Back From the Dead

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Author’s Note

I feel like this chapter is going to be a huge let down for some of you…

Oh well, the next chapter should hopefully be better, maybe.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!



Bella gathered the needed materials and began to mix together the potion she needed for the ritual. The other dragons were outside in the backyard practice fighting with one another, so she knew she had the space and quiet to finish up her potion. Bella knew what she was planning was going to affect all the dragons strongly, but it was something she needed to do. Bella picked up the phone as she heard her father’s ringtone. “Hey.”

“What are you doing?” Klaus asked as he entered the house on his phone.

“In the kitchen.” Bella said before hanging up.

Klaus entered the kitchen and looked around. “I don’t understand what exactly you’re doing so early in the morning.”

Bella smiled, “Dragons don’t sleep a lot, unless you forgot.” Bella looked to her father and sighed. “I was reading over the ritual and that book of spells from your mom, the one that has the curse.”

“We already know how to break it, Isabella.” Klaus said as he took a seat on the stool beside the counter not knowing exactly where Bella was planning to go with this.

“Yes, I know that.” Bella said as she walked to the fridge and pulled out a blood bag that contained her blood. “I was reading over it because, I had a feeling something was wrong, and I was right.”

“What did you find?” Klaus questioned as he watched with curiosity as Bella poured the blood into the pot where she was mixing several ingredients.

“Your mother is sabotaging you.” Bella said, “At first, it was just an inkling I was having, but I talked to some spirits, and they dug up the truth. If Elena dies, if she doesn’t live and remain human, you can’t make hybrids. Your mother knew that eventually you would break the curse, and kill the doppelganger. She made it so that the final step in creating your hybrids would be to drink some of Elena’s blood, they need doppelganger blood to complete the transition. I have to say, your mother was smart. She knew you would never let the doppelganger live, and because of that you would lose all chance of making hybrids.”

Bella lit the pot on fire and went to the counter and grabbed the chicken leg she left there. She took a bite out of the leg.  “Sorry, I need to eat.” Bella finished the leg quickly before throwing the bone away. She wiped her mouth before returning to her explanation. “Originally, I was going to ask to save Elena because of her relation to Jeremy, and it’s still partially because of that, but now, it’s so that you can make hybrids.”

“That’s what you’re creating? A potion to keep Elena alive?” Klaus questioned as he looked at the pot that contained the potion and then back to Bella.

Bella shook her head, “Elena has to die it’s part of the ritual. I’m creating something so that she can come back from the dead  just as healthy as she was before. I’m making something to ensure that she’ll come back to life.”

“Are you sure it’s going to work?” Klaus replied skeptical of the idea of Bella being able to bring someone back from the dead.

Bella nodded, “Of course, well about 8 0% sure that it’s going to work.” Bella smiled at her father. “I have this. I also have Lily and William out hunting a backup vampire and werewolf. I know that they’re going to try something, and I don’t want anything to mess this day up.”

Klaus looked out the backdoor, “What are they doing?”

“Practice fighting,” Bella responded, “I wanted them prepared, and out of the house so I can finish making this.”

Klaus stood and moved to stand in front of Bella. He tipped her chin up to look at him. “You don’t have to worry yourself so much, tonight will be fine.”

“I like making sure,” Bella replied with a smirk, “You said so yourself, this night can’t go wrong. I also need something to distract my mind, it all feels jumbled up in there.”

Klaus nodded, “Alright, I’ll be back in a bit, I’m getting some things fixed up, call if you need anything.”

Bella nodded, she waved to her father and turned back to the potion. She gathered the rest of the materials and dropped them in one by one. Finally, she grabbed a pair of scissors and cut off a few strands of hair letting them mix in and dissolve with the potion. She stepped back and began to chant a spell. She closed her eyes and continued her chant. She opened them just as the pot began to emit a red smoke. She watched the smoke die down, and once it was cool enough she poured the liquid into a bottle. She took the bottle and set it in the fridge were she was sure no one would touch it.

She headed outside and leaned against the doorway as she saw all her dragons together teaching each other how to fight, and preparing themselves for the night that lay ahead.

“Isabella!” Melanie said as she spotted Bella. “Watch this!”

Melanie did a swift kick to Sean’s gut and knocked him over. Bella laughed, she could see it in them that they were getting closer. She knew by the end of the month the two of them would be together. “Next time aim for the head, I think it’ll help him see things clearly.” Bella joked. She smiled as Sean stood up mumbling about not being able to eat for a week from the kick. She walked over to Spencer who was the youngest of the group.

Bella straightened his shoulders, “When you’re fighting someone, don’t let them see any emotion on your face. You want to remain blank, showing emotions gives them an advantage. You’re good with magic, use it when you’re fighting someone, it’s your specialty, so use it.”

Bella stepped back, “I want you to try and hit me.”

Spencer looked down nervously. “I don’t want to hit you, Isabella. You’ve never done anything to deserve to be hit.”

Bella smiled, “And neither have you, that is why I’m trying to help you. You’re not human anymore Spencer, you’re a dragon, use the powers you were given. When I’m fighting someone, I look for a weakness. Vampires, they usually depend on their strength and their speed, and they’re usually always cocky, that’s the advantage.” Bella said she moved back and took on her dragon form. “Take a look at my tail.”

Spencer looked down at her tail. “It has spikes, like mine.”

Bella nodded, “Not all dragons have this, but for you and me it’s our tool. Vampires don’t expect anything to be stronger than them, so when you’re fighting use your tail. They’ll never see it coming, and the spikes will weaken them. And once you have them weakened, you go in for the kill.”

Spencer nodded, “What if I can’t kill?” He whispered, “What if I can’t take a life?”

Bella nodded knowing someone as sensitive as Spencer would have trouble killing. “If you can’t, than you won’t.” Bella stepped forward and put a hand on Spencer’s shoulder. “I know the thought of taking a life can be something to fear, I’ve been in your place, but know that if you do ever take a life, no one will look at you differently. You won’t be seen as an evil person.”

Spencer nodded, “Thank you, Isabella.”

Bella nodded, “Now, take on your form, and let’s practice fighting with your tail.”

-Page Break-

Bella arranged her dragons around the sight so they stood in a square guarding the ritual sight. “Can you all look at me?” she asked. She watched as they all turned around to face her. “Tonight is very important. As you recall, I am asking you not to kill my father’s brother Elijah. I am also asking you not to hurt any humans, they don’t stand a chance against any of you, and it would be cruel to hurt someone who cannot fight back. Any vampire or werewolf who tries to force their way in, do what you need to do.” Bella took in a deep breath, she hated having to do this, but she knew it was the only way to keep her dragons from running to her rescue.

“I am ordering you to not move from your positions once this ritual begins, unless a threat is made towards my father. Once my father has fully transitioned, you may move freely.” Bella said, she watched as the command registered in each of their heads. Bella moved and went to stand towards her father as the ritual was set to begin in minutes. “Do not worry for me, I know what I’m doing.” Bella whispered to her father as a warning.

She stepped away and headed towards Elena. Elena crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Bella. “I can’t believe you used my brother just to get close to me.” Elena said.

Bella shook her head, “You’re too shallow for your own good. I love Jeremy, I don’t want anything to do with you.” Bella pulled out the syringe and looked at the liquid that lay inside. This was the potion she had been working on in the morning and now it was time to put it to work.

Elena cringed back as Bella got closer. “What is that? You’re not putting that in me!”

Bella moved quicker than Elena could register, and stabbed the needle into the vein of Elena’s arm. She pushed all the liquid into Elena’s body. She stepped out of the circle and looked to Elena. “It should take its full affect before it’s your turn to be a part of the ritual. The affects will die off directly after it does what is needed.”

Elena grabbed at her arm. “You’re psychotic you know!” She yelled after Bella. “I’m glad my brother had the right sense of mind not to be with a monster like you!”

Bella paused and turned back to Elena. She took on her dragon form as she walked up to the girl. “I don’t care who you are, Elena. To me, you’re just a spoiled, egotistical brat, who really needs to learn her place. I suggest you start showing me some respect, because I’m the last person whose bad side you want to get on.” Bella walked away and headed to Trevor and where he stood by Spencer near Greta and the ritual altar. “I’m sorry.” Bella whispered into Trevor’s ear.

“What for?” Trevor questioned.

“For what’s going to happen tonight. I’m sorry for not telling you, but this was the best way. The safest way.” Bella leaned up and kissed Trevor’s cheek. “I want you to forget my earlier statement, I command you to not follow through with my earlier order. I want you to do something else for me instead, I want you to protect Jeremy. That’s an order.”

Trevor looked to Bella confused. “You’re starting to worry me.” He admitted.

Bella smiled, “I’ll meet you all back at the house when all this is done.” Bella patted Trevor on the back, she moved to stand in the middle of the field. She looked around and took in a deep breath getting herself in the right mental state to follow through with what she had planned.

She watched as the werewolf was the first to die. Jules didn’t go down easily, she kicked and screamed all the way to the altar. Towards the end she begged to be set free, but she had been chosen.

The random vampire Lily and William found went more peacefully. She wasn’t aware of what was happening or what was going on, Bella assumed this was why she didn’t put up much of a fight against Klaus. Bella snapped her head to where Trevor was helping Spencer hold back Damon and Bonnie. She met Jeremy’s eyes as he appeared just in front of Trevor. She glanced back to the altar for a moment as she saw her father drinking from Elena. Bella looked back to Jeremy, his eyes meeting hers in a plea. Bella closed her eyes as she felt it, the life draining out of her.

Jeremy watched as Bella fell to the ground. “ISA!” Jeremy yelled, he tried to move forward but was held back by Trevor.

“You get near her right now, and you’ll have several dragons wanting to come after you.” Trevor said, he stood in front of Jeremy as every dragon took on their form. They howled into the sky as they were beginning to feel the hurt from their alpha. Trevor pushed Jeremy back as Melanie who was to his other side made a swipe for Jeremy with her tail.

They were all going into pure animal instinct as they tried to push through the pain. Trevor growled at Melanie in warning. He turned to Jeremy, “You need to leave.”

Jeremy shook his head as he looked at Bella who lay lifeless on the floor of the clearing. “Why isn’t she moving?”

Trevor glanced at Elena as she gasped back to life. “Because she used her life force to bring your sister back to life. Bella used her life to make sure you still had a sister.”

Jeremy shook his head, as tears swelled in his eyes, “No! She can’t be dead!”

Trevor turned to Jeremy and grabbed him by the shoulders. “Listen to me carefully, in a few minutes Klaus will finish transitioning, and the alpha command will be done. Your scent is a lot like Bella’s and that will lead a lot of us into a frenzy. They don’t know what you are to Bella, and they will attack you. I was given an order and I’m going to keep it.” Trevor grabbed Jeremy and took off into the sky, he would take him away from the sight away from any potential danger the other dragons may cause.

Klaus’s wolf form finished, he treaded up to Bella’s body in his wolf form. He used his nose to nudge her head. When no response was given, he bared his teeth and growled.

“I love you dad, but your breath reeks in wolf form. We need to look into wolf mints,” Bella said as she came too. She sat up and smiled at her father’s wolf form. “I know. We’ll talk when you get back.” Bella gestured for him to keep going. She watched as her dragons gathered around her.

“It was only temporary.” She said, she spread her wings and flapped them. “Let’s head home.” She said as she flew into the sky. One by one the dragons followed after her.

Trevor landed in front of Jeremy’s home and let go of the boy. “She’s fine.”

“How do you know?” Jeremy said his tone low and threatening as the pain in his chest increased.

“I can feel it.” Trevor said simply. “I know you think you and Bella are done with and that there is never going to be a hope for either of you, but know that she asked me to keep you safe. It means something for her to do that.”

Jeremy shook his head, “Please, you have to tell her I need to talk to her. I need to know she’s okay for myself.”

Trevor nodded, “I’ll go check on her, just be safe. She’d hate it if something happened to you.” Trevor took off into the air and disappeared from sight.

He landed at the house in the backyard as all the dragons were huddled closely together. Blankets were taken out and wrapped around everyone. He noticed Bella sitting with a blanket around her shoulders with Spencer at her side. He took a seat on the other side of Bella. “He’s okay.” He whispered, “But he’s in a bad shape.”

Bella nodded, “Just enjoy the bonfire.” She said. She smiled as marshmallows were passed around. She waited until the laughing and conversation picked up so that she could leave. She disappeared into the house and walked to her room. She took in a deep breath and closed the door behind her. Pulling out her laptop she decided to not go see Jeremy in person, but in another way. She waited for him to come on screen before she did anything.

“Bella.” Jeremy said coming onto the screen. He let out a breath of relief as she was alive. “Isa… I’m so sorry.”

Bella shook her head, “Just let me talk.” Bella said she took in a deep breath. “I understand you were mad, I would be too, but what you said that was out of line. I may not have told you what I was from the beginning, but that didn’t mean I didn’t plan on telling you. I was planning on telling you the next day, I just wanted to have a good night with you.”

“I know what I said was cruel, and I didn’t mean it. I was just angry. Elena, Stefan, Damon, Caroline, and Bonnie, they all just got in my head. I was wrong to let them get me so riled up. I’m sorry for hurting you, Isa. It’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.” Jeremy said he rubbed his face and leaned back in his computer chair. “You were wrong too. You should have told me from the beginning.” Jeremy took in a deep breath. “I don’t even know what you are! I get why you didn’t come to see me personally, honestly I think it was the best decision. But I do deserve to know the truth, I deserve for you to tell me the truth.”

Bella nodded, “Where do you want me to start?”

“The beginning.” Jeremy said simply.

“I was born in Washington to Charlie and Renee Swan. They split up when I was a baby, so I travelled with Renee for a while until she settled down in Arizona. I didn’t see Charlie often, just in the summers. When I was 17, my mother re-married and I was sent to live with Charlie. Charlie really tried to be a good dad, but his job came first a lot of times. There’s a second breed of vampires, they’re referred to as Diamonds. Their skin is hard as stone, they shine in sunlight, and their eye color represents their diet. I ran into a coven of animal eaters. I dated one of them his name was Edward. It turns out mixing in with their kind, it brings problems. Unlike Elena, I didn’t have a group of friends who knew about the supernatural, I was in it by myself.” Bella took in a deep breath.

“I was attacked when I was human by one of their kind. His name was James and he bit me, his venom was close to turning me, but Edward didn’t want that so he took the more painful route and sucked the venom out. After that, things changed. I was treated like a child, and watched over every minute by Edward. After an incident at my birthday party, Edward and his family left. I was left with close to no one, all I had was Charlie. James had a mate, which in the supernatural world, is a big deal. If a mate dies, their other half seeks revenge going on a killing spree before they eventually kill themselves. Victoria had one goal, and that was getting my head on a spike as revenge for her mate’s death. A pack of shapeshifting wolves protected me for a few months, but after one of them got injured, they gave up. That’s when Victoria took the last real person I had, Charlie. She killed him as a sign, as a taunt to tell me that she could kill me at any moment.” Bella said she stood from the chair she was in and began to pace the room.

“I couldn’t take it anymore, I didn’t like living in fear, so I went into the woods one day. I figured if I was going to die, I was going to die on my own terms. That’s when it happened. Every creature in the supernatural world has a backstory. I’m a dragon, and the creatures you normally associate with dragons, that’s just a made up story to protect the dragon species. The dragon spirits, they choose a new leader, an alpha who can bring the dragon species back to the top. They chose me. It took months for my transition to finish, but when it did, I woke up in a very strange room. Niklaus had found me, he had finally killed Victoria, and he had taken me away.” Bella took a seat.

“You might see him as a monster, but he’s a father to me.” Bella’s eyes watered at the thought. “He was there when I had no one, and you don’t know how important that is for me. Before Trevor, before anything, he was there for me. He was watching over me since I was a child, and when I needed someone the most, he was there for me. It was so easy for me to see him as my dad. I always came first to him, if I needed something or wanted something, he would help me. You grew up with two loving parents, I grew up with a mother who most days forgot she had me, a father who I saw once a year if I was lucky. Niklaus was the first person I could trust in to always be there for me.”

“So when I saw Bonnie trying to kill my father, I had to do something. There are only so many times you can lose someone you love, before you crack. I have an entire species to watch over, Jeremy. There’s no one who understands what that feels like better than him. Trevor was the first dragon I created, he was the first true friend I ever had, and he became a brother to me. I changed 11 other dragons. They all knew what they were becoming. I didn’t trick them or force them into this life. Everyone I turned was in need of a family, and that’s what I gave them when they turned.” Bella said as she took in a deep breath doing her best to avoid looking at the screen and seeing Jeremy.

“We’re not like vampires or werewolves, we stick close to each other,” Bella said, “If one of us is hurt we’re all there. It’s how we function. We also don’t drink blood or kill humans. We’re predators, we hunt animals, and drink their blood and eat their meat.”

Bella paused as there was silence. “I don’t expect anything from you Jeremy. You were right, you deserved to know the truth, and that’s what I just gave you. I’ll give you time to process this, but I’m going to go.”

“Wait!” Jeremy said stopping Bella from logging off. “Just- Next time I call you, can you pick up instead of just sending me to voicemail? I don’t want this to be the end.”

Bella looked to the screen with a sad expression on her face. “Goodbye, Jeremy.”

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    God I’m torn between wanting to cry and yell in joy that they talked! Well that’s one roadblock out of the way but life is full of those so they probably have more to come. Edeard crushed her soul that day no wonder she’s so shaken by the monster comment she already had self-esteem problems because of her past.

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