Bella The Witch: Chapter 12


“Nik, do you even know where you’re going because it looks like we’re lost,” Bella said as she looked out the window.

“Yes Bella I’m sure we’re going in the right direction,” Klaus said as he continued drive. Elijah looked at Bella who seemed to be in thought about something. They were driving on an empty road with no cars around them and Bella could sense that this was the wrong direction. Using a disabling spell she disabled the car causing it to stop in the middle of the empty road.

“What are you doing Bella,” Klaus asked as he turned around to face Bella, there was no question in his mind that Bella had stopped the car.

Bella smirked at Klaus, “We’re going the wrong way!”

“No we’re not this is the correct direction!” Klaus argued. Elijah chuckled as he saw the sign that they had stopped in front of.

“She’s right Nik, we’re not heading in the right direction,” Elijah said pointing to the sign. Klaus sighed agitated.

“Alright, fix the car Bella so we can get going,” Klaus said, Bella nodded and fixed the car. Klaus turned the car around and began going in the correct direction.

“See, now we’re going the right way,” Bella said with a smirk, Klaus sent her a small glare through the mirror, “Oh don’t be mad Nik, we all make mistakes, it’s only human.”

“I’m not human Bella,” Klaus said to Bella.

“No, but it shows you still have a bit of humanity in you,” Bella said with a smile, “So what if whatever your father has at these coordinates is something useless, like a paperclip?”

“Then at least we have the peace of mind to know that it wasn’t something dangerous,” Elijah answered, “I doubt it’s something useless though, this is Mikael, whatever he has here is something important.

“We should be no more than 2 hours away,” Bella said.

“There’s a hotel not too far away from where we’re going, Elijah made the reservations, they’re expecting us in an hour or so,” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, “With the way you drive I’m sure we’ll make it there in less than thirty minutes.”

“My driving is better than yours,” Klaus said, “A snail could pass you.”

“My dad was a cop, I drive the speed limit,” Bella argued.

“Yes, but I’ve seen you drive Bella, you rather go under the speed limit than accidently go over it,” Klaus said.

“Some of us can get hurt in an accident, just because you can heal instantly doesn’t mean we’re all privileged to that ability,” Bella said.

“Do you plan to become a vampire Bella,” Elijah asked suddenly very curious to what the answer might be.

“It’s a possibility,” Bella said with a shrug, she thought back to what the siren said. She had met he soul mate already, but Bella was still a bit confused on who he could be. She shrugged off the thought and turned back to the brothers in front of her. “When do you plan to un-dagger your siblings?”

“I was going to do it here in New York after we uncovered what was at the coordinates,” Klaus replied.

“Do you plan to stay in New York after they’re un-daggered Elijah?” Bella asked.

“I think I will,” Elijah said looking back at Bella. They stayed silent for the rest of the card ride Bella was leaning against the door trying not to fall asleep, she was determined to fall asleep in a bed.

-Page Break-

Bella woke up in a plush bed to a phone ringing, reaching over to the nightstand Bella answered the phone. It was a hotel wake up call. Bella remembered the reason she was here and got up quickly, she saw it was sunny out, so she decided to go with a simple pair of shorts and V-neck t-shirt. Finishing up quickly Bella put all her things away, she knew they would had only stayed for the night and would leave once they found what they were looking for. Bella put the things away in her bag and walked out of the room at the same time Elijah did. Bella looked at him and smiled.

“Good morning Elijah,” Bella said with a smile.

“Good morning Bella,” Elijah said, “Sleep well?”

“I did, do you know how I got in my room, I think I fell asleep in the car,” Bella said.

Elijah smiled, “You did, I carried you up.”

Bella blushed lightly, “Thank you Elijah.”

“No need to thank me,” Elijah said smiling as he saw Bella’s blush.

“It’s supposed to be really warm today,” Bella told him as she looked over the suit that he was wearing.

“I don’t feel heat like you do Bella, I’ll be fine,” Elijah said.

“I know, but it’d be a bit suspicious to see someone with a suit out in the sun without breaking a sweat,” Bella said with a small smile, “You’re going to draw attention to yourself.”

“I should be fine, besides we won’t be staying for long so any attention I draw won’t be important,” Elijah said, “Let’s head down to the dining area, I imagine you must be hungry?”

“I am actually,” Bella said, “Shouldn’t we wait for Nik?”

“He’s making a few calls, I’m sure he’ll know where to find us,” Elijah said as he led Bella to the dining area of the hotel where he sat down at a table with Bella. He had a cup of tea while Bella had a coffee and some eggs with bacon.

“How are you and Nik?” Bella asked, “I hope things are working out between the two of you, you seem to be headed into the right direction to fixing your relationship with each other.”

“I can see the change in him,” Elijah said, “He hasn’t threatened me once with daggering me, so I would say we’re getting there.”

Bella smiled, “I told you he wasn’t as bad as he seemed, he actually seems more relaxed with you around. If this had been just me and him, he would’ve bitten and drained half the staff already to calm his nerves.”

“I don’t see how I would have much effect on him as you think I do,” Elijah said a bit doubtful.

“Older siblings always have a sense of calm and respect towards them,” Bella said, “It’s the older sibling aura, all older siblings have them.”

“Do you miss your brother,” Elijah asked.

“All the time, but I know it won’t be for long that he’s away,” Bella said, “We’ll be together for Christmas.”

“Do you ever miss your hometown,” Elijah asked.

Bella thought about the question before answering Elijah, “No, I don’t think I’ll ever want to go back to live there permanently. The only thing that could get me to go back to that town is to visit my father’s grave.”

“We should get going after you’re finished with your meal Bella,” Klaus said walking up the table. Bella nodded and continued to eat while the two brothers talked.

“I got a vampire of mine to look after Elena Gilbert, I don’t want her to die,” Klaus said, “I need her to finally be able to break this curse.”

“He should be careful, the Salvatore’s spot him around Elena and I doubt they’ll hesitate to torture him for information and then kill him,” Bella said.

“Did you compel him not to give any information away?” Elijah asked.

Klaus nodded, “He’s not to say a word to anyone, and he’s just there to make sure Elena stays alive.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked in between the brothers, they were in a park in the middle of the day so they knew it would be empty. Bella walked to where the coordinates were, there was a large oak tree there. Bella touched her necklace.

“Let’s tear it down and see what’s buried there,” Klaus said.

“Don’t you even dare Nik!” Bella hissed, “The tree stays, besides, I doubt anything would be buried.” Bella walked around the tree and inspected it. She stopped when she noticed a heart carving it had a name written out, and it caught Bella’s attention, Emily Matlin.

“Hey, do either of you know an Emily Martin?” Bella asked the brothers.

“No, why would you ask,” Klaus asked coming to stand beside Bella, “These initials could be carved by anyone.”

“He does have a point Bella, young lovers constantly carve their names in trees,” Elijah said.

“I know, but one name is paired with the other. Couples carve their names together, this name is on its own, but it has a heart surrounding it. It’s more than just a symbol of love,” Bella said as she continued to inspect the heart.

“I still say we dig it up, Mikael could’ve planted this tree here as a way to prevent someone from digging up whatever he’s hiding.” Klaus said.

Bella sighed, “Too simple, you could easily get someone to dig this place up. Mikael would’ve made it harder to get to, something you wouldn’t think of.” Bella went over the carving with her fingers. The wood felt different o her.

“Do you really think this carving has anything to do with what we’re looking for?” Elijah asked Bella as he watched her.

Bella nodded, “Esther Mikaelson. Emily Matlin. Both have the same initials.” Bella had a wave of thought, she pulled back her hand and punched it through the carving. Surprisingly her hand went through. Bella screamed in pain, but she didn’t remove her hand, she moved it until she was able to wrap her hands around what was hidden inside the tree. She pulled her hand out and screamed as she saw a dozens of black widows crawling on the box and her hand. Each biting down and injecting their position into her. Bella fell from the pain. She saw Klaus take the box from her as he began to squish the spiders that were crawling over Bella and Klaus. Bella heard a crunch sound come from beside her, she saw Elijah kneeling beside her, with his wrist bitten open. He held his wrist to her mouth willing her to drink.

“Bella, the poison is getting to your system, I need you to drink,” Elijah said, “You could die if you don’t Bella.”

Bella nodded in understanding, her healing potion was in the car and by the time one of them were to bring it to her it would be too late, she would have to drink Elijah’s blood to survive. Bella drank from Elijah for several minutes until Klaus had killed every last spider and her wounds began to heal. With one last large gulp Bella released Elijah’s wrist which healed instantly. Elijah helped her to her feet keeping his hand on her back making sure she would be okay.

“That was incredibly stupid,” Klaus told Bella with a disapproving look mixed with a look of relief.

“What I figured out what he did and I wanted to see if I was right,” Bella said shrugging it off. She saw the box, it was large and rectangular. “Come on open it!”

Klaus took in a deep breath and opened the box. Bella leaned against Elijah as she felt tired, Elijah noticed and put his arm around Bella’s waist to make sure she was secure and wouldn’t fall. Klaus ripped off the lid of the box and saw that there was some type of stick, but it was securely wrapped with tissue paper. Klaus went to unwrap but the paper was covered in vervain.

“Here, let me do it,” Bella said holding out her hand. Klaus gave her a worried look, she could get hurt again. “Come on Nik, I’ll be fine, it’s wrapping paper.” Bella finally got the box from Nik, she began to rip the paper off.

“Is this what I think it is,” Bella said holding a well carved stake in her hand, “There’s a lot of magic within this stake.”

“It’s a white oak stake,” Klaus said, “What do you mean a lot of magic?”

“Poison,” Bella said, “Mikael took precaution, and whoever uncovers the stick is poisoned. A poison so strong that it could put a vampire in a coma, and for you two, it would make you significantly weak. Whoever touches the stake is poisoned, the only exception is Mikael, the stake is made specifically for him to use.”

“You’ve been poisoned?” Elijah asked his voice was covered in worry.

“Yes, not even your blood will cure me right now,” Bella said.

“Does this mean you’re going to die?” Klaus asked, looking at Bella worriedly.

“I think it does,” Bella said, “Come on, let’s get back to the car, I want to see if my healing potion can do anything.” Bella began to walk by herself, the stake now back in the box and in Bella’s bag. The originals walked directly behind her trying to think of anything they could do to help Bella. Bella’s legs began to wobble as she walked, she began to sway to the side unsteadily. Elijah caught her before she fell to the ground. He picked her up in his arms and carried her back to the car. Klaus went straight to Bella’s bag, and searched for the potion. He finally found it and went to backseat where she was lying down with her head on Elijah’s lap. Klaus handed his brother the potion, Elijah opened it and put to Bella’s mouth. Klaus watched as Bella drank the entire potion. They both waited in hopes to see if Bella began to wake up. They both saw her stir, but her eyes never opened.

“Not… going…. Too… Work,” Bella said in between deep breaths, “My home.”

Klaus nodded, “Stay in the back with her, I’m going to drive. We should be back at her home quickly.” Klaus got into the driver seats and took off immediately. Bella began to fidget in the back, she was sweating and breathing rapidly. Elijah smoothed back her hair so it didn’t cover her face, he looked down at her and noticed she was gaining some of her composure again. Her skin wasn’t looking as pale as it did before, but it was still pale. Bella stayed silent and still for the rest of the drive.

Arriving home Elijah picked Bella up and carried her to her home only he stopped at the door seeing he couldn’t go inside, “I haven’t been invited.” Elijah said looking at his brother.

“Come… In,” Bella muttered, Elijah looked at her and then walked in with Klaus behind him. Klaus led him to Bella’s room. They set Bella down, her skin began to go back to a sickly pale color, and she no longer looked anywhere near healthy. Elijah sat in a chair at her bedside while Klaus paced the room back and forth. They both listened to Bella’s heart, it was weak, but it was still beating.

Klaus turned to his brother, “Your blood is in her system, do you think she’ll turn.”

“It’s a possibility, but the blood didn’t heal her, so what’s to say that the poison didn’t burn off the blood,” Elijah said with a frown as he continued to keep his eyes on Bella.

“She won’t die,” Klaus stated, Bella was too strong to die.

“No, she will die, the only question is if she’s going to come back as one of us or not,” Elijah said. Both brothers turned back to Bella keeping their eyes trained on her ready for any movement, and keeping their ears trained on her heart. Both brothers were anticipating what would happen next, and both were hoping that Elijah’s blood will be strong enough to turn her.


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  1. Oh no! Will she turn or will the potion finally work?


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