Chapter Thirteen

chpt 13

Bella sighed as she saw what Klaus and Henrik had done. “You’re really pretending to be Alaric?”

“I want to see the doppelganger for myself,” Klaus responded as he looked at himself in the mirror, he was now in Alaric’s body instead of his own. His own body tucked away for safe keeping. “It’d be too suspicious if a newcomer came around, they would take her and run. This is the only way to see her and at the same time keep her from running off and postponing the ritual.”

Bella looked at Henrik and shook his head as he was all but giddy at what he had accomplished. “I can’t believe you really did this, Henri.”

“I know, it’s so cool.” Henrik said with a grin as he looked at his brother in Alaric’s body. This was a spell Henrik had been dying to try out, Bella rolled her eyes at her husband but couldn’t stop the small smiled that crept onto her face.

“Do you even know anything about teaching a history class? You’re going to get caught.” Bella said she shook her head as she realized Nik and Henri hadn’t properly thought things through. “I’ll write up some notes for you, Nik. Try not to raise suspicion by acting strangely, you have to remember you’re a human history teacher.”

Klaus chuckled at Bella’s worrying, “I’ll be fine, sweetheart.”

“I’ll keep an eye out for him, Elle.” Henrik said with a grin more than happy to have his brother at the school with him.

“Well I’m going to get going. I have to get to the school earlier than the both of you.” Bella said, she paused as her phone conversation with Slater replayed in her mind from earlier. “Oh, I forgot to tell you about something. Slater set up a camera right outside the witch house. He checked on it and apparently someone was there yesterday.”

Henrik smirked at the news imagining the disappointment as they weren’t able to get anything from the witches. “So they’re trying to gather power now?”

Bella nodded, “It was Damon, Bonnie and Jeremy. They left 30 minutes later after they couldn’t find anything. According to Slater, Rose said Greta’s dad took Bonnie’s powers before he left town. Now they’re looking for another way to defeat Nik. Just thought you should know, it seems they’re side of things are failing.”

Henrik and Klaus nodded takin in all the information they were just given. Bella grabbed her bag before she left. “Don’t forget that you both can’t be seen coming into school together. You’re not that close of friends.”

Bella waved to the two and headed out it had been not that long since they took care of the pack of wolves. Since then Bella had been watched by the other vampires and Elena though she didn’t mind. Henrik on the other hand was trying hard not to attack any of them. The thought that they were all trying to kill his brother wasn’t sitting right with Henrik.

She looked over at the Gilbert house and like it had been before it was only Jeremy and John inside. Not caring anymore Bella hopped onto her bike and put on her helmet getting ready to drive off.

Bella arrived at the school and as usual she smiled politely at Elena, Stefan, Caroline and Bonnie. Caroline was the only one who truly smiled back whenever Bella was being polite. Bella came to the conclusion that Caroline was her favorite student at this school.

Bella walked into her office and set her bag on the ground. She did as promised and wrote up a large set of notes for Klaus, it would be enough to hold him over for the rest of the day. The knock on the door startled Bella that she dropped her pen to the ground. Bella glanced up from her desk to see Elena standing behind the door, gesturing for Elena to enter. Bella sat back in her chair and got ready to hear whatever Elena wanted.

“Can we talk?” Elena said entering the room. “In private?”

Bella nodded she closed the notebook she was writing in and gestured for Elena to sit down. Elena closed the door before taking a seat. “What do you wish to talk about, Elena?”

“Being a vampire,” Elena admitted shyly as she set her bag down beside her. “Caroline said you and your husband were vampires, and well I just I needed someone to talk to. I needed an outsider’s advice I know Stefan and Damon have been really cautious of you and a bit rude, but I come in peace.”

Bella nodded, “Okay, I’ll do my best to help you.”

Elena smiled, “Stefan is a vampire I think you already knew that. It’s just, I love Stefan. I can see a future with him, I just sometimes have to remind myself that he’s never going to age, I have to remember he’s not human. I don’t know if I want kids or a family one day, I don’t know if I want to grow old. Being with Stefan, I know that I have to think about turning, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for that. Ready for an eternity with someone. I’m 17, a year ago all I worried about was what I was going to wear or if I had the routine down for cheer. I just, I don’t know if I can do this. I don’t know if I could really transition into a vampire to be with Stefan forever.” Elena rubbed her face as she finished.

Before Bella could respond there was a knock on the door. She looked up along with Elena to see Henrik there.

“Sorry to interrupt ladies, but I need those notes Belle,” Henrik said with a smile.

Bella returned the smile and stood she walked to the door and handed Henrik the notebook. She pecked his lips before he left. “Try not to mess up!”

Henrik smiled knowing that was meant for his brother. “We’ll see how it goes at the end of the day. I’ll see you in class, Elena.”

“Of course, Mr. Mikaelson.” Elena replied with a shy smile.

Bella ushered her husband out. She closed the door and with a smile sat down.

“How old were you when you turned?” Elena asked suddenly.

“Honestly, I was around your age when I turned,” Bella replied as she took her seat again.

“Where you two together at the time?” Elena asked curiously wondering how Bella could be with only one person for the rest of eternity.

Bella smiled she knew Elena wasn’t here to get information about her and Henrik to take back to her friends, the girl was just curious and to Bella she looked worried and in the need of some advice. “Henrik and I met when I was 11 and he was 12. We grew up together, we were best friends before we were anything else. I was officially with Henrik for a few weeks before he turned, months later I transitioned to be with him.”

“You didn’t fear it?” Elena asked as she fidgeted in her seat looking up to see what Bella would answer.

“I feared living without him,” Bella admitted. “Henrik has always been my lifeline, my light in the dark. He’s my other half, there’s no question about it. I knew that where he went I went. I imagined my life without him and it wasn’t something I could ever want. When the opportunity came, I drank his blood and I turned. Elena, when you love someone it’s not a matter of seeing a forever with them. It’s about knowing if you could live without them. You don’t have to decide now if you want to be a vampire, just take some time whenever you’re with Stefan and take a moment to really think about what it would be like if he weren’t there. You have to know if you could live without him, Elena. If you can, than maybe he isn’t who you should be with, but if you know that living without him isn’t something you can see yourself doing than you have your answer.”

Elena sighed, “But what if it’s not him I can’t see myself without? What if it’s someone else? I love Stefan, I do, but for the last few weeks I’ve been feeling something for someone else. I can’t help but wonder if there could be anything there. I don’t know if it’s worth giving up Stefan to try and be with someone else. I mean what if it doesn’t work out?”

Bella nodded a smile crept onto her face as she had an inkling on who this person could be. “Damon?” Elena’s eyes widened and she looked down to the floor in embarrassment that was all the answer Bella need. “Can I tell you a story?” Bella spoke softly bringing Elena’s attention to the floor onto her.

Elena nodded for Bella to continue.

“When I was human, there was a boy who was really infatuated with me. This was right before Henrik and I were officially more than friends. I was about 16 at the time that this happened. I was attracted to the boy, but even though I wasn’t with Henrik I knew that no matter how hard I tried how hard this boy tried my feelings for Henrik were stronger than anything else. Before you think about anything, before you make a decision you have to focus on your feelings. You have to really think if it’s worth it.” Bella said, she was proud her lie had fooled Elena, she suspected this would help Elena in some way.

Elena nodded and a small smile crept onto her face. “Thank you for hearing me out, Bella.”

Bella smiled, “Anytime Elena, my door is always open if you ever need to talk again.”

Elena smiled and nodded. “Thanks you for this.”

Bella nodded and let Elena leave the room. She smiled to herself as she got back to work. As the day passed she was beginning to wonder how things were going for Klaus and Henrik. Out of curiosity she headed out knowing Ric always had the period before lunch free there wasn’t much time left, but it was enough time to speak to Klaus. She walked into the classroom and smirked as she saw Klaus/Alaric sitting at the desk his feet on the desk as he played with pencil.

“So this is what the school is paying you to do?” Bella asked as she entered the room making sure to close the door behind her.

Klaus looked up with a smirk setting the pencil down on the desk. “Technically, they’re not paying me.”

“So, how’s it going so far?” Bella asked.

“I saw her, she really is the doppelganger. Now, all that I have to do is try to get her away from her little guard dogs.” Klaus said annoyed at the amount of effort he had to put into this.

Bella smiled, “It shouldn’t be too hard. They’re overpowered, if anything it should be easy to get her to the site of the ritual.”

“Well you did get rid of Elijah who was the only person that could actually help her and potentially ruin this ritual.” Klaus said, “And Greta is gone with her father and brother, there really isn’t anything they can use against me.”

Bella nodded, “I really like this town.”

“Then we’ll stay after this is done.” Klaus said, “That is of course if you don’t mind me staying.”

Bella grinned at the thought. “So, you’re going to stay with us? Like old times?”

“Like old times,” Klaus agreed not being able to help the smile on his face at the contagious happiness of Bella.

Bella beamed at the thought. “That’s so great Nik, Henri and I miss having you around all the time.”

Klaus smiled and knew she came in here for more than this. “So, anything you want to ask?”

Bella grinned, “I should’ve known you would see right through me. You see, I found this spell that will link me temporarily to Elena. It will only last at the max an hour. I want to do this spell the night of the ritual. I figured the easiest way to get her on your side was to give her the chance to live. If you drain her, my body will heal and hers will too. She’ll die but my healing capabilities will bring her back. I just, I thought it was the best thing to do.”

Klaus nodded, “I’m okay with it.”

Bella beamed at hearing those words. “I’m so glad, I thought you would be angry or upset.”

“Why would I be upset?” Klaus asked eyeing Bella curiously.

Bella sighed and took a seat in one of the desks. “It’s just. With Elijah, the way he so easily went against you, I feared that maybe you would think I was doing the same. You know that no matter what I’ll always be on your side, you’re a brother to me, Nik. I mean you and Henrik are the only family I have left. I guess I just feared that you would think I was betraying you, I don’t want you to think that I’ll ever do that to you.”

Klaus chuckled, “You sweetheart are the last person I would think could ever do something considered betrayal towards anyone. You’re as loyal as they come, I’m well aware of how lucky I am to have you on my side of things. You don’t have to ever fear me being upset with you. Your husband on the other hand should fear me, any day now I might take a knife to his suits.”

Bella tossed her head back and laughed, “I’ve tried he guards those things with his life.”

“Talking about me are you?” Henrik said coming into the room. “Thought I might find you here.” He said as he looked at Bella. He looked at her as she sat at the desk in the front row. “This brings back a sense of Déjà vu.”

Henrik turned to his brother, “Get a good look at her?”

Klaus nodded, “They’re identical. Elijah would’ve surely fallen for her, I’m sure we did him a favor in the end.”

Bella smiled, “After the ritual, we go after Mikael right?”

Henrik and Klaus both nodded. “It’s about time that worthless creature goes to the other side.” Henrik said with disgust, it was obvious he had no friendly feelings towards the man who once called himself his father.

“I’m sure it won’t be too hard to track him down. After we know where he is, we can find a stake to kill him with.” Klaus said.

Bella nodded, “There’s a dance tonight I thought I should mention that it would probably be the best time for you to talk with the doppelganger. Henrik and I will be hiding nearby I figured if we kept in the shadows it’ll give us an advantage. If they don’t know we’re on your side until it’s too late, than we still have a greater advantage over them.”

“We have an advantage over them no matter what they know,” Henrik said but then nodded in agreement. “But it would be better if they didn’t snoop around us anymore. They’re getting on my nerves as it is, if they knew we were with Nik it would only get worse. .”

Klaus looked at the clock on the wall. “Its lunchtime isn’t it?”

Bella nodded and stood rapidly, “I have to get back to my office and from what I know you’re both on lunch duty.”

Henrik groaned, “I hate lunch duty.”

Klaus sighed, “I really only wanted to do this for an hour or so.”

“Come on, both of you have to get to the cafeteria.” She turned to Henrik, “Why don’t you give him a full explanation of Elena’s friends. I’m sure it’d be wise for him to know who exactly is looking for a way to kill him.” Bella kissed Henrik’s cheek and waved at Klaus as she left the room.

Henrik smiled as he looked after Bella, “She’s terrific isn’t she?”

Klaus rolled his eyes, “It’s been more than ten years since you’ve been together, I would’ve thought that by now your honeymoon phase would’ve been over.”

Henrik chuckled and walked out beside his brother. “It’ll never be over, being with Belle isn’t like you being with Greta. You knew Greta would soon be gone, but Belle is my forever. Every day is different, and despite what you would believe, every day I fall more in love with her. When you find your soul mate, you’ll understand.”

Klaus chuckled, “Bella’s optimism has gotten to you, brother.”

Henrik shrugged, “I know you don’t really believe in these types of things, Nik, but I do, so just humor me and agree with me.”

Klaus smirked and patted his brother on the back. “Of course.”

Bella put on the costume she had managed to put together in short time. “I don’t get why I have to dress up for this dance. I’m not a student, and you’re going to be glaring at every boy that looks at me, so wouldn’t it just be better if I stay home.”

Henrik laughed, “You can’t get out of this one Belle. If I have to go to this thing so do you, you’ll make it more bearable for me.”

Bella turned to look at Henrik as she kept fixing her dress. “You’re kidding me? Henri, you’re just wearing a bright red suit, this isn’t 60’s attire.”

Henrik shrugged, “I don’t think anyone will really notice.”

Bella glared at him, “This is unfair.”

“You look beautiful,” Henrik said as he wrapped her hands around her waist he kissed her neck.

Bella’s glare wavered and she smiled, “Let me finish changing I just have to get my shoes on.”

Henrik smiled and watched her walk back into the office. He fixed his tie again and smiled as he got a call from his brother. “Hello?”

“Did you know that this guy dresses like Indiana Jones,” Klaus said through the phone his voice soundin aggravated.

“I have a vague impression of what his wardrobe would consist of,” Henrik said amusement laced through his voice.

“He could’ve lived in the 60’s,” Klaus said, “Do me a favor and hand the phone to your wife.”

“Belle,” Henrik called out. He smiled at Bella and waved the phone at her. “Nik would like to speak to you.”

Bella blurred towards Henrik and grabbed the phone she looked at Henrik’s suit. “That tie doesn’t go with that suit, Henri.”

Henrik looked down and then back to the mirror not hearing his wife’s laughter as she exited the room.

“What’s up, Nik?” Bella asked as she went down the stairs looking for the jacket she had misplaced.

“I will mention to Elena that I will let her live at the end of this, but you should know that I won’t mention you to her. She shouldn’t know about you just yet, I also thought I should mention that I stopped by the Salvatore house. Apparently, the witch felt something and she thought it was me, I’m sure it was nothing seeing as she doesn’t really have her power. They’re all spooked, and the eldest Salvatore will be attending the dance, but he said something about you. I would’ve mentioned it to Henrik, but we both know how angry he can get. I would keep your distance from the eldest Salvatore, it seems you’ve caught his eye.” Klaus said.

Bella laughed, “You would think the fact that I’m married and he has a girlfriend would make him realize he has no chance.”

“Apparently he and Rose aren’t as close as they appear,” Klaus said he chuckled, “She still fears me, rightfully so, it was entertaining to watch the fear in her eyes at the mention of me being so close to town. As it turns out, my brother had pardoned her on my behalf.”

“And she thinks she’s in the clear?” Bella asked, “So are you going to kill her?”

“No, I don’t think I am. I should be going sweetheart, I have to ride to the dance with the eldest Salvatore. Do remember what I told you.” Klaus said.

Bella nodded more to herself. “Yeah, I think I’ll tell Henri about it later. I feel weird keeping anything from him. I’ll see you at the dance, Nik.”

“Tell me what?” Henrik asked as he came down the stairs. “Something happen?”

“No, just some information Nik and I believe might put you on edge. We both know you so well.” Bella replied with a smile. “It turns out someone has taken an interest in me, in a romantic light.”

Henrik growled, “Who?”

Bella smiled, she kissed Henrik lightly. “It’s no one important, just know that if he tries anything you’ll be the first to know.”

Henrik put his arms around Bella bringing her in closer to his chest. “Okay, Belle. Although I’m fairly certain I know who he it is already.”

“I’m sure you do, but if you knew it was Damon you might try and kill him, and that would makes things worse with Elena. I’m fairly certain she’s beginning to fall in love with him. It’s sweet really, although I do feel a bit bad for Rose. When Damon realizes Elena feels something for him whatever lusty feelings he has towards me will disappear. It’s just the mermaid charm he’s attracted to Henri, it’ll pass.” Bella said she rested her chin on Henrik’s chest as she looked up at him.

Henrik smiled and pushed back a stay curl to Bella’s tied up hair. “You look quite beautiful, I’m sure you would’ve fit in perfectly in the 60’s.”

“I think I would too,” Bella said with a smile. “Although I don’t think I could’ve done the 70’s.”

Henrik laughed, “I think you would’ve been just fine. Come on, let’s get going and see how things go tonight.”

-Page Break-

Bella stood beside Klaus as he scanned the crowd. Henrik had left momentarily to break up a fight and take the two students outside. “So, what’s the plan?”

“Get her away from everyone and tell her about my deal.” Klaus replied he looked at Bella from the corner of his eye. “I assume you told Henrik about the Eldest Salvatore’s interest in you.”

Bella smiled, “Of course I told him. He’s fine.”

Klaus nodded and his eyes zeroed in on Damon as he walked towards them. “Damon.” Klaus said in greeting.

Damon gave a smirk in reply and turned to Bella. “If it isn’t my favorite vampire nurse. You look quite spectacular tonight.”

Klaus’s hand twitched he didn’t particularly like having someone hit on his sister.

Bella gave a warm smile. “Mister Salvatore, I would say it’s a pleasure to see you, but it really isn’t seeing as you seem to bring trouble with you everywhere you go.”

Damon put his hand over his heart. “How you hurt me, for a nurse you don’t seem to care much about someone’s wounds.”

“I only care about the humans, for a vampire who can heal, I don’t care too much.” Bella replied she spotted Henrik enter the gym. “If you excuse me, I’m going to go ask my husband for a dance.” Bella turned to Alaric. “See you later, Ric.”

Damon watched her leave his eyes on her ass as she walked away. At the slap to his head he turned to Alaric/Klaus. “What the hell, Ric?”

Alaric/Klaus glared at Damon wanting to hit him harder for the way he stared at Bella. “She’s married, idiot.”

“Ah, but I always liked a good challenge,” Damon said he looked to where Bella was with Henrik. “Besides, it isn’t about getting her, it’s about pissing off her husband. I don’t like him.”

“So you’re trying to bed his wife?” Klaus asked in annoyance.

“No, I’m doing something better. Every vampire hates it when someone tries to take away what’s theirs. I’m flirting with his wife because it gets him angry. I want to get under his skin, and maybe if I’m lucky he’ll leave town, if I’m really lucky I get to have his wife in my bed before they leave.” Damon said he smirked wider and turned to Alaric. “Something wrong man? You look like someone took your lollipop.”

Alaric/Klaus glared at Damon. Klaus decided now was the time to try and distract everyone. “I swear I just saw someone flash by on the other side of the gym.”

Damon came to attention. “Where?”

“Over there,” Klaus pointed to the opposite direction Elena was in. “If it’s Klaus, he could be circling the gym trying to get to Elena. We have to get her out of here. You and Stefan need to walk around see if you can get to him. I’ll take Elena home, she can’t stay here.”

Damon nodded, “Get her home, no stops we can’t let him get anywhere near her.”

Alaric/Klaus nodded and moved. Klaus smirked to himself as he took Elena by the arm leading her outside. “Hurry up, we have to get out of here quick.”

“What about Stefan? Bonnie doesn’t have the power to kill Klaus.” Elena said as she jogged to keep up with Alaric as they made it to the parking lot.

Klaus stopped and chuckled. “That witch couldn’t kill me if she had all the power in the world.”

Elena froze as she could hear the faint accent in Alaric’s voice. “Ric?” She questioned with a trembling voice.

“I prefer to go by Klaus, love.” Klaus said he stood in front of Elena a smirk on his face. “Before you have a panic attack and start calling out to your loves, know that I’m just here to talk. For now that is.”

Elena stiffened. “Talk?”

“Of course, I’m not as barbaric to just kidnap you the day of the ritual. I want to make a deal first.” Klaus said his eyes went to behind Elena briefly as he saw Bella hiding in the shadows, he expected Henrik was somewhere behind him.

“What kind of deal?” Elena said she looked around not seeing anyone she knew, she realized that no one would question her being with Alaric.

“I spare your life along with your friend’s lives if you do this ritual without disturbance.” Klaus said, “And this does mean that your little boyfriends must not try to stop me in any way.”

“Spare my life? I don’t want to be a vampire,” Elena said her hands trembling as she spoke.

Klaus chuckled, “I wasn’t offering to turn you, I’m offering a way to keep you human using magic. I know older and stronger spells than your witch friend, so I’m very capable of bringing you back to life.”

“All I have to do is willingly go with you?” Elena asked. “My family will live, my friends, even Ric?”

“I’ll return Alaric back to his normal self once I’m done with him, and the rest of your family will be unharmed. As for your friends, as long as they don’t try and ruin my ritual their lives will be spared. I’m aware that you’ve met my brother, Elijah. Elijah and I aren’t alike, but we are men of our words. I will give you my word that I will not harm anyone close to you, if you agree to do this ritual.”

Elena nodded her head seeing this as her best option. “Okay.”

Klaus smirked, “Good. I thought I was going to have more of a fight on my hands. I should also inform you, I do have eyes everywhere. Don’t try to run or hide. I’ll find you and you’ll ultimately only end up making me angry.”

“I’ll stay in town. I’ll be here for your ritual and I’ll do my best to keep Stefan and Damon from doing anything stupid.” Elena replied

“Good, it would be terrible if something happened and I had to massacre your family.” Klaus said with a slight smirk. “Now, remember our agreement and run back to your little friends and tell them about the deal we just made.”

Elena nodded she stuck out her hand. “We need to shake on it, I need to know this was real and not just a figment of my imagination.”

Klaus stepped forward and shook her hand cautiously. He nodded his head as he stepped back and watched as Elena began to walk away. He say Bella sneak into the school behind her. Klaus turned around and blurred into the woods. “That went better than expected.” Henrik said appearing behind his brother.

Klaus paused and turned to Henrik. “It did go better than I thought it would.”

“Did you mean it? About letting her live, will you really allow that to happen?” Henrik asked.

Klaus nodded, “Your wife seems adamant on letting Elena live.”

Henrik smiled at the mention of his Belle

“Yes well, she’s always had a kind heart. Not to mention she’s taken the role of Elena’s mentor. I would’ve been more surprised had she not asked for this. She already has the spell and all the kinks worked out.”

“She’s always been a planner,” Klaus said with a smirk. “Regarding the Salvatore.”

Henrik raised an eyebrow, “What about him?”

“He’s only after Bella to get on your nerves. It seems he sees you as a threat and wants you out of town.” Klaus said, “I’m all for killing him, but I did just give my word to Elena that he would live.”

Henrik looked to be in thought after a few moments he spoke again. “Belle would never hurt me. I really have nothing to worry about, but I do hate other vampires near my Belle. I guess we’ll just have to see how things go from here. It’s the possessiveness over my Belle that gets to me, really. Belle is the calmer of the two of us. I won’t physically harm Damon, but if he keeps pushing this and if Belle has had enough, I’ll take action.”

Klaus nodded, “From the way he said it, he’s doing what any vampire hates, someone attempting to take what’s theirs.”

Henrik growled, “She isn’t a possession,” He paused and he relaxed his shoulders. “But she is my mate, he has to know this.” Henrik looked to his brother. “I should get back to the dance. I’ll see you back home or are you staying in Alaric’s apartment?”

“I’ll stop by late at night,” Klaus said, “I think they’ll try keeping a close eye on me once they know I took over Alaric’s body.”

Henrik nodded, “I’ll see you then.” Henrik blurred away and headed back to the dance. He walked into the gymnasium and searched the room. He saw his Bella at the back of the room, she looked bored watching over the humans.

“Henri.” Bella said with a bright smile as Henrik walked up to her. “I thought you would’ve headed back home with Nik. Elena and all her friends left already.”

Henrik smiled he pulled Bella close and moved so that his back was against the wall and her back was pressed to his chest. He rested his chin on her shoulder. “I couldn’t leave you to do this alone.”

“I’m certainly glad you didn’t,” Bella said with a smile as she leaned further into their embrace. “Nik has agreed to stay as long as we stay in this town. It’ll be like before.”

“It won’t be like before,” Henrik whispered into her ear, smirking as she shivered. “He’ll un-dagger my siblings when we’re done with Mikael.”

Bella sighed, “I guess it won’t be exactly like before, but at least we’ll all be together.”

Henrik kissed Bella’s jaw lightly, “You want to dance?”

“We’re supposed to be observing the activities not joining in on them.” Bella responded with a smile.

“I didn’t see any rule in the teacher’s handbook that said I couldn’t dance with my wife in the school gym after school hours,” Henrik replied he took hold of one of Bella’s hands and twirled her around before bringing her back into his chest. “This means I can freely dance with you and we’ll just act like none of the students are even here.”

Bella laughed and put her hands around Henrik’s neck. “You do have a point, Mr. Mikaelson.”

Henrik’s hands moved to rest around Bella’s waist bringing her in closer. He rested his forehead against hers and closed his eyes. “I’m sorry.”

Bella looked at Henrik confused, “What for?”

“My possessiveness lately,” Henrik replied, “I know it must not be the most attractive thing in the world.”

Bella smiled, “I love you, Henrik and despite what you may believe, I do feel the same way as you do. I can be just as possessive, but I’ve always been better with my emotions than you. I enjoy knowing that you’re just as bad as I am. If I were in your place I would act the same, it’s only natural instincts.”

Henrik smiled and kissed Bella keeping it short knowing they were in a room in front of several young children. “You truly are the better half of me, Belle.”

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