Reaper Twins: Chapter Three

rt chpt 3

Bella woke up with a yawn day number two, let’s just hope this day goes better than the last. Charlie was eating with Liz at her home, and was happy to be with his sister again. Bella had called her brother and informed him that she only injured the hybrid, she couldn’t bring herself to kill him.

Bella got dressed for school, and left, she was already getting tired of this town, and wouldn’t be disappointed when it was time to leave. Bella got into her car, and drove to school. She saw Elena and her regular group of friends, and walked past them. She was about to head inside when she was stopped by Jeremy.

“I don’t know how you did it, but thank you,” Jeremy said and he gave Bella a hug, “I really wasn’t looking forward to being a vampire.”

Bella laughs, “It’s not a life a lot of people choose. I’m glad you’re okay Jeremy.”

“You were pretty incredible fighting the hybrid,” Jeremy said as he walked inside with Bella he glanced to where the bite was and stared at how it was healed.

Bella smiled, “Thanks, do you know who the hybrid was?”

“Just one of Klaus’s hybrids, he sent him after me,” Jeremy said, “He was supposed to bite me so that I die an agonizing death, why didn’t the bite affect you?”

“I’m not a vampire, the bite doesn’t kill me, but it did hurt. Try to stay out of trouble Jeremy.” Bella said walking to her locker.

“I was staying out of it, but I was dragged into it,” Jeremy said with a slight shrug, “Anyway, I just wanted you to know that I’m grateful for everything you did for me.”

“Go to class Jeremy,” Bella said with a smile as she walked away.

During lunchtime Caroline used guilt to get Bella into sitting with her, so Bella did. The entire time Bella felt Bonnie trying to use magic on her. Finally, she was getting annoyed and turned to Bonnie.

“I’m not particularly fond of witches,” Bella said glaring at Bonnie, “And I will not hesitate to drag you into a corner and snap your neck, so stop using your magic on me because it isn’t going to work, it’s useless against me. The only thing it’s doing is raising my temper, and I take after my father when I’m angry.” Bella stood up and walked away. Two more classes until her free period and she could leave, and go for some quiet time at the grill.

Bella’s leg tapped impatiently as it got close to the time she would usually head to the grill. The bell rang and Bella got out of the classroom as quick as she could and head straight to her car. She got in and sighed in relaxation. She drove to the grill and went to the same table she was at. She pulled out another book, ordered a soda and fries and started to listen to music as she read. She was getting half way through the book when she felt someone slide into the booth. She looked up to see Klaus.

“Hello Isabella,” Klaus said.

“Bella, just Bella,” Bella said as she marked the spot in her book and looked at Niklaus fully.

“One of my hybrids came back to me, with some very severe injuries,” Klaus said as he played with plate of fries, “When I asked who did it, he described you, but what got me, was that he said you had wings.”

Bella grinned, “Did he now? Did he also say I had a halo, and a white robe? Because then I would be the perfect angel don’t you think?”

“Was it you?” Klaus asked Bella seriously.

Bella shrugged, “Might’ve been me, why do you ask?”

“I want to know what you are,” Klaus said.

Bella sighs, “Why does everyone keep asking me that? Look, what I am, has nothing to do with you.”

“I take this as you’re not going to tell me?” Klaus asked with an arched eyebrow

“Nope,” Bella said, “But, I can promise you that I won’t be any threat to you, as long as you leave Jeremy Gilbert alone.”

“Do you have a little crush on baby Gilbert?” Klaus asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No, but you see, everyone else can take care of themselves, Jeremy, he’s human, and has nothing to do with the supernatural. Elena brought herself into this, and everyone worries about her safety and often forgets about Jeremy. You see, Elena has Damon and Alaric to protect her, Bonnie’s a witch, Caroline is a vampire, they all have a chance to survive. Jeremy’s human, and yesterday he died and was given a life that he obviously didn’t want all because his sister got mixed into all of this,” Bella said.

“He’s not human love, I turned him yesterday,” Klaus said with a smirk.

“I know, and I turned him back,” Bella said with a smug smirk.

“Did you now, how and why would you do that and leave him defenseless?” Klaus asked.

“He didn’t want to be a vampire, he should have a choice in that, now do we have a deal?” Bella asked.

“The deal in which baby gilbert stays safe, and you don’t try and kill me?” Klaus asks Bella nods, “You have a deal.”

“Good,” Bella said with smile, “Anything else you want to talk about while we’re here?”

“Will I ever know exactly what you are?” Klaus asked.

“We’ll see, I mean at one point or another my secret may come out,” Bella said, “but I doubt that’ll happen soon.”

“Why don’t you want people to know, are you scared someone will figure out a way to kill you,” Klaus asked.

Bella softly laughed, “I can’t be killed.” Klaus was about to say something when a drink arrived at the table.

“This is from the man at the bar,” the lady said as she walked back.

Bella looked towards the counter and saw Damon, she smirked as she smelled the vervain in the drink. Klaus watched intrigued as Bella grabbed the drink and drowned it without flinching. She gave Damon a wink and turned back to Klaus, “Do people always put vervian in your drinks here?”

“Just Damon,” Klaus said as he glared at Damon and then turned his gaze to Bella who was silently laughing.

“Small towns are supposed to be peaceful,” Bella said with a smile, “So what are these coffins I heard you were looking for?”

“Word has gotten around?” Klaus asked with an eyebrow raised.

“I guess you can call it that, but when Elena comes in hysterically saying that you kidnapped her brother and that it’s all because of some coffins, you tend to pay attention,” Bella said.

“They hold something important to me, and Elena’s boyfriend has taken them from me and I want them back,” Klaus said anger rising in his voice as he thought of Stefan.

“Who’s inside them,” Bella asked.

“My Family,” Klaus said simply.

Bella felt sorry for him, she remembered what Marco said, and sighed. She turned on her telepathy and turned to Damon. She went through his mind, and found what she was looking for. She pulled out a piece of paper, and wrote down the address.

“Can we talk outside, I would like to tell you something, but if I do it inside, people will be listening,” Bella said to Klaus as she stood up. Klaus sent a glance to Damon who was listening to them, he nodded and followed Bella outside. She walked until she was sure no one could hear them. She takes the paper and hands it to him. “I have telepathy, so I can read people’s mind, and talk to them through their minds. Anyway, I read Damon’s and this is where he’s keeping your family.”

“Why are you helping me?” Klaus asks with a raised eyebrow.

“You want your family back, and they deserve to be back, if you don’t believe me, I’ll go with you, just to prove I’m going to keep my part of the deal,” Bella said simply, “I believe in family, it’s one of the most important things, and I’d do anything for mine. You deserve to have them back with you, and they deserve to live again.

Klaus looks at her suspiciously, “If you betray me…”

“I know how it goes, all my loved ones die, blah blah blah. Let’s get this show started,” Bella said walked to her car. She turns to Klaus and raised an eyebrow, “Are you coming?”

Klaus followed and they headed to the witch house together. Bella and Klaus walk to the front door and Bella just stood there. Bella sighed and walked in with Klaus behind her they run down the stairs and Klaus falls over in pain.

“Stop it!” Bella yelled, she looked at Klaus again and growled in frustration, “Alright, go ahead kill him, but let me just make this clear. You kill him, and then I take his body outside, and I bring him back. Can you imagine how angry he’d be coming back from the dead? I’d imagine he’d go after all your descendants. He’ll kill them all one by one, and I have a strong dislike for witches after what they did to my mother, and I won’t stop him, hell maybe I’ll even help him. It’s your choice, kill him and I bring him back and we go on a witch hunt, or give him back his family and we leave in peace.” Klaus takes in a deep breath and looks at Bella.

“We had a deal, and you were going to let them kill me?” Klaus asked angrily.

“I was keeping my deal, and I would’ve brought you back if they killed you,” Bella said, she looked at the three coffins in front of her and smirked triumphantly. Klaus pulls out his phone and calls over some hybrids. To come get his things.

“There’s one missing,” Klaus said looking at the coffins.

“Which one?” Bella asked.

“My mother’s” Klaus said looking slightly scared and worried.

“What are you doing here?” Stefan asked as he stepped into the room.

Bella walks over to him, “Where’s the fourth Coffin?”

“I don’t know, it was here a minute ago,” Stefan said confused to why he was answering.

Bella looked at him and searched his mind, “Go home.”

“Compelled him?” Klaus asked.

Bella nodded, “He was on vervain, so you couldn’t do it, so I stepped in. He was telling the truth, he doesn’t know who would’ve taken the last Coffin, and I doubt the witches would be stupid enough to hide it.”

Klaus groaned in frustration, his hybrids walked in and they each took a coffin and headed out. “Thank you for helping me get my brothers back.”

“Not a problem, I’d take any moment to annoy a couple of witches,” Bella said with a smirk.

“Why the huge dislike of witches,” Klaus asked curious as to why Bella dislikes witches.

“They took something from me when I was younger,” Bella said simply, “I should get going, goodbye Klaus.”

“Goodbye Isabella,” Klaus said.

“Bella just Bella,” Bella called back

Bella walked back to her car and drove away as she saw Klaus follow his hybrids. She reached her home and went inside she cooked herself and Charlie something to eat, and then there was a soft knock on the door. Bella went to answer it, and was surprised to see Jeremy there.

“Hello Jeremy, something I can help you with?” Bella asked surprised to see him there.

“I heard the deal you made with Klaus, Damon told me,” Jeremy said, “Thank you for all of this, but why would you help me?”

Bella sighed, “You needed it. Don’t think I want anything in return, because I don’t, I’m doing this because I want to, so stop thanking me, and go do some gaming or something.”

Jeremy laughed, “Will do, thanks for saving me Bella.” Jeremy waved goodbye and left. Bella sighed word travels fast in small towns.

-Page Break-

Bella headed to school, and was ready to leave the second she arrived. Bonnie and Elena were glaring at her, Bella suspected it had something to so with the whole coffin thing, but she put it behind her, and continued to walk to her class. She spent the majority of her classes staring at her mother’s ring, she loved Charlie, and Renee, but she loved her birthparents too. She thought over everything, and she realized she wasn’t the little girl she used to be. She smiled to herself thinking back to how much she would laugh and smile when her brother was around. They had been separated, but now looking at them, anyone would make the mistake of thinking they had grown up together. If they were still kids, they would’ve created their own language, in a way they already did that with their telepathy.

At lunch Bella decided to just give in and leave. This was a day spent on reminiscing and she wouldn’t focus on anything else now that she was caught up in her memories. She went to her car, avoiding the suspicious gazes she was getting from Caroline and her friends. She drove to the Grill and took a seat at her usual booth. After she sat down her regular soda and fries were delivered and she smiled. She pulled out the same book she was reading the day before and put on her headphones. She sat back and listened to the music as she read her book, she was happy to just have the peace. Bella was interrupted as they brought her another drink, she looked up and this time it was from Stefan.

Bella could smell on the drink vervain, she chuckled softly and drowned the drink, “I’m not a vampire Stefan, try again.” Bella put the glass down and went back to her book. She could feel Stefan’s glare trained on her, and she sighed knowing she wouldn’t find peace at the Grill today with Stefan glaring at her. Bella put all her things away and headed out to of the Grill. She walked around, she could feel Stefan following her and she sighed again in frustration. She walked off into a secluded area and put her bag down on the floor.

“Alright, what the hell do you want Stefan,” Bella said turning around to face him. Stefan ran and pinned her to the wall.

“Who the hell are you,” Stefan said through gritted teeth.

Bella kicked him off her and sent him to the nearest wall, “I’m someone who doesn’t like being pinned to a wall when she hasn’t done anything wrong. You stole something, and I just helped Klaus get it back, so get the hell over it and leave me alone, before I decide to send you to the grave.” Stefan growled at Bella again, and tried attacking, this time he was stopped by someone else.

“Now, let me make this clear, you touch her again, and I rip you limb from limb, and I’ll watch you die a slow and painful death. Leave,” Marco said throwing Stefan away from Bella. Stefan scrambled to his feet and walked off. Marco turned to Bella.

“Marc!” Bella yelled happily as she went to hug her brother, “I thought you weren’t going to be here for another day.”

“I couldn’t really leave my baby sister alone now could I?” Marco said as he smiled widely at Bella.

“Come on, let’s go get something to eat,” Bella said dragging her brother back to the Grill.

“What have you been up to in this town?” Marco asked Bella.

“The usual teenage stuff,” Bella murmured looking at the table.

Marco laughed, “You are the worst liar on the face of this planet.”

Bella shrugged, “I’m a great liar you just know me too well. Oh look!” Bella lifted her hand to show him the ring of her mother.

“It’s beautiful,” Marco commented he pulled out his right hand lifted the sleeve of his sweatshirt, revealing the bracelet his father had given him. Bella grabbed his wrist and looked at it.

Bella grinned, “Look, it has the initials, I. M. A. on it twice. It’s our initials.”

Marco looked at the bracelet, “I never noticed, how did you see it so clearly?”

Bella smirked, “I’m the smart twin.”

Marco laughed, “Sure you are.” He looked down at the menu, and Bella did the same taking the hint he wanted to talk to her privately, but he wanted it to seem like they were just reading the menus.

Are those the originals? I thought they were daggered – Marco asked, Bella turned her head to see 3 originals she didn’t recognize at the bar. It was two men and a young blonde girl.

I might’ve helped Klaus get them back yesterday, and I assume he un-daggered them last night –Bella

You helped an original, why? – Marco asked.

Family comes first. He deserved to have his family back –Bella

“Have you seen Charlie?” Bella asked.

“Not yet, I saw the car when I was driving into town, and after I dropped off my things, I ran here,” Marco said. He ordered fries and Bella just ordered something to drink. They continued to talk for a while until Marc finished his foods.

“So are you going to show me around this town, or am I going to have to get lost.” Marco said with a smile.

“We can get lost together, because I haven’t exactly been exploring,” Bella said with a laugh.

“Come on let’s get going,” Marco said standing up. Bella put her bag over her shoulder and stood up, “How’s the car?”

“Huge dent on the side, ran into a tree,” Bella said with a shrug.

“You did what?!” Marco yelled causing everyone inside the grill to turn to them. Bella laughed and walked out of the Grill. Marco followed behind her.

“It’s in perfect condition,” Bella said with a small laugh, “So let’s go do some exploring!”

Marco laughed and continued to walk with Bella through the town. They had explored everything and finally decided to go back home. Charlie had told them they were having dinner with Liz and Caroline tonight.

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