Bella The Witch: Chapter 3


Saying Goodbye.

It’s been a month since Bella figured out she was a witch, and she’s spent the last month reading all of the books. Magic came easily to her, she was able to do it with ease, and now it was almost natural for her to use it whenever she had the chance. She knew about all the creatures out there, the demons, the werewolves, the shape shifters, the vampires, the sirens, the succubus, elves, fairies, everything that was out there she knew about them. What interested her the most were the vampires. There were three known types of vampires, the first were the human vampires which were vampires that were the most human, but they went extinct several years ago. Then there were the classic vampires, these vampires had fangs and burn with the sun. These vampires still existed and were the strongest vampires. Then there were the Cold ones, which least resembled humans. They didn’t have fangs and they sparkled in the sun. Bella found it interesting the differences in vampires and was learning the history of both types of vampires. The classical vampires were created by a witch of nature, she turned her family into vampires after one of her children died of a werewolf attack. There were 6 originals, Mikael, Finn, Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah and Kol. Esther their creator is still trying to kill them to end vampire kind. The cold ones were created to defend against the classical vampires. The witch that created them was obsessed with looks and appearances that she made the cold ones a race of egotistical vampires. They have super abilities, but aren’t as strong as classical vampires. Some share powers or abilities, like classical vampires. Classical vampires all have the ability to turn into animals, and some have the ability to control the basic weather elements.

Bella ran down the stairs in excitement, she finally got it, she finally figured it out. “You guys! I got it, I figured it out!”

“Whoa there Bells, what did you figure out?” Riley said as he finished fixing up the living room with Victoria. The two vampires had been fixing the house for the last month. They had packed everything that belonged to Charlie and put it in one of the storage units, it was their way of saying goodbye and finding some peace. They had renovated everything and bought all new furniture for every room, they wanted to keep everything in good condition if they ever decided to move back to Forks.

“Remember how I told you about the classical vampires, and how they’re stronger and more human than cold ones. Well, I finally figured out a spell that will change you both into classical vampires. This way you guys will seem more human and you won’t have to hide so much. If it works, I’ll be able to make you daylight rings and we’ll be able to go to Disney World!” Bella said jumping with excitement.

Both vampires look stunned at Bella, but they trusted her, she had truly become skilled in her magic. “Alright, what do we do,” Victoria said.

“What’s the plan Bells,” Riley said.

Bella ran to the kitchen and grabbed to glasses from the kitchen, “Alright, try to control yourselves alright?” Bella took a knife and cut herself strong enough that there would be sufficient blood coming out. She saw both Riley and Victoria stiffen and stop breathing. She finished and recited a spell sealing the wound on her hand. She took both glasses filled with blood and handed them both a glass.

“I need you both to drink this, and after you drink this, you might get dizzy and then you’re both going to go into a deep sleep. You’ll wake up in 2 hours, and by that time I’ll have a blood packet for the both of you. When you wake you will be a different type of vampire,” Bella said, “But since it’s my blood that’s turning you, you’ll be just as strong as an original.”

Riley and Victoria looked skeptical, but they both took the blood. They were comfortable for the moment and then they both fell asleep on the couch. Bella closed the curtains and made sure there was no light coming in. She took Riley and Victoria’s engagement rings and charmed them. She put numerous spells on both the rings. She put a protection spell against the sunlight, a control spell for their blood lust, and a warning spell. The spell would make the rings vibrate when someone who wanted to do them harm was near and the ring would begin to ring when there was a supernatural creature near them. Bella wanted to make sure that they would be okay and would always have a warning. She had put the same spell on her necklace. She placed the rings back on the both of them. She went back up to her room and sat down on the floor, she concentrated on her conjuring spell, she asked for blood bags, and in seconds 4 blood bags appeared in front of her. She took the blood bags and went back downstairs and put them in the freezer.

She grabbed her book of creatures and took a seat on an armchair and began to read while she waited for Riley and Victoria to wake up. She was interested on the other type of witch, the ones of nature. They were always supposed to be the ones that looked after humans, but they were the ones to create problems for humans. They were limited to do what nature allowed them, Bella was a real pure witch and was much stronger than any witch of nature. Bella’s powers came from her soul and ancestors she was able to do almost anything.

Bella heard stirring and got up, she went to the freezer and pulled out the blood bags. She took them back to Riley and Victoria and set them in front of them. She waited a few minutes and they woke up looking confused. Bella pointed to the blood bags and watched as their faces changed. After they finished they both visibly relaxed. She explained to them more of the classical vampire’s way of life and then told them that when they hunted they could compel the humans to forget being fed off of. Bella explained their rings and then told them to go out and hunt, they needed real blood to hold them over a bit.

Bella returned to her books and began reading the potions book, making potions was the worst thing to do, you always had to have spare room. Nature witches’ potions were simple to make, but real witch’s potions asked for a lot of time and a lot of cooking and mixing, and you always had to be precise. One mistake could ruin the potion and create serious problems.


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  1. Love that she figured out the spell to turn Riley and Vicky into traditional vampire.


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