More Than Expected

Entering the bathroom her hands shook with fear, and what she thought was a little bit of excitement. Placing the small white bag on the counter she looked at herself in the mirror, she needed to find the courage to do this. With a nod of her head she grabbed the box from inside the bag and ripped it open. Impatiently she grabbed the white stick, looking at it as if it held the answer to the rest of her life. Moving quickly, she squatted over the toilet holding the stick beneath her.

Closing her eyes, she thought back to all the possibilities. Everything both good and bad crossed her mind in that moment, whatever resulted she hoped she would be able to handle it. Pacing back and forth her eyes glanced to the small stick on the counter.

It had to be five minutes already!

Running over to the stick she picked it up and her eyes widened.

Two white lines.

She dropped the stick letting it fumble to the floor before exiting the room.

The blonde on the bed looked up to see wide brown eyes. “Come to realize that I’m right?” she asked standing.

“Yes.” Bella responded placing a hand on her heart to try and still the racing rhythm.

“Don’t you worry, my brother will be happy… hopefully.” Rebekah responded, flipping her hair over her shoulder doing her best to look disinterested in the conversation.

“What is it exactly I’ll be happy for?” The deep voice in question responded entering the room.

Bella looked up and met the blue eyes she loved so much. “I’m pregnant.” She muttered in complete bewilderment.

Klaus smirked, “Well, this is more than what I expected coming home.”

Bella let out a breath. “I think I’m going to faint.”

In a blur of movement Klaus had her down on their bed. “I think this was more than what she expected as well.” Rebekah remarked with a smirk as she stood. “I’ll leave you to bring her back into consciousness. I suppose a congratulations is in order, so congrats dear brother you finally did something right.”

  1. I love it.

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  2. Awe! I ❤️This!

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  3. I love me some happy, fluffy Niklaus and Bella

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  4. I love it!

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  5. Loved it

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