Chapter Five

chpt 5

“It’s fine, I can drive myself to school Henri, I’ll see you there,” Bella said talking on the phone with Henrik, he had been running late. It was Friday and it was the end of his first week at school, but he had woken up late, so Bella had told him she’d meet him at school and much to his argument he had agreed to meet her there.

Bella drove to school and parked her truck in its usual spot. She got out, and as she closed the door to her truck Henrik appeared and parked his car on the empty spot beside Bella’s truck. He smiled at her and walked up to her. “Good morning my beautiful Belle.”

Bella smiled, “Good morning.” Bella stood on her toes and kissed Henrik. “Feeling okay?”

“I feel fine, just forgot to get up this morning, nothing to worry about,” Henrik said putting his arm around Bella, “Let’s go inside, I don’t want you to be late.” Henrik led Bella inside, they only had a few minutes to get to class before they were considered tardy.

Henrik laughed as Bella gave him her spinach and took his fries, they were seated at the table with Angela and Jessica. Mike was far gone somewhere trying to get some random girl’s attention. “Why did you choose Spinach?”

“I thought it looked alright, but tasting it, it was horrible.” Bella said throwing a fry into her mouth. “Your fries taste so much better.”

Henrik smiled, but his smile soon faded as he felt the stare of someone on Bella. He turned his head slowly and saw a new addition to the Cullen coven. His hair was a red-brown, and his eyes were trained on Bella, he hadn’t even notice Henrik, his eyes and mind were solely on Bella, and Henrik couldn’t stand that. He was becoming angry and he felt his vampire face popping up. Bella noticed Henrik’s sudden change in mood and patted his leg, Henrik took a deep breath and returned to the conversation at the table. He kept glancing over at the off –breed that was still staring intently at Bella, but kept his anger in check, he was beyond prepared to protect Bella at any costs.

-Page Break-

Bella walked by herself to her truck, she took out her book and her IPod and leaned against her truck waiting for Henrik to appear. She had gotten so caught up in her book she hadn’t heard the sound of the screeching tires against the pavement and the large van that was headed straight for her. Bella felt someone push her out of the way. Stunned she saw the van collide with her truck and the place where she once stood. She was only a few feet away as the two cars collided, a fragment of glass from the windshield flew and hit her in the arm. Bella didn’t even register the pain as she looked at who had saved her, and sighed in relief.

“Henri,” Bella sighed. Henrik had an arm around her waist and was holding her up.

“It’s okay Belle, I’ve got you,” Henrik said holding Bella up. The off-breed with the red hair was glaring at Henrik, and his eyes were filled with hunger as he stared upon Bella. The only problem was that Henrik couldn’t understand what he hungered for. Bella’s blood or Bella herself. Henrik felt Bella crumble in his arms, and he saw the glass in her arm and the blood that now stained her shirt. He knew Bella couldn’t stand the sight of blood, she must’ve seen it and fainted. Henrik picked Bella up in his arms making sure not to hurt her as he adjusted her in his arms.

“Where are you taking her,” Angela’s voice said from behind him.

“I’m taking her to the hospital,” Henrik said, “The shard of glass is in pretty deep and she’s losing a lot of blood. By the time the paramedics make it Bella would’ve have lost a large amount of blood.”

Angela nodded, “I’ll make sure everyone knows you took her.” Henrik nodded and put Bella carefully in the passenger seat. He was originally planning on just getting her in his car were he could discreetly give her his blood, but Angela had ruined that idea, so now he had to just get to the hospital. He threw his backpack and hers in the back and drove off. Henrik was grateful his brother had gotten him a fast car, he had made it to the hospital in minutes, driving well past the speed limit.

Henrik carried Bella inside and made sure that he stayed by her side. Henrik saw the doctor Bella was assigned, Dr. Carsile Cullen. He growled but gave the doctor a chance in the end. He watched as he stitched Bella up and made sure she was okay.

“I’ll be back when she begins to wake up,” Carsile said as he finished writing on Bella’s clip board and was about to leave.

“How do you resist the blood? Your kind isn’t really known for their control over their bloodlust,” Henrik said to the doctor stopping him before he could leave the room.

“My kind?” Carsile asked, he was startle by the question.

“Yes, the vampires who’s skin is as cold as ice, who’s eyes represent their diet, your kind,” Henrik said.

“I’m guessing you’re the traditional breed of vampires?” Carsile asked looking at Henrik, he certainly did fit the criteria of the traditional breed of vampires.

Henrik nodded, “Actually, I’m an Original, strongest of our kind.”

Carsile nodded, and tensed at the possible danger this original posed. “I’ve been on the animal diet since I woke to this life. Human blood no longer has any effect on me.”

Henrik nodded and didn’t say anything else as Bella began to stir awake. Carsile saw Henrik’s focus shift to Bella completely and he left. Henrik sat down on the chair besides Bella’s bed and held her hand.

“Henri?” Bella asked as she woke up.

“I’m here Belle, how are you feeling?” Henrik asked as he looked at Bella. She smiled at him and looked at her stitched up arm.

“Did I faint?” Bella asked with a slight blush creeping up on her.

Henrik smiled, “Yes, you got stabbed with a piece of glass, and you were losing a lot of blood.”

Bella nodded, “Charlie?”

“Hasn’t showed up yet, but I figured he’s on his way,” Henrik said moving a stray strand of hair from Bella’s face.

“Are you going to meet my father in a hospital?” Bella asked with a slight smile.

Henrik grinned, “I think your father would like to meet the person who saved his daughter’s life.”

“Right, thank you for getting me out of the way,” Bella said with a sigh, the realization of almost dying was settling in. Bella’s heart began beating faster, and it looked as though she was having an anxiety attack. Henrik stood up and sat down next to Bella on the bed, he put his arm around her and pulled her to him.

“Just breathe Belle,” Henrik said stroking Bella’s back to help calm her, “Everything’s okay Belle, you’re okay.”

Bella calmed and lay her head on Henrik’s shoulder, “I almost died.” Bella whispered.

“I’ll never let you get hurt Belle,” Henrik said, he kissed the top of her head and held her tighter to him. “You’re truck though, I’m positive there’s no bringing it back.”

Bella laughed, “You can’t even sound remotely sad about it?”

Henrik chuckled lightly, “I’m actually quite glad that death trap is gone.”

Bella laughed, “You’re not supposed to talk Ill about the dead!”

Henrik smiled, “It’s just a car Belle.”

“No, it was my car.” Bella paused a thought entering her mind as she looked at the stitches on her arm. “Henrik, why didn’t you just give me your blood,” Bella asked.

“Because Angela had appeared, and asked where I was taking you. It would take too long to compel her, along with anyone who saw that glass in your arm, so I opted to taking you to the hospital. Do you want my blood now?” Henrik asked.

Bella shook her head, “No, it doesn’t hurt too much I think I’ll be fine, but thank you for the offer.”

“Bells?” Charlie asked pushing through the white curtain and looking at Bella who had now sat up Henrik stood up as well, “Who are you?”

“Dad, this is Henrik, Henri, this is Charlie my dad,” Bella said introducing the two to each other even though Henrik had seen her father dozens of time.

“It’s nice to meet you sir,” Henrik said holding his hand out, Charlie shook the boy’s hand. He had run into Angela earlier and she had told him a boy named Henrik had pushed Bella out of the way from the van saving her life, and had driven her to the hospital before she lost too much blood.

“How do you two know each other?” Charlie asked Bella.

“Henrik moved to town a few weeks ago, and I’ve been showing him around. We’re actually dating,” Bella said to her father, hoping he wouldn’t over react to her and Henrik’s relationship.

Charlie looked to the boy and was about to argue their dating but Carsile walked in before he could say anything more on the subject.

“Isabella, it’s good to see you awake,” Carsile said, “How are you feeling?”

“Bella, I don’t like being called Isabella,” Bella said correcting Carsile, “And I’m feeling much better, thanks for stitching me up.”

“Anything for the chief’s daughter, you’re actually quite lucky, my children tell me that this young man pulled you out of the way just in time,” Carsile said checking everything over.

Bella nodded and smiled at Henrik, “I am, who knows what would’ve happened if Henri hadn’t pushed me out of the way.”

“We got all the glass out, so you should be just fine,” Carsile said, “I’m sure I can have you out of here in no time.”

“Thank you doctor,” Bella said as Carsile left, she looked at her father who was glaring at Henrik who was watching Carsile leave not completely trusting the off breed vampire. Henrik felt Charlie’s glare and figured it was his time to leave. He didn’t like the idea of leaving Bella, but he knew she needed to spend some time with her father. Henrik walked up to Bella and kissed her forehead.

“I’ll see you later Belle,” Henrik said with a smile, “It was nice meeting you Chief Swan.” Henrik shook Charlie’s hand before he left.

“You have a boyfriend Bella?” Charlie said after Henrik had left, “I have to find this out in the hospital!”

Bella smiled, “I would’ve told you sooner, but there was never any time I could talk to you for more than a few minutes. Look dad, I really like Henrik, and we’ve been dating since he moved to town, don’t judge him before you even get to know him. You have Saturday off, and you’ll probably be back from fishing by dinner time, why don’t I invite Henrik over for dinner?”

“What about his parents,” Charlie questioned, “I’d like to meet them.”

“Henrik doesn’t live with his parents. His older brother is his guardian.” Bella said.

Charlie groaned, and rubbed his face tiredly, “Couldn’t you date until you were 30 Bells, give your old man a break.”

Bella laughed, “He saved my life dad. He pushed me out of the way, he got me to the hospital before I could bleed to death. He’s a good guy died, one of the best, you can’t deny that.”

Charlie sighed, knowing his daughter had a good point, “Alright, I’ll give him a chance kiddo, and you should call your mother, she’s worried about you.”

Bella groaned, “You called her?”

“She’s your mother, I had to call her,” Charlie said, “So tell me about this kid.”

Bella smiled, and began talking to her dad telling him everything she could about Henrik. Charlie couldn’t help but notice the gleam in Bella’s eyes as she spoke about Henrik.

-Page Break-

Henrik entered his home and headed straight for his brother’s study knowing he was going to be in there. Henrik didn’t bother knocking knowing Klaus probably heard him coming towards his study.

“What happened to Bella?” Klaus asked as Henrik stepped in, he put his sketch book down and looked at his brother.

Henrik looked confused, “How did you know there was something wrong with Bella?”

“You have her blood on your shirt. Did you forget Bella’s blood is stronger than regular humans?” Klaus said as he looked at his brother waiting for the answer.

“There was a car accident at the school. Bella’s truck got hit by a van, and I barely managed to get her out of the way before she was hit. A piece of glass stabbed her in the arm, and she was losing a lot of blood, and since Bella can’t stand the sight of blood she fainted and I ended up taking her to the hospital. She has a few stitches but she should be released later today. Her truck on the other hand didn’t make it through the crash.” Henrik said smiling, he hated that truck, it was unreliable and Bella could get hurt driving it, so he was more than happy to finally see it gone.

“The old piece of scrap metal she had? It’s finally gone?” Klaus asked having seen the truck Bella drove before.

Henrik nodded, “The van crashed into it, there’s no possible way it made it through.”

“How is Bella doing, did you give her your blood to heal?” Klaus asked, “And why are you here and not with her?”

“She’s fine, she woke up not too long ago, and no I didn’t give her my blood. I was interrupted and if I took the time to compel everyone who saw the wound on Bella’s arm, I’m sure Belle would’ve lost too much blood. Not to mention those damn off breeds would’ve attacked, and although I would love to tear them apart, I can’t exactly do that with a bunch of humans everywhere.” Henrik said shaking his head remembering the way Edward had been staring at Bella, “I would’ve stayed at the hospital with her but her father arrived, and I thought it was best if I left him with her. I doubt he’d understand the whole I’m her soul mate I should be here speech, he’d take it as teen love and just as a joke. Although, I do think I won some points with him for saving Bella”

Klaus smiled at his younger brother, “You’re right, a speech about the two of you being soul mates would’ve made you look crazy.”

Henrik laughed, “He would’ve forbidden me from seeing Bella, and can you imagine how hard it would be to keep a relationship a secret in this town? I really would’ve preferred to meet him on a day when his daughter wasn’t almost hit by a van.” Henrik paused and took in a deep breath, “I have to feed, want to come with me?”

Klaus nodded, “Sure, I could use a quick meal.” Klaus headed out with his brother to Seattle to find themselves humans they could feed off of.

Henrik told his brother about the two off breeds he met that day, and the strange way the red haired one was staring at Bella.

“You’re going to have to be careful Henrik,” Klaus said, “I’ve been a vampire for centuries and I have excellent control, and Bella’s blood still tempts me. Her scent is strong, and it calls to other vampires, these off breeds have little to no control over their lust. They could easily snap at the scent of Bella’s blood and attack. I think it’s time you talk to Bella about her transition, she should be able to fend for herself in case someone tries to attack her.”

Henrik sighed knowing his brother was right, he would talk to Bella about it soon, she deserved a chance to protect herself, and if Henrik hadn’t pushed her out of the way she could’ve died. “You’re like an old man giving me advice.” Henrik said as they made their way back home. “I think a long white beard would be great for you.”

Klaus chuckled, “No, I’d look ridiculous, and if anyone in the Mikaelson family deserves a white beard it would have to be Elijah and his abnormally high morals.”

-Page Break-

Henrik cut up the vegetables as Bella prepared the meat, “You shouldn’t be doing this Belle your arm is still healing, if you want to cook, you’ll have to take my blood.”

“It’s fine, It’s not like I’m doing anything tiring, I can cook Henri, I don’t need you blood to do this,” Bella said, but she was lying her arm was killing her, but she couldn’t stomach drinking blood, the just the idea was making her nauseous. Henrik saw the slight twitch of pain come across her face and sighed. He stopped his cutting and picked Bella up, he set her down on the counter beside where he was cutting.

“Stay seated, I’ll cook,” Henrik said, he was leaving no room for argument, he handed Bella a half a carrot to chew on and continued to cut the vegetables Bella had been planning on steaming.

“You know, when someone is invited to another’s house, it’s usually customary that they’re not the ones cooking the meal,” Bella said with a smile.

Henrik laughed, “It’s also customary for the host not to be in pain while cooking. Besides, I don’t want any of your stitches to accidently end up in the food.”

Bella laughed, “There’s no way my stitches could end up in the food! You’re over exaggerating.”

“Anything is possible with you Belle,” Henrik said with a smirk, “I cook faster anyway, you know with super speed and everything.”

“Show off!” Bella accused with a smile, she paused and a thought poked into her mind, “Henri, when am I going to transition?”

Henrik looked at Bella, he was planning on talking to her about that, but not until sometime after the dinner. He put the knife down and stood in front of her as she sat on the counter. “Whenever you’re ready to Belle, I’ll happily make you into a vampire. I want you to be able to protect yourself against anything and I would wish you to transition as soon as possible, but I want you to be ready when you do. This is your choice to make Belle, and I’ll stand by whatever you choose.”

Bella smiled, she leaned down and kissed Henrik, “I want to do it soon, the accident was a bit of a wakeup call, I want to spend my forever with you, and with me still being weak I can get hurt or worst at any moment. I want to transition soon, start my forever with you. Can we do it next week?”

Henrik grinned, he was more than happy to have Bella transition to not have to worry about her being hurt so easily. “Next week it is,” Henrik kissed Bella heatedly but pulled back when he remembered he had a meal to finish.

Charlie parked the cruiser, and saw the expensive car in his driveway and expected it belonged to Bella’s date. He rolled his eyes at the expensive car, in his mind this boy was someone who was snooty and spoiled, but most importantly the wrong choice for his daughter. He walked into the home and heard Bella’s laughter fill the small home. He walked into the kitchen, he saw Bella sitting on the counter, while Henrik cooked He was making jokes and making Bella laugh as he finished making their meal.

Bella laughed again, “Are you sure you can handle making the gravy?”

“I’m positive, it doesn’t look too hard,” Henrik said looking at the instructions, he gave up on trying to understand them and looked at Bella, “Just tell me what to do.”

“Why don’t I just do it,” Bella said with a smile.

“Nope, stay on the counter, your arm still isn’t healed,” Henrik said with a smile, “I’ll just wing it.”

“No, don’t do that, you’re going to mess it up,” Bella said with a smile.

“How’s it going Bells,” Charlie said entering the kitchen.

“Hey dad,” Bella said with a smile, “We’re almost done, it shouldn’t take too long to finish up.”

“Hello sir,” Henrik said with a smile to Charlie.

“Hi, well, I’m going to put this in the freezer in the basement, I’ll be right back,” Charlie said leaving taking his catch of the day with him.

Henrik laughed when he knew Charlie was out of hearing range, “Your father hates me.”

“My dad hates any boy near me, he’ll lighten up, just needs time,” Bella said returning to instructing Henrik how to finish up the gravy for the mash potatoes.

Bella sat at the table across from Henrik, her dad sitting beside her.

“This is good dinner Bells,” Charlie said.

Bella smiled, “I actually didn’t cook it dad Henrik did.”

“I’ve never heard a name like that,” Charlie said, “Where’d it come from Henrik?”

“It’s a family name,” Henrik said, “My mother wanted something special to name me.”

“And what happened to your parents Henrik?” Charlie asked as he ate.

Henrik stiffened, but remembered what all the paperwork had said, “They were very abusive towards my brother and me, so a few years ago when my brother turned 18, he filed for custody for me, and my parents are behind bars for child endangerment and abuse. I’ve been living with my brother since I was 13.”

“What does your brother work in?” Charlie asked wondering how they could afford such a car if it was just the two of them.

“My brother is wise with stocks and such, we had some money saved up from over the years and we invested it. From that we partnered in a few businesses here and there, and we’ve been making a living for ourselves.” Henrik said.

Charlie nodded, “And how old is your brother.”

“Niklaus is 23 sir,” Henrik said with a smile. Charlie continued to ask Henrik every question he could think of. The dinner had turned out to be more of an interrogation. Charlie wanted to know this boy, and see if he was in the slightest the match for his only daughter.

“We’ll clean up dad,” Bella said as dinner finished, “You can go ahead and go to the living room.”

Charlie looked between the two but nodded and left to the living room.

“It wasn’t as bad as I expected, I imagine that’s how being interrogated by police feels like?” Henrik asked as he quickly picked up all the plates not giving Bella the time to do it.

Bella laughed, “I think real police interrogations are less civil.”

Henrik smiled, “So what do you think, does father approve of your soul mate?”

“I think he’s getting there, I mean I doubt he could ever hate the person who saved his daughter’s life,” Bella replied she stood in the kitchen ready to do the dishes, but Henrik once again lifted her and placed her on the counter beside the sink. Rolling up the sleeves of his shirt he began to wash the dishes, “The cooking I can understand, but I think I’m more than capable of cleaning the dishes Henri.”

“Just let me do this,” Henrik said with a grin, “How about you dry them?”

Bella smiled, she knew this was as close as she would get to cleaning. “So what’s Klaus doing today?”

“He’s doing some house renovations, there’s this empty building in the back of the house, I think it’s supposed to be guest house, but I’m not sure what he’s doing in there. He’s really enjoying renovating the place, and since the main house is practically flawless he moved on to the guest house.” Henrik said with a shrug.

“Henri, when I transition is it going to hurt,” Bella asked.

“No, I’ll make sure you don’t hurt at all,” Henrik promised with a reassuring smile.

Bella nodded, she felt a tingling in her legs and looked to Henrik shocked, “Henri! I think my body is reacting to the water. I think I’m going to grow my tail!” Bella said with panic as her legs began to tingle more intensely. Henrik let the water run, he picked Bella up he moved quicker than Charlie could see and had Bella in her room.

“Just stay here until you feel the tingling disappear, I’ll keep your dad company okay?” Henrik said.

Bella nodded and her tail appeared, Bella tried moving further onto the bed so she didn’t fall from the weight of the tail. Henrik picked her up and moved her to the center of the bed, her tail falling over the end of the bed. Bella looked at Henrik sympathetically that this had happened

“Don’t worry about it, I’ll just tell your dad you had a bit of an accident and came up here to clean up,” Henrik said with a smile he kissed Bella’s forehead, “I should get downstairs before he gets suspicious. Just say my name if you need anything okay?”

Bella nodded, “Sorry.”

Henrik smiled, “This just gives me more time to spend with your dad.” Bella laughed lightly and watched Henrik leave back down the stairs. She sunk back into the bed and tried to will her tail to go away. She loved being a mermaids, but at times it seems that her tail had a mind of its own and she just couldn’t control it.

Henrik finished with the dishes quickly and headed to the living room, he sat on the couch while Charlie sat in his trusty recliner.

“Where’s Bella?” Charlie asked the young boy seeing his daughter was nowhere to be found.

“She dropped some food on herself, and she went to clean herself up,” Henrik said knowing this was a far better excuse than saying she was sick.

Charlie nodded and stayed silent he kept his attention on the game. Henrik knew it would only be a matter of time before Charlie talked to him about Bella. Minutes passed and Henrik stayed silent, waiting for the older man to say something, to finally get what was on his mind off his chest.

“Bella’s my only daughter,” Charlie said, “And all a father wants for their daughter is for them to be happy and she seems to be happy around you, but if you dare hurt her I’ll make sure you regret it.”

Henrik nodded, “I don’t plan on hurting Bella. I care about your daughter, more than you can imagine. I know that you probably believe that it’s just a phase that in a few months Bella and I will separate and that will be the last you hear from me, but I can tell you that you’re wrong. I’ve never cared for someone as much as I care for Bella, she’s my closest friend and I know that I’m hers. We’ve might’ve only met a few weeks ago sir, but Bella has become a large part of my life and I don’t think that’s ever going to change.”

“How do you know two months from now you won’t get tired of Bella and leave her?” Charlie asked as he looked Henrik in the eyes.

“I can see a future with her sir,” Henrik said, “I doubt many people my age can say that about their own future, but I can see something special with Bella. All I want for Bella to be happy, and as long as she’s happy being with me I’ll be with her.”

Charlie nodded, “What about college?”

“Bella wants to study English she wants to go into writing, and I support her in her dreams, I always will. Right now, I haven’t decide exactly what I wanted to do, but I’ve applied everywhere, and I’ll choose the closest one to where ever Bella goes.” Henrik said hoping his answers were good enough for Charlie, he knew it would kill Bella if her father didn’t approve of him, her soul mate.

“And what does your brother think of you dating,” Charlie asked.

“He’s met Bella, he thinks she’s great, and is happy for us both,” Henrik replied, Bella came in and sat next to Henrik. “Did you get all cleaned up?” Henrik asked Bella as she turned to look at him.

“Yeah, I hope I didn’t take too long, so what are we watching,” Bella said as she looked at the TV. Screen.

“A football game I think,” Henrik whispered back.

Bella smiled and watched the game, everyone was silent, but it wasn’t too awkward between the three of them in the silence. Bella had rested her head on Henrik’s shoulder and his arm was wrapped around Bella’s shoulders. Charlie looked at the two from the corner of his eyes, he watched Henrik answer the question Bella would ask about the game. They went together so easily. Turning his attention back to the game Charlie knew this boy was a good match for his daughter.

Henrik looked to Charlie, he was about to go home, “It was nice meeting you sir.”

“Call me Charlie,” Charlie said with a nod, this was his way of giving approval.

Bella smiled, “I’m going to walk Henri out dad I’ll be right back.” Bella went to the kitchen quickly and grabbed a wrapped plate before she walked Henrik out. Henrik stood leaned against the door of his car.

“What’s this?” He asked looking at the plate.

Bella smiled, “I figured Klaus might get hungry, so I made him this plate for you to take to him.”

Henrik smiled, “Thank you. I’ll see you tomorrow?”

Bella nodded, “Sounds great. As much as I would like to stay here with you, I’m betting Charlie is becoming suspicious.” Bella leaned up and kissed Henrik, “I love you.”

Henrik smiled, “I love you too Belle. If you need anything, call me okay?”

Bella nodded, “I will.” Bella kissed Henrik again and let him get into his car. She waved at him and walked back inside the house.

Henrik walked inside his home, he heard music playing, and knew Klaus was in the middle of constructing something in the guest house. Henrik walked with the plate of food into the guest house. He knocked loud enough to get his brother’s attention.

“Your back,” Klaus said taking off his safety glasses.

Henrik nodded, “I’m positive I got his approval.” Henrik looked around he saw a large part of the ground was covered by a black tarp, “What are you planning on building?”

“It’s for Bella,” Klaus responded.

Henrik looked at Klaus with a raised eyebrow, “Belle?”

“It’s an indoor pool, I figured she couldn’t really move around well in a bath tub, and seeing as going out in public would be too dangerous for her, I thought an indoor pool would be the best thing to do with this empty building,” Klaus said.

Henrik nodded, “Well, stop working Bella sent you food, she figured you’d be hungry.” Henrik said handing Klaus the plate, “And I am proud to state that I cooked this myself.”

Klaus laughed and took the plate, “Let’s see how good you are at cooking.” They walked back into the main home and sat down in the kitchen Klaus ate while Henrik told him about the dinner.

“So you told him I did stocks?” Klaus asked.

Henrik nodded, “Wasn’t that what was in the file?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t actually read the whole paper work, but now that you mention it, I probably should,” Klaus said.

“It’ll probably be the best idea,” Henrik said with a smile.

Prv chpt     chpt lisst     nxt chpt

  1. So glad it was Henrik that saved her from Tyler’s van and not Eddie.

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