his back. “That’s what has you so bothered? Lydia’s stupid comment?”

“Do you not want to get married?” Jackson questioned with a frown. “If you don’t…”

“I do.” Bella replied sincerely pulling Jackson closer, holding him tighter in her arms. “Jackson I’ve wanted to marry you since the first time we said I love you in the back of your car. Once you put the idea in my head, I couldn’t get it out. The four years I spent at Cornell were filled with nothing but imagining our future together, and every time I came home to see you, I would think about how much I just wanted to wake up with you every morning.”

She sighed and lightly kissed his neck. “Jackson, I want nothing more than to marry you, but you know me, I have no idea how to plan a wedding. I can’t even throw a party, J, and I’ve been trying to plan this wedding, but then I get distracted or stressed and I can’t plan anything. Don’t’ think I don’t want to marry you, because that is all I want.”

Jackson sighed, moving and placing his hand above Bella’s where it lay on his chest. “Sorry. Sometimes my own insecurities get in my head and snide little comments tend to just fill my every thought.” He smiled as Bella moved around and settled herself on his lap, leaning up slightly to kiss his jaw. “You know, if you were having trouble planning the wedding I can help.”

“I wouldn’t put you through that, it’s so tiring, I have no idea how other people do it. I would say we should just go to the court house, but your mom is looking forward to seeing her baby get married.” Bella responded with a grin.

Jackson smiled softly. “I would love a courthouse marriage, but your dad threatened me with an arrest if he didn’t get to walk you down the aisle. We could just hire a wedding planner and have them do all the important stuff and all we have to do is show up.”

“That sounds so much easier.” Bella replied with a sigh. “You know, we could just ask Stiles to plan the wedding. His micromanaging will finally come in handy and because he’s Stiles and researches everything we will actually have a wedding we’ll enjoy.

“And your brother already knows what we like so we won’t have to get involved too much in the spectacle of planning.” Jackson replied with a smirk.

“He’s also taking a break from writing, so he has free time.” Bella grinned, “He is living with us, so it won’t be hard for him to ask us questions if he needs anything.”

“Well, that’s one problem solved.” Jackson responded leaning in to press a light kiss to Bella’s lips.

“Oh? We have more than one problem?” Bella replied with a smile.

“The second problem is simple.” Jackson replied moving to stand with Bella in his arms. “Do we have a winter or summer wedding? Destination wedding?”

Bella laughed and rested her head against Jackson’s shoulders and wrapped her legs around his waist as Jackson began to walk. “I want a wedding here in town and I think a winter wedding would be nice, something in January.”

Jackson hummed in response. “Do we have groomsmen and Bridesmaids?”

“I call Stiles as Maid of honor and Lydia as a bride’s maid. You can have Danny and Isaac.” Bella smiled as Jackson placed her on the couch in her living room. “Sound good?”

“Perfect.” He replied before he moved and kissed her, soon he was laying above her as they kissed on the couch.

“EW.” Stiles commented entering the room and taking a seat on his designated chair, he pulled a blanket over him and turned his body back to the TV and pressing play on the movie they had been watching before Jackson had stormed out of the room. “I paused and waited for you guys to work out whatever problem you had, but I don’t care if you miss the movie anymore. And I refuse to leave the room, so if you can take this love fest back up stairs that would be great.”

Bella smiled as she and Jackson pulled away from each other before rearranging themselves on the couch so they were able to cuddle and watch the movie in peace. “Hey, you want to plan our wedding?”

“I want the steel book Blu-ray collection of the entire Star Wars franchise.” Stiles responded quickly.

“Done.” Jackson replied with ease. “We decided on January as the month of our wedding and we’d like to have it here in town.”

Stiles wrinkled his nose. “We have a peace treaty with the Hale-McCall pack, you know we’d have to invite them, right? It would look back if we invite the other packs, we have alliances with and not the Hale/McCall pack.”

Jackson contained the growl in his chest. “It’s fine, they’ll behave, they have to, if not the treaty is off. And you should talk to my mom, she has a list of people she wants to invite.”

Stiles laughed and turned to the couple. “You guys realize you’re going to have the biggest wedding in Beacon Hills history, right? I mean, with the guest list Jackson’s mom has and the people dad has to invite as Sheriff, and the packs we have alliances with, we’ll have to either have this wedding in a stadium or build a wedding hall big enough to fit everyone in.”

Bella sighed and rested her head against Jackson’s shoulders. “You can figure it out, Stiles.”

“I know, I’m the genius of this pack.” Stiles replied turning to look back at the tv.

Bella smiled resting her head back against Jackson. “And so humble.”

  1. Yay for the epi! But it feels unfinished. Where is the ass kicking? Lol 😂


  2. What a happy funny epilogue. 🙂 It is so cheery. I loved it. Thanks for writing and sharing.


  3. Too fun. Loved this little continuation.


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