Chapter Eight

chpt 8

Henrik Klaus and Bella walked up the stairs to the Cullen house. Bella stayed in the middle of the two originals for her protection. Henrik made sure Bella drank his blood before they arrived at the Cullen house he wasn’t going to take the risk of losing her.

“Are you sure you want to do this Bella,” Henrik asked looking down at Bella he needed to be sure she would be well enough to do this. “You still have the option of waiting in the car if you don’t want to do this.”

Bella shook her head, she was determined to say what she needed to say to the remaining Cullen’s. “I want to be here, I need to be here Henri. I just want them to know what their so called family members did.”

“Does this mean we’re here to kill them?” Klaus asked Bella, he knew the fate of the Cullen family was up to her in the end. No matter how much he and Henrik wanted to kill them, the decision was hers.

Bella shrugged, “We’ll see how things go from here. I’m sure by the end of the night, the Cullen’s might not exist anymore.”

Henrik put his arm around Bella and kept her close to him. “If you ever want to leave or if it ever gets to be too much for you, you can head back to the car and Nik and I will take care of the rest.”

Bella nodded, she gave Henrik a small smile in reassurance knowing he was worried over her. This day had been long for the both of them. She turned her head as the door opened to the Cullen house revealing a fearful doctor beside his mate.

“My children tell me you’re here because of Edward and Alice,” Carlisle said as he looked over the three that stood on his doorstep analyzing each of them. He tried to hide the fear in his voice as he spoke, instead he tried sounding as indifferent as he could, but it was no use the fear managed to seep through.

“We thought it was fitting that we return their ashes to you,” Bella said holding the bins in each hand. “I have to bury my father in a few days, it’s only fair that you have to bury your children who caused his death. They didn’t deserve to live, they were monsters and deserved what they got.” Bella threw the two bins onto the floor. Carlisle’s mate Esme picked them both up hurriedly and dry sobbed over them. She took the bins and left to another place in the house, her sobs echoing as she walked away.

Bella didn’t feel any remorse for their deaths or Esme’s sobbing, as far as she was concerned Edward and Alice deserved everything that happened to them.

“I admit Edward and Alice both wanted to be friends with you, but this in no way meant that they deserved to die,” Carlisle said his face filling slightly with anger as he saw his wife crying over the two bins of ash, “All they wanted from you was friendship!”

“You’re wrong,” Jasper said, pushing Carlisle aside, the pain coming from Bella was strong and he could sense it had nothing to do with the death of Edward. The pain was solely based on the death of her father. “They had us all fooled. Bella wasn’t Edward’s mate, she is in fact Henrik’s mate. They were trying to separate a mated couple Carlisle. They went to the extreme and planned the chief’s death to make Bella so emotionally vulnerable that she’d be more willing to open up to their friendship. Their plan failed, they underestimated Bella. She already had the support she needed, she didn’t need anyone else.” Jasper shook his head at the sheer stupidity of his wife. “They have all right to kill all of us, Carlisle. They gave us a warning, and we didn’t listen. We allowed Edward and Alice to do whatever their senseless minds came up with.”

“She was your mate,” Esme wailed from inside of the house, hearing Jasper go against Alice was making her weep more.

“She was my companion, and I warned her of the consequences of what she was doing.” Jasper said he stepped aside, he let the three in and with Carlisle beside him he led them to the living room. Esme was there hugging the two bins to her chest. She looked to Bella with a murderous look on her face. Edward and Alice were her children, and as their mother Esme wanted some type of revenge. Esme looked to Bella, and before Carlisle could stop her she lunged towards Bella.

Henrik moved and pushed Bella behind him, he grabbed Esme by the neck and barred his fangs. “That was the stupidest thing you’ve ever done.” He was about to rip her head off when Carlisle went to save his wife. Klaus forced Carlisle to the floor and allowed his brother to continue the rest of the Cullen’s were too stunned to do anything to save the ‘leaders’ of their coven. Bella pressed her hand against Henrik’s back but stayed silent.

“Close your eyes Belle, you shouldn’t see this,” Henrik said he didn’t want Bella to have to see someone’s head torn off. Normally, he would feel Bella could handle it, but Bella was in a fragile emotional stage and watching this wouldn’t help her heal.

“Okay,” Bella said she closed her eyes trusting Henrik. She heard the tearing of what sounded like metal and after several minutes it stopped. She peeked her eyes open and saw Henrik and Klaus throwing the dismembered pieces into a pile in the fireplace of the home.

“We didn’t know!” Rosalie said as she stood, she didn’t move towards Bella knowing that that would only get her the same fate as Esme. “We didn’t know it was going to end like this.” Rosalie said she looked to Bella trying to get some sort of sympathy from her.

“You knew your brother had a sick obsession with me,” Bella replied her eyes stone showing no sympathy for the off-breeds she slowly stepped forward not stepping too far away from Henrik. “You knew that Alice was just as crazy as Edward was thinking I was his mate. Yet you all just stood by and let him do whatever the hell he pleased. You all let both of them murder my father in his selfish mission to try and claim me as his. You were all warned none of you listened, you all turned a blind eye to what they were up to.” Bella paused and took in a deep breath. “They’re called warnings for a reason, ignoring them comes with serious consequences. I lost my father, someone who was entirely innocent in all of this, he didn’t deserve to die. You all deserve what’s going to come to you.” Bella took a step back, she turned to Henrik and whispered in his ear a request. She gave one final look to the Cullen’s and left the room, she walked to the next room and took a seat by the window no longer paying any attention to what was happening around her she just wanted this all over with.

Henrik turned to his brother with a smirk once he heard Bella was gone. “One of them lives, having the entire family disappear will look too suspicious to the town.”

“Kill the mated couple,” Klaus said, “It’d be beyond cruel to kill one and let the other one live.”

Henrik nodded, “You can kill them, and I’ll take care of the male.”

“I do love to kill off-breeds,” Klaus turned to the two mated couple, “I consider it a hobby of mine.”

Henrik walked over to Jasper and led him to a different room, but he stayed close enough to hear Bella. “This is the plan, Belle believes you should be spared, so I’m sparing you. There are a few things you need to do before you can disappear from this town and leave our sight for good. You need to somehow make this town believe that your family had to leave immediately. Claim some family emergency, I don’t care what you choose to do, as long as it works and it has nothing to do with Belle.”

“I am sorry for what happened to the Chief,” Jasper said to Henrik with sincerity in his voice.

“Not sorry enough to stop your wife and your so called brother from killing the chief,” Henrik replied with a glare. “You’re lucky she cares enough to stop me from killing you like the rest of your family. You owe your life to Belle, and I hope you remember that.” Henrik patted Jasper’s shoulder before turning to walk away. “I suggest you begin working on an excuse as to why you’re family left. You should be out of town before the funeral.”

“I expected them to beg more for their lives,” Klaus mentioned as they carried the limbs outside to set fire to them outside. The fireplace was already filled with Carlisle and Esme’s burning pieces, so they headed outside.

“They understood what they had done. Bella was right, they had their warning, and they didn’t listen. ” Henrik said at the thought of Bella he strained his hearing and heard the soft thumping of her heartbeat.

“I didn’t think she would talk,” Klaus said distracting his brother as he saw the expression on his face. “I expected her to just be silent, I didn’t think she would be able to speak to them.”

Henrik smiled, “She’s stronger than she appears she told me to make it hell for them along with letting one go so that he could cover for the sudden disappearance of the Cullen’s to the town.”

“Are you still planning on changing her?” Klaus asked he didn’t know if the plans had changed or not between the two of them.

Henrik nodded, “Yes, but not right away, she has certain gifts that come with being a mermaid. She should learn how to control them before she becomes a vampire. Besides, she should have some time to get used to things again.”

Henrik stood watching the flames going up and wrap around the burning body pieces. A sickly sweet scent rose from the burning bodies. Hearing Bella’s heartbeat getting further away Henrik had to go make sure she was okay. “I’m going to check on Belle.” Henrik left he went inside but didn’t find her where she once was. Following her scent he walked to the front yard he stopped as he saw Bella laying against the hood of the car. She was staring up at the stars her hands were folding behind her head creating some sort of pillow for her. Henrik shook his head, it was still cold outside she must’ve been freezing in the thin jacket she was wearing. Walking towards the car he took off his jacket and got onto the hood of the car beside her. He wrapped the jacket around her keeping her warm before pulling her to his side to warm her up more.

“I feel better,” Bella said after a moment of silence between them. “Knowing that the people who caused Charlie’s death are gone, it makes me feel better.”

“That’s good to hear Belle,” Henrik said he placed a kiss on her head. Nothing made him happier than seeing her get better.

“Thank you,” Bella said looking up at Henrik her brown eyes showing nothing but love towards him. “I don’t know what you did to Edward and Alice, but I know you gave them what they deserved.”

“I’d do anything and everything for you Belle,” Henrik said his voice soft but serious as he tightened his hold on her.

“I love you Henri,” Bella whispered she snuggled up to him and rested her head on his chest ready to let sleep take her.

“I love you too Belle,” Henrik said, he rubbed her back and let her fall asleep. He held her enjoying the warmth she gave him.

“The ashes have been scattered and there’s no clue we were ever here,” Klaus said, “Had to take extra precaution, didn’t want Mikael or Elijah tracking my here.”

Henrik nodded and lifted Bella off the car he made sure to keep the jacket around her, “They wouldn’t come here they aren’t stupid. Mikael probably thinks you’re in Chicago or some place, you were never one for small towns Nik.”

“I’m starting to find a liking towards them,” He replied as he got into the car.

Henrik got into the passenger seat keeping Bella safely in his lap, “They do have some sort of charm to them. Thank you for doing this with me.”

Klaus nodded, “You don’t have to thank me Henrik. You seem to forget I enjoy killing, it is part of my nature. Not to mention they deserved to die for what they did.”

Henrik nodded and looked down at Bella, it was no lie what he had said to her before. He’d do anything she asked for as long as it made her happy and kept her safe.

-Page Break-

Henrik held Bella’s hand as Charlie’s coffin was being lowered into the ground. Bella had the flag that was given to her tightly clutched to her chest. Klaus was sitting on the other side of Bella, his arm around her shoulders in silent support of her, it was clear that he had grown to care for her like a sister.

“I don’t think I can take another sad apologetic look,” Bella whispered, “The stares, the whispering, it’s all too much to handle. I feel like any minute my head will catch on fire from all the stares.”

“Why don’t you go home with Henrik? I’ll handle the people in town,” Klaus offered he knew that eventually the stares would get to Bella, and he was right.

“Really?” Bella asked hopeful, “You don’t mind?”

“I offered for a reason Bella,” Klaus said, “Go home or just go out with Henrik, but you shouldn’t stay here any longer. These people will surround you the minute this is over, you’ll be swallowed by sympathetic looks, questions on your wellbeing, and all the gossip about you living with your teenage boyfriend. Do you really want to go through all that while you’re mourning your father? Today wasn’t meant for you to be put on display for these people.”

Bella shook her head, “I don’t want to be anywhere near here, but I can’t just leave either.”

“Who says you can’t?” Klaus asked, “I’ll inform the town’s people you were sick, and had to go home immediately, nobody will think twice about it.”

“You don’t mind staying here with everyone?” Bella asked looking at the people from town.

“No,” Klaus replied, he looked to his brother and handed him the car keys. Henrik and Bella had ridden in the limo with Renee while Klaus opted to drive his own car. “Take this and go home. I’ll make sure everything’s okay here.”

Everyone began to stand and leave. Bella stood at the same time as Klaus and Henrik. She let go of Henrik’s hand and hugged Klaus stunning the hybrid. “Thank you. Everything you’ve done for me, it means a lot to me.” Bella pulled back and offered Klaus an apologetic smile, “Sorry, I know hugs aren’t your thing, but I couldn’t help it.”

Klaus returned the smile, “I’ll take care of things here you just worry about taking care of yourself.”

Bella nodded and took Henrik’s hand again, “Thanks for this.”

Klaus nodded and watched the two walk away, he himself walked to Bella’s mother, a person he disliked greatly.

Henrik helped Bella into the car before getting in himself, “Want to go home?”

Bella shook her head, the folded flag in her lap, “No, I want to go to Seattle. Do you mind?”

“Of course not,” Henrik said starting the car, he wasn’t going to drive yet, “Where are we headed to?”

“Anywhere, as long as we’re out of Forks for a while,” Bella said, “I don’t want to be around people who know me.”

Henrik nodded and took her hand, he decided now was the best time to give Bella the ring he had been saving for her. He had spelled it long ago, but never found the right time to give it to her. “Do you remember the first time we went to Seattle?” Henrik asked as he drove.

Bella nodded, a smile forming on her lips, “It wasn’t long after you had come back. You wanted to find the ring you needed to walk in the sunlight. We spent the day in Seattle well, most of the day anyway. Up until it started raining, than we headed home before I exposed myself to the world as a mermaid.”

“I wasn’t exactly truthful that day,” Henrik said with a small smile at the memory. “I was out looking for a ring, it just wasn’t a ring for me that I was looking for.” Henrik pulled out the chain around his neck that he kept hidden, the small ring hung from the chain. He took the ring off the chain and held between his fingers, it was perfect for his Belle. He reached for Bella’s right hand, he slid the ring onto her index finger and smiled as it was a perfect fit and suited her perfectly. “It was a ring for you, it’s spelled for when you become a vampire.”

Bella ran a finger over the flower of the ring, a smile came across her face as she looked at it. She looked to Henrik with a smile, he was the only one that could make her smile when she felt close to falling apart. “I love it Henri! Thank you, it’s perfect.”

“I’m glad you liked it Belle,” Henrik said with a smile, he loved knowing his Belle liked what he had picked out for her. They drove to Seattle with light talk, nothing serious that would make Bella worry or think too much. Henrik didn’t want Bella to feel overwhelmed. She was just getting better after dealing with the Cullen’s he could feel her healing quickly. “Anywhere specific you want to go?” Henrik asked after some time, this day was about Bella and letting her do whatever she wanted to do.

Bella ran her fingers over the flag, “Not really. Anywhere will be fine Henri, just as long as I don’t get those sympathetic looks from people I’m fine. I just want to do something that doesn’t make me feel so sad.”

Henrik took her hand and held it in his tightly, he didn’t want her to feel sad anymore and he knew that something as small as holding her hand would be helping her. He drove looking on and off to Bella, who was still silent. She had his hand in her lap and was running her hands along his hands. She was tracing every line and seemed to be in a world of her own.

Bella looked out the window as she noticed the car no longer moving. She saw the large sign announcing the entrance of the Zoo. “You’re taking me to a zoo?”

“You’ve never truly been to one before, so I thought this would be the best way to distract you,” Henrik said as he got out of the car, he blurred around and opened Bella’s door for her.

Bella gave a small smile and let Henrik lead her inside, “So, where are we going to start?”

“Let’s start with the mammals,” Henrik said leading Bella to the correct exhibit. He couldn’t stop the slight smile that came on his face as he could sense Bella’s mind wasn’t on her father anymore.

Bella leaned against Henrik as they watched the lions in their cages. “I feel kind of bad for them. They have to be locked up in these cages every day for the rest of their lives. It seems like a horrible fate to have.”

“It’d be horrible to release them Belle. They’ve grown accustomed to life in captivity, they’re fed and looked after daily here they don’t have to do much. They seem to be better off in here than they are being out there.” Henrik said tightening his hold on Bella, she had turned in his arms so her back was pressed to his chest. His chin rested on the top of her head as they looked at the animals.

“If one of these animals was to drink from a vampire, and then they died by some freak accident. Would they become some sort of vampire lion,” Bella asked curious to see what Henrik would come up with.

Henrik chuckled at Bella’s question, “I don’t think the blood would have the same affect it does on humans. I think it might affect them slightly in a way were they might heal, but I doubt it would turn them into vampires.”

“It would be pretty cool to see though,” Bella said with a smile at the idea of a vampire lion. “Can you compel animals?”

“I don’t think so,” Henrik said with a smile he was glad to see his Belle relaxing. “I think I’d have to speak their language in order to be able to compel them.”

“Probably,” Bella said as they walked to the next exhibit completely wrapped up in each other. She finally decided to tell Henrik something she’d been hiding for a few weeks. “Charlie used to love my short stories I’d do for school. Do you remember how I would write him a letter every once and a while each one having a different story?”

“Of course, you’d always write about ghosts,” Henrik said with a grin, “I wonder where you got the inspiration for those stories.”

Bella smiled, “Some annoying ghost that haunted me.” Bella relaxed at the sound of Henrik’s laugh. A part of her did feel guilty for being happy, but Charlie had wanted her to be happy. “Umm, there was one story, one I never let you or Charlie read, it was sort of like a diary of sorts. I began to go over it and edit it a bit before we came to Forks. I finished it around the time you were already human, I wanted the story to end there. There was this writing competition, the winner got a full scholarship to the school of their choice, so I entered my story in. I didn’t think I was going to win, it was just something I did so my dad didn’t have to worry about paying for school. I got a letter not that long ago, I won.”

Henrik grinned excited to hear the news. “That’s great Belle!”

“That’s not all,” Bella said she paused and turned around so she could look at Henrik, “Apparently, my story was better than I thought. A publishing company wants to make it into a book. I’d be a published author by the end of the year if I accept. I just, this book Henri it’s us. They’re mostly my diary entries about you, about everything. I obviously changed some things, and added some things to make it different, but it’s still us. I didn’t want to accept the offer if it wasn’t okay with you.”

Henrik looked at Bella, “You wrote a book about you and me?”

Bella nodded, “I didn’t think it was going to win, it was just a way for me to tell our story without sounding like I’ve gone crazy. If it bothers you, I can just accept the scholarship and forget the other offer.”

Henrik shook his head, he cupped Bella’s face. “This is a great opportunity Belle. I don’t want you to give this up. I know you want this Belle, accept the offer get published.”

Bella closed her eyes a few tears managing to slip through, “I didn’t get a chance to tell Charlie about any of this. This was all because of him. I wouldn’t have entered if I didn’t want him to be proud of me, and I wouldn’t have kept a diary if he hadn’t bought me one for Christmas. I want to do this for Charlie, Henri.”

Henrik let Bella cry in his shirt, “He’d be proud of you Belle, you know that. He was always proud of everything you did. Publish the book Belle, it’ll be great.”

Bella stepped out of Henrik’s arms and gave a watery laugh, “Sorry Henri. I keep ruining your shirts, I’m feeling better. I promise no more crying.”

“Shirts are shirts Belle, I can always get more. We actually just passed the gift shop, there was one with swinging monkeys on it that caught my eye.” Henrik said he smiled as he got a small giggle from Bella.

“I love you, Henri,” Bella said stepping back into his arms and hugging him.

“And I love you, Belle,” Henrik said, he held her until she began to walk again through the zoo. Off and on, she’d get a tear in her eye that he’d wipe away. She’d smile at his poorly made jokes each time he made one, but he knew she was feeling happier.

“What about this one?” Henrik asked as he picked up a t-shirt that had a cartoon tiger on it.

Bella crinkled her nose and looked at Henrik, “You’d look great in that Henri.”

Henrik laughed and set the shirt down, “You were always a horrible liar Belle.”

Bella shrugged, “At least I tried that counts for something.”

“Come on, let’s get you something and then we can leave,” Henrik said.

Bella shook her head, but followed Henrik. She was more than grateful that he had distracted her today    it was something she needed. She had mourned Charlie so much, she felt she was losing herself to the sadness, but like always Henrik had been there for her when she needed him the most.

– Sometime later-

Henrik sighed as he was getting irritated and so was Bella. “You have to try Belle, the spirits told me being a mermaid would come with gifts, you need to try and control them.”

“Remind me what gifts will I have again?” Bella asked turning to look at Henrik, her brown eyes no longer holding all the sadness they had before. It had only been a month or two since the funeral and she was doing better than anyone thought. Bella and Henrik had decided that before she became a vampire she should learn to control the gifts that came with being a mermaid.

“You have a connection to the Earth, you can talk to animals, you can apparently compel anything without having to look them in the eyes as long as they hear your voice, and your connection to the Earth allows you to bend nature to your will. We need to see how much you can do,” Henrik said wanting Bella to have control of her gifts, she finally had control over her tail, he wanted her to have that same control over her gifts.

Bella looked at him with a frown, “You said we were equals right? What’s mine is yours sort of thing, so in that sense wouldn’t you be able to do the same things as me?”

“Essentially yes, but I don’t have the powers to the same extent you do, same reason you can’t use magic the same way I can. We’re equals, but we’re both connected to our own powers more strongly,” Henrik said.

Bella sighed in annoyance at the aspect of having magic. “I don’t have to learn magic anytime soon do I?”

“Not now, but you should know the basics,” Henrik replied with a smile knowing Bella didn’t want to learn magic. “Now, let’s try this again, Belle. Try to make the tree grow.”

“You try to make the damn tree grow,” Bella muttered, earning a chuckle from the silent Klaus who was watching the training from his spot under the shade of the back porch. Bella closed her eyes, and focused on the tree. In her mind she saw it growing wide, its branches spreading beautifully, each filled with leaves that had turned from their forest green to the warm colors of fall.

“I think we need to work on your seasons Belle. Its spring not fall,” Henrik said, breaking Bella out of her concentration.

Bella smiled as she saw the tree she imagined in front of her, she reached up and picked at one of its leaves. “Fall was always my favorite season, this is what I wanted.” Bella smiled at the leaf, she threw it up into the air, and it began to fly around in the air, never straying too far from where Bella stood. “I think I’m starting to like this.”

“You know Bella,” Klaus said catching her attention. “We’re running out of apples.”

Bella smiled at his suggestion and looked to Henrik who gave her an encouraging smile. She closed her eyes again, and focused her mind on what she wanted to appear. She imagined a large apple tree growing dozens of fresh apples hanging from its branches. Bella opened her eyes as and smiled as she saw the tree she imagined before her. Bella looked at the tree and grinned. “Huh, I can open up my own farm. I’d make a killing.”

Klaus laughed, “And what will you call this place, Mermaid plantation?” Klaus chuckled as he caught the apple Bella threw at him.

Henrik wrapped his arms around Bella’s waist as he stood behind her. He picked an apple off the tree and took a bite out of it. “Now, all you have to really focus on is how far you can push this gift.”

Bella smiled, “You said connection to Earth right?” Henrik nodded, “I was moving the wind around to make that leaf float around I think I might be able to control the weather.”

Henrik kissed her cheek and stepped back. “Prove it.” He said with a challenging smirk.

Bella smirked in return and focused, it had been too long since Forks had a sunny day. It took several minutes for Bella to be able to make it work, but finally the clouds parted and the sun appeared sending bright warm rays down. Bella smiled a warm smile as the sun cascaded down her skin, “SEE! I told you!” Bella sighed in peace, and closed her eyes as Henrik wrapped his arms around her. “I missed the sun so much.”

Henrik held her tighter, letting the peace he felt from her wash over him. “Want to try talking to animals?”

Bella laughed, “Save it for tomorrow. I’m not done with the whole sunlight in Forks yet. I’m going to go for a swim.”

Henrik turned her around in his arms before she could walk away, he leaned down and kissed her. He still felt the pain from her every once and a while, but it never was as bad as it once was. She had let her father go, and kept his memory with her everywhere. Pulling back Henrik rested his forehead against her own. Bella was trying to catch her breath as Henrik spoke again. “I love you, Belle.”

“I love you too Henri,” Bella said with a smile, “Want to come for a swim with me and enjoy this sunshine?”

“I’d love to Belle,” Henri said with a smile. Bella shrieked out, as Henrik picked her up swiftly and threw her over his shoulder. “We’ll be in the pool house if you need us Nik.”

Klaus nodded from his spot on the porch “I’ll be in my study, I have some unfinished work to do. Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.”

Bella laughed, and waved at him goodbye as Henrik carried her off towards the pool house. “Henri, I want you to turn me soon.” Bella said as they got close to the pool.

“Soon? How soon?” Henrik asked not sure how soon she wanted to be turned.

Bella shrugged, “Tomorrow soon. We’ve waited long enough Henrik, and I want to do this.”

“Your powers Belle,” Henrik began but Bella cut him off.

“Will always be there, and I’m getting pretty good control over them. I don’t want to stay human anymore, not when you’re a vampire. I want to be with you Henri,” Bella said her eyes asking him to agree with her.

Henrik nodded, “Alright Belle, I’ll change you tomorrow, I promise.”

Bella smiled and kissed his cheek, she was glad she would be becoming a vampire soon, she wanted to be Henrik’s equal.

-Page Break-

Henrik paced the room, Bella was lying on the bed they shared, she unconscious and in the middle of becoming a vampire. Henrik was an emotional wreck over Bella. He had just killed his soul mate and it was destroying him inside to know that she as still technically dead until she woke up, and it felt as if his soul was falling apart as he looked over her dead form.

“Is this what she went through?” Henrik asked his brother who was leaning against the door watching him.

“She was more calm about it, but she never moved from your side, she stayed on the bed until you were about to wake up. She only moved at my request when I told her that you might hurt her,” Klaus said stepping into the room. “I’m assuming its worst for you since you had to be the one to kill her?”

Henrik nodded feeling overwhelmed by the pain he was feeling inside. “I feel like I might breakdown any minute. My soul recognizes she’s dead and that’s causing me pain. The only reason I haven’t gone completely crazy is because I know eventually she’ll wake up from this.”

“How do you think her blood lust control will be?” Klaus asked hoping to distract his brother somewhat.

“She mentioned to me that after her emotions began to go back to normal, she began to feel emotions that weren’t her own. It scared her at first, but then she realized they were my emotions. The sharing of blood we do, it strengthens our bond and we feel each other’s emotions. I’m assuming that’s going to help with her bloodlust. She’ll be able to control it better, and I’ll be able to tell when it’s becoming too hard for her to handle.” Henrik said he moved to the bed and sat down, he repositioned Bella so her head was in his lap. Feeling her this close was helping him immensely to take the pain away.

“Henrik, I think it’s time that I warn you, that after your graduation, I don’t think I can stay in Forks much longer,” Klaus said to his younger brother.

Henrik looked at him startled, “What do you mean?”

“Not only is Elijah getting closer, but it seems he’s gotten the help of a witch to try and locate me. Staying here will only bring Elijah closer to not only me, but to you and Bella also,” Klaus said, “I know it’s not in your plans to let Elijah into your life yet, so after your graduation I was planning on leaving. You and Bella are welcome to come with me, but I’m alerting you of the risks of both Elijah and Mikael if you do.”

“She’s grown attached to you Nik, she looks at you like a brother she won’t leave you and neither will I. I just got you back I’m not going to just abandon you when things get rough. We’re a family Nik and we’ll stick together on this. We’ll handle Mikael and Elijah when the time comes, but in the meantime we’ll stay together,” Henrik said his face becoming serious, he had no intentions of losing his brother again.

Klaus nodded, he was glad to know his brother and his new sister wouldn’t be leaving him like his other siblings had done when the threat of Mikael rose. “The decision where to go is up to you and Bella, you should continue to live as normally as possible.”

“I’ll leave it up to her, she got into every college she applied to, and she has a scholarship to whichever she chooses to go to,” Henrik said with a prideful smile, “She can go anywhere.”

“And what will you do,” Klaus asked.

Henrik shrugged, “I got into most of the colleges she got into I’ll go where she goes. I’ll get a degree in something.”

“She’s coming back, I can feel it.” Henrik smiled, he was feeling a lot better now that she was only seconds away from waking up. “Come on Belle, wake up.” Henrik’s hands began to shake with nerves the fear that his Belle might not make it was settling in and a part of him was worried. He knew if she were to die he’d be next, there wasn’t a life to live on this earth if he didn’t have the person that meant the world to him with him.

Finally Henrik sighed in relief as Bella took in a deep breath sitting up on the bed gasping deeply for air. She turned to Henrik and smiled, “I’m back Henri.” Henrik smiled feeling the bond between them change, they now had a deeper connection, one that meshed them together. Were their feelings were still their own, but now they could feel the other more strongly, they could practically talk to one another through their feelings. They were now equals, two souls that are connected to belong together for eternity.

“Never die again,” Henrik whispered as he hugged Bella to him tightly. “Never ask me to kill you again.” Henrik whispered lowly in her ear so only she would be able to hear his words. Bella clutched onto him, she could only nod.

Both turned as Klaus closed the door, Bella laughed, “It seems we ran him off.”

“I love you,” Henrik said kissed her forehead, “Don’t ever leave me again, I felt as if I was going to die.”

“We have eternity together Henri,” Bella said whilst looking up at him, “I have no intention in ever leaving you, life just wouldn’t be life without you.” Bella’s head nuzzled into his neck, she didn’t realize how strongly his blood would call to her. She stood up abruptly and took a cautious step back as the veins began to appear around her eyes and her fangs popped out. “Henri.” Bella whimpered as the urge to bite him was becoming stronger than it was before.

“It’s okay Belle,” Henrik said as he took a step towards her, “It’s instinct. What you’re feeling is the need to mark me and to drink from me.” He unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt and exposed his neck, he stood in front of Bella, and cupped her chin forcing her to look at him. “It won’t hurt me, actually, it’d be just the opposite, so go ahead and drink from me.”

Bella looked at him again, he gave a nod, and she inched forward, she placed a small tender kiss on his neck. She bit into his neck and moaned at the taste of him, it was incredible. It wasn’t soon after Bella sunk her fangs in Henrik that Henrik bit down on Bella. Both wounds healed at the same time. Bella looked up at Henrik with a wide grin, “That was actually really intense.”

Henrik laughed, he took his thumb and wiped off a drop of blood from the corner of Bella’s mouth, “Seems you missed a drop.”

Bella licked the blood off his thumb, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, Henri maybe you’re just seeing things.”

Henrik laughed, and kissed Bella, “Today’s the beginning of our eternity, Belle.”

“I can’t wait for what’s to come,” Bella responded with a smile, “Nothing too bad I hope.”

“You never know, but there are some things I wish to talk to you about Bella,” Henrik said as he felt he should get what Nik had mentioned out of the way now.

Bella looked up at Henrik, “I heard, I was beginning to come to when you spoke with your brother. I see him as my own brother Henri, I don’t want to leave him. Right after graduation we can leave or even before then.”

“We’ll leave after graduation,” Henrik said, “Anywhere you want to go to college.”

Bella nodded, “Sounds great Henri.” Bella reached for her throat, “It’s starting to burn Henri.”

“I know Belle, I’ll take you to feed right now,” Henrik said, he grabbed a jacket and placed it on Bella. He kissed her temple, “Let’s go to Seattle.”

Author’s Note

Yes, I know this might seemed a bit rushed to you, and might not have as much detail as you would’ve wanted, but in a chapter or two, I plan to introduce Mystic Falls to the story, and I wanted to get Forks wrapped up. The next chapter might have a few flashbacks and a bit of a time leap, but nothing too drastic.

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  1. Well the end of the Cullen’s were deserved. Good riddance.

    Happy for Bella to get control of her powers and now that she’s finally transitioned.

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