Twilight/Vampire Diaries

Twilight vampire diaries

Connected By the Soul



Reaper Twins


Reaping of New Orleans


Bella The Witch


From The Ashes Comes A New Beginning


Hope For The Best

Heavy Soul


  1. How come you haven’t listed “Enchantress” on your VD/Twi crossover section? It’s really good. 🙂

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  2. I still say “Enchantress” is one of your best stories and should be listed, even though you may still be editing it. You should be proud of it. I re-read it every now and again when I get a little Kol nostalgic. 🙂

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    • I had some trouble a while ago and lost the edited files. I’ve been postponing getting back to editing but you reminded me that it was worth editing. Thank you.
      I am editing and hopefully it’ll be up by the end or middle of March.

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  3. Will you be posting Enchantress with you other vd/twi stories soon?

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  4. Will you be up updating or reposting soon?


  5. Will you be updating reaping of N.O. Or Bella the witch anytime soon?


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