The Beginning



Author’s Note

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-Page Break-

Isabella spat the blood that had pooled from her mouth on the floor before she looked at her captor and smirked. “Is that all you have princess? I must say you’re losing your touch, I didn’t even feel that.”

The dark haired vampire growled at Isabella, baring her perfect white teeth at her as she sneered back at Isabella disgusted at the human in front of her. “I’d shut your mouth before you get more than you bargained for.” Isabella laughed as the dark haired vampire lost her patience and bit down on her neck, the venom seeping into her system. Her laughter was short lived as the pain began to set in and everything began to become unfocused. Isabella could hear the arguing and clashing of metal as two vampires fought as she sank deeper into her pain. Her screams becoming an echoing sound in the background no one paying attention to the pain she was undergoing.

“Do you understand what you did?” Victoria’s shrieking voice filled the room and echoed off the walls.

“She was getting on my nerves!” The dark haired vampire yelled back her face twisting in anger at the mere thought of the human. She stood straighter, her eyes never leaving Victoria’s as she stood her ground. She was a much feared vampire and wouldn’t be talked down too by anyone, especially someone she worked with.

“Now she’s going to have newborn abilities! You gave her the ability to fight back!” Victoria said her voice filled with panic, she wanted Isabella defenseless not with the ability to fight back.

“This may work in our favor, newborns tend to lose their human memories, if the human loses her memories you can mold her into your personal slave, and then take her back the Cullen’s damaged and destroyed.” The dark haired vampire said knowing that a great way to terrorize the Cullen’s was to destroy the image they had for their once human pet.

“Maria, we both know only a few newborns lose their memory during the change. Isabella could remember everything we’ve been doing to her for the last three years and attack,” Victoria said looking back at the crumbling body of Isabella as she twitched on the floor and screamed as the venom began to overtake her body.

“Then we’ll kill her, I’m sure after three years of torture you finally have had enough of this,” Maria said looking down at Isabella with disgust, she would be more than happy to rip her apart and burn the pieces once the change is over.

Victoria walked out of the room grabbing one of the lower men and taking him to the basement to torture she was going to take her anger out one way or another and since Isabella wasn’t awake to endure torture she found another victim.

-Page Break-

Three years. It’s been three years and she’s lived with endless torture from sadistic vampires. She was kidnapped from her home in Forks, Washington and taken to Texas, where she’s been locked up in a room to herself. The only people she ever saw were a limited number of vampires that would come into her room. There were the ones who would come and torture her until she could no longer scream, or the two individuals who took pity on her and cared for her. Bringing her food and water whenever she needed it to continue to survive, if it was not for them she would’ve died long ago.

Going through the change was a different pain compared to what she had been through in the last three years. She wasn’t screaming to please someone who was a psychopath, she was screaming to allow herself a new chance at life. A chance to get revenge on those who have tortured her during her time in Texas, she wanted vengeance on the last three years of her life that were taken from her. She wanted revenge for the life they had stolen from her.

She hung on to every memory she could remember from the last few years, many things from before her kidnapping had already began to disappear from her mind. She only focused on the past three years of her tortures, she needed to remember what they had done to her. She craved for the chance she would be able to get her revenge on her captors.

The screaming began to die down as the venom reached Isabella’s heart. It began to give its last and final pumps as Isabella’s human life came to end and now began the launch of her vampire life. Isabella’s eyes opened, they were no longer the deep brown they were before they were now a vibrant red the eyes of a killer. She looked around the room noticing the little things she had never seen before. The uncleansed blood splatter on the floor, the dust on the window and all the carvings she had made counting the days she was locked inside the room. As she looked over the carvings the door sprang open almost flying off its hinges as a red-haired vampire stood at the doorway. She examined Isabella from the doorway cautious to know if she had indeed remembered her human life and the torture she had been put through. Victoria stood waiting for the little tickle in her mind alerting her if she was in danger.

Isabella noticed the tension and the caution in Victoria’s stance, she could see a green light appearing where Victoria’s heart would initially be. She focused on the light, letting it pour into her mind, and then she could see it, danger intuition. Victoria could sense danger and be able to avoid it. Isabella didn’t know what was happening why she was able to know that Victoria had a power, but her mind knew. She focused more, causing her head to begin to throb in pain, but she couldn’t stop she needed to keep pushing her mind. Her mind began to collect the information about Victoria’s gift analyzing it, until it stopped. Isabella was in the core of the ability. To her it was as if it were a simple switch that could control the gift using her mind she flipped the switch and the light dimmed until it was close to non-existent. The gift was still there, only now it was off, Victoria could no longer use it until Isabella turned it back on.

Isabella smirked internally as she saw the confusion pass Victoria’s features, only to be quickly covered by a stony expression. “I see you’re awake, what do you remember?”

There were two directions to go down, she could tell the truth and attack her instantly, or she could lie and figure out a way to get both her and all her allies to meet their deaths. She decided on the latter and stood up making sure not to make any sudden movements her throat burning as she moved, but now wasn’t the time to worry about any of that she needed revenge first. “W- Who are you?” Isabella rasped trying her best to make it seem as if she were confused. In order for any of this to work she needed to act the part.

Victoria smirked, this was a good sign.  “I’m Victoria my dear, call me Vicky please. Do you know what you are?” Isabella shook her head no as she fidgeted around like a regular newborn would do. “You’re a vampire, and your throat must be burning from just waking up. Why don’t you come with me and I’ll take you to get something for your thirst.” Isabella nodded, she walked cautiously towards Victoria. She walked out behind her, three years and this was the first time she was allowed out of the room.

Walking endlessly through the large home until they finally arrived in what appeared a dining area. Victoria pointed to a chair in the distance, “Sit.” She command as if Isabella were a family pet.

Isabella nodded, knowing now wasn’t the time to get her back but on her list of people to kill Victoria would be the first. She sat down in the chair taking in her surroundings, she was calculating her moves she was going to understand the layout of the room she was in before attacking. If she could repeat what she had done with Victoria’s power to the rest of the vampires who held powers she would be able to attack them without problem and hopefully be able to kill Victoria in the end. She only hoped that if she were to die today in this room today, Victoria were to die alongside her.

Minutes that felt like hours passed before Victoria returned with luckily for Isabella all the people who had come to torture her in the past. This would be easier than she could ever have expected. They all sat around her, Maria and Victoria taking the seats on either side of Isabella. Isabella kept her eyes opened she began to repeat what she had done with Victoria to the others in the room. She realized it had gotten easier the more she did. There were 10 other vampires in the room, all of them with some sort of power. Maria’s was one of the strongest with a gift of persuasion which she most likely used to get these people on her side. Isabella switched off all their powers, and sat back twitching on and off suspecting that was how newborns tended to act.

They all watched her, cautiously knowing newborns were crazed and would attack when they felt trapped. Isabella didn’t make any sudden movements, she was taking everything in ready to attack to get her revenge on these people. Tilting her head to the side, she noticed a mirror on the other side of the room, but her new beautiful vampire appearance didn’t catch her attention it was the glowing in her heart that caught her attention. It was similar to Victoria’s only hers wasn’t glowing green, but a bright white color. She looked deeper and saw what her gift was, only this time she couldn’t turn it off, hers was permanent. Isabella could manipulate powers, she could turn them on or off, make them stronger or weaker, but most importantly she could use them as her own. Isabella smirked internally at the new revelation and turned back to the vampires in front of her.

“Isabella, it’s time for you to feed, but you will not feed until the rest of us are done, you can have what’s left over,” Maria said sneering at the newborn making her distaste for the girl clear.

Isabella smirked, “I think not princess, see whatever power you had over me disintegrated the second you sank your teeth into me. I’ll feed whenever the hell I want to feed, and I’ve decided I’ll feed right after I finish killing each and every one of you.” Isabella used Maria’s gift to her advantage, “Don’t you all just want to see that happen?” Reluctantly they all nodded their heads and stayed seated. Their eyes held a glimmer of fear in them as they watched the newborn stand up from her seat, she walked to Victoria’s chair and ran her hand along Victoria’s neck.

“Do you remember everything you did to me Victoria?” Isabella whispered into Victoria’s ear, “Every cut, bite, and burn you made on me for the past three years. I’ve always wondered why you got your revenge out on me, and honestly I don’t even remember what I did to get you so angry with me. Through the change I only held on to all the memories of you and everyone else in this room torturing me. You should’ve killed me three years ago Victoria.” Isabella’s teeth bit Victoria’s ear and tugged on it slowly, causing it to slowly and painfully detach from Victoria’s body.

Victoria let out an ear piercing scream as her ear detached from her body, “Pathetic…” Victoria murmured through the pain.

Isabella smirked, “That you are.” Isabella reached and took Victoria’s right hand in hers, and lifted it for Victoria to see, “I remember every time you used these fingers to scratch out my skin, to make me bleed just so you could feed.” Isabella bent each finger until it snapped off landing in Victoria’s lap. She then moved to her arm, and broke it off at the elbow. She let the piece fall unto the ground. She relished in hearing Victoria’s screams, but then a face entered her mind, one she didn’t recognize. It was of an older man, dark hair, a cheesy 80’s mustache, and a badge. He meant something to her, and what she was doing now made her realize she was no better than Victoria. If she wanted justice for what had happened to her, she wouldn’t be torturing she would just get it over with kill Victoria to save someone else from having the same fate in the future. Isabella stepped back from Victoria and looked back at herself in the mirror, she couldn’t remember who she was at as a human, but she knew she wasn’t the same as the people who sat in front of her, she wouldn’t torture for her own personal fun.

Isabella looked back at Victoria and took a step forward, she snapped her head off and placed it on the table in front of her. She dismembered the rest of the body and created a small pile, she walked around the table dismembering each vampire placing their heads on the table and the rest of their limbs on a separate pile. When she got to Maria she stopped and gazed in her eyes.

“The world will be a better place without you in it,” Isabella said as she snapped her head off. She looked at the ten heads that now rested on the table and smiled, she had saved a few lives from suffering the same fate as she had. She found a lighter and lit the limbs on fire she watched the purple smoke fill the air around her as these vampires finally met their death. The heads still stayed on the table lifeless, she would dispose of them when the time was right, but right now she had to get rid of the rest of the newborn army and the loyal followers of Maria, she would kill all of them.

-Page Break-

Isabella stood towards the side of the field looking as the purple smoke filled the open air.  The sky was grey and the thunder crackled in the air as the bodies burned. She looked up at the sky as a bolt of lightning struck down and hit her straight in the heart. She fell to the ground on her hands and knees with a scream, her body burned as if she were going through the change all over again.

Finally the pain stopped as rain began to fall Isabella opened her eyes again, they no longer where the vibrant red they once were, they now were a striking blue the color was bright, it could almost blind you. She closed her eyes and heaved deep breaths as she tried to center herself she had yet to notice the change in her eyes, but she could sense the change in herself. She was now connected to the storm raging on in the sky.

Isabella growled looking at the sky, she didn’t want this she didn’t want to be a part of the storm she just wanted peace. She fell to the ground with a cry of anger as she lay in the middle of a storm, her storm.




  1. Wow! a crappy start for Bella…… I am glad the evil bitches and their minions are dead though. 🙂

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  2. Poor Bella!! At least some memories are there to guide her like Charlie….

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  3. Oh my… Poor Bella. So much pain and torture. Then to loose her human memories from before her torture, so sad. But glad she got her revenge on Vicky and Maria.
    Curious to her power and change from the storm’s lightening strike.

    Liked by 2 people

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