Chapter One: Mates

Chapt 1

Author’s Note:

Here we go, chapter one!

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!



Bella hummed as she climbed the stairs to the apartment, she didn’t bother knocking just opening the door knowing he left it open. “Nik.” She called out, rolling her eyes at herself as she knew he wouldn’t be home. She tilted her head seeing Katherine on the couch. Bella dragged her suitcase in and set it in the living room. She headed to the kitchen and pulled out a glass and poured herself some Bourbon. She turned and looked at Katherine.

“Who are you?” Katherine asked in an annoyed tone as she looked upon Bella with disgust not being able to comprehend what a human was doing looking for Klaus.

Bella smirked and sipped her drink. “No one to your concern.” Bella took in the drink and eyed Katherine.

“It was the worst mistake in the world to let you anywhere near her.” Klaus said as his hand tightened around Katherine’s throat. “You made a very horrible mistake to lay a hand on her.”

Blood gurgled on Katherine’s mouth, “She’s just human…”

“She’s mine.” Klaus growled, he reached into Katherine’s chest and squeezed her heart. “And you’re going to die for ever laying a hand on her.” Klaus ripped Katherine’s heart out and threw it onto the floor. He threw her body to the side and wiped his hand clean of her blood.

“Clean this up before Bella comes back.” Klaus ordered Maddox as he grabbed a drink and sat down.

Bella batted her eyes a bit as the knowledge came into her mind. She smirked at Katherine but said nothing else. She turned to the door and smiled as she knew already knew Klaus was arriving with his original body. “Hey!” Bella said with a smirk as she looked at Alaric/Klaus enter. “It really took you too long to get here. I was beginning to die with worry.”

Klaus smirked and walked over to Bella leaving Maddox and Greta to set everything up. “I can just see the worry in your eyes, love.” He looked her over having to make sure she was okay.

“I’m fine,” Bella said knowing what he was doing. “Though, I am claiming the bed. There’s no way in hell I’m sleeping on the couch. I would like to also state that your brother is a jerk, and a few other things we can get to when we’re out of ear shot from the wicked witch of the west over there.”

Klaus smirked, “We’ll talk as soon as I’m back into my original body, love.”

Bella nodded and a wide smirk came upon her face, “I know.”

Klaus chuckled, “Of course you do.”

Bella handed Klaus a glass of bourbon and hopped up on the counter. “I should also mention, I may have accidently crashed your car.”

Klaus choked back on his drink. “Are you okay?”

Bella nodded, “I am, I managed to get out before it exploded. I got distracted and well, the deer came out of nowhere and I just couldn’t move in time. It was a large mess.”

Klaus sighed, he cupped her cheek as he could now smell the faint blood from her. He pushed her hair back and looked at the large gash on the side of her head. “Care to explain, love.”

Bella blushed, “Did I forget to mention that?” She said, she smiled slyly at Klaus. “Okay, so I maybe just maybe I got a bit hurt, but I managed to get it to stop bleeding. It’s already starting to heal. The accident was a few days ago, Nik.”

Klaus shook his head, “You know better than to keep these things from me, Isabella.”

Bella flinched at the use of her full name knowing he only used it when he was angry. “Would an apology and my puppy dog eyes be enough to sway you to no longer be angry with me?”

Klaus smiled and caressed her cheek. “Drink some of my blood and we’ll be good.”

Bella wrinkled her nose at the thought of blood she still wasn’t too good around blood. She took in a deep breath. “Fine, but I really don’t think it’s necessary, the cut’s healing.”

“It doesn’t matter, you may have some internal damage you’re not aware of.” Klaus said, he bit into his wrist and held it to her mouth. “Drink, Isabella.”

Bella sighed, she took in a deep breath and attached her lips to Klaus’s wrist. She took in as many mouthfuls as she could before the wound healed itself. She pulled back and reached behind her for a napkin cleaning his wrist. She tilted her head for him as he went to check that the wound was healing correctly. “Is it better?”

“It’s better, love.” Klaus replied as he leaned down and kissed her temple. “Next time you get hurt, try not to hide it, you can’t hide things from me.”

Bella laughed lightly. “I know I can’t hide things from you, but I’ll still try.” She smiled as he caressed her cheek once more before leaving to prepare to be put back in his own body. She hated what was going to happen next, but she better than anyone knew it had to happen. If it didn’t it would only set things back for the two of them.

Bella leaned against the wall and watched as Maddox and Greta began the spell. She rolled her eyes as they kneeled in front of the chamber with Klaus’s body. They really were eager to please him. She rolled her eyes as he opened the chamber and stepped out. He met her eyes and she smirked. “I’m so not kneeling down to you. These are new jeans that cost you close to $500 dollars.” She teased with a smirk.

Klaus rolled his eyes at her. “I wasn’t expecting you to kneel, love. Bow, maybe.”

Bella gasped back as Katerina grabbed her from behind and held up a knife to her throat. She met Klaus’s eyes and nodded slightly. She took in a breath as Katerina drew blood from her neck.

“I want my freedom in exchange for her life.” Katherine hissed using Bella to shield herself from Klaus.

Bella looked Klaus in the eyes. “Oh sweetheart, he’s not going to give you your freedom.” Bella grabbed the knife and reversed the pin using the knife to stab Katherine in the throat pinning her with it to the wall. Bella stepped back. “I’m fine, your blood took care of it.” She said to Klaus.

Bella began to walk towards the door. Klaus stepped forward stopping her, he lifted her chin up to expose her neck. “Where are you going?” He questioned after he finished checking her over.

“To get food.” Bella replied she smiled as he ran his fingers down her neck. She tapped her forehead, “I know you don’t want me here at the moment.” She reached up on her toes and kissed his cheek, something she knew she was the only person to ever do. “It’s good to see you back in your own body, Nik.” She said before she left the apartment.

Klaus turned to Greta. “Go with her, make sure she’s out of trouble at all costs!” He growled, Greta rapidly stood and headed out the door. Klaus walked over to Katherine and his eyes practically glowed with fury. He took the knife in her throat and pushed it in deeper. He then pulled it out quickly before waiting for it to heal again. He stabbed the knife back in her throat and watched as her mouth flooded over with blood. He removed the knife and grabbed her by the throat, he threw her into a nearby wall and growled. He blurred towards her again and snapped her leg breaking it with a sick crack.

He broke both her legs before he grabbed her by the throat again. “It was the worst mistake in the world to let you anywhere near her.” Klaus said as his hand tightened around Katherine’s throat. “You made a very horrible mistake to lay a hand on her.”

Blood gurgled on Katherine’s mouth, “She’s just human…”

“She’s mine.” Klaus growled, he reached into Katherine’s chest and squeezed her heart. “And you’re going to die for ever laying a hand on her.” Klaus ripped Katherine’s heart out and threw it onto the floor. He threw her body down and wiped his hand clean of her blood.

“Clean this up before Bella comes back.” Klaus ordered Maddox as he grabbed a drink and sat down. He watched as Maddox grabbed the body and began to head out no doubt heading somewhere to dispose of it.

Klaus took in a deep breath as his feelings for Bella were only growing stronger as each day passed. It wasn’t his intention to fall in love with her, she was just someone who worked for him but she somehow made her way into his heart and captivated every part of him. He meant exactly what he said, she was his. If anyone tried to hurt her, he would have their heads for it

Klaus began to flip through a magazine just as Bella came back, Greta in her footsteps. “Before you begin to argue, I sent her with you because this town is full of vampires.” Klaus said as he looked up to meet Bella’s gaze.

Bella smirked, “I know.” She replied, she grabbed the two take out bags meant for him and her and took a seat beside him on the couch. She handed him his bag and took out her food which consisted of a burger and fries. His food consisted of Chinese something she found he oddly enjoyed to eat. She kicked her feet up on the coffee table and took a fry into her mouth.

Klaus watched Bella as she began to eat, and something about her happy expression while she did so made him smile. “Are you enjoying that, love?”

“Oh My God, yes!” Bella practically moaned. “I was starving. Aren’t you going to eat? I had to use my gift to figure out which restaurant you would enjoy.”

“Thank you for the food, Isabella.” Klaus said using her full name just to get under skin.

“I thought we were past that,” Bella said with a groan. She turned to him and batted her eye lashes at him and masterly made tears swell up in her eyes only making them look bigger.

Klaus chuckled at her antics. “You can stop that, love. There’s no need for it.”

Bella sighed in relief, “Good, I’d hate to have to cry. Do you know how awful I look when I cry?”

Klaus chuckled, “Did you know Katherine was going to do that?”

“I didn’t know exactly what she was going to do, but I knew she was going to pull something.” Bella said she paused. “I couldn’t tell you, it would ruin things. Things had to be set into motion, Nik.”

Klaus nodded, “Just be cautious.”

Bella nodded she ate another fry and smirked. “I’m always careful…” She paused and at the look on Klaus’s face she continued. “Okay, maybe not always, but most of the time I’m careful.”

-Page Break-

“Nik!” Bella groaned out as he was awake already and he was moving the bed waking her up as well. It wasn’t strange for her to sleep in the same bed with him, they had done it before, and she rather enjoyed it. Especially because in the middle of the night when he figured she was asleep, he’d wrap his arms around her and pull her to his chest. She loved that he did that, it always made her feel safe and she knew it helped him soothe the ache in his chest. “I want to sleep…” she mumbled as she put the pillow over her head.

Klaus chuckled as he looked over at Bella. “You can’t sleep forever, love.”

“I so can.” Bella replied, she took in a deep breath and focused on going back to sleep. She groaned again as she felt Klaus get out of bed. “You’re a pain in my ass!” Bella yelled to Nik as she sat up and crossed her arms over her chest and glared at him.

Klaus chuckled there was something about Bella being angry that always pleased him to see. “Get dress, love. We have a long day ahead of us, and you have yet to tell me what you wanted to say in confidence yesterday.”

“After this is over, I’m going to take such a long nap.” Bella said as she got out of bed. “I might sleep for days.” She grabbed a pair of jeans and a plain t-shirt. She pushed past Klaus and went into the bathroom before he could get in. “Ladies first, Nik.” She called out as she started a shower.

Klaus chuckled and began to get dressed and get ready for the day ahead of them. Bella came out of the bathroom, she braided her hair to the side to keep out of her face. He handed her a cup of coffee, “You want breakfast first or do you wish to start talking now?”

Bella sipped at her coffee and smiled. “I will never understand how you can make the best coffee in the whole world.” She took another sip before she sat back up on the counter. “Where do you want to start?”

“Start with why my brother is a jerk?” Klaus said as he was always amused at how much Bella disliked people.

“Well, first he’s a jerk just on principle alone.” Bella replied with a smile. “He’s trying to kill you. Elena woke him and well, he’s after your head… Well more like your heart. You see, you didn’t kill Bonnie. Her death was faked, she’s alive and she wants you dead. They’re planning on using her against you. She’s meant to weaken you enough so that Elijah can get to you mid transformation. Then he’ll try and rip your heart out.” Bella’s eyes shone with anger as she spoke only getting angrier as she thought about someone hurting Klaus. “I really dislike your brother.”

Klaus nodded, “Being alerted may help, but I need to do more.”

Bella smiled widely, “Luckily you have me, and I’m much more than just a pretty face. Elijah thinks he knows you’re every move perfectly, he thinks you’re going to do the ritual on the same sight in which the spell was put on you in the first place, but if you move locations, you throw him off his game.”

“The ritual has to be done in that specific location, love.” Klaus said.

Bella stood and shook her head, “It doesn’t. The curse states it has to be done in the birth place of the doppelganger. As long as you stay in Mystic Falls, you can break the curse right here in this apartment if you so wished. I already have the perfect place in mind, by the time Elijah realizes that he got the location wrong, it’ll be too late.”

Klaus smirked as he watched Bella’s eyes light up as she spoke. “You truly believe this will work?”

Bella smiled widely, “I know this will work.”

“Then let’s head to this new location.” Klaus replied, he let Bella take his hand and lead him out of the apartment. He listened to the thousands of details she had on this one location, and let her babble on and on about it, it was something he strangely found enjoyable.

Bella looked around the sight, and smiled it was larger than the one they planned to use before. “What do you think?” She questioned as she looked around at the sight. She twirled about wanting to really see everything, this place was much more beautiful than the original site they planned to use.

Klaus smiled, “It’s wonderful, love.”

“I’m glad you think so,” Bella replied she turned to him and smirked as she already knew he was going to like it. “Come on, we have to go find a spare vampire and werewolf.”

Klaus raised an eyebrow. “We have to?”

“They plan on setting the ones you already have free.” Bella responded as she walked beside Klaus into town. “Hey, my birthday is coming up, and I want a pet.”

Klaus chuckled, “I’m not getting you a dog.”

“I know that, I was thinking more along the lines of an exotic animal like maybe a baby tiger.” Bella said with a smirk. “Or maybe even a baby chimpanzee! I’m giving you a lot of options, Nik!”

“How about a fish?” Klaus replied with a smirk. “Or maybe a car of your own, one that you can’t destroy so easily.”

Bella smiled, “Can you get me a motorcycle?!”

“No.” Klaus replied immediately. “You’ll be in even more danger in one of those, but if its speed you want, I can get you something else as long as it has four wheels.”

Bella sighed as if disappointed. “I guess, but that tiger would’ve been so much more fun to have.”

-Page Break-

Bella watched as the ritual took place, she kept an eye on Klaus too happy to see that he was finally getting what he always wanted. She crossed her arms over her chest knowing the girl was going to ultimately come back to life later on that was something she would tell Nik later. She got a shiver and knew something was going to happen. She stiffened and looked to Maddox, “Be on your guard.”

Bella stepped forward and she watched as Klaus yelled out in pain. “Nik.” She said softly as she walked closer. Bella gasped back as she was pulled away from Klaus. She looked up to see it was Elijah. She turned to Klaus as she saw his eyes glow.

“SHE’S MINE!” Klaus growled as his transformation began to take place.

“NIK!” Bella yelled as she saw him fall in pain. The fact that he had finally admitted out loud that she was his had set his transformation fast in motion. Bella ducked down just as Klaus’s wolf form went for Elijah. She saw Klaus bite into his brother’s neck and she sighed as she saw him back away from him. “Nik.” She said softly once more catching the attention of the wolf. She stood up and smile. “I didn’t know it was going to happen, I was too distracted.” She wobbled as Elijah’s grip on her had made it hard to breathe.

Klaus’s wolf growled and he walked forward crouching down in front of Bella. Bella got the hint and climbed on. She wrapped her arms around it and buried her face into his fur. She held on as he ran with her on his back, he stopped at the town limits. She got off, but crouched down. “I’ll see you in a few days, Nik.” She kissed the wolves’ head before she stood up. She walked into the town and got into a hotel room.

-Page Break-

Bella walked through the woods with a bag around her shoulders and two coffees in hand. She came upon the exact location of Klaus and set the bag down in front of his sleeping wolf form. She sat down across from him leaning on a tree. She closed her eyes as she sipped at her coffee. “Store bought coffee, it just doesn’t taste good anymore. You’ve ruined coffee for me, Nik.”

Klaus chuckled as he slipped on the clothes Bella had gotten him. “Is that so, love?”

Bella opened her eyes and looked at him. “It is, so guess what’ve I’ve been doing this past week you’ve been off enjoying your wolf form?”

“Hopefully nothing dangerous.” Klaus replied.

Bella smirked, “Of course not! I bought a home.”

Klaus raised his eyebrows, “You did?”

“Well, you bought a home, but I picked it out. It’s quite lovely, you’d be surprised how many mansions there are in this town. I got it for a wonderful deal, it seems I’m very charismatic.” Bella replied with a grin. She stood and handed Klaus a coffee. “I added a safe dosage of blood so that you could get some into your system. In the bloody massacres you caused, it didn’t seem like you really fed.”

“Bloody massacres?” Klaus questioned not being able to remember too much from his time as a wolf.

“Oh yeah, the whole town is talking about it. It seems a series of mysterious fires has caused the lives of several civilians to be lost.” Bella replied with a smirk. “It’s horrific, they’re holding a memorial this weekend for all the victims.”

“You used fires to cover up my kills?” Klaus replied.

“Of course, if I didn’t there would be a hunt for whomever was doing this. I couldn’t let them do that, so I caused the fires. It was really quite easy.” Bella replied with a smirk. “I think I could have had a good career as an arsonist.”

Klaus chuckled and sipped at his coffee, “Did you know?” He questioned, he looked at her as she avoided his gaze and stared at the cup in her hands. “I remember you didn’t look at all surprised when I claimed you.”

Bella blushed and she ran a hand through her hair in a nervous habit. “I didn’t need my gift to know.” She admitted. “I know you better than you think, Nik. I know there’s a reason you take such good care of me. A reason why you treated me differently from everyone else.” Bell blushed brighter, as she knew what she had to say next. “From the very beginning I had an inkling, but my gift never confirmed it than. For a while I just had to believe that you felt the same way about me as I did about you.”

Klaus stopped, he moved to stand in front of Bella he cupped her cheek and moved her face so she could look up at him. “If I were to say that I loved you…”

Bella smirked, “I’d say it was about time, and that I loved you too.” Bella smiled as he leaned down and kissed her. She dropped her coffee so she could wrap her arms around his neck and deepen the kiss between them. Bella pulled back when she needed air to breathe she panted as she tried to control her breathing.

Klaus smirked and rested his forehead against her own. “You okay, there love?”

Bella blushed but smiled. “I’m still human, and I do need to breathe. Just give me a moment.”

Klaus smirked, he moved closer and kissed down her neck giving her time to breathe. “You should’ve told me you knew.”

Bella grinned, “My gift hasn’t given me too much information on you and me. All I really know for certain is that I got to be with you in the end, but I had to let you take your time, so I waited. Though I must say you took an awfully long time.”

Klaus chuckled, “You know as well as I do that love has never worked for me in the past.”

Bella nodded, she moved and cupped his cheek. “Face it, Nik, you’re stuck with me for the rest of eternity. I’m your mate, you can’t get rid of me so easily.”

“You’re my what?” Klaus questioned as he looked into Bella’s eyes.

“Wolves’ often mate with one person, that person is their other half, the completion of their being. Are you not curious as to why your wolf, whom is meant to be a very feral creature, protected me? Why your first instinct wasn’t too kill anyone in your way, but to make sure I was okay? You’re vampire side and your werewolf side have both claimed me as theirs.” Bella smiled at Klaus.

“There’s a reason why I’m always around you Nik, I may be human, but I can feel the pull too. The ache in your chest, the turning in your stomach when I’m not by your side, I feel that too. The utter need to do anything that makes you happy. The fact that no matter what I always do whatever I can to help you?” Bella looked to Klaus. “That’s all the mating bond. I wouldn’t do what I do for you for anyone else.”

“Mate…” Klaus said he caressed Bella’s cheek and smirked. “I like the sound of that.”

“I knew you would.” Bella replied with a smirk. “Now, let’s head to your new home. You can make me a real cup of coffee.”

Klaus put his arm around Bella. “You could always learn how to make the coffee yourself.”

Bella nodded, “I could, but why would I when you’re just so much better at it than me.”

“Where are Maddox and Greta?” Klaus questioned as he noticed neither had come with Bella.

“Greta…” Bella paused. “Well, she died. Elijah healed from the bite you gave him the other day, and well he came after me, he wanted leverage. Maddox and Greta were fighting him so that I can make it inside the house in time. Maddox came in after me, but Greta stayed outside to keep him weak, Elijah snapped her neck. I sent Maddox to pick up our things from our previous residence.”

“And where is that brother of mine?” Klaus questioned.

“He thinks I’m in Texas, and therefore he is in Texas.” Bella responded with a shrug.

Klaus nodded, “I’ll have to deal with him soon. I can’t have him being a threat to you.”

Bella smiled, “Of course you can’t. I’ll figure out his next location, and I’ll let you handle that.”

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