Dark Love: Bella S. and Theo R.

I hope you enjoy!

Theo watched curiously as Bella and Stiles said goodbye to the pack before they hurriedly left the loft. He waited several minutes before excusing himself, and followed Bella and Stiles’ scent. Instead of heading to their homes it strayed and headed into the woods.

He came upon Bella fighting the feral wolves they were looking for. Stiles was sitting on a tree branch above the fight, his legs dangling as he read from a book on his lap. “But our love it was stronger by far than the love – Of those who were older than we—Of Many far wiser than we—And neither the angels in Heaven above – Nor the demons down under the sea – Can Ever dissever my soul from the soul – Of the beautiful…”

“Annabel Lee.” Bella said as she punched through a werewolf’s chest pulling his heart out and kicking his body to the ground. “Edgar Allan Poe. Come on Stiles, give me something harder.”

Stiles sighed, “You’re a poet, Bella, you know all the good poems.”

Bella nodded, her hand squeezing the heart until it burst and the blood splattered all over her. She began gathering the bodies into a pile before a fire ball burst from her hand lighting them on fire. “That’s why I told you to give me hard ones. I know Edgar Allan Poe, he’s one of my favorites, I was thinking you would give me Robert Frost, I’m rusty on my Frost.”

Stiles sighed, “How countlessly they congregate- O’er our tumultuous snow, – Which flows in shapes as tall as trees- When wintry winds do blow— As if with keenness for our fate, our faltering few stepson to White rest, and a place of rest- Invisible at dawn. And yet with neither love nor hate,- Those stars like some snow-white- Minerva’s snow-white marble eyes- Without the gift of sight.”

Bella tilted her head to the side curiously. “Sounds familiar.”

“It should.” Stiles responded climbing down off the tree. “We read it in class a few weeks ago.”

Bella hummed and turned to put the fire out. “Stars?”

Stiles nodded, “That’s the one. Are we done for the night? Scott should be coming by later and I don’t want to have to explain why I smell like death.”

Bella smiled intertwining her fingers with Stiles’ as they turned to walk back to the jeep. “You could always say you were helping your other best friend fulfil a hunger for death.”

Stiles laughed, “A hunger for murder. If it were just for seeing someone die we could go to hospitals.”

“I can’t exactly fight it, and we both have heard the horror stories from Deaton, if I starve myself I’ll just lose control and kill half the town. It’s better to kill these small insignificant threats that come to town, then to kill anyone who gets on my nerves.” Bella responded as they made their way to the jeep.

“You’re right, if it were anyone who gets on your nerves I’d be the first to go.” Stiles responded with a smile.

“You’re my favorite nuisance.” Bella responded smiling as Stiles handed her a towel once they reached the car. “Am I that bad?”

“You practically bathed in their blood, put the towel down before you take a seat in my jeep.” Stiles said with a frown. “Last time I had to give her a real scrub down before I could get the smell of blood out of her, and I don’t have time for that this time. Scott is already getting suspicious, Deaton says he’s been asking questions about why every threat is just disappearing.”

Bella smiled, “Don’t worry, Sty, I’ll walk home and Roscoe can stay nice and clean. I’ll see you tomorrow for school?”

“Want me to pick you up?” Stiles responded curiously.

“I can walk, you’re probably going to wake up late anyway.” Bella moved and kissed Stiles’ cheek. “Thank you for coming with me tonight.”

“You’re welcome.” Stiles responded. “See you tomorrow, then?”

“Yeah, I’ll send you your English paper on the importance of poetry in about an hour. Look it over this time and at least know what’s in it.” Bella responded with a smile. “Bye Stiles!” She turned and took off running and entering the shadows and taking the back way home.

Theo watched the two of them and couldn’t help but be curious about the things that these two were doing. From then on, he was sure to watch them both, around the others they were completely normal, Stiles would be sarcastic and make snide comments to anyone and everyone. Bella would laugh and argue constantly with Derek and Scott about their methods of handling things. She would glare at Lydia constantly as the two of them did not get along in the slightest.

It was when a new threat came to town that Theo was volunteered staying behind with the ‘docile’ humans, Bella and Stiles. Stiles glared at Theo from the armchair, “I don’t trust you.”

Theo smirked and shrugged taking a seat on the couch ignoring Stiles, he watched as Bella entered the living room with a frown. “Why the fuck are we doing here? Derek called me and shouted at me that I needed to get over to the loft immediately. He then called my mother and told her that there was a dangerous creature running around and she yelled at me to get over to the loft.”

“Witches.” Stiles called out from the arm chair. “Theo is on babysitting duty.”

Bella nodded, and looked to Theo. “That’s good, let’s go get some food then, I’m starving.”

Theo stood, “Derek said to stay at the loft.”

Stiles rolled his eyes. “When have you ever followed Derek’s directions?”

Bella smiled at Theo, “Come on, Derek won’t really care as long as we stay out of the woods.”

Theo shrugged and followed them, he watched as Bella got into the passenger seat of the jeep and he got in the back.

“Can we go get pizza?” Stiles responded as he drove.

Bella turned and looked to Theo. “You okay with pizza?”

Theo shrugged, “I see no problem with it.”

They drove in silence to a pizza place in town, it was close to closing time but Bella and Stiles continued inside.

“Hey, darlings.” The blonde waitress said coming over to the booth. “Shouldn’t you be at home? It’s a school night.”

Bella smiled, “Now, we can’t go to bed on an empty stomach, can we?”

The woman laughed, “Take a seat, I’ll bring out whatever we have in the back.”

“Are there curly fries?” Stiles questioned eager for the answer to be a yes.

“I’m sure there are, Stiles. I’ll bring out what I have.” The woman responded.

Bella sat down beside Theo and across from Stiles. “You can’t survive on curly fries alone, Stiles.”

“You want to bet?” Stiles questioned glaring at Theo. “Why are you sitting next to him?”

Bella shrugged, “Theo’s warmer than you are, and I suspect that he won’t try and take food off my plate.”

“Isabella.” A voice said from behind them.

Stiles grinned, “Is there enough food for us back there?”

“You’re going to have to eat more than just curly fries, honey.” Renee responded with a smile. “Isabella, I thought Derek said to stay in the loft, were you would be safe.”

Bella smiled at her mother. “He did, but we were hungry and Theo here is more than capable of protecting us should we need it.”

Renee looked over at Theo before looking at Bella. “He’s cute, are you dating him?”

“Sorry, mom, but Theo here rejected my advances.” Bella responded with a grin. “I kept trying but it just seems I wasn’t his type.”

Renee rolled her eyes, “Get home safely, and don’t leave a mess.”

Bella accepted the kiss to her head that her mother gave her before leaving and going back into the back.

“Your advances? I wasn’t aware you were advancing on me.” Theo responded with a smirk.

“Haven’t you noticed?” Bella responded with a teasing smile. “Here I thought I was being obvious.”

Stiles made a gagging sound, “Ew. Don’t flirt that’s gross.”


Theo removed his coat and handed it to Bella. “They ripped your shirt.”

Bella looked down to see that her shirt was in pieces. “Hmm… so they did.” She shrugged off the remains of her shirt before slipping on Theo’s jacket and zipping it up. “How long have you known?”

“A few months now. I came upon you guys when Stiles was reciting poetry to you.” Theo responded helping Bella move the bodies into a pile.

Bella hummed, “I remember that.’ She glared at Theo, as she remembered how long ago that was.  “That was almost 6 months ago, asshole!”

Theo smirked, “I like to draw things out and I was curious to see how far you would go. I am curious why you do this, more specifically, why your eyes turn black when you kill someone.”

Bella lit the bodies on fire and turned to Theo. “Derek’s Uncle dated my mom, they had a child together.” Bella gestured to herself. “Instead of being a born wolf, I was born a death sapling since my body wouldn’t take to the bite, it was like I was immune. Peter explained that I was not 100% alive as his genes practically killed me while still at the same time saving me. I was born a rare breed, and to live sane and healthy I need to kill. Weres can absorb the power from an alpha or beta once they kill them, I can absorb a creature’s life force by killing them. It keeps me alive.”

“Does anybody but Stiles know?” Theo questioned curiously.

“Derek and my mom, they know what I have to do, but they both like to think that I’m just another human. They ignore it for the most part.” Bella responded tilting her head and waiting for the bodies to finish burning. “Stiles and I learned that if I kill supernatural creatures my abilities become stronger. The fire control thing was dangerous when I figured it out, I have the same strength as Derek and Scott without being an alpha. It’s a fun process. Are we done discussing my abilities? I do have to go home and shower.”

“I suppose for now.” Theo responded walking beside Bella as they made their way out of the woods. “Why didn’t Stiles come this time?”

Bella smiled, “He and Scott had something planned, and  if I could wait another day I would. Unfortunately, I was already on edge and I needed to do this to feel normal again.”

Bella turned once they reached the streets. “Bye Theo! Thank you for the jacket, I’ll give it back to you… maybe.”


Theo opened his locker very faintly hearing Bella talking to the captain of the basketball team. He could hear his heart racing from where he stood and his hands clenched because he knew the idiot was flirting with Bella.

He furrowed his brow in confusion as he saw his jacket hanging in his locker, more importantly there was a note in the coat pocket. He pulled it out and immediately recognized the scent and the handwriting from the note.

I never understood why people say opposites attract.

If it were true, I would be attracted to someone like Scott.

I believe the opposite.

Birds of a feather flock together.

And I think we both have the same dark feathers.

That tend to be covered in blood…

What do you think?

Theo looked over at Bella as she glanced over at him with a smile before returning her attention to the boy in front of her. Theo placed the note in his pocket before grabbing his jacket and closing the door to his locker. He walked over to Bella, “Thank you for returning my jacket, Bella.” He placed his arm around her waist and glared at the boy in front of him.

Bella rolled her eyes, “Really? Is being possessive a chimera thing or is it exclusively a Theo thing?”

“Both.” He responded moving and draping his coat over Bella’s shoulders. “Keep it.”

Bella rolled her eye sand pushed her arms through the sleeves, she smiled as Theo wasted no time and kissed her. Her hands wrapped around his neck tugging him closer, she pulled back quickly and grinned. “Remember where we are, no PDA at school.” Bella smiled and grabbed her backpack from the ground before turning to walk away.

Theo smirked, because he knew that Bella had accepted his claim by wearing his jacket. He turned walking to his own class thinking of what he was going to do next, because now that he knew she was attracted to him he would make sure she would stay with him.


Bella raised her head to see someone enter her room. “Just because we’re dating doesn’t mean you don’t knock.”

Theo smirked and knocked on the door. “I was worried, you and Stiles were ignoring each other today. I don’t particularly mind since your relationship with him is bordering on more than friendly.”

“He called you a serial killer.” Bella said with a shrug. “Then went on to call me a serial killer, both statements were true, but uncalled for in the situation. He also insulted my dad in our argument, Stiles went for blows below the belt on this.”

“It’s a pity you still consider him a friend. Any way I can convince you to end your friendship with him?” Theo responded moving and sitting on Bella’s bed, allowing her to move to rest her head on his lap.

“Despite this argument, Stiles is my friend, so you’re out of luck.” Bella responded with a smile, “What’s on the agenda in that psychopathic head of yours?”


Theo leaned against a tree analyzing the interaction between everyone, it was a graduation party for everyone that was catered by Renee. Bella was talking to Stiles, both discussing where they would go to school in the upcoming fall. It was obvious that wherever Bella would he was going too, because there was no way he was letting her go.

Theo noticed how Lydia stiffened and immediately walk out of the party. He followed her line of sight and saw the blonde werewolf that entered the party. Theo tensed as the blonde approached Bella and Stiles, he felt slightly at ease with the fact that Stiles seemed to hate the guy.

Bella smiled at the blonde. “Hey, Jackson. How was London? You manage to work out some issues?”

“It was fine. You get into Oxford?” Jackson responded.

Bella nodded, “Yeah, I did. Though I decided Berkeley was better for me.”

“You’re only going to Berkeley because Theo also got into Berkeley.” Stiles muttered grabbing his drinking. “Speaking of the psychopath, were, is he? I want to see his face when he meets your ex-boyfriend.”

Jackson frowned, “Theo?” He questioned looking down at Bella with a confusion, Danny hadn’t said anything about Bella dating someone.

Bella smiled as the chimera in question was already glaring at Jackson as he approached.

Stiles smiled widely. “Oh, he does not look happy. Did you not tell him that you stole Lydia’s boyfriend from her and then dated him for two years before he left for London?”

Bella rolled her eyes, “Jax, this is Theo, Theo this is Jackson, the reason Lydia Martin despises me.”

“You can’t blame me for that. You two were never friends.” Jackson responded glancing at Bella before turning his gaze to the guy in front of him.

Bella smiled, “I suppose you’re right.”

Stiles turned to Theo, “If it’s between you and Jackson, I’m on your side.”

Theo turned to Stiles a little stunned, because Stiles hated him, he could only wonder what it was that this werewolf had done to have Stiles hate him so much.

Bella went to respond, but saw Peter from the corner of her eye. “My dad’s here.” Bella said with a grin as she left the two in question and walked over to her dad.

Theo and Jackson glared at each other, both tensing as they inched forward.

Stiles sighed, “Okay. People are looking, and as entertaining as this is for me, it should come to an end. You broke up with Bella, Whitmore when you left to London without a word. Bella is now dating Theo, who is a complete psychopath, but she’s happy. Get over it. I’m going to go get something to eat.”

Theo smirked and straightened out. “The boy has a point, she’s happy, and you so much as touch her and I’ll rip your throat out.” Theo turned and walked away.

Peter frowned, “You’re dating him?”

“I am.” Bella responded with a grin. “He’s a good alpha and a great boyfriend.”

“He seems off.” Peter responded with a frown. “What does your mother think?”

“She doesn’t want to know much about him, she thinks he’s cute though.” Bella responded leaning against the wall beside her dad, watching the party, and watching Theo talk with Derek. “He doesn’t have any problem killing people, and he knows what I am and he likes tagging along with me. We make a good match.’”

Peter sighed, “You’re already bonded with him, aren’t you? You’re in his pack.”

Bella smiled widely. “It’s better than Scott.” She whispered knowing her father couldn’t disagree.

“Come. I have your graduation gift for you.” Peter said turning and walking towards Bella’s house.

Bella sighed, “No offense, pops, but you’re not the best gift giver. I think for this occasion I’d rather just have a good ol’ pat on the back. The last time you gave me a gift, you gave me a Mercedes, and the problem is I don’t particularly like to drive, so that’s collecting dust.”

Peter sighed, “Isabella, my love, do quiet down and just accept my gift.”

Bella smiled, but followed her dad. “You know, you’re welcome to come visit in New York.”

Peter smiled and ushered Bella into the house gesturing for her to have a seat before he sat across from her on the coffee table. He handed her a folder and watched for her reaction.

Bella sighed and opened the folder, her eyes widened slightly at the photo inside. It was of a large condo, that was bigger than her home now. She turned to Peter, “Please tell me this is you saying you’re moving to New York.”

Peter smirked, “It’s for you. I don’t like the idea of you in the dorms, so I would prefer for you to live in this condo.”

Bella laughed and closed the folder. “Okay. Thanks, pops. Though you know, a new phone would’ve been just as nice.” Bella hugged her father and smiled. “I’m going to go get something to eat, try and talk to mom, and convince her to stay here in Beacon Hills. I’m worried she’s going to follow me to New York and try and chaperone me.”

Bella walked back to the party with her dad, smiling as Theo approached her placing his arm around her waist and pulling her to him. She couldn’t help but grin knowing exactly what he was doing, she tilted her head for him, allowing him to mark her neck easily. “Feel better?”

“Mine.” Theo huffed out stepping back and looking towards Bella.

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