Bella The Witch

Bella the witch

Summary: Everything changes after the Cullen’s leave. Bella is heartbroken until she meets her brother & his mate. Life seems to change for the better until the night before her graduation, when Bella’s life takes a turn for the worst. Bella is pushing herself to get past the pain & she learns the secret of the Swan family line. [Bella S. Elijah M.]



Chapter One: The Beginning

Chapter Two: The Funeral

Chapter Three: Saying Goodbye

Chapter Four: Florida

Chapter Five: Departure

Chapter Six: The Store

Chapter Seven: Friendship

Chapter Eight: Story Telling

Chapter Nine: Locking Up Mikael

Chapter Ten: Meeting Elijah

Chapter Eleven: Seeing the Siren

Chapter Twelve: Inside the Box

Chapter Thirteen: I Miss You

Chapter Fourteen Just Couldn’t Be Normal

Chapter Fifteen: Meeting the Family

Chapter Sixteen: Normal Life? Is That Even Possible?

 Chapter Seventeen: The Truth Revealed

Chapter Eighteen: I Forgot…

Chapter Nineteen: Meeting the Town’s People

Chapter Twenty: The Ritual

Chapter Twenty-One: Goodbyes and An Unwelcome Visitor

Chapter Twenty-Two: The Former Mikaelson

Chapter Twenty-Three: Happy Halloween

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