She took in his warm scent, a small part of it reminded her of cinnamon, but it was overpowered by something more ‘manly’. “You didn’t have to come.” She whispered nervously as she pulled away from his embrace, taking a few steps back to secure herself from the undeniable pull she had to him.

“You act as if it’s an obligation. I came because I wanted to see you.” He responded moving and taking a step towards, he paused as he noticed she took a step away from him. “Would you like me to leave?”

Bella shook her head a small smile on her face as she responded. “No, but it just feels strange to be around you.”

“Why?” He questioned, a bitter feeling growing in his chest as he noticed she smelled different. She smelled of someone else. “What changed?”

“You did.” Bella responded fiddling with her hands in a nervous habit as she looked anywhere but at him. “You got a girlfriend, and I lost my best friend. It’s just not the same anymore, Stefan.”

“Bella.” Stefan began but was interrupted as someone approached them.

“Bella, love.” Edward said approaching cautiously his eyes glancing at the vampire that stood close to Bella. “They want you on stage.”

Bella smiled brightly at the approach of her friend. “Thanks, Edward.” Bella looked to Stefan and offered a small smile. “I have to go. It was good seeing you again, Stefan.”

Bella turned and walked away with Edward. She shrugged on the gown and zipped it up, smiling as Edward fixed her cap and her tassel. “Why am I giving the speech? I almost forgot that I have stage fright.”

“Alice is demanding.” Edward responded with a warm smile. “You’ll be fine, love. You’re a queen amongst these people, you could give the worst speech in history and they’d still clap for you. And if you’re feeling nervous, just look for me in the crowd, I’ll give you all the support you need.”

Bella nodded, she looked over her shoulder and met Stefan’s eyes. She smiled slightly before turning her attention back to Edward and her impending graduation. “If I fall on stage, you’ll compel everyone to forget, right?”

Edward laughed and kissed Bella’s head. “Anything for you, love.”

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