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Last one… for now.

Tell me what you think, and I hope you enjoy!

-Page Break-

Bella put on the black dress she had gotten for this occasion. She smoothed it down as she looked at herself in the mirror. “I can do this, right?”

Damon nodded, “You gave a lot up to do this, Bella. Don’t back out now.”

Bella nodded, “I did miss you.” She said looking at her uncle through the mirror. “There was no one around to tell me when I’m over thinking something.”

“You always overthink everything.” Damon responded, he turned his head at the knock on the door. “I’ll meet you down stairs, don’t get yourself killed.”

Bella smiled, “I can’t make any promises, Damon.” Bella said she didn’t need to look towards the door to see who had entered. “Have you seen my ring?” Bella questioned as she looked through her bag. “What do you think are the chances that Jimmy ate it?”

“Very low, love.” Klaus said watching Bella search through her luggage for the fake engagement ring she always insisted on wearing. “I have something for you.”

Bella paused and turned to face him fully. “Really? You’re not one for surprises, Nik.” Bella stated curiously as she stepped forward. She smiled as she was curious to see what he had gotten her. “What is it?”

Klaus smirked he extended his hands and smiled as she placed her hand in his. “I would prefer it if you didn’t wear that fake ring any longer. I put it away, but have gotten you one that is hopefully better.” He slid the ring onto her finger. “I won’t be getting on one knee, love, but I will ask you properly. Will you marry me?”

Bella smiled, “Most people ask the question before putting on the ring.” Bella responded as she removed her eyes from the ring and looked to Klaus. “Yes.”

Klaus smiled, truly pleased with the events of the day so far. He took a step forward and leaned down to kiss her for only a moment as he knew any moment there would be men ready to escort her to court. “Are you feeling well?”

Bella smiled, glancing down at the ring that she was sure cost more than she ever wanted to know. She was pleased on how different it was from other engagement rings, the band wasn’t silver or gold instead it was a deep black that she enjoyed. “I was getting a little nervous, but this certainly helped get my mind off of what I’m about to do.”

“I’m hoping the ring is up to your standards?” Klaus said noticing her eyes not wavering from the ring.

“It’s black.” Bella said quietly she looked up at him and smiled. “I like how different it is, it reminds me of you. But, where is my other one?”

Klaus smirked, “I put it away, there’s no need for a fake engagement ring when you have a real one. Isabella, are you going to be okay doing this?”

“Careful, Nik.” Bella said with a small smirk. “Someone might think you care about me.” She reached over and grabbed her coat. “Can I ask for a favor?”

“Anything you wish, love.” Klaus said brushing his hand down her cheek.

Bella blushed lightly and looked at the ground. “Can I…” She cleared her throat. “Can I have some of your blood?” She squeaked quietly.

Klaus tensed for a moment being taken back by her request. “You believe there is a chance something might happen to you?”

Bella shrugged her shoulders. “I’m not sure, but I don’t want to take my chances. There’s a target on my head and I want to know that if something does happen I won’t be gone forever.”

Klaus nodded now understanding what was on her mind. He bit into his wrist and held it to her mouth. “Drink until it closes, love.”

Bella nodded and tentatively pressed her mouth to his wrist. She closed her eyes and took in the warm blood, surprisingly to her it didn’t test as horrible as she thought it would. She opened her eyes once she felt the stream of blood cease, surprising herself and Klaus when she licked the wound clean. “It wasn’t horrible.”

Klaus smirked, “Of course it wasn’t, love, nothing of mine is horrible.”

“Thank you, Nik.” Bella said lacing her hand with his. Yes, she could definitely stand trial just as long as she knew Nik was there.

-Page Break-

Klaus sat in the audience of the court room and watched Bella speak. He caught her twirling the ring around on her finger as she spoke. Her eyes darted every few seconds to him and then to the man she was testifying against him.  He didn’t like that she was scared and he was certain that if it weren’t for the court room filled with people he would’ve already tried to kill the man.

“Is that an engagement ring?” Daman hissed in a whisper to Klaus.

Klaus smirked, “It is.”

Damon clenched his fists. “You can’t be serious.”

“I am. I even went as far as asking her father for permission.” Klaus whispered in return. “I didn’t bother to ask for your blessing knowing I wouldn’t be getting it.”

Damon rolled his eyes, “No way in hell you’re getting my blessing.”

Klaus smirked and leaned back in his seat watching Bella. He had come to the decision of properly asking her to marry him when he had spoken to his sister months ago when she was still in California.

Rebekah approached her brother crossing her arms over her chest. “Does the noise not bother you? I feel as if my ears are going to start bleeding any minute.”

Klaus glanced at his sister for a moment before turning back to Bella, or as most children in the surrounding area thought, Cinderella. “I told you it was loud.”

Rebekah sighed, “Is this what we’re going to be doing all day? Watching her take pictures with children?”

“You can go home whenever you wish, sister.” Klaus responded becoming slightly annoyed with his sister.

“And hear Kol whine about not being able to murder anyone? No, I think I’ll stay here. I might get lucky and find myself a new boyfriend.” Rebekah said looking around the area.

“And here I thought you were sneaking around with Marcel.” Klaus responded.

Rebekah shrugged her shoulders. “I was, but he doesn’t look at me the way Bella looks at you.”

“What are you going on about, Rebekah?” Klaus questioned curiously turning to look away from Bella to look at his sister.

“You’ve had several of conquests in your time, Nik.” Rebekah said with a smile seeing how her brother seemed to be so clueless about things. “Not one of them has looked at you the way she does. Bella looks at you as if you’ve hung the moon and the stars just for her. She knows how sadistic and evil you can be, but yet she sees something positive in you and loves you despite it all. And then there’s the way you look at her. You’ve never looked at anyone that way, Nik. You love her, and truly that is an emotion that I have never seen on you before.”

Klaus ignored his sister a small smile falling on his face as Bella looked up from talking to one of the children and met his gaze. She smiled brighter once her eyes fell on his, his smile matched her as he continued to watch her work.

“When are you getting married?” Rebekah questioned.

“What are you talking about?” Klaus responded looking down at his sister.

“I’ve noticed that she wears an engagement ring when she’s not working. I just believed that you had asked her to marry you.” Rebekah responded, she looked at her brother curiously. “You haven’t asked her to marry you? I think you’re wasting time, brother, she would obviously love to be married to you. You should just ask her already.”

Klaus simply nodded taking in what his sister was saying. Maybe it was tike that he asked her.

Klaus looked to Bella as she stood ready to be escorted off the stand. He moved slightly to allow her room to sit down between him and Damon. “You did wonderful, love.” He whispered kissing her temple.

Bella smiled, “Thank you.”

-Page Break-

Bella sat down in front of her handler. “Am I free to go now? I mean, can I be Bella Swan again?”

The woman sighed, “I’m sorry, sweetheart.” She rubbed her hands over her face. “We thought the threats would die down after the trial, but they’ve gotten worst. Isabella, our informants have let us know that Mr. Williams and his extended crime family are offering more for your death now that the trial is over. If we let you go back to being Isabella Swan, there is a high chance you’ll die. Your life in California has been compromised as well, the trial may be over, but your safety is important to us. We’re going to relocate and give you an entirely new identity.”

Bella’s heart fell at the thought. “You’re saying that if I want to stay alive, I have to start all over?

“I’m sorry, Isabella.” The woman responded. “It is for the best. It’ what we have to do to ensure that you’re kept safe.”

Bella nodded, “And where am I going now?”

“I’ve assembled a few different locations for you to look at.” The woman said pushing forward a few vanilla folders.

Bella sighed and began to look through the folders. She closed the three of them and chose the one in the middle. “This is fine.”

The woman nodded, she pulled out an envelope and handed it to Bella. “I had a feeling that would be the one you choose. Your flight leaves tonight at 8. Two officers will stop by your hotel room at 6 to escort you to the airport. The air marshal has been alerted to your situation and will be keeping a close eye on you.”

“My dog.” Bella said not wanting have to leave Jimmy behind.

“He will be on the plane as well.” The woman responded. “I’ve arranged for you to return back to your original therapist and you will have the remainder of the day to spend with your friends and family before you disappear. There will be police officers outside your hotel room and placed undercover throughout the hotel to ensure your safety.”

Bella nodded standing, “Thank you, Mrs. Thatcher.”

-Page Break-

Bella walked into her hotel room and entered it cautiously. “Hey, Nik.” Bella said closing the door behind her.

Klaus closed his phone abruptly ending the phone call with his brother. “How’d it go, love?”

Bella sighed, “Now that he’s in jail, apparently there’s a bigger dollar sign on my head. They want me dead as revenge, now. They’re keeping me under witness protection for my safety. They’ve given me a new name and a new location.”

Bella took a step forward. “You’re looking at Annabelle Lee Brown. I’m scheduled for a flight to my new home in about 5 hours.”

“I’m sure there’s something we can do.” Klaus said knowing he could always just bring Bella along with him.

Bella smiled, “They offered me three locations to choose from. Sedona, Arizona, Austin, Texas and New Orleans, Louisiana.  Guess which one I chose?”

Klaus smiled widely. “You’re coming to New Orleans?”

Bella smirked, “No, I’m going to Austin.” She laughed lightly as Klaus pulled her into his arms. “If you hurry now, you can get a ticket for the same flight.”

Klaus leaned down and kissed his wife-to-be. He was more than pleased that he would be able to go back to his home with his Bella. “I’ll do that now, love. You should go ahead and speak to your father and Damon. They’ll want to know what’s happening.”

Bella nodded, “I can’t tell them where I’m going, but I think Damon will figure it out. That and I’ll be dropping a lot of hints.”

-Page Breaks-

“KOL!” Bella shouted rushing through the stairs of the house pushing a few vampires out of her way. “I’m going to rip your pretty little head right off!” She jumped off the railing her newly acquired vampire traits making it easier for her to do. She hissed as two arms wrapped around her waist keeping her from moving. “Nik. Please let go of me. I have something important to do.”

Klaus chuckled, pulling Bella into his chest and keeping his arms tightly around her. “Care to explain why you’re threatening Kol… again?”

“He took Jimmy out again.” Bella said with a sigh. “Every time he takes my dog I get him back smelling like blood. He uses my dog to help lure humans to him and I don’t’ want to have to scrub my dog for hours to get him to stop smelling like flesh.”

Klaus chuckled lightly pulling Bella into the kitchen of their home. He picked Bella up and set her down on the counter, “Don’t move from here.”

Bella frowned, “I’m not your pet, Nik.”

“No.” Klaus said reaching the refrigerator, he pulled out a red water bottle. “You’re my wife who happens to be a newborn vampire, as much as I would enjoy to watch you rip Kol’s head off, I’m sure your anger is caused by your hunger.”

Bella crossed her arms over her chest. “I had some this morning.”

“Isabella.” Klaus said walking back towards her handing her the bottle of water. “You’re normally one of the calmest newborns I’ve ever met. A trait I find infuriating as you should have already killed more than 1,000 humans in a fit of rage and you make the rest of us look bad when you’re unnaturally calm about everything. The only time I’ve seen you throw a tantrum is when you’re thirsty.”

“Your brother gets on my nerves.” Bella said opening the water bottle and starting to swallow the contents as Klaus stood in front of her.

“Not speaking of me, are you?” Elijah questioned as he entered the kitchen.

Bella grinned, “Of course not, Elijah. You’re my favorite.”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “Have you seen Kol?”

“He and Rebekah left over an hour ago with Jimmy.” Elijah responded grabbing an apple from the tray on the counter. “Have they done something?”

“Other than provoke my newborn mate, no.” Klaus responded turning back to Bella to noticing her calm demeanor return. He smirked as she simply shrugged her shoulders not wanting to admit that he was right.

Elijah smiled, “I’m sure they’re going to return soon, I’ll help you reprimand them for removing Jimmy from your side.”

Bella grinned, “Thank you, Elijah.” Bella jumped off the counter and snaked her arm around Klaus’s waist. “I do feel a little better.”

“Glad to hear it, love.” Klaus responded amused at her attitude change. He noticed his brother exit the room and was thankful for the moment he would get with his wife. He closed the small distance between them and kissed her. Properly kissing her for the first time in the day, he pulled her closer deepening the kiss between them.

Klaus growled as he heard Kol’s laughter. “I think I might kill him.”

“I won’t object.” Bella responded lacing her fingers with Klaus’s before she led him out t of the kitchen. She prepared herself to whatever state her dog would be in.

“There you are darling.” Kol said he leaned down and released Jimmy from his leash. “I brought him back in one piece.”

Bella released Klaus’s hand and kneeled down as her dog ran up to her. Instinctually she checked him over and stood looking at Kol. “He doesn’t smell like death.”

Kol smirked, “I went to purchase something, not use your dog to lure and kill humans.”

Klaus sighed, “What is it you purchased? And where is Rebekah?”

Kol smirked, “She’ll be here in a moment. I had to leave her with my purchase so that I can return Jimmy.”

“Oh no.” Bella whispered as she saw Rebekah enter the home. “He got a dog, Nik.”

Kol smirked, “I figured it would be better for my health and Nik’s patience if I got a pet of my own instead of stealing your dog.” Kol removed the small puppy from Rebekah’s arms. “The woman named him Bruno and I have no intention of spending too much time thinking of a new name.”

“I’m not picking up after him.” Bella said moving forward and taking the dog away from Kol. “A Siberian husky, he’s cute. Does he have all his shots?”

Kol rolled his eyes. “Of course he does.”

Bella nodded she set the small dog down beside her Jimmy. “I’m not picking up after him, Kol.”

“I’ll find a day walker to do it then.” Kol responded. “Now, I have things to do so I’ll be leaving.”

Bella waited until Kol was gone to turn towards Klaus. “I just got a new dog.”

Klaus chuckled, “I’m sure Elijah will have a talk to him about responsibilities. He might surprise you and take care of the dog.”

Bella rolled her eyes and wrapped her arms around Klaus before pressing her forehead into his chest. “Being a newborn vampire is really screwing with my emotions.”

Klaus chuckled, “You should be proud of yourself, love, you’ve killed less people then most vampires in their newborn stages.”

“Damon said it was going to be a pain in the ass, but I didn’t think he was going to be so serious.” Bella responded. “Hey, Nik, can I ask you for something?”

Klaus smirked, “Anything you wish for, love?”

“I’m hungry.” Bella stated smiling.

“You just had blood love.” Klaus responded concerned.

“Not for blood, Nik.” Bella said nervously. “I umm… meant sex.”

Klaus chuckled and took Bella’s hand beginning to lead her away, her newborn stage had some benefits. “That’s not something you have to ask for, love.”

-Page Break-

Damon walked beside Bella in the vampire infested city. “They’re all avoiding you.” He stated as Bella led the way through the city. “We’ve passed more than 30 vampires and each one of them has done everything possible to avoid walking near you.”

Bella looked around noticing that what her uncle said was true. “It’s Klaus’s influence.” She responded with a shrug of her shoulders. “A few months ago, when I first turned one of the nightwalkers decided challenging me would be a good thing. This guy ambushed me when I took Jimmy out for a walk, he almost bit my neck but Jimmy bit his hand and the guy screamed. When Nik found out he tortured the asshole for hours. He made it this unspoken rule that if I was ever harmed punishment was to be placed.”

Bella turned to her uncle and smirked, “Basically, I can get any of them tortured and killed if they even look at me wrong. They steer clear of me for their own protection. I may not be as old or as strong as them, but I’m the boss’s wife and that makes me the safest person in this city.”

“Or the most in danger.” Damon responded as he followed Bella inside a bar. “You sure you like it here?”

Bella smiled, “Yeah, it’s a fun city and it never gets boring around here.” She led him to the back where they would have a corner table to themselves. “The Mikealson’s aren’t as horrible as you would think, Damon. They treat me like one of their own and most times their antics can be entertaining.”

“How’s vampire life treating you so far?” Damon asked before ordering them both drinks. “Killed any small villages, yet? That runs in the Salvatore blood, just look at Stefan.”

Bella smiled, “No, according to Nik I’m one of the most infuriating vampires in the world because I haven’t gone a murderous rampage. Everyone’s just waiting for me to trip up and go blood crazy. I have threatened to murder Kol several times, if that counts for anything.”

“Are you sure on planning to stay here? You could always move back to Mystic Falls.” Damon said slightly hoping she would agree. “Elena is getting on mine and Caroline’s nerves as of late.”

Bella laughed, “I’m assuming it’s because Elena has a crush on you and it came to a surprise to everyone when you and Caroline announced that you got married at the courthouse a few months ago. Someone with Elena’s ego is going to take it personally when the guy she’s chasing after ends up with her best friend. I think you should understand that their entire lives Elena has always gotten whatever it is that Caroline wanted, you screwed that up. Caroline gets to have you and Elena doesn’t, it’s a huge blow to Elena’s ego. You brought this on yourself when you went and fell in love with your brother’s girlfriend’s best friend.”

Damon rolled his eyes, “Did I mention that she and Stefan got back together? And that she’s a newborn now.”

Bella’s eyes widened, “No… Really? He turned her?”

Damon nodded, “Some sex thing gone bad… or that is what we suspect. They were really loud and then there was silence. The next morning, she comes waltzing out of Stefan’s room a freshly turned vampire. I don’t understand the hold she has on Stefan.”

“Good sex has a hold on anyone.” Bella joked seeing the disgusted look on her uncle’s face she laughed harder.

-Page Break-

Bella hissed as she grabbed her arm, “Damn wolves.” She hissed as she threw herself on the bed. She curled herself up on the top of the bed and pressed her knees to her chest and felt tears slip out as she continued to press her hand to the open wound on her arm.

Klaus entered their bedroom and closed the door tightly behind him. He removed his blood soaked coat and threw it to the fireplace letting it light up in flames. He moved to the bed and gently moved Bella so she was lying on her back. He pressed a hand to her forehead, she was burning up, the wolf venom was surely sitting in. Slowly he removed her shirt and threw it into the fire, he walked into the bathroom and grabbed the supplies he would need to clean her wound, he didn’t want it to scar when he gave her his blood.

“Nik.” Bella whimpered out her eyes still closed as she clutched the pillow in her arms. She threw her head back and screamed as a wave of pain washed through her.

Klaus put his wrist at her mouth just as her fangs lengthened. He watched her latch onto him as she was clearly hallucinating something. He took it as a positive sign when she fell back against the pillows.

“Nik.” Bella whimpered. “Please. Don’t go.”

Klaus leaned down and kissed her forehead, “Sleep well, love. I’ll be here when you wake.” Gently he grabbed one of his shirts and placed it on her before tucking her in under the covers. He went about the room picking up anything that was covered in blood. He threw it all into the fire watching it all light up in flames.

Close to 8 in the morning Bella woke up the pain in her arm gone. She looked over to see Klaus was lying in the bed beside her. Moving slowly, she huddled up beside him resting her head on his chest. Closing her eyes as she heard the soft beating of his heart, something she found to be incredibly relaxing.

“Feeling better, love.” Klaus questioned as he moved his arm around her to hold her close.

“The pain in my arm is gone.” Bella responded, “But I’m feeling incredibly sad.”

“It’s the first time you’ve really encountered that emotion since you’ve turned.” Klaus responded. “It’s sure to have a strong effect on you.”

Bella sighed, “They killed my Jimmy.”

“And in return you killed a large part of their pack.” Klaus responded leaning down to kiss her temple. “I killed the rest.”

“I killed them?” Bella responded softly.

“You’re still young, love. Your emotions are stronger and you felt anger and the  need for revenge. You would’ve killed anyone who was around that area.” Klaus responded he noticed Bella squeeze onto him tighter. “Do you remember how you got home?”

Bella sighed, “I remember you telling me to go with Elijah, and Elijah brought me home.”

Klaus chuckled, “You were still in the middle of your tantrum and managed to break Elijah’s arm.”

Bella groaned, “Nik, I don’t need anymore reason to feel guilty.”

“Elijah’s alright.” Klaus assured, “He was more amused on your strength than he was angered that you broke a bone. I’m sorry that you lost Jimmy, love.”

Bella nodded, “What the hell were two packs of wolves doing in New Orleans.”

“They were trying to scare me.” Klaus admitted, “They want control of the city and were here in an attempt to scare me into going with their plan. My scent on you caused them to attack you.”

Bella nodded, “They deserved to die for killing my dogs.”

“Not both of them.” Klaus responded quietly. “Bruno is at the animal hospital; it seems Jimmy wasn’t just protecting you, he was protecting the pup as well.”

“Is Kol with him?” Bella questioned quietly.

“He threw a fit just like you.” Klaus replied with a smirk. “Killed 4 wolves, 3 vampires, and 2 humans on the way to the animal hospital. It seems owning a pet has calmed his temper just a bit.”

Bella chuckled, “Just a bit.”

“Are you still feeling like you need to go on a murderous rampage, love?” Klaus questioned.

Bella smiled and pressed her head into the curve of Klaus’s neck. “No. I’m feeling slightly better knowing my dear husband has helped me seek revenge already. Thank you, Nik.”

“Anything for you, love.” Klaus responded kissing her and pulling her closer.

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    This was a cute story and loved reading it.


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