Child of Mine/You and I


Bella looked down at the crib. The small little bundle inside sleeping peacefully in a blanket she had made herself. Bella was more than pleased at the sight, it had taken her two hours to get him to fall asleep. “I didn’t hear you enter.” She said as her eyes stayed on her baby.

“I tried not to make any noise. I didn’t want to wake you or the baby.” Spencer responded setting his bag by the door. “He just went to sleep?” He questioned moving closer and wrapping his arm around Bella.

“He’s been restless all day.” She responded leaning into his hold. “Haven’t been able to get him to sleep, two hours of rocking him and he finally closed his eyes. I just hope it can stay that way.”

Spencer kissed her temple. “Come on, I took tomorrow off, so I can handle him if he decides to wake up, and tomorrow you can relax all day and let me handle him.”

Bella smiled, “I love you, Spencer.” She said as she exited the room with him. “But I am not letting you watch him alone. No child of mine is going to learn how to do a magic trick before the age of 6.”

“Elliot will be a natural.” Spencer responded smiling as he got her to laugh. “Go get changed. I’ll read to you.”

Bella grinned, “That’s perfect, I love hearing your voice before I sleep.”

“And I love you.” Spencer responded kissing her softly before he let her go.

  1. I love all three of these recycled stories ! 😉

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  2. Precious! Loved this one!

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  3. Pure sweetness……

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  4. I love these little juicy bits!

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