Reaper Twins: Chapter 23

rt chpt 23

Henrik and Klaus entered the gymnasium filled with people. Everyone was either eating or talking about Bella and Marco. “Seems like they made more of an impact on these people than they thought.” Henrik whispered to his brother, he spotted Charlie by the drinks, “I’m going to go and make sure the chief doesn’t get drunk.”

Klaus nodded and watched his younger brother leave. He searched around for his other two siblings and soon found them talking with Jeremy. He then spotted the Cullen’s not too far away speaking to Bella’s friends, those he had met earlier that week.

Klaus stood just watching for close to an hour, he wasn’t in the mood to talk about Bella’s death. Thinking of her dead bothered him more than he thought it would, so he planned to steer away from the town’s people as much as possible. They’d probably just believe he was sulking, and that was okay with him.

“Excuse me,” Someone said behind Klaus catching his attention. He turned around and looked at who it was. A large man was standing behind him and by the strong scent he could tell it was a Cullen.

“Can I help you?” Klaus asked staring at him, he had to work hard to control his anger. If he was correct in his assumption this large man was Emmett.

“I’m Emmett, I was a friend of Bells,” Emmett said his eyes were filled with sorrow as he used the old nickname he once had for Bella. “I heard that you were her boyfriend. Did she umm… Was she happy? I just need to know, was she happy when she passed?”

Feeling sympathetic Klaus answered truthfully, “Isabella was always happy when she was with her brother. From the first day I met her to her last day she was happy.”

Emmett nodded, he was satisfied with knowing that the girl he considered a sister had died happy, but there was still something he had to know. “Was she happy with you and your family?”

“Yes, I believe so. She fitted in quite easily with my family, her and Marco both. If you ask any of my other siblings they’d tell you the same thing. They both made an impact on our family.” Klaus said, he had to be careful to use past tense instead of present tense when he talked about Bella and Marco.

“That’s good to hear,” Emmett said with a sad smile. “She never belonged with my brother I can see that now. I’m glad she moved on with you and your family. Thank you for answering my questions, I imagine this must be difficult for you.”

Klaus nodded, but didn’t reply as he heard someone coming closer to where they were speaking. He sighed in relief as his little brother interrupted them.

“We have a problem,” Henrik whispered to his brother as he openly ignored the cold one.

“If you’ll excuse us,” Klaus said to Emmett and walked away. “What happened?”

“Charlie’s drinking this place dry,” Henrik said with a concerned voice as he spoke of the chief. “You have to do something and stop him before it gets too out of control.”

Klaus nodded, “Go find Rebekah or Kol, stay close to one of them.”

Henrik nodded and disappeared in the crowd as he went in search of one of his other siblings. Klaus headed towards the chief. Charlie was standing alone with a close to empty bottle of vodka in his hands. Shaking his head Klaus decided he’d have to compel the older man once again. “Charlie.” Klaus spoke catching the chief’s attention.

“Hey soonn,” Charlie said his words coming out slightly jumbled, “Want somme?”

Klaus shook his head and took the bottle from Charlie’s grasp. He put a hand on Charlie’s shoulder steadying his movements. Klaus looked into Charlie’s eyes wasting no time in compelling the older man. “You will stop drinking and never touch a drop of alcohol again. Bella wouldn’t want you to. You’re going to remember your daughter and son and know that they’re in a better place. After this, you’ll go home and get cleaned up. Starting tomorrow morning you’ll begin to go back to your normal self.”

Charlie’s eyes went back to normal, he shook his head, and looked at Klaus, “You okay there son?”

Klaus stepped back and nodded at the older man, “I’m fine. I’m going to go throw this away and then I’ll be right back.” Klaus left Charlie momentarily to throw away the bottle of liquor, he’d have to tell his siblings to not tell Bella about this he didn’t want her to feel guilty for it. He looked over at his siblings before heading back to the chief. Klaus contained a growl as he saw the cold one beside the chief.

“Chief Swan,” Edward said catching the chief’s attention, Klaus almost laughed as he knew what was coming next.

“You SON OF A BITCH,” Charlie said threw gritted teeth becoming instantly sober through his anger at the sight of the cold one. “How dare you come here! How dare you come to my little girl’s funeral after what you did to her!”

Edward was about to respond, but Charlie wasn’t nearly close to being done talking. “You tossed her out like trash! My baby girl! Oh but she was better than that, she was better than you! She hated your guts after you left, swore to hate you for eternity for what you did to her. She always deserved better than your sorry ass!” Charlie chuckled and then smiled at Edward. “She met someone else, you know. He was the one for her, perfect match. Ten times the man you could ever be.”

“Sir, I think you’re overreacting,” Edward said in a very bored tone that made Klaus want to hit him. Klaus looked as the chief clenched his fists it seemed he wanted to do the same to Edward. Before Charlie could swing and hurt himself Klaus stepped in. Edward glared at seeing Klaus, he knew exactly who he was from the minds of Jessica and Angela.

“You don’t want to do that here Charlie,” Klaus said stopping the chief from making a mistake he’d regret when he was sober. “Not here Charlie.” He said more sternly knowing the older man would come to reason.

Charlie sighed and nodded, he took a step back and patted Klaus on the shoulder. “I’m going to go ahead and head home son. I’ll see you around.”

Klaus nodded, he motioned Rebekah over knowing his sister was watching the interaction. She and Henrik were in front of him and Charlie in seconds. “Take him to the limo Rebekah. Have the driver take him home.”

Rebekah nodded as she Henrik helping steady Charlie’s drunken steps. “Don’t do anything stupid Nik.” Rebekah said referring to the cold one that was still glaring at Klaus with eyes that could kill.

Klaus only nodded making no promises, if Edward attacked first it would only be self-defense. “It was stupid of you to come talk to Charlie. What are you even doing here?”

Edward gritted his teeth, the image of Bella with Klaus flashing through his mind. Angela couldn’t stop thinking about how happy Bella had looked with Klaus. “I came to say goodbye to the girl I loved.”

Klaus chuckled, he looked at Edward and grinned, “You may in your own sick and twisted way have loved her, but know that when she died you weren’t the one she was in love with.”

Edward let out a pathetic growl that seemed to Klaus more as a kittens meow. “She loved me far more than she would have ever loved you.”

“That’s where you’re wrong,” Klaus said with a grin as he knew Bella’s true feelings towards Edward. “She told me all about you and your sparkling ways. Taking her to that meadow and telling her how dangerous you were for her. Showing how you glittered in direct sunlight, than trying to scare her by letting her meet your ‘dangerous’ family. Do you want to know what else she told me? She told me how she never truly loved you. She saw right past your dazzling after you left, she wasn’t under your mind control anymore and could see clearly that you were just some pathetic excuse for a vampire. I know she loved me more because I didn’t have to force her into falling in love with me.”

Edward snarled and went to hit Klaus, but missed as Klaus was too fast for Edward’s movements. Klaus laughed lightly at Edward’s pathetic attempt. “You’re far too weak to hit me, so stop trying. Why don’t you just leave? She wouldn’t want you or your worthless family here.” Klaus turned, he heard Edward’s movements and could already predict what he was planning on doing next. Klaus moved slightly to the left as Edward yet again tried to hit him as his back was turned. This time, Klaus turned slightly and hit Edward cracking his perfect face from the strength behind the hit. Klaus moved again hitting Edward straight in the gut, he could hear the large cracking of his marble like skin as Edward hit the floor.

Smirking Klaus looked around the room and straightened his jacket acting as if nothing had happened. He was glad to see that no one was really paying attention to the interaction between him and Edward. With a satisfied smirk Klaus left to find his siblings.

“I saw that,” Kol said to his brother as Klaus joined the conversation he was currently having with the youngest Gilbert.

Klaus smirked and took the drink Kol had in his hands taking a sip from the cup. “I don’t know what you’re talking about brother.”

“So, the smacking sound I heard, that wasn’t from you hitting a cold one?” Kol replied with a smirk.

Jeremy smiled, and turned to Klaus with his human ears he wasn’t able to hear anything. “Did you really hit him?”

“I only did what was necessary Jeremy,” Klaus replied with a faint smirk. “Have either of you seen Henrik or Rebekah?”

“They’re getting Renee and Phil in the limo as well,” Kol replied having seen Henrik lead Renee and Phil out. “They should be back inside any minute.”

Klaus nodded, “It seems the towns people are also getting ready to leave. The cleaning crew should be here in a few hours.”

“Does this bother you?” Jeremy whispered to both originals. “I mean having to be here?”

Kol smirked, “Of course it does, but it was for Bella and Marco so it’s not a big hassle to be here. And it’s only for one day, so it’s easy enough to do.”

“They were sent home, I compelled Renee and Phil to watch over Charlie, just as a precaution, he wasn’t looking to well when he got in the car, I think he was going to be sick.” Rebekah said coming up to the group. Henrik behind her, Klaus noticed his brother’s constant twitching around looking around the room never settling his sights on just one thing.

“I’ll be right back,” Klaus said putting a hand on his brother’s shoulder and leading him away from everyone. Klaus led his brother to a corner of the room where he knew no one would hear them. “What has you all fidgety?”

“Jeremy,” Henrik whispered to his brother, his eyes filled with worry. “We forgot about Jeremy.”

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at Henrik,” Klaus replied trying to piece together what his brother was trying to say.

“You told me to keep my thoughts off of Elle and Marc,” Henrik said trying to explain to his brother what he had come to realize. “But we didn’t warn Jeremy. The mind reader has had access to Jeremy’s thoughts all day. Jeremy has been waiting to go see Elle and Marc, they know this funeral is an entire sham. I stayed back a bit as Rebekah was helping get Renee and Phil in the limo, I heard the brown haired one mention it to the short dark haired girl. Nik, they think we’re holding Elle hostage. They’re going to go after her, that’s why they left already.”

Klaus groaned this was exactly what they were trying to prevent. “Go tell Rebekah and Kol we’re leaving. Warn Jeremy of the situation tell him we’ll come to get him after everything is resolved.”

Henrik nodded and left, Klaus reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone, he tried again and again to reach Bella and Marco but it was no use. He saw Jeremy leaving with the Forbes Klaus’s siblings not far behind them. Klaus followed them out, all of them getting into the vehicle. Klaus began to drive back to his home going over the limit as he wanted to get there before the Cullen’s arrived and surprised Bella and Marco.

“Do you think they’re already there?” Rebekah asked to no one in particular.

“They’re not that smart,” Kol responded. “They probably have to go through dozens of records to figure out where the house is. They don’t know it’s under Henrik’s name, they’d have to search for a while to figure it out.”

Henrik nodded, “I think that’s why they left. They obviously knew they wouldn’t get anything from us, so they’d have to settle for the town records.”

“Did Isa or Marco answer their phones?” Rebekah asked Klaus.

Klaus shook his head, “If I were to guess, I’d say they were too caught up in whatever they were doing to notice the calls.”

The Mikaelsons pulled up in front of the house, they exited the car and all walked inside. To no surprise they noticed the twins weren’t home. “It’d take too long to try and track them, and if we leave it’d give the Cullen’s a perfect opportunity to snoop around inside our house.” Everyone nodded and decided to wait, it wouldn’t be long before either the Cullen’s or the twins arrived.

-With The Cullens-

“WE HAVE TO GO! She’s alive Carsile!” Edward argued with his father as he had in his hands the address of the Mikaelson home. “She’s here, just beneath our grasps! We have to get her back! We have to rescue her from them. Don’t any of you see it! They faked her death because they didn’t want people to look for her! We can’t just leave her there, we have to do something she’s in danger.”

Carsile nodded not needing to know more he trusted his first turned son. “Okay, as a family we’ll go and investigate this, but only investigate Edward, we will not take any immediate action until we know what we’re dealing with.”

Edward nodded satisfied that they were going to be doing something. Alice stood beside him and grinned reassuring her brother they would get his mate back. Emmett looked to his wife and shook his head, he took her hand and led her out of the room. He led her into the forest were they would be away from the prying ears of the family. “We shouldn’t go after them. Bella was happy without us and we shouldn’t ruin that. If she’s alive, we shouldn’t bother her.”

Rosalie nodded, “We’ll leave if things get out of hand. Let’s just go for now to appease Edward. Something isn’t right here Em, and I’m talking about our siblings. There’s something wrong with them, they’re acting stranger, stranger than ever before.”

Emmett nodded and kissed Rosalie’s head before they both headed back to the house hand in hand.

“Let’s go,” Edward snapped at the two as they walked in. Rosalie rolled her eyes and got into a car with Emmett, if they needed to make their escape they had to have their own vehicle.

They took a deep route this house was hidden away from the town even more so than the Cullen mansion was. Finally the two vehicles stopped in front of a large mansion. All the Cullen’s exited their vehicles and looked at the mansion. Before they could say another word four people stepped out of the house.

“Well, look who it is,” Kol said with a smirk as he eyed the Cullen’s. “Come to meet your death?”

Klaus shook his head, “They’re going to meet more than that here.”

“You all made the worst mistake of your eternal lives coming here,” Henrik said with a shake of his head.

“We came for Bella, we know she’s alive,” Edward said stepping forward.

“We know you’re holding her captive,” Alice added as she looked around trying to hear her heartbeat from somewhere inside the house.

“Bella is very important to our family, and she is my son’s mate,” Carsile said stepping forward wanting to see if he could somehow talk his way out of this.

Klaus growled his hybrid eyes appearing. Hearing someone else call his Bella their mate was putting him over the edge. “I’d watch what you say next. Isabella isn’t that boy’s mate.” He spat the last sentence looking at Edward wanting nothing more than to kill him.

“Can we just see her,” Esme bargained. “We need to know if she’s truly alive.”

“Sorry, but we don’t know where she is,” Rebekah said telling the truth.

Before any words were spoken all heads turned to the woods as a large crashing sound echoed loudly. Another sound appeared and before anyone could question anything a body was being hurled at them. It went straight past them and crashed into a large tree cracking it in half to the trunk. The Cullen’s gaped as they saw it was Bella who had crashed into the tree. They were about to move when they saw a blur past them. The mysterious blur pulled a blade out and was about to strike Bella. The Cullen’s were about to lunge when they saw Bella pull out a large sword and stab her attacker in the gut before they stabbed her.

“Dammit, Izzy! I thought we agreed nothing in the stomach,” Marco said pulling the blade out and dropping it on the floor he held out a hand for his sister signaling his surrender.

“No, you made that rule I never agreed,” Bella said she took his hand and stood up dusting herself off. There were several cuts and holes on her clothes were Marco had gotten her.

“Bella,” Edward said in pure astonishment as he looked at Bella. She was more beautiful than when he had last seen her.

Bella snapped her head to him with angry eyes as she took in the sight of the one person who she hated the most. She turned her head to the Mikaelsons. “What are they doing here?”

“Jeremy accidently let it slip in his mind,” Henrik said knowing Bella would understand. “They tracked us here, they think we’re holding you captive.”

Bella scoffed, she went and stood between Klaus and Henrik, “Well, you’ve seen me. I’m alive, healthy and not being held captive. Now leave.”

“Bella, love,” Edward said as he put on his best smile, the one he used to use on Bella. “Come with us… Come back with us, we’ll keep you safe.”

Bella stepped forward, her face emotionless as she walked towards Edward. No one spoke, Edward stepped forward he went to hug Bella, but Bella moved. She took out her scythe and stabbed Edward in the stomach. She pulled the scythe back out and let it disappear. “Don’t. Ever. Call Me. Love. Again.”

“Bella…” Edward said as he fell to the floor the wound was barely healing.

“We just wanted to help Bella. You’re a big part of our family,” Carsile said trying to appeal the girl he used to know.

Bella laughed, “A part of your family? Is that so? Is it customary to take someone’s free will in your family?”

“What are you talking about Bella? We always gave you choices!” Esme said.

“You’re all idiots!” Bella said she shook her head, “Your precious Edward and Alice were dazzling me! They were taking away my choices! They forced me to fall in love with Edward, to be a part of your demented family! You can’t tell me none of you knew this! Wasn’t it obvious when the human girl was so submissive! I never talked unless I was spoken too, I followed your son’s every command, but you were all too naïve!”

“Bella, we were friends,” Alice said trying to appeal to the friendly side of Bella, “I was your best friend!”

“You were my fucking nightmare,” Bella said she shook her head, “I’ll give you all a warning, leave now and you won’t die at least not for a few more years.”

“We aren’t leaving without you!” Edward snarled as he stood the wound finally healing.

Bella grinned, she looked at the rest of the family she noticed Emmett and Rosalie both were standing away from the others. They would be spared, Bella decided as she looked at them. “I see you’ve all made your choice.”

Bella ran up to Edward and looked him in the eyes, her eyes dilating ready to compel him. “You will stay perfectly still, you will not make a sound. You’ll stand here and watch your family die. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” Edward replied his eyes focused on Bella’s. She smiled at him and patted his cheek.

“Good, I’m not through with you just yet,” Bella said with a wicked grin, she turned to her brother, and the other Mikaelsons. They were all smiling knowing what was coming next. “Have at it, these four have decided to die today.” The Mikaelson’s and Marco grinned, they finally got the chance to kill the Cullen’s. They all steered clear of Edward knowing Bella was saving him for something special, but were sure to make sure he was getting a good look at his family’s death. Bella motioned for Henrik to follow her as he should steer clear from the battle. She walked towards Emmett and Rosalie.

“I’d say it was good to see you again Rosalie, but it really isn’t,” Bella said meeting them as they stood off to the side of what was now a murder scene. “When you all left, I have to admit you were the person I didn’t hate. You didn’t like me and you were right, I shouldn’t have gotten involved with your kind.” Rosalie was about to interrupt but Bella stopped her by raising her hand, “Please, refrain from speaking until I’m done. I’m giving you mercy here. You won’t die, but I do want to give you a gift.”

“Really, a gift?” Henrik whispered to Bella surprised at her mercy towards the two Cold ones.

Bella shrugged, “Some people deserve second chances, Henri.”

“What kind of gift?” Rosalie asked timidly.

“The only good thing I ever got from your brother was the little insight about all of you. I understood why you were such a bitch to everyone, especially me. You were jealous that I was human and you weren’t. I figured if you wanted to be human so bad, I’d give you that.” Bella said, she held her hand out to Rosalie, “I can give you your humanity back, I can give you a second chance. Both of you.”

Emmett stood stunned to be humans again, that was his and Rose’s dream. He looked at Bella, she obviously only cared about Rose, she didn’t even look in his direction. He watched his wife slowly put her hand in Bella’s. Bella closed her eyes and in an instant Rosalie fell to the floor just as Jeremy had done when she changed him back into a human.

“ROSE!” Emmett yelled as he caught her.

“She’ll wake up in a few seconds,” Bella said, she turned to Henrik, “Cool trick huh?”

Henrik smiled at her and shrugged. “It was okay, not as cool as your death wave though, that one was awesome.”

Bella laughed, she turned to see everyone was finishing up with the Cullen’s. Jasper was still fighting Kol, but only because Kol was having too much fun messing with the cold one letting him think he had a chance. Klaus was watching leaned against a tree with Marco while Rebekah took her sweet time in ripping Alice apart.

Rosalie finally came back to life gasping for air, she stood out of Emmett’s arms and looked down at her skin. She was no longer pale, but had a light tan. Her eyes were colored brown, and her cheeks a subtle hint of rose. She looked up at Emmett and touched his skin. “You’re cold to me.”

Bella stood behind Emmett and pressed her hand to his head. He fell back but she caught him laying him on the ground. “He’ll wake up in a few minutes as human as you.”

“Thank you,” Rosalie said looking at Bella.

Bella nodded, “You warned me, but it was too late for me. I know if you had known what Edward and Alice were doing you would have done something to help me. For that, I’m grateful.” Bella held her hand out to Rosalie as a peace offering. Rosalie took it and nodded as she understood the message. Emmett soon woke up and stood, he looked at his Rose and smiled. Bella took Henrik and walked away they walked to Klaus and Marco.

“What are you going to do with him,” Marco asked motioning towards Edward.

“Hours of endless torture maybe, or I might just dig a hole and compel him to stay there for the rest of eternity,” Bella replied, she shrugged as she looked at Edward, “The decision hasn’t been finalized, but it will be something I’ll enjoy doing. You’re both welcome to have at him once I’m done .”

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  1. Cullens are always so delusional it’s just pathetic.
    It was kind of her to turn Rosalie and Emmett into human


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