Worst In Me

Bella paused and tilted her head as she stood next to the alpha she called pack now. She analyzed the other pack and her eyes zeroed in on the human. She moved away from her alpha ignoring his command and stepped forward. “Stiles?”

Stiles looked to her and his heart began to race, his legs trembling in shock. “Bella.”

Bella looked over at his pack. “Didn’t take you as the settling down type.”

Stiles moved pushing the hand that tried to hold him back. “I could say the same. You never worked well with others.”

Bella looked over at the pack behind her. “It’s entertainment.” She looked to the pack behind Stiles. “You did always get emotionally attached to others.”

“They’re family.” Stiles warned his hands shaking as he came face to face with the brunette. “You do remember what that is?”

“Don’t start talking about families with me.” She glared, her eyes turning black as she glared down at the boy. Bella outstretched her hand to push back the wolves that were coming to rescue Stiles. “Didn’t tell them what you are did you? What we are.”

Stiles shook, “There wasn’t a need to. Thanks for blowing my cover.”

Bella smiled widely, “You’re welcome, little brother.” She responded leaning in to kiss his cheek. Her eyes turning back to their normal brown. She leaned into Stiles ear so only he could hear. “The alpha has a weak spot, it’s the blonde, and they’re bluffing. They can’t fight well enough to survive a fight against your coven. I was supposed to be their secret weapon, but I can’t go against my own twin, can I?”

Stiles grinned and watched as Bella’s body turned to smoke and in a second she was a crow and disappearing. “Love you too.” He shouted getting a caw in response.


Stiles stood in front of his pack as the threat for the weak had left after their strongest weapon ditched them. “I can explain.” He started off. He paused trying to find the right words to say in this situation.

“Oh! Start by telling them how you slit my throat when we were 8 when I won at Mario Kart.” A cheery voice came from behind him.

Stiles turned around and glared at the brunette. “Can’t you pretend to be normal for even a moment? I’m trying to have a heartfelt moment here.”

“My apologies.” Bella said stepping forward. “Please do continue, but because you’re telling my story too, I have the right to intervene if necessary.”

“Can’t you go back to trying to eat mice?” Stiles responded with a glare. “You know caw and fly away.”

Bella glared at him. “Why don’t you tuck your tail and run away? Afterall, that is what your best known for, you little coward.”

Stiles held back a growl. “I know what you’re trying to do.”

Bella smirked, “Oh?” She questioned slowly pushing him backwards, she held her hand out, a force sending the wolf that came to rescue Stiles back into a tree. “What is it I’m doing? Come on, Stiles, you pretend to be human so long that you’re starting to believe it?”

“At least some of us still have our humanity.” Stiles responded with a glare. “I’m starting to believe that Charlie didn’t really die on the job, and that you just killed him. Did you ever really love him?” Stiles knew the moment the words left his mouth that he regretted them. He felt the push of Bella’s power as it sent him flying back, his head hit the bark and he could feel the blood trickling down his neck. When he opened his eyes again he didn’t need to hear the gasp from the pack to know they matched Bella’s.

He took off running after her and knocked her back, the force of her hitting the ground caused blood to pour out of her head. In seconds, they were rolling around the forest floor, punching and clawing at the other trying to get the upper hand in the fight.

Bella end up on top, her hand at Stiles’ throat, she squeezed tighter and felt him unable to breathe. She growled at the pack as they all moved to save him, but the force of her power kept them at bay. She stood up and watched his lifeless body on the floor. It was a minute later he gasped sitting up and grasping his throat.

“Okay, fair. My comment was out of line, I’m sorry.” Stiles said looking up at Bella.

Bella nodded, she outstretched her hand and helped him up. “Apology accepted, asshole.”

Stiles grinned, “So we’re good? Because you sort of haven’t been picking up my calls these last few months and I was scared you were on a killing rampage. And I didn’t know how to track you down, because my fox can’t exactly keep up with your crow.”

Bella laughed, “I did call you asshole, it just kept going to voicemail. I missed you too, and for what it’s worth I haven’t exactly been killing people. I’ve been killing creatures that were too annoying to allow to live.”

Stiles laughed throwing his head back in pure amusement. “Are we okay? Or are you going to keep trying to ruin my life?”

Bella moved and grabbed a knife from her belt, she cut the palm of her hand and held out the knife to him. Stiles did the same and joined their hands together. Bella smiled as their wounds healed. “We’re good, just don’t bring him up again or I’ll gut you like a fish.”

“Stop trying to scare away the few friends I have and you have a deal.” Stiles responded smiling as Bella hugged him.

  1. Interesting…. I wonder what they were.

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  2. I absolutely fell in love with this one!

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  3. Interesting, i wonder what they are. 😊Thanks


  4. Oh my god i love it if you turned this into a story.


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