Bella The Witch: Chapter 11



Bella got into her car, and instantly took some of her healing potion, she was extremely sore from her morning workout. The potion took its effect, and she felt instantly better than she had before. She drove back to her house, she wanted a shower and then she needed to head to the bookstore, she had decided to hire on two new employees. The store was becoming more popular and she and Steph could use the help.

Bella knew she was going to have to tell Nik about the doppelganger, but she decided to do it after she got more information on her, so she was going to go the gossip queen of the supernatural world, the sirens. Luckily for Bella, Sirens were always in cities, and they were always in well-populated areas with very young people. Sirens were vampires, but they are more appealing and can lure anyone to them.

-Page Break-

“Steph, I’m starting the interview, tell me if someone comes,” Bella said heading into the back office.

“Alright Bells,” Steph said as she fixed the books and Bella walked into her office. She took a seat, and went through the applications that were put in she had a few appointments, but there was space for people to just walk in.

Bella finished up her 6th interview, but she was completely blown away by how weird some people could be. Bella slouched back in her chair and closed her eyes.

“Bella,” Klaus said as he knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Bella said keeping her eyes closed.

“Good morning Bella,” Elijah said behind Klaus.

“Good morning Elijah, Nik,”Bella said finally opening her eyes, “Assuming you’re not here for the interview, what can I help you with?”

“We’re planning to go and see what exactly these coordinates lead to,” Nik said, “Care to join us?”

“What time?” Bella asked.

“We leave at 8, the coordinates lead to a town a few hours away, we plan to go looking for whatever it is Mikael had tomorrow,” Klaus said.

“I’m all for it,” Bella said, “But can we leave at 8:30 instead, I have some errands to run first.”

“8:30 it is,” Klaus said, “What are the interviews for?”

“Needed a few new employees,” Bella said with a shrug, “What are you both up to today?”

“Nik, was helping me move my things into his home,” Elijah said.

“You mean mansion right?” Bella said with a smile teasing Nik at the size of his home.

“Your home is bigger than mine Bella,” Klaus said with a smirk.

“Right…forgot,” Bella said, “I’m going to head out to lunch, either of you care to join me.”

“I’d love to Bella,” Elijah said.

“Sorry Bella, but I have some errands to run,” Klaus said, “Get to know my know-it-all brother.”

Bella laughed, “Let’s get going Elijah, we can walk.”

“I’ll see you both later,” Klaus said. Bella grabbed her jacket and her bag and left, with Elijah.

“Where would you like to go Elijah,” Bella asked as they walked the streets of New York.

“I’m not very picky Bella,” Elijah said.

“Really?” Bella asked, surprised knowing that Nik was very picky with everything he does.

“You seemed surprised,” Elijah commented.

“It’s just strange,” Bella said, “Nik is picky with everything. He doesn’t drink blood unless it’s AB positive, he’s very precise about things. I just expected you to be the same, sorry for the assumption.”

“No need to apologize Bella, I could see why you make the assumption, but I am not picky about things as Nik.” Elijah said.

“Alright, so how about that café over there,” Bella says, “I heard they have fantastic sandwiches.” Elijah and Bella walked to the café together. Bella ordered a coffee and a sandwich while Elijah just ordered a coffee. They took a seat on the outdoor tables.

“Why did you move in with Nik,” Bella asked Elijah as she began to eat her sandwich.

“I thought I’d put effort into forgiving him, and moving in with him seemed like the best way,” Elijah said, “Where is your brother?”

“Mystic Falls Virginia,” Bella said, “We own a house there, and he moved there with his wife for a while, before they decided to move here with me. His name is Riley.”

“Why did you two separate?” Elijah asked taking a sip of his coffee.

“I needed to be by myself for a while, no strings to the past, just me,” Bella said, “I was holding some guilt from my hometown, and being around my brother and his wife kind of just kept me sheltered. I wanted something new, some time without them to just get my head straight, to figure something’s out.”

“What could you have guilt over?” Elijah asked curiously.

“I took a life,” Bella said playing with the crust of her sandwich not wanting to look Elijah in the eye, “Nothing has ever been the same since. Your brother actually helped getting rid of some of the guilt, I think that’s why we’re so close friends. I helped him and he helped me.”

“If you don’t mind my asking, what happened,” Elijah asked. Bella went into telling him her story, and to her surprise she found it easy to talk to him.

“I felt guilty over his death,” Bella finished, “Always blaming myself, believing that what I did had made me a monster. When I told Nik, he told me that I shouldn’t feel guilty. It was easier to believe him than anyone else. He too had done things that he wasn’t proud of and felt guilty over, but he did it to save the lives of others and himself. I did what I had to do in order to save my own life.”

“I’m sorry for the loss of your father,” Elijah said.

Bella smiled, “He was a great man. Always looking out for me, and making sure I was always okay and safe. He died trying to protect me, and I’ll always be grateful for that. Anyway, how long have you been in New York?”

“Not very long,” Elijah said, “I tracked Klaus here not too long ago, and when I saw he was staying put, I rented out the hotel room. What about you?”

“Not very long,” Bella said, “I moved here after a visit to our home in Florida. We wanted to make sure the homes Charlie had left us were in good shape, so I moved here while Riley and Victoria moved to Mystic Falls. Apparently, our family was very wealthy so all our houses are more like mansions.”

“Where do you currently live now?” Elijah asked curious

“NiK didn’t tell you?” Bella asked with a raised eyebrow.

“No he never mentioned it,” Elijah said.

“Well, I’m your neighbor,” Bella said with a smile, “I didn’t find out until after I met Nik. It was a coincidence.”

Elijah smiled, “Quite a coincidence, are you the reason the kitchen is filled with coffee and hot chocolate?”

Bella laughed and nodded, “When Nik and I were trying to figure out a good spell for the coffins, I spent a large amount of time at his house, so I told him he needed to stock his kitchen with something other than blood, and since my favorite drinks are coffee and hot chocolate he got those.”

-Page Break-

Bella changed into a blood red skin tight dress with black heels, she let her hair down and put on some make up, she had an hour until it was 8, so she needed to work fast. She threw on a black leather jacket and left her home as quickly as she could. She drove to a club where she knew a Siren clan favored. Bella sucked in a breath and walked to the door of the club. The bouncer looked her up and down and motioned her forward. Bella stepped into the club, her necklace was ringing, but Bella relaxed seeing how it wasn’t vibrating.

She walked around, blending in when she spotted exactly who she was looking for.

“Samantha correct?” Bella said walking up to the Siren the book of creatures had her as the lead Siren.

“That would be me,” She said turning to look at Bella, “Do you need something sweetheart?”

“Just a bit of information, and everyone knows that sirens are the best at having information,” Bella said with a grin as Samantha became surprised that Bella knew what she was.

Samantha smirked, “Come on sweetheart, let’s go to the back room.” Samantha grabbed Bella’s hand and led her through the crowd to the back room.

“I mean no harm to you are the rest of your siren clan,” Bella said as she entered the room.

“I can’t use my allure on you,” Samantha said her voice filled with sadness, “You’re mated.”

“I’m not mated,” Bella said confused. Sirens were good at reading bonds, and when someone found their soul mate, it would make them immune to the allure of a siren.

“Yes you are sweetheart, a strong bond from what it looks like,” She said, “I hope he’s cute, so tell me sweetheart what do I get from giving you the information.”

Bella reached into her purse and pulled out a small ring, “Daylight ring, I know Sirens don’t really get along with witches of nature, so I’m offering you a ring, made by a Swan witch. This ring can’t be controlled by nature witches.”

“How can I trust you,” Samantha asked.

“I’m a Swan witch,” Bella answered, “I spelled the ring myself, if it doesn’t work, I own Swan’s bookstore, you could always find me there.”

Samantha took the ring and placed it on her finger and wiggled her finger admiring the ring, “All right sweetheart, what do you want to know?”

“I want to know everything you or anyone else in your clan knows about the doppelganger in Mystic Falls,” Bella said.

“Take a seat, everyone’s talking about that girl,” Samantha said as she took off her heals and sat down on a bed. Bella sat down across from her and looked straight at Samantha ready to hear her talk.

“Before you start, a nature witch can’t touch that ring, but it’s spelled, if you lie to me, the daylight spell will disappear and you’ll become toast in the sun,” Bella said to Samantha.

“Smart girl,” Samantha said eyeing Bella, “Complete and honest truth, I want to keep this ring.”

“Let’s get started I don’t want to leave any details out,” Bella said.

Samantha begins talking, telling Bella about Elena’s childhood, her teenage years. Head cheerleader, athletic, smart, a bit vain, but nothing out of the ordinary for a Petrova. She continued to speak about the death of her parents and being saved by the youngest Salvatore Stefan. Dating Stefan, Damon Salvatore, Bonnie the witch. She continued to give every detail she had about Elena Gilbert and everyone in her life. Samantha was just finishing up as Bella’s phone began to ring, she went to answer it and saw it was 8:45. Bella cursed herself for forgetting she sent Klaus a quick text and returned to Samantha.

“Everyone is searching for her,” Samantha said, “They all want her to make a few deals with the original brothers. Word is, Elijah wants Klaus dead, and Klaus wants the girl to use her in a Sun and Moon curse. Werewolves everywhere have been looking for this girl and for Klaus, but they’re impossible to find. What did you want this information for?”

“A friend of mine,” Bella said, she wrote down her phone number and handed it to Samantha, “If you hear anything else, please contact me. If it’s good enough, I’ll give you another ring for another Siren in your clan.”

Samantha nodded and took the paper, “Will this ring really protect me from the sun?”

“Yes, and no one but me will be able to manipulate it, so it’s safe from witches of nature,” Bella said standing up.

“Your mate is lucky,” Samantha said eyeing Bella, “You’re gorgeous.”

Bella laughed, “I don’t know how many times I will repeat this, I don’t have a mate yet.”

“Trust me sweetheart, the bond is new, but it’s there and it’s strong, you’re mated,” Samantha said with a smirk.

Bella looked at her, “Do you know who?”

“Nope sweetheart, I can’t tell more than the age of the bond and the strength,” Samantha said standing up, “It’s about 2-3 days, and it’s strong. Let me walk you out, your human, and shouldn’t be here anymore, someone could easily hurt you, and by the way your dressed one of my clan members will see you as a tasty meal.” Samantha grabbed Bella’s hand and led her out of the room and through the crowd, it was obvious Samantha was the alpha as no one even looked at Bella as she walked by, scared of what Samantha might do to them.

“It was nice meeting you Samantha,” Bella said as they got outside.

“Call me Sam, I have a feeling we’re going to be talking more,” Samantha said twirling the paper with Bella’s number in her hand.

“Isabella, but I prefer Bella,” Bella said as she walked back to her car, she headed straight to Klaus’s home, once again forgetting what she was wearing. Bella got out of the car and headed to the front door which opened immediately swung open when she reached the doorstep.

“Bella?” Klaus questioned looking at her clothes, “You do know you’re going to be sitting in a car for a few hours, is that really what you want to wear?”

Bella looked down at her clothes, “It isn’t, but I forgot to change, mind if I use your bathroom to change.”

“Go ahead, but if you don’t mind my asking where were you?” Klaus asked, “I know you’re not one for clubs.”

“I’ll explain in the car after I’ve changed,” Bella said walking back to her car and grabbing one of her gym bags that held an extra pair of clothes. She walked back to see Elijah now standing next to Klaus. “Hello Elijah.” Bella walked away and up the stairs to change.

Klaus looked at his brother and laughed loudly, “I never thought someone’s eyes could literally pop out of their sockets, but your beginning to prove me wrong. Oh, and close your mouth Elijah, you might catch flies.”

Elijah fixed his composure and glared at his brother, “Shouldn’t you be starting the car?”

“I should be, but I’m enjoying seeing you around Bella. Tell me brother, are you beginning to fancy the girl,” Klaus asked with a smirk as he looked at his brother.

“That is none of your concern Niklaus, you should go start the car” Elijah said staring to where Bella was, he didn’t notice it himself, but he was keeping an ear out for her heartbeat making sure she was okay.

“Fine,” Klaus said, “But this conversation is far from over Elijah.”

“Of course it isn’t,” Elijah said irritated as he began walking away and into the kitchen.

Bella walked down the stairs in a pair of skinny jeans and a hoodie. She had her dress, jacket and heals tucked away in the bag. Bella was greeted at the bottom of the stairs by a smiling Elijah holding a sealed cup for her.

“Thought you might enjoy some hot chocolate with this trip,” Elijah said handing her the drink.

Bella smiled, “Thank you, where’s Nik?”

“He went to get the car started,” Elijah said taking the bag from Bella as they walked outside.

Bella took a sip of her chocolate and smiled, “This tastes great. How do you know how to make one?”

“I know how to do most human things,” Elijah said, “I’m not as incompetent as my brother when it comes to human things.”

Bella laughed, “I can see that, Nik isn’t very good at making one of these. I’m sure he is capable of burning water.”

Elijah chuckled, “I wouldn’t be surprised.”

“It’s not very nice to talk bad about people when they’re not around,” Klaus said as he saw Elijah and Bella coming towards the car.

“Seeing as you can hear every word we’re saying, technically you were around,” Bella said with a smile, “I take it I’m not driving?”

“We want to get there before tomorrow morning, not tomorrow afternoon,” Klaus said as he got in the driver’s seat. Bella got in the back seat and put on her seat belt, Elijah sat in the passenger’s seat.

“We were supposed to leave 30 minutes ago,” Klaus told Bella.

“I realized, and with your driving we’ll make up for lost time,” Bella said with a smirk, “If you must know, I went to a club strictly on business.”

“What kind of business do you need to go to a club for?” Klaus asked with a roll of his eyes.

“Niklaus, what Bella chooses to do in her spare time is her business alone,” Elijah stated with a small smile towards Bella.

Bella smiled, “Thank you Elijah, but if you must know I went to do a bit of bribing, and you wouldn’t imagine what I found out.”

“What exactly did you found out?” Klaus asked.

“You both remember Katerina correct?” Bella asked.

“We remember her,” Klaus said for both him and Elijah.

“I believe she’s still running from Klaus,” Elijah commented.

“She is, but you see my brother lives in Mystic Falls, and there he met a girl who goes by the name of Elena Gilbert,” Bella said pulling out her phone, “She’s human, about 17 close to 18 I believe, would you like to see her?” Bella handed her phone to Elijah to look at the picture. Elijah looked startled but handed the phone to Klaus.

“Doppelganger,” Klaus said looking at the picture, “You found her.”

“I did, and I found out some more about her, apparently, she’s dating the youngest Salvatore brother. The one they called the Ripper. Anyway, it just so turns out that Katerina is there to use Elena to make a deal with you Nik. She wants to trade Elena for her freedom, but the fact that no one knows where the two original brothers are at is making it rather difficult for her to use Elena. Anyway, Elena is still human, so you can do your ritual, and I made a potion for her, it’ll save her life and bring her back to life as a human. It’ll help you to get her to do the spell willingly, and keep the Salvatore’s from taking her and running away. I should also mention that there are many werewolf packs that are looking for Elena and Nik so that Nik can break the fake Sun and the Moon curse.” Bella said.

“Where did you get all this information?” Elijah asked turning in his seat to look at Bella.

“That’s what I was at the club for,” Bella said, “Sirens are the gossips of the supernatural world, and it just so happens that the gossip queen herself was here in New York, so I went to pay her a visit.”

“What are Sirens exactly?” Klaus asked a bit confused.

“Sirens are vampires, both female and Male. They have an allure to them, their beauty is exceptional, and anyone, including other vampires could fall into their allure. Sirens are not specific to one gender, they go for both men and women. The club that I went to was packed with Sirens, it’s a clan of them. They only come out at night time, witches aren’t very taken with Sirens, so they refuse to make them daylight rings, and if they do have daylight rings they de-spell them. There are only certain people who can avoid the effects of a Siren, but Sirens can be very picky about their food, and the people they allow to be near them. They have a soft spot for the color red, and leather. Which would explain the dress and the jacket.” Bella said.

“Wait, so you offered yourself up for food to get information,” Klaus asked.

“I had to get into the club,” Bella said, “And the first step was getting past the bouncer, he’s a siren, so he has to approve of everyone who goes in. Anyway, back to the doppelganger, her adoptive parents died not so long ago, and she was left with her brother and in the custody of her aunt who is now dating a vampire hunter. The town has a local witch, Bonnie Bennett, and a few wolves and a few more vampires. This town is crawling with supernatural creatures.”

“Are you sure she’s from the Petrova line,” Klaus asked.

“Positive, Elena’s biological mother Isobel is Katerina’s descendant,” Bella said, “Elena Gilbert is your doppelganger.”


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  1. Meeting the siren was pretty cool. Great way to get gossip and make friends with them. Love the tidbit Sam gave Bella about being mated.


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