Reaper Twins: Chapter 11

Rt chpt 11

“Bekah,” Henrik said stopping Rebekah at the door, “What if they’re not happy to see me? What if they hate me because I was the reason they were turned. It’s been a thousand years, so much has changed with them they could hate me now.”

“They won’t hate you,” Rebekah said smiling at her younger brother, “We are a family, you coming back is going to keep us a family. Everything is going to be okay, I promise.”

Henrik nodded, “Okay, let’s go. Let’s get this over with.”

Rebekah opened the door to the house, she only caught the scent of Klaus and Kol in the house. Elijah and Finn must still be out to searching for Sage. Rebekah showed Henrik to the living room.

“Wait right here, I’m going to go get Nik and Kol,” Rebekah said. Henrik sat down as he started fiddling with his hands.

“Why are you forcing us to the living room, I was with a guest,” Kol said.

“Yes, I saw the harlot you were with, this is more important, that’s why I compelled her to go,” Rebekah answered.

“Rebekah I was busy, what do you want?” Klaus asked.

“You were painting, this is more important,” Rebekah said.

“What is it?” Kol asked as they appeared in the living room. They stopped as they saw Henrik pacing the living room.

“What is this,” Klaus asked getting slightly angry, he believed this must be a trick of sorts.

“No Hello for your younger brother?” Henrik said staring at his brothers.

“How are you back,” Kol stuttered. Klaus looked at his younger brother, the tears swelling in his eyes as he looked at him, he was real.

“Elle brought me back,” Henrik said becoming nervous because neither one of his brothers had approached him yet.

“Elle?” Klaus asked his younger brother as he fought back his tears.

“Isabella,” Henrik clarified, “I spoke with her when I was on the other side, and she brought me back.”

“Why?” Kol asked finally going up to his brother and hugging him, to see if he was really there, and this wasn’t an illusion. Henrik hugged Kol back with a grin, he was happy to be able to see his brothers again. Henrik pulled back and looked at Klaus.

“I’m sorry,” Klaus said as he hugged Henrik letting a few stray tears slip, “I’m so sorry for not being able to protect you.”

Henrik hugged his older brother, he knew his death had hurt Klaus the most. Henrik couldn’t contain the tears that fell as he was able to hug his brother again, “I died happy. I never regretted that night. You took me to go see the one thing I was begging to see. When I died, I died happy, and I never blamed you for it. You were my older brother Nik, I always loved you even in death I never blamed you for anything.”

“How long are you back for?” Kol asked as he smiled at his little brother.

“I’m back for good, but I made a promise I wouldn’t become a hybrid until I was at least 18,” Henrik said.

“Hybrid?” Kol and Klaus asked.

“I have the werewolf gene,” Henrik said, “Nik and I have the same father.”

“What?” Klaus asked as he stood in front of his little brother.

“Esther had more than one affair with our father,” Henrik said, “I am your full brother, I have the werewolf gene in me.”

“How?” Klaus asked lost in thought.

“Well, when a man and a woman love each other they do certain activities… “Henrik began.

Kol laughed, “I missed you Henrik.”

“I know, I was watching, I watched over all of you,” Henrik said, “Mainly you Nik, you worried me.”

Klaus looked at his little brother and smiled, “Why would you worry?”

“Because I know you better than anyone else,” Henrik said to his brother, “You blamed yourself too much for everything.”

“Why would Bella bring you back?” Kol asked, “She didn’t really seem the type to be kind enough to do something like this.

Henrik glared at his brother, “Elle is as kind as they get, do not forget who saved you from Esther, and may I mention she did it without asking for anything in return.”

“She was told to by her father, she said so herself,” Kol said to his brother.

“Do not be ignorant Kol. Elle had her brother kill Esther away from all of you because she didn’t think you deserved to watch your mother die. She didn’t have to heal Finn from his compulsion, she didn’t have to unlink you, and she didn’t have to defend you against Esther, when she called you monsters! She did that because she is a genuinely nice person, but we all know that when you’re nice, people walk all over you, and Elle had to learn that the hard way,” Henrik said.

“Henrik, calm down, he didn’t know any of this, let’s go back tell them about how you came back,” Rebekah said said resting a hand on his brother’s shoulders.

“Rebekah and Elle were talking about their pasts,” Henrik said, “When Rebekah mentioned me I asked Elle to tell her something from me. I didn’t want any of you blaming yourselves because of my death. I told Elle about being on the other side after some talking, she told me she was going to bring me back. We went to the caverns, were I took my last breath, and she brought me back, then we went to cut my hair and then we went to buy some clothes and things for me. Then Elle brought us home.”

“Do you know why she did it though?” Kol asked.

“Elle felt bad. I was on the other side by myself, having to watch over my family, never being able to talk or to do anything, just watch. She brought me back because she felt bad, and because of all of you. Elle knew my death affected all of you, so she brought me back, so that we could be a family again.” Henrik said.

“She can bring back people too? I thought it was just her brother who could do it?” Kol asked.

“No, she can do it too, but she doesn’t like too,” Henrik said.

“What have you done on the other side?” Klaus asked.

“I watched all of you,” Henrik said, “I watched your travels, your mistakes, I watched you all do a lot of things. Where are Finn and Elijah?”

“They went looking for Sage,” Klaus answered, “They should be back in a day or two.”

“Last time I saw her she was in Vermont,” Henrik said, “I watch her when she gets too close to Klaus, I didn’t want to see her die.”

“I wouldn’t have killed her,” Klaus said.

“Not at first, but she was planning on killing you, so you would’ve killed her,” Henrik said with a shrug, “I know you Nik, if anyone poses a threat, you evaluate the situation and then you kill.”

“How come you didn’t come straight home after you came back?” Kol asked.

“I wanted to spend some time with Bekah and with Elle,” Henrik said.

“I called Elijah and Finn, and told them to come home immediately,” Rebekah said.

“Good, I can’t wait to see Elijah lose his composure when he sees me,” Henrik said with a smile, “He’s too serious.”

Klaus laughed, “How far are they Rebekah?”

“A few minutes,” Rebekah said, “I told them it was something important, and that they would regret not coming home immediately.”

“Did you all know that Kol once dated a human?” Henrik said with a smile as he looked over at his older brother.

Kol choked on his drink, “You saw that?”

“I did,” Henrik grinned, “Do you want to tell the story, or shall I?”

Klaus smiled at seeing his little brother back. He had his family together again. Their family was complete again. “Oh please tell this story, I thought humans were just food Kol?”

Kol groaned, “Thanks Henrik, I thought I could keep that a secret for eternity?”

Henrik smiled, “You’re not mad at me right Kol? I mean I did just come back from the dead.”

Rebekah laughed, “You’re already going to use that as an excuse to tell stories about us?”

“Well, I can only use it for a limited time,” Henrik said grinning, “My return will become old news soon.”

“I never remembered you being so sneaky?” Kol said with a smile.

“The other side can do that for you, so are you going to tell the story, or shall I?” Henrik asked. Kol waved for him to tell the story while he poured himself another drink. Klaus enjoyed hearing his brother’s voice and laughter as he told a story. His younger siblings were sitting together on the couch while he sat across from them watching their interaction. Kol was trying to hide his grimace as he heard his brother tell the story. He didn’t feel the guilt anymore at seeing his brother die. He smiled at his brother’s words, he had died happy. He didn’t feel alone anymore knowing that he had a full brother, that he wasn’t the only one.

“Rebekah! What is the emergency,” Elijah asked stepping in.

“We were busy Rebekah,” Finn said. Henrik stood up as he saw his brother’s enter. He turned to face them. He smiled as Elijah and Finn stopped in their tracks and turned a pale color.

“Who is this?” Elijah asked looking at Henrik, not able to believe that the younger brother they had all lost was standing in front of them.

“I understand that I’ve been dead for a thousand years, but I would suspect that you would remember who your brother is,” Henrik said looking at his brothers who were frozen in their spots. Henrik looked at Klaus, “Are they angry at me? Do they think I’m lying?”

“They’re just confused Henrik,” Klaus said standing up beside his brother in comfort to the young boy who was becoming nervous at the lack of reaction of his eldest brothers.

“Give them a few moments to collect themselves,” Kol said to his younger brother as he stood on the otherside of him.

Henrik nodded, but took a step forward to meet his brothers, “Are you going to be okay?” Elijah was the first to react, and he began to inspect Henrik when he was sure that it was the real him he engulfed him a hug. “How are you here?” Elijah asked still hugging his younger brother, he hugged Henrik tightly.

“Human Elijah,” Henrik gasped as Elijah hugged him too tightly.

“You’re real, you’re here,” Elijah said stepping back giving Finn room to hug his brother. Finn looked at his brother with a grin.

“This is absolutely amazing,” Finn said in awe staring at his brother.

“I take it you’re glad to see me?” Henrik asked his older brothers.

“Of course we are!” Elijah said hugging his younger brother again, he turned to look at his other siblings, “How is this possible?”

“The explanation is simple,” Rebekah said.

“Before we get back into explanations, I think I should mention that I am still human, and I’m starving,” Henrik said looking at his siblings.

“It’s only 7, the Grill is still open, we can take him there,” Rebekah said, “We can go grocery shopping tomorrow morning, so he always has something to eat.”

Klaus nodded, “Let’s go, come on Henrik, we can explain things to Elijah and Finn in the car.”

-Page Break-

Bella laughed as Marco told her more about his childhood, “You’re kidding me? You got tied to the flag pole?”

“I lost a bet, with a football player, so I had to accept the punishment,” Marco said with a smile, “My mother had to come in and ask the principal to untie me and bring me down.”

Bella laughed, “I don’t have memories like that!”

“If you want I can tie you to the pole here, so you can have your own memories,” Marco said with a smirk.

Bella cringed, “No thank you, I think my cold one memories will do me just fine.”

“Can I ask you something,” Marco asked.

“Go ahead,” Bella said, “You’re going to do it either way.”

“Did you like Edward because he sparkled?” Marco asked with a smirk.

“Cold ones are supposed to be deadly, but the whole sparkling thing, only reminds me of disco balls,” Bella said with a laugh.

“Do you think they would make a good disco ball?” Marco asked as he ate a French fry.

Bella laughed, “No, one, they would probably be complaining the whole time, two, they would probably have to be close to naked to be a good disco ball, three, they don’t shine in different colors like disco balls are supposed to, Four, a party in the sunlight just doesn’t work.”

“You’re right, what if you rip you ripped them apart, and then after that you tied their pieces together like in abstract art, and created a hole for the sunlight so the party could be indoors,” Marco said.

Bella laughed, “That is just ridiculous.”

“What, it would save money, because I wouldn’t have to buy a disco ball,” Marco said. Bella took a fry and threw it at Marco’s face.

“I know it sounds weird, but it feels like it’s been years since we’ve been able to just hang out as siblings like we used to in Forks,” Bella said with a smile, “You know, just goof off, and be normal.”

Marco smiled, “Who knew you could be so mushy. I feel the same, feeling normal is fun.”

Bella groaned as she heard the door chime and saw Damon walk in with Stefan and Elena beside him. Damon walked up to Bella and Marco.

“Well, if it isn’t the little killer,” Damon said.

“I prefer reaper,” Bella said with a smirk, “How’s your head? And your heart Stefan? What about you Elena, how are you feeling? Maybe next time you’ll think twice about touching the people I care about or stabbing me with a shot.”

“We will find something to kill you,” Damon hissed. Bella stood up and faced Damon.

“If you haven’t gotten the hint, I can’t die, but I sure as hell can make you die, over and over again,” Bella said with a smile.

Damon smirked, “Who would’ve thought that someone who could kill me would be so appealing to look at.”

Bella laughed, “Just leave Damon, before you get hurt.”

Damon was about to say something when the originals walked in with Henrik with them, “Looks like the originals got a new pet, and he’s human. I wonder how he would taste like.”

Bella turned serious, “Let’s make this clear Damon, The Mikaelsons are off limits, touch them and I kill you. Even think about touching the boy, and I’ll make sure that by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for death. Off limits Damon, especially the boy, do you understand?”

Marco stood beside Bella, “Her threats are mine also, and we reapers always keep our threats. I should make it clear that this time I won’t be bringing you back.”

Damon stepped back and smirked, but the fear clear in his eyes, “Fine the boy is off limits.”

Bella smiled sweetly at him, “Nice to know we have an understanding, and I suggest you make it clear to the rest of your little friends, that the threat stands for everyone. If he gets hurt, I won’t play nice anymore.” Damon nodded and walked to the bar. Bella sat back down with Marco ignoring the looks they were getting.

“If he was a cold one, I’d make him a disco ball,” Bella told Marco with a smile.

Marco laughed, “Really, I’d think I’d go with a live sculpture, compel him to pose and stay still for eternity.”

Bella laughed, “Right, I don’t have a use for a disco ball, a sculpture would do much better.” Bella toyed with her mother’s ring.

“Want to go do some late night flying,” Marco asked his sister, “I’ll race you.”

Bella sighed, she was going to answer when she caught the scent of her dad as he walked into the Grill. Bella and Marco froze as they saw him. He nodded to the door and walked out. Bella and Marco grabbed their things and stood up quickly. Their faces becoming serious, their father never went out in public where others could see him. They walked out quickly, they followed behind their father quietly as he led them to a very secluded area.

“Is something wrong dad?” Bella asked as they stopped walking.

“No Isabella, we just have more privacy out here, too many vampires in that establishment,” Death said.

“Is this about Henrik?” Marco asked already willing to defend his sister’s actions.

“No, it was a good idea to bring the boy back,” He answered, “He will be good for the family.”

Bella smiled and so did Marco, they both went to give their father a quick hug.

“I came here to congratulate you,” He said, “You did a good job, the balance is good, but I will need to ask for a favor soon, one of you, will need to go to Italy.”

“Italy?” Bella asked a bit skeptical.

“There is a cold one coven there by the name of Volturi. They’re considered cold one Royalty, but they are going to be attacked soon by a new born army, I need one of you to make sure the Volturi win. They keep a strict rule system within cold ones, and without them there would be havoc, one of you will stay while the other goes and assists with the newborn crisis.” He said.

“I’ll go,” Bella said.

“No you will not,” Marco said to his little sister.

Bella groaned, “Marc, we both know that I would be better, this way I can get some anger out.”

“I agree, Isabella should be the one to go, Marco you stay here,” their father said sternly.

Marco knew there would be no point in arguing, “When does she leave?”

“She has to be there by January 23rd, you will most likely stay for a few days, no more than a week,” he said, “I spoke with Aro, he is offering you a room, and you will both be in contact with him.”

“So in about 2 weeks I have to leave to Italy,” Bella said. Her father nodded, “Alright, anything else?”

“I love you both, be careful, your identities will soon be revealed to the world,” Death said.

Marco and Bella nodded, “We will keep things safe.”

“Good,” he said before disappearing again.

Bella groaned, “Back to the Grill, I need a drink.”

Marco laughed, “You started saying that more and more since we’ve been in this town.”

“Can you blame me?” Bella asked.

“No, I need a drink too,” Marco said, “Let’s skip the Grill, buy something to drink at the store and sit up on the roof.”

Bella smiled, “First good idea I’ve heard from you in a while Marc.” Marco put his arm around his sister’s shoulders as they walked back to the car together.

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  1. So good! Glad they are happy to have Henrik back.
    I’m surprised she will help the cold ones. I figured she’d want to end them all.


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