Reaper Twins: Chapter 10

rt chpt 10

Bella arrived at the Caverns and saw Henrik’s spirit hanging around where he took his last breath.

“Are you sure this is where died?” Bella asked, “Since you don’t have your body, I need to be where your Essence was last at.”

Henrik nodded, “This is it. This where I died. I visit it a lot, so I know the exact spot.”

Bella nodded, “Bekah, I need you to go to the nearest store, and bring back some clothes for Henrik. Don’t tell anyone about this. Get the clothes and come straight back.”

Rebekah nodded, “I won’t tell anyone, I promise. I’ll be right back Henrik.”

“Clothes?” Henrik asked.

“I don’t have your body, so when I bring you back you’re going to come back in a new body, you’ll like you used to when you died, but you’ll just be more naked,” Bella said with a shrug.

“You just wanted to see me naked, I understand,” Henrik said with a laugh.

Bella laughed, “You’re about 15!”

Henrik laughed, “Being on the other side, I’m more mature than what I look like.”

“How do you think you’ll adapt to the new times?” Bella asked, “It’s been over a thousand years.”

“I’ve been watching Nik and the rest of my family for over a thousand years, I’m well aware of everything, will you take me to cut my hair when we’re done here?” Henrik asked running his hand through his hair.

“Sure, we can go and by you clothes too, I’m sure Bekah will love that bonding time with you, because we know your brothers will occupy you with everything else,” Bella said.

“Thank you for this,” Henrik said.

Bella smiled, “You’re welcome, now, come lie down right here, and close your eyes. Just relax and let go, when you open your eyes, you’ll be back here.” Henrik did what Bella asked and relaxed. He felt a pull and then he felt again. He could begin to feel the ground beneath him, he could feel as Bella took off her jacket and placed on him to cover him up. He almost chuckled at that. He could hear Rebekah coming back, and Bella tell her she was going overboard with everything she bought.

“He doesn’t need a muscle shirt it’s winter!” Bella told Rebekah the humor in her voice was noticeable.

“Well, I was nervous, I haven’t seen him in so long, I didn’t know what he would like,” Rebekah said.

Bella laughed, “Alright, he’s almost waking up, you got him underwear right.”

Rebekah pulled out 4 different type of underwear, “I didn’t know if he wanted Boxers, briefs, or ones with cartoons, or these ones that come with padding.”

Bella laughed again, “You’re funny when you’re nervous Bekah.”

Rebekah stared as Henrik’s body began to take breaths in, “Oh God.”

“Henri,” Bella said, “You should wake up before Bekah begins to go crazy.”

“Henri?” Henrik says as he begins to rub his eyes as he waked up.

“It’s more modern,” Bella said, “Bekah, you should hand him his clothes, I know you want to hug him, but I doubt you want to when he’s naked.” Rebekah quickly handed Henrik his clothes with a large smile. Bella and Rebekah turned around to let him change in peace.

Rebekah hugged Henrik tightly once he was done, “I missed you so much when you died!”

“I know Bek,” Henrik said, “I was there, I saw everything. I never blamed any of you for what happened to me.”

Bella smiled at the love between the siblings, “Guys, if we want to make the barber, we should probably leave now.”

Rebekah nodded, “Let’s go take care of that mane of yours and then we can go shopping and get you everything you’re going to need.”

Henrik nodded, “Let’s go, can I drive?”

Bella laughed, “You haven’t been alive for more than a few minutes and you’re already trying to get yourself killed.”

“Worth a try,” Henrik said as he got in the back seat. Rebekah began telling him everything she knew about this time. Bella stayed quiet letting the two bond again.

“Thank you for this opportunity again Elle,” Henrik said.

“Elle?” Bella and Rebekah asked.

“You call her Isa, her brother calls her Izzy, and everyone else calls her Bella or Bells, I went with something new,” Henrik said with a grin.

Bella laughed, “I guess it makes sense, so what kind of hair cut are you thinking?”

“Short, a thousand years with long hair, I’ve grown tired of it,” Henrik said running his hand again through his hair.

Rebekah grinned, “I now know something Nik doesn’t!”

Henrik laughed, “A lot of times when you knew something he didn’t you always blurted it out too early before you could use it to your benefit.”

“I did?” Rebekah asked.

“Nik is easy to play, but you have to know exactly what to do,” Henrik said, “Trust me I’ve watched him for a long time. I understand him better than anyone else in the family, we’re alike.”

Rebekah looked confused and Bella sighed, “Henrik is your half-brother, but he’s Klaus’s full brother.”

“You mean you have the werewolf gene?” Rebekah asked.

Henrik nodded, “Nik wasn’t the only one born out of marriage. The supernatural part of me is what kept me stuck in the other side. When I couldn’t find peace I figured out it was because I wasn’t completely human, so I was stuck on the other side. I’ve been watching all of you for some time, but mainly I kept close to Nik. He was always the one that I worried about. He was self-destructive and no one ever cared enough to notice. Things started to change after Mikael died, and then Bella happened, that he just started to change slowly.”

“Bella happened?” Rebekah asked.

“You could call it love at first sight with Nik,” Henrik said with a smirk.

“What about Caroline?” Rebekah asked, “He seemed so in love with her.”

“All just an act to make little Elle jealous,” Henrik said with a smile, “Idiot wasn’t taking the time to get to know Elle enough to understand that it wasn’t going to work. It took Marco to knock some sense into him.”

“Marco?” Bella asked.

“The night of the ball, your brother was about to leave when Nik stopped him asking where you went. Your brother told Nik that what he was planning wasn’t working, you weren’t the type of girl who got jealous, more of the type of girl who shoved her feelings down to make sure others you cared about were happy,” Henrik said.

Bella groaned, “Stupide older brothers, change of topic, how about we explain cell phones to you?”

Bella and Rebekah got into the explanation of all technology. Bella had fun explaining to Henrik about the supernatural. The three arrived at the barber and Rebekah specified how Henrik should get his hair cut to the barber. While Bella talked with Henrik.

“Maybe you should just go bald, and we could buy you different type of wigs,” Bella said to Henrik as she looked through a wig magazine.

Henrik laughed, “That is by far the worse idea I’ve ever heard.”

“You could get hair that matches your clothes,” Bella said with a smile.

“I’m getting it cut, not shaving it off for your amusement,” Henrik said.

“Alright, but tell me, you said you watched me before, how come I never saw you,” Bella asked.

“Easy, I did it from a distance, and you were always with your brother so you never noticed,” Henrik said.

Bella nodded, “What did you hear?”

“It was after you killed Esther, you were on the roof with Marco,” Henrik said, “And then the first time you met Nik, I just saw you go back home and call your brother.”

Bella nodded, “How does it feel to be back?”

“Great, really great,” Henrik said with a grin, “I can touch things again, I can talk to people again, I feel good being human.”

“You’re more than human you know, you are a werewolf,” Bella said.

“Right, I haven’t activated the gene yet, so I’ll be just fine,” Henrik said.

“Be careful, and not do anything that could be dangerous and get someone killed,” Bella said.

“I know I’ve seen people go through the change, I don’t want to go through that, it looks terrifying,” Henrik said with a shudder.

Bella nodded and rested a hand on his shoulder, “Are you ready?”

“Of course, let’s get started,” Henrik said as he stood up and sat in the chair. Bella and Rebekah saw as his hair began to fall to the floor. By the time the cut was over he looked like a mini Kol mixed with a bit of Klaus.

Bella laughed, “You’re adorable!”

Henrik groaned, “Never call a man adorable, it’s degrading.”

Rebekah laughed, “You look so cute, let’s go buy you clothes!”

Henrik followed not knowing what he was getting himself into with shopping with Rebekah. Bella followed laughing when Henrik would turn down a shirt but then agree to it when Rebekah did her puppy dog eyes to him.

“Alright, we bought the store, and I have to meet Marco in ten minutes,” Bella said.

“Okay okay, let’s get going, just let me pay for this,” Rebekah said grabbing her pair of shoes and Henrik’s clothes.

“Thanks, I know you don’t have to meet your brother for another 10 minutes,” Henrik said with a sigh.

Bella smiled, “Hey, I’m proud of you, for a first timer you lasted longer than I thought you would.”

“Do you think they’d be happy to see me?” Henrik asked.

“Have you seen how Bekah was today,” Bella said glancing back at the store, “You’re going to bring them back together.”

“You know I was happy when I died,” Henrik said, “I was so happy that I got to see the wolves that I got to experience that, when I died, I was happy. Nik had taken me to see something that I was begging to see, he was a good brother to me. He protected me from Mikael and would take the blame for things that I did, and then he’d always tell me stories and show me how to do things. I know what Nik did with the whole Ball thing was wrong, but you have to understand, that he wanted to know if you felt anything for him. If you became jealous, he would know you felt something for him, but he was too scared to actually approach you so he came up with that little plan. He really does hold feelings for you, strong ones, and that’s what scares him. It’s what scares you too right? That the same thing that happened to Edward will happen with Nik. That somehow things will end bad, that he’ll leave.”

“You are wiser than your age,” Bella commented.

Henrik smiled, “Of course I am, over a thousand years old here. Am I you’re favorite Mikaelson now?”

Bella laughed, “I don’t know Bekah has that title at the moment.”

Henrik smiled, “No she doesn’t we both know who your favorite is. You made out with him today.”

“You saw that too?” Bella asked.

“Of course I did,” Henrik said, “I was all seeing remember, you were just caught up in your other activities you didn’t notice me.”

-Page Break-

Bella pulled into the Mikaelson mansion and parked the car.

“You’re not coming inside?” Rebekah asked.

“This seems more like a family moment, so it should just be family,” Bella said with a smile.

“Will I see you later Elle?” Henrik asked opening the door of the back seat.

Bella nodded, “We can talk whenever you want Henri.”

“Good,” Henrik said stepping out of the car, “Be careful Elle.”

“I’m always careful,” Bella said.

Rebekah smiled, “I’ll see you tomorrow Bella, at the Grill for our usual lunch?”

“Of course,” Bella said with a smile. “Have fun!” Rebekah and Henrik waved as Bella drove away. Bella saw Rebekah grab Henrik’s hand and lead him inside. Bella drove to the Grill to meet Marco.

Bella saw him sitting at her booth and she took the seat across from him.

“Hey Marc,” Bella said.

“What did you do Marcella?” Marco asked looking at Bella. Bella cringed he had only called her by her middle name once before and that was with Victoria.

“I didn’t do anything Isaac,” Bella said.

“You did too, so can you tell me what you did that I even felt the power you used,” Marco said.

Bella sighed, “Well, I told Rebekah about me, and then she was telling me about her family and then her dead little brother appeared as a spirit and I brought him back.”

“You brought him back? Why did it take so much power?” Marco asked.

“No body,” Bella said, “Over a 1000 years old, he was the reason his family was turned into vampires to fight off the werewolves.”

“Was he not at peace?” Marco asked.

“No, he was stuck on the other side, he has the wolf gene,” Bella explained.

“I thought you did something stupid,” Marco said with a sigh.

“I did something for a family, and for a little boy who was trapped somewhere he didn’t want to be,” Bella said, “You’re not mad right Isaac?”

“I’m not mad Izzy,” Marco said, “I was just worried.”

“He’s a cute kid,” Bella said with a laugh.

“So he’s a wolf?” Marco asked.

Bella nodded, “He’s Klaus’s full brother. He found out when he was on the other side. I did tell him he couldn’t turn until he was at least 18 though.”

“I saw Klaus today,” Marco said, “He seemed pretty happy, but he didn’t know his brother was back so I was wondering what was making him so happy. Did you have anything to do with it?”

Bella sighed, “I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about Marc.”

“Really, because I got curious and I might’ve peeked into his mind, and do you know what he was replaying again and again in his mind?” Marco asked with a smirk, “He kept replaying the memory of kissing my baby sister in his mind.”

Bella laughed, “It was just a kiss.”

“No it wasn’t, he told you the truth about the ball,” Marco said, “And he apologized for it also.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” Bella asked.

“Not my place to tell you,” Marco said, “What now?”

“What are you asking,” Bella asked.

“What happens between you and Klaus now?” Marco asked.

Bella shrugged, “I just brought back his younger brother, I doubt he even remembers right now, he has more important things to do right now.”

“Alright whatever you say, so what did you tell Rebekah?” Marco asked.

“Renee and Charlie separating, Renee marrying, moving in with Charlie, The Cullen’s, baseball, birthday, the woods, dazzling, meeting you, and Victoria.” Bella said.

“Did you tell her about my dashing good looks?” Marco asked with a smirk.

“She’s seen you in person, I couldn’t lie about that,” Bella said with a smile, “What did you do today?”

“Nothing really,” Marco said, “I mainly caught up on my movies, and then watched some sports with Charlie, nothing too special.”

“You just live the wild life don’t you?” Bella asked with a laugh.

“More like I live my life on the edge,” Marco said with a grin.

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