Unexpected Entry (Cold Night)

Bella looked up at the darkness of the September night. The stars filled the sky making the area around her glow beautifully. She took in a deep breath letting the scent of the nearby forest fill her senses. At this moment, she just needed some time to breathe. Her mind drifted to Edward, and she couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. He would never know what it was like to grow up, to be able to mature and move onto adulthood. She now understood that Edward’s mindset was forever stuck in his era without the chance to move on with his life, and for that reason she wished that he would find his happiness one day.

Bella smiled as her mind then drifted to Jeremy. The unexpected friendship, love, and overall unexpected fixture in her life. He was always so bubbly and happy, most importantly he was free to be himself. It made her smile just to be around him. Every moment with him made her love him more. She would never understand what he saw in her, she was grateful that he did see something. His arrival just as Edward left allowed her to see that Edward was right, she was meant to stay human, and now she understood just what Rosalie was always going on about. With Jeremy, she had a bright beautiful future ahead of her. Even without Jeremy, her life as a human was something she now valued, something she now hoped to keep.

Bella closed her eyes and focused on her breathing. She knew by now she was officially 18. Eventually she knew she’d have to climb back inside her room and get some sleep, but for now this was what she wanted to do with the first minutes of her birthday.

“Hey, wake up.” Jeremy’s voice said as he peeped over the bed of Bela’s truck to get a good look at her. “You can’t be sleeping outside, sunshine. You’re going to freeze yourself to death, and you need to open your present.”

Bella peeked an eye open and stared up him. “What are you doing out here?”

Jeremy grinned and expertly jumped into the bed of the truck. “Well, for the last five minutes I’ve been throwing rocks at your window, you know, the usual romantic teenage stuff. Only you never opened your window. I figured this was where you were.”

Bella smiled and sat up to face Jeremy. “Throwing rocks at my window seems a little to cliché for you.”

Jeremy shrugged. “I thought it was romantic, so would most girls at school.”

Bella laughed, “If this is about impressing other girls, you should go to Jessica’s house and throw rocks at her window.”

“You’re being a brat again.” Jeremy said with a roll of his eyes. “Now open your present.”

Bella sighed and took the small bag from Jeremy. “You know, this isn’t necessary, Jerry.”

“Shut up and open your present, sunshine.” Jeremy responded with a grin.

Bella smiled and ripped open the bag. She laughed as it was a framed picture of their first time together in Seattle. “I didn’t even know you took this.” She responded looking at the photo. She was wearing Jeremy’s sweater and the two of them were soaked from head to toe from the rain. She had her head pressed against the steering wheel trying to catch her breath, while Jeremy was holding the camera and was smiling widely as always.

“I thought it was pretty special. It was the longest I have ever seen you run without falling.” Jeremy said with a grin and shining eyes with joy.

“Thank you, Jeremy.” Bella said sincerely carefully tucking the frame back into the bag so it didn’t break. “Best gift I’ve gotten so far for this birthday.”

“Knew it.” Jeremy said with a grin, he paused at her words. “Hey! It has to be your best present ever since you haven’t got any other presents today. You’re hurting my fragile feelings.” He smiled over at her and then looked up at the sky. “Want to count the stars with me?”

Bella smiled and laid back down in her truck, Jeremy moving to lay beside her. They both looked back up at the stars as their hands found their way to each other and their fingers intertwined together. Even if their relationship wasn’t meant for forever, she would appreciate it while it lasted.

  1. That was really sweet.


  2. Awwww… this was just so cute! Loved it.


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