It’s Okay to be Happy (Bella and Derek)

I hope you enjoy

Bella moved and sat down beside Derek both looking out at the remains of the Hale fire. “It’s okay to be happy.” She said quietly.

“It doesn’t feel right.” Derek responded with his ever-present scowl on his face. “Could you bring them back?”

Bella smiled sadly. “I could, but they’ve all moved on.” She moved and reached over taking Derek’s hand in hers. “Their souls aren’t here, they’re in a better place, Derek.”

Derek nodded, “It doesn’t feel fair.”

Bella rested her head on Derek’s shoulder. “You know, when I was a kid I started seeing ghosts more vividly, and eventually I was able to talk to them. And at one point when I was 15, I had so many ghosts around me I was going crazy. Then this beautiful man with the brightest blue eyes came in and he scared them all away. There was this aura about him, and even regular humans could feel it and they’d cower away from him. He was the most charming man, and he knew all my sore spots so he knew what to say to make me fall for his spell. I started using my abilities more and more with him around, he was teaching me how to be stronger. Then one day, I asked him if he wanted to come back to life, that I’d do that for him.”

“What happened when you brought him back?” Derek questioned curiously by the scent of sadness that him he knew it wasn’t good.

“I realized who he was.” Bella responded quietly. “At first, he was charming as ever, he’d go with me to movies, and sit with me at dinner. We’d talk and I fell so hard for his act, and one day he asked me to help him get a new identity. So, I hacked into my dad’s database, and I found a counterfeiter in Seattle and I got him all new documents. He used those documents to fly to Canada and murder his family.”

“What did you do?” Derek questioned with a frown.

“I hoped it was a lie. I was so in love with this guy that I couldn’t understand him doing anything negative. When he came back, I asked me about it, and that’s when he hit me and almost killed me. I told him to never return, I didn’t want to see him again. He did return, and he came for my dad as a sign that I couldn’t escape him. Eventually, he was caught and placed in a mental institution for assault.” Bella sighed and looked at Derek. “I’m just trying to tell you that we all fall in love with bad people, and sometimes the outcome is bad, but it’s still okay to be happy afterwards. They loved you, Derek, I don’t think they’d appreciate you moping around for the rest of your life. It’s okay to put your life back together to be a part of this pack.”

Bella moved and kissed Derek’s temple. “You’re a good person and I don’t need to be a messenger of death to know that your family loves you. You deserve more than you think.”

Bella stood, “I’ll let you get back to moping, but tonight everyone is coming to my house for some pack bonding. Erica decided were playing board games tonight. Stop by and help me stop a fight from breaking out.”

Derek looked up at Bella and nodded. “I’ll be there, I just need to spend some time here.” Bella nodded and smiled softly before she left leaving Derek to sort through his own thoughts.

  1. Moody Derek needs someone to cheer him up. 😉

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  2. Umm interesting, would love to read more into her story and the ghost.

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