Chapter Four: Spell It Out


Author’s Note

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-Page Break-

“Morning, Jeremy.” Charlie said stepping aside and letting Jeremy into the home. One month since Bella had moved back to Forks, and almost every day Jeremy had visited the Swan home. Making him a permanent fixture in the household. “Don’t you ever get any sleep, son?”

Jeremy smiled, “Ric woke me up early, he has some sort of carnival or something going on at the middle school.”

Charlie nodded, “Yeah, I have to head over soon to do my speech.”

“It’s not a speech, it’s a play!” Bella shouted from the kitchen.

Charlie sighed and entered the kitchen with Jeremy. “You and Jeremy got any plans today?”



Bella looked to Jeremy, “I’m not doing anything today.”

Jeremy sighed, “I was thinking of going to Seattle. I ruined my backpack.”

“How’d you do that?” Charlie questioned grabbing the lunch Bella made him.

“I left it outside last night during the rain, and then this morning Ric ran over it with his car.” Jeremy said with a frown. “It was a natural accident.”

Bella laughed along with her dad. “Yeah, natural accident all right.”

“Be safe in Seattle.” Charlie said walking out the door. “And be back by curfew.”

“How do you know I’ll agree to with him?” Bella questioned incredulously as she looked after her dad.

Charlie sighed, “I think I know my kid. Be safe.”

Bella nodded, “Bye dad.”

“Bye Chief.” Jeremy said leaning against the kitchen counter. “I was hoping we could leave soon. I figured we could walk around for a while and kill sometime. Overall avoid going to that carnival.”

Bella nodded, “Let me grab a jacket.”

“I’ll bring the car around.” Jeremy smiled.

“There’s muffins in the kitchen.” Bella said in return as she headed up the stairs.

“Thank you!” Jeremy shouted in return.

-Page Break-

Bella walked beside Jeremy as they aimlessly walked through the mall. “Music shop.” Bella said immediately entering the store.

Jeremy followed her, “Do you need anything?”

Bella shook her head. “That doesn’t mean there’s not something I want.”

Jeremy smiled and looked at all the different instruments they had. He turned to see Bella analyzing cases that were hanging on the wall. “Planning on getting a new one? The old one does look like it’ll break any minute.”

“I’ve had it since I was 12, and you’re right, it has seen better days.” Bella said as she admired the cases.

“Can I help you with anything?” A sales clerk questioned approaching Bella.

Bella nodded, “White cello case, may I see it?”

The man looked Bella up and down before crossing his arms over his chest. “That’s a $800 case, young lady, I don’t want to offend you, but I think that may be a little out of your price range. I have some $50 cases that I think would be better for you.”

Jeremy turned to Bella and noticed how her shoulders tensed and her hands turned into fists. He went to say something to the man but was cut off by Bella.

“First, I don’t remember asking for your opinion, I asked to see the case. You have no right to judge whether I can afford something in this store by my appearance. Second, I suggest you bring me your manager, because in about 15 seconds I’m going to make the biggest scene you’ve ever seen.” Bella smirked at the guy and although no one could see it there was a glint her eyes. “Bring me your manager, because you really won’t like me if you don’t.”

Jeremy watched in astonishment as the man promptly walked off in a huff. “You’re going to make his life a living hell, aren’t you?”

Bella nodded, “He has no right to judge me for my appearance, and I want to see that case and I know he won’t let me.”

Jeremy smiled, “Just don’t get into any real trouble, your dad will kill me.”

Bella smiled, “Don’t worry, Jer.”

The manager approached Bella with the other worker in his shadow. “Mam, how can I help you?”

Bella smiled sweetly. “I have a severe eye condition, and I would like to see that case up there. This worker here informed me that because of my appearance I couldn’t see the case, because he believes it was clearly out of my price range. Now, to me that sounds like discrimination over someone with an illness. I would just like to know if you treat all your customers so rudely, or just those that have illnesses? Because I’m going to step out of this store, call my dad, who’s the chief of police a town over and friends with the commissioner, and tell him about how a man wouldn’t let his daughter see a simple case for her cello.”

Jeremy looked away as the manager’s eyes seem to grow wide at the sight of Bella. He looked down to the ground as the man promptly apologized and did his best to accommodate Bella. He couldn’t help the smile on his face as the man threw in a free cello stand when Bella said she would buy the case.

Jeremy grabbed the case from Bella and carried it for her. “Did you buy this because you actually wanted it? Or because you wanted to prove that guy that you could buy it?”

Bella smirked, “A little bit of both. I bought the case with money from my tutoring lessons, if you were wondering.”

“I wasn’t.” Jeremy responded with a smirk. “I figured if you were looking at something this expensive it was because you could afford it.”

Bella smiled and followed along Jeremy, once an art supplies store came into view she knew Jeremy would be heading over in that direction. She headed in after him and smiled as his eyes practically lit up upon entering. She took the case from his hands and walked behind him. “Going to get some new sketching pencils?”

Jeremy nodded, “Maybe a sketchbook so that my notebooks can actually be for my classes.”

Bella laughed, “Mr. Richardson likes them, he gives you extra credit for them.”

“But Brown keeps deducting points for them.” Jeremy responded with a smile.

Bella watched as Jeremy skimmed through all the pencils. She reached for her phone as it rang. “I’ll be right back.”

“Sure thing, B.” Jeremy said looking at her. “I’ll be here.”

Bella headed out the store and answered the call. “Hello?”

“How are you, Maeva?” Luther questioned.

“I’m good.” Bella responded honestly. “I’m in Seattle with a friend.”

Luther hummed in response. “Have you begun to channel your powers again? You have been avoiding the subject for some time now, I’m growing worried.”

Bella sighed and looked around. “My dreams are back.” Bella whispered quietly. “And I’ve regained my telekinesis, but not my elemental shifting or the teleportation.”

Luther let out a relieved sighed. “They will return with time, it’ll be a slow process. I’m glad you’re doing better. Have you seen anyone suspicious around you?”

“Not since the last time we’ve spoken.” Bella responded with a sigh. “I’m going to have to go, I’m standing in the middle of a mall.”

“Of course. Goodbye my dear.” Luther said just before Bella hung up the phone.

Bella headed back in the store and found Jeremy in the sketchbook section looking through all the books. “You find one that you like?” Bella questioned leaning against the shelves.

“I’m glad you’re back, I couldn’t figure out how to choose which one I wanted, I need your help, B.” Jeremy said looking through all the notebooks. Bella couldn’t help but smile and moved to look through them with him.

-Page Break-

Bella smiled as Jeremy carried her case while she carried two bags filled with clothes, because truth be told she needed new things to wear. She looked over her shoulder as she got that bad feeling in the back of her mind. She got into the car with Jeremy as quickly as she could and when she looked over her shoulder and out the window she caught the blur of something in the window.

“Something wrong, B?” Jeremy questioned glancing at her for a moment before he turned back to the road.

Bella shook her head, “No, Jer.” She smiled when he smiled at her, because truth be told, she found that every time he smiled it made her happy.

Bella watched the road pass through the window in nothing but a blur. To her, there was something strange in the blur of the road as they travelled back to Forks. And as the sky darkened, she could feel the pit of her stomach twist, and she knew that if she closed her eyes to sleep she would see something truly nightmarish in her dreams.

Bella noticed there were no longer any cars behind them, the road to Forks was empty. She reached over and placed her hand on Jeremy’s chest as he hit the brakes rapidly and skidded off the road. “There’s someone in the middle of the road.” She whispered as the headlights of the car illuminated the figure that stood only feet in front of him.

Jeremy nodded, his jaw clenching as he saw that their car was now surrounded by them. He knew he couldn’t hit them with the car, they wouldn’t make it home with the damage. He reached over and opened the glove compartment, pulling out the gun that was placed there. Wooden bullets coated in vervain were his preferred choice in weaponry. “Stay in the car.” He warned Bella as he opened the car door.

Not being one to be told what to do Bella got out of the car and quickly walked to Jeremy’s side at his side glance she shrugged. “I’ve never been good with orders.” She whispered. “And you can’t handle all of them, Jer.” She smelled the vervain as soon as he stepped out of the car, he had to know about vampires if he was so prepared to kill them. “There are too many, and you don’t have enough wooden bullets for all of them.

There was a large growl that cut off Jeremy’s response.

“We don’t want you, boy.” A dark-haired vampire snarled, baring his fangs at Jeremy. “We just want the girl.” The vampire met Bella’s eyes and closed his eyes inhaling her scent. He opened his eyes and couldn’t help but lick his lips. “You smell delicious.”

Bella smirked, “I get that a lot. But here’s the thing, I don’t plan on dying today. So here’s what’s going to happen, you’re all going to leave, or me and him are going to kill you.”

A loud snarl rang through the crowd of vampires, and as one launched at Bella, Jeremy shot off his gun, the vampire falling to the ground in an instant.

“I see you’ve made your choice.” Bella said softly. She took off her glasses and tossed them towards the car. Her red eyes glowed brightly in the night, “I’m sorry for what’s about to happen.”

In an instant, there was a blur of movement. Gunshots could be heard as Jeremy fired off his gun, he looked to Bella to make sure she was okay, but what he saw took him by surprise. Her back was to him, but her arms was stretched out and it was on fire, but it didn’t seem to hurt her at all. She had seven vampires lit on fire, and with her arm stretched out she had a few levitating off the floor.

Jeremy snapped his attention back to the task at hand as more vampires seemed to come out of nowhere. He reached into his jacket and pulled out the dagger he always had hidden there. He began to fight, moving with ease as he stabbed and fought the vampires around him.

He took a step back as he saw them all go up in flames. He turned back around to see Bella leaning against the car watching him, her arms crossed over her chest as she surveyed him. She had put back on her glasses, and had clearly been leaning against the car for a few minutes.

“You’re part of the brotherhood of the Five, aren’t you?” Bella said watching him closely. “It would explain your skills, your strength, agility and the fact that you could take down…” She paused and looked around. “10 vampires on your own.”

Jeremy shrugged, “I am.”

Bella nodded, she held out her arms and in a moment they were like water. Jeremy turned to see her putting out the fires. There was nothing left but ash, the only evidence anything happened on the road. “Come on, we don’t want to be here any longer. I’m sure someone saw the smoke and reported it.”

Jeremy sighed, “Are you going to explain exactly what just happened here?”

“We were attacked by a coven of vampires, and we handled it.” Bella said with a shrug. “I thought you understood that, seeing as you’re a hunter.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes and got into the car behind Bella. “Of course I know that we just killed vampires, I was referring to you.”

Bella sighed, “It’s a long story, Jer, and I don’t think you’ll like me after you know the truth.”

Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Don’t be so dramatic, B. Did you forget that you and I are forever best friends?”

It was Bella’s turn to roll her eyes at him. “Start driving. I’ll talk while we get home.”

Jeremy smiled and started the car, “So, where do you want to start?”

Bella sighed, she leaned back in her seat and closed her eyes. “There’s no real term for what I am, or at least not an official one.”

“That’s fine by me, just give your best description.” Jeremy responded watching Bella carefully. Knowing this was a conversation she had obviously never had to have with anyone.

“First off, I don’t have an eye condition.” Bella responded taking a deep breath. “I have to wear these glasses everywhere because they give away that I’m not exactly human.”

“Can I see them?” Jeremy questioned eagerly.

Bella shook her head. “Not while you’re driving.”

“Okay, so keep going.” Jeremy urged.

“I’ve told you about Renee, how I’m not really Charlie’s daughter not by blood anyway.” Bella said with a frown. “My father’s name is Luther, he fell in love with my mom when she was 20. He didn’t think she’d get pregnant with him, but clearly he was wrong. Renee left Luther shortly after she realized she was pregnant. She manipulated Charlie and told him that she didn’t want her baby growing up without a father. Luther didn’t take it very well, he loved my mom and he loved me as soon as he knew she was with a child, Renee just forbid him from coming near me. Charlie divorced Renee, her attitude had become too much for him, but he still promised to raise me. Renee is manipulative so she only allowed Charlie partial custody. That’s when we started moving. When I was twelve we ended up in phoenix, and that’s when I met Luther. I was starting the change, and he found me, behind Renee’s back of course.”

“What’s the change?” Jeremy questioned. “Is it like the vampire transition.”

Bell nodded her head, “What I am, it’s being alive, but at the same time being dead. My father likes to refer to our kind as corpses, people who are trapped in the world of the living and of the dead. When I was 12 I went through puberty, which triggered the change for me. Each corpse develops a gift during their change, it’s like a signature of who they are. Luther has what he calls the voice. He can make you do anything he wants just by speaking to you, and then he can drive you to insanity with nothing but a whisper.”

“So you can control the elements?” Jeremy responded.

Bella shook her head. “No… well yes, but it’s not the full story. My first gift was my dream. I started seeing the future in my dreams, and I could go into other’s dreams and view them or manipulate them. I could make someone do what I wanted through their dreams. My father thought it was a different form of his gift.”

“But you said you could only get one gift.” Jeremy responded in confusion. “You have two.”

Bella sighed and turned to look out the window, “Centuries ago, there was a woman with a true gift of sight. She didn’t need to dream to see the future, and she could see centuries into the future. One day, she saw something, a prophecy of sorts. She said that one day a corpse will be born that will change the world of all the corpses. She would have the ability to resurrect every corpse that never made it to the end of their transition. And that only she would make it so that the curse of the corpse could be chosen and not forced. She would make it so that corpses can choose who transitions, just like vampires. It would allow corpses to outrank vampires and werewolves, and to finally prosper in a world that has destroyed them in the pass. Only the corpse with gifts of many could break the curse.”

“You think you’re that girl? The one she saw breaking the curse?” Jeremy responded.

Bella nodded. “My father wasn’t sure at first. I developed a strong dreaming ability that my father didn’t believe I was the one she spoke about in her vision, but then I started getting stronger. As soon as I mastered my dreaming, I developed a new gift. After that, as soon as I mastered one gift, I developed a new one. By the time I was sixteen I had already mastered dreaming, telekinesis, and elemental shapeshifting.”

“Elemental shapeshifting? You mean you can literally turn into fire.” Jeremy responded his voice filled with wonder.

Bella nodded, she held out her hand and Jeremy watched as slowly each finger began to turn to water and then quickly it was as if her hand was made of sand. “This one took me two years to master, the others only took about a year. After this I started developing teleportation.”

“You can teleport?” Jeremy asked excitedly.

“I could.” Bella whispered. “My powers have been restricted, most of them anyways. They’re coming back slowly.”

“Restricted? They were taken away? By who?” Jeremy questioned.

“Myself.” Bella responded quietly. “My father believes that it’s because of my emotional state, he thinks I blocked myself.”

Jeremy’s face fell at the words. He knew enough about Bella to know what she was talking about. “When does your transition end?” He questioned changing the subject.

“On my 25th birthday.” Bella responded immediately. “It’s when we’ve fully matured and grown into our person.”

“How many are there?” Jeremy questioned.

Bella sighed, “Including myself, 21.”

“20? Only 20 others?” Jeremy questioned in astonishment. “Really?”

Bella nodded, “Most of us are chosen by the Earth, from the moment we’re born we’re cursed with this. I’m the only one who shares the blood of a corpse, the others weren’t conceived like me. And the choosing of a corpse is rare, a lot of them die before the end of their transition. If I make it to my transition, I’ll be the first in the last 150years to make it to full transition.”

“How come the others don’t make it?” Jeremy questioned. “What are the chances that something could happen to you?”

Bella shrugged her shoulders. “I honestly don’t know if I’ll make it, but my father trained me to fight, and the others are always near to help protect me.”

“Protect you? Protect you from what?”

“There are two vampire covens that know about the existence of corpses, that know the weaknesses of our kind. The first is the Drakonas coven, they’re the traditional form of vampires, like the ones we just killed. Their coven consists of more than 300 vampires. Their leader Xavier, has developed a crazy theory that if he sacrifices me the night before my 25th birthday he’ll get my powers and be able to merge himself to be both vampire and corpse. You can always tell if a vampire is from the Drakonas coven by their neck, they have the coven crest scarred into their skin.”

Bella took in  deep breath. “Next, are the Volturi coven. They simply don’t like our existence, they’re the self-proclaimed kings of the second breeds. If the prophecy comes true, corpses will rise in numbers and we’ll out rank them on the food chain. The Volturi are the real threat, at the first sign of a corpse, they kill them. My father was able to keep my existence a secret for years, but word travels amongst the supernatural and somehow both covens realized my existence. They’ve never gotten close, they don’t know what I look like or where I was born. All they know is that I am alive, and they think my name is Maeva.”

“Why would they think that?” Jeremy questioned

“Because it is.” Bella whispered. “On a technicality, Renee named me Isabella Maeva Swan, to appease Luther. But once I was four days old she changed it to Marie and not Maeva. Luther refers to me as Maeva, and so do most of the other corpses, so when word got out that I was alive both covens only knew me was Maeva.”

“So all corpses want this prophecy to come true because of the power you’ll get?” Jeremy questioned, the thought of Bella being put in so much trouble because of a power battle didn’t sit right with him.

Bella shook her head. “No, it’s not about the power for corpses, it’s about the ability to die.”

“Death? Really? That’s what they want to be able to die?” Jeremy responded his tone laced with disbelief.

“Jeremy, the oldest corpse is more than 3,000 years old.” Bella responded. “Forever stuck at the age of 25, with no way to possibly die. Immortality can be a gift, but to others it’s a curse. We’re forever stuck in two worlds and never really belonging in either.”

Jeremy pulled into Bella’s driveway and turned the car off. “So why not say something? Why not tell me sooner?”

“Since the day of my change I have been told repeatedly not to trust anyone. My own mother hated me for what I was, I didn’t want you to hate me.” Bella whispered. “You were nice to me, and despite being incredibly annoying sometimes, I like having you around.”

Jeremy grinned, “It’s a good thing you’re stuck with me then? Because, you’re sort of one of my favorite people, Bumble B.”

Bella rolled her eyes at the nickname. “You’re an idiot.” She said opening the car door and stepping out.

“Hey, you said you were going to show me your eyes!” Jeremy said stepping out as well.

“Help me take my stuff inside, and I will.” Bella said grabbing her two shopping bags while Jeremy grabbed her case. She headed up the stairs knowing her dad wasn’t home yet, she opened the door and stepped inside. She turned on the lights of the house as Jeremy entered in behind her.

“Alright, let’s see them.” Jeremy said with a wide grin.

“Jer… they can be a little off putting.” Bella insisted.

Jeremy smiled being able to tell that she was obviously nervous. “Hey, if it makes you nervous you don’t have to show me, I can wait. I just want you to know that you and I, we’re always going to be friends, no matter what happens. And you being a little different isn’t going to stop me from coming over here every day to hang out with you, because despite how awesome your cooking is, I come here to see you.”

Bella smiled, “You’re a sap.” She said with shaky hands she reached up and removed her glasses. Her eyes met Jeremy’s and she felt her hands shaking at her sides as he stared at her.

Jeremy stepped forward and gave Bella a hug. “See.” He whispered. “I’m still here.”

Bella returned the hug and sighed. “You’re still a sap.” She responded as relief filled her body at his acceptance of her.

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  1. I love this pairing! I’m going to ask for the updates as soon as you can give them! Lol.

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  2. Awe…Jeremy is so sweet and understanding to Bella. So Bella has a but ton of enemies that don’t even know her? That really sucks and so does Renee. 😦 Good chapter though, I’m really getting into this.

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